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You pick up the scroll labeled “Saikachan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ACRDdTiremAdult (m)4,5191,0773
OvV17OliinaAdult (f)4,5799413
Pb52dPamela PadmaAdult (f)4,1958921
VpkiQViktor TidAdult (m)4,7869311
UxcgGElma TidAdult (f)5,9668921
GXxdCGeorg TidAdult (m)4,8128951
Z8xwyZalina TidAdult (f)5,2199122
VJH0aHarold TidAdult (m)3,6608513
jSwMZHelene TidAdult (f)6,3429494
iOjXzIan TidAdult (m)7,3888864
6QOJi(6QOJi)Adult (m)4,7839602
boUvs(boUvs)Adult (m)4,7678412
w18qN(w18qN)Adult (m)5,7121,1411
9uv9K(9uv9K)Adult (f)5,4911,1241
c8Sop(c8Sop)Adult (f)5,8641,1412
7vWiP(7vWiP)Adult (m)5,9781,1740
JnhGX(JnhGX)Adult (m)4,1749393
ii7PE(ii7PE)Adult (f)4,3209491
2zbGR(2zbGR)Adult (m)4,5729531
c467p(c467p)Adult (f)4,6979371
NbSo5(NbSo5)Adult (f)4,4769301
J4aEb(J4aEb)Adult (m)4,4659781
SwnuE(SwnuE)Adult (f)5,0851,0102
l8SMd(l8SMd)Adult (f)4,7491,0141
f1jDQ(f1jDQ)Adult (m)4,7739961
HN4Ge(HN4Ge)Adult (m)4,7749891
zrWFW(zrWFW)Adult (m)4,7721,0311
4zp6i(4zp6i)Adult (f)4,4389191
trD6Transparent HonestyAdult (f)4,0173630
NGquPTransparent WisdomAdult (m)4,3477102
eNQxi(eNQxi)Adult (m)5,4499601
dDiUT(dDiUT)Adult (f)5,1999332
C3JbTeal's Confused TimeHatchling (F)1,5951082
NTFlColourless SilkHatchling (F)1,1201205
hb4XFSmooth ColourHatchling (F)1,3069214
UIrbcTeal's Early TimeHatchling (F)1,0791153
VdrO1Jewel  EmeraldAdult (m)4,3931,0272
42LmuGem  AmethystAdult (f)5,0118661
xYswfGem  EmeraldAdult (f)4,2939731
X2EFSJewel AmethystAdult (m)4,7268101
ccgq3Gem  SapphireAdult (f)6,9097752
UAkMHSofia CiroAdult (m)6,7548614
9CXkSSophie CiroAdult (f)6,1157922
3ubDyDenise CiroAdult (f)5,4498722
U256WRichard CiroAdult (m)6,8289051
YHvgaMr BoisterousAdult (m)6,7505571
B1y0gPerce IrenAdult (m)5,2019251
EwN7eEirene IrenAdult (f)5,3899491
zDlHlCase IrenAdult (m)5,5159152
QO7fjRena IrenAdult (f)5,1199073
N3zNBRicky IrenAdult (m)6,7035331
EqgbMEdgar IrenAdult (m)4,1089501
TXLxTTerry IrenAdult (m)5,0818303
UtZ7YYale IrenAdult (m)6,6395671
aXnfTTrace IrenAdult (m)6,6955782
Rzj0nRay IrenAdult (m)4,9027533
o8AeZBella AntareanAdult (f)6,5399192
2G1BnIren AutumnAdult (m)7,1279002
5vUB3Yale HeatherAdult (m)6,0859411
TgsnAIren WinterAdult (m)7,1309031
zXSMGIren SpringAdult (m)5,6179223
FW0fWRed EricaAdult (m)6,7669281
38t1ESpringrayAdult (m)6,5699292
uJuA2Iren EricaAdult (m)7,1278400
m8hPxRay EricaAdult (m)7,2575221
AcYvJ(AcYvJ)Adult (f)4,2129741
sGEGX(sGEGX)Adult (f)3,9239401
LGBdE(LGBdE)Adult (m)3,9169431
R9nE7(R9nE7)Adult (m)4,0719662
BBYh5(BBYh5)Adult (m)4,0361,0012
LvUrb(LvUrb)Adult (f)4,5019881
rK2nT(rK2nT)Adult (f)4,2819902
b4yk6(b4yk6)Adult (m)3,9929911
RhDeVA Tiny SecretAdult (m)4,8051,0675
cr1aVCrya PinkAdult (f)5,3151,2414
hjyfLHelle PinkAdult (f)4,4311,1041
qKm16Riley PinkAdult (f)4,1261,0061
oXjlpOlivia PinkAdult (f)5,5238822
zoHewZoey PinkAdult (f)4,9439744
J3Dn2Jennifer PinkAdult (f)4,3311,0072
BDSGZA Pink SecretAdult (m)5,7578821
6qlSnA Rose SecretAdult (m)5,8938671
gnfvjA Happy SecretAdult (m)4,7118602
oszchOlina PinkAdult (f)3,7959642
J2V1iEirine PinkAdult (f)4,5578381
tMMQHA Blue SecretAdult (m)4,2399502
hzJLxA Hazy SecretAdult (m)4,3709834
IpC5lA Small SecretAdult (m)5,7988853
xTM6FA Big SecretAdult (m)6,0088934
2babjBirget PinkAdult (f)4,4548474
EVezFEvezAdult (f)5,1708453
eQdcZPretty BubblegumAdult (f)5,4998591
6JQHFJill BubblegumAdult (f)5,7808571
4uoLhPeach BubblegumAdult (f)5,6798881
POWDdPower BubblegumAdult (f)4,3096961
4wh0HRuby BubblegumAdult (f)5,1987540
FubxvFairy BubblegumAdult (m)6,0627843
y5gV0Happy BubblegumAdult (m)6,0087792
3tdc8Secret BubblegumAdult (m)6,0327745
4ZgCvMemory and HopeAdult (f)5,9036022
yZ6gvMagenta BubblegumAdult (m)7,4146892
b0k5IRead BubblegumAdult (f)5,4718851
CEnzOEnzo BubblegumAdult (m)6,4687371
eb70VHope BubblegumAdult (m)6,7977581
zmNhTGem BubblegumAdult (f)7,2509062
v1b2dSecret EveAdult (m)6,3229522
v9Il8Jewel BubblegumAdult (f)6,1626853
f1nZHFinch BubblegumAdult (m)6,2087702
e57yWRemember to HopeAdult (f)6,5378022
B3JZhJoyous AmaranthAdult (f)3,4726991
JoC9CJoyous CareAdult (f)3,5696932
lUm3FCeleborn SpellcraftAdult (f)6,4488793
bHtKSVive JoyAdult (f)5,5291,0452
H8HUSHomethoughtAdult (f)4,5078402
Hq7IoLegend LoveAdult (f)4,7478262
v00yHIrie LiberalisAdult (f)6,6221,1772
rECeA(rECeA)Adult (f)3,3059142
Qb5lHLovely PowerHatchling (F)3,0882742
gibWdLovely GuardianHatchling (f, F)5,5279382
nhfX0(nhfX0)Adult (m)5,2149321
ouVRu(ouVRu)Adult (f)5,8329031
7nYij(7nYij)Adult (f)5,2409001
QXvt2(QXvt2)Adult (m)5,8179121
f55Ai(f55Ai)Adult (f)5,3069582
nfgu3(nfgu3)Adult (f)5,1439271
hfERw(hfERw)Adult (m)5,1439422
CPxzx(CPxzx)Adult (m)5,0518662
aze5c(aze5c)Adult (m)5,1329471
giIFS(giIFS)Adult (f)5,5969321
iBK1V(iBK1V)Adult (f)5,4739311
MA8cz(MA8cz)Adult (m)5,7639631
8zszg(8zszg)Adult (f)5,6089561
3wVS9(3wVS9)Adult (m)5,3769491
a1VZv(a1VZv)Adult (m)5,6939871
UQVaK(UQVaK)Adult (f)5,4109631
DOaa9Doa AzurAdult (m)4,3278461
rzWt5Riz AzurAdult (f)4,2988831
IGbK1Gavin AzurAdult (m)4,3487581
PO58ePoe AzurAdult (f)4,2057561
iWdtTWill AzurAdult (m)3,8888302
dA2pCDarcy AzurAdult (f)4,4138551
A5FK8Fitz AzurAdult (m)4,4128281
lCygJCyril AzurAdult (f)5,2147181
IDJEQLucine PensriAdult (f)7,2238383
RnYDnHiss Blue HissAdult (f)7,1488281
oY1T7(oY1T7)Adult (f)4,4869562
Wvau3(Wvau3)Adult (f)4,9319851
4mJtZMritz BaikalAdult (f)7,0768821
7LPaWLipaw BaikalAdult (m)5,9895782
5lLdjLidj BaikalAdult (m)5,4605632
52QNuNu BaikalAdult (f)5,7775671
chbioChbio BaikalAdult (m)5,8626532
sJ905Sej BaikalAdult (f)5,7989072
5hAg0Aghio BaikalAdult (m)6,5409773
8uQhgQuah BaikalAdult (f)6,5849202
ybKeqYbeq BaikalAdult (m)5,9655113
HHX1Teal's Pink CherryAdult (f)5,4985553
801HoFlying FruitAdult (m)2,8527522
J7mVJPink DazeAdult (m)6,2468782
8Q25kPink ThoughtAdult (f)3,3121,1537
MV3deStrawberry PinkAdult (f)6,1221,0992
SqpLpRose ColourAdult (f)6,9861,3621
tSmolTeal's Pink SunAdult (f)3,9799111
UCoXoTeal's Cozy PinkAdult (f)3,3449622
CKfNtFlying  PinkAdult (f)4,3054981
h9JO8Pink in AbundanceAdult (f)4,9678441
nkuomQueen of FruitsAdult (f)4,1559891
shbhGKoshirou Marrow IIIAdult (m)6,2157614
KaNVkFloating  PinkAdult (m)5,3449431
rMkGNMaarinAdult (f)6,5571,0343
ZuoHz(ZuoHz)Adult (f)4,8019151
jz7XZ(jz7XZ)Adult (f)6,3728951
MgE5z(MgE5z)Adult (m)6,3369004
kbzM6(kbzM6)Adult (m)6,4118851
Gf9q4(Gf9q4)Adult (f)6,3589052
z3kBG(z3kBG)Adult (f)5,7158641
44ibt(44ibt)Adult (m)6,0768262
qVBUR(qVBUR)Adult (f)5,8018511
Jobhf(Jobhf)Adult (m)6,2295361
xeG85(xeG85)Adult (f)5,6321,1454
Pyu12Pyu TidalAdult (m)5,8981,0102
ENamyEnamy TidalAdult (f)5,7541,0101
2sF59Embry PoercyxAdult (m)5,3808003
1kDsFDennis TidalAdult (m)5,9388712
gfUbNight of NoxAdult (f)6,2617587
GVYb6Dark's BlessingAdult (m)3,4761,0544
EOKeQDark's EmbraceAdult (f)2,5898682
boPLzDark's HugAdult (m)6,1479392
qI38gDark's ThoughtAdult (f)5,2751,1342
fXFuNDark's IntrigueAdult (f)5,6431,0292
abUD4AbunAdult (m)4,1438465
Tvl0eDusk StainsAdult (f)6,3856804
Eh5HjStained TwilightAdult (m)5,3238441
AXn5ZStained DawnAdult (m)5,9359011
9hEVM(9hEVM)Adult (m)6,1498451
1Y61g(1Y61g)Adult (m)6,7369421
4RpNn(4RpNn)Adult (m)5,6449383
Zz2xK(Zz2xK)Adult (m)4,0108711
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