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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SAERider,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GItUAER Lady GorgoniaAdult (f)3,1847093
flKQAER Lady GeminaAdult (f)2,6167496
sQCPLady FerrodineAdult (f)6,6087823
uSnsSAER OdinAdult (m)6,0335733
EHhiSir GalvastogAdult (m)6,3505603
hX8sIAER TalvoshAdult (m)3,9605302
3O9SbER AlthaytiAdult (f)3,0656321
EdSo3SAER ThanatosAdult (m)4,9064462
m5LbKChronicler IlysaAdult (f)3,7054500
h9GJAMatriarch KerAdult (f)4,0464580
VonrSLady DALAdult (f)4,5975001
DhO37Chronicler  ArcheronAdult (m)4,1994621
gDgeVR TharlothiaAdult (m)4,0864931
FEi4YLady IlysaAdult (f)4,3393942
1fjnVMatriarch OizysAdult (f)5,7795491
R4X0tAER ErisAdult (f)5,4004171
1dhcbSR BarazzAdult (m)4,9283992
L9TdDSAER AcheronAdult (m)4,9444902
Hme3MSAER HermesAdult (m)4,0494683
GAcMZR YyelitainiaAdult (f)4,4289401
ccDhHSAER CrandhocheAdult (m)5,1251,1112
WkGW4ER GwahariAdult (f)2,5377021
kUcbQHarmonic DiscordAdult (f)1,8776662
3WEkdWe 3 KingsAdult (f)2,7188851
VLHOJRyuichi N AkihitoAdult (m)3,4571,1561
zLUt6Moon That GlimmersAdult (m)2,3967642
Cju42Crabs and LobstersAdult (m)1,9696833
ozjlqYellow Suicune IBAdult (m)2,8406602
DPeejDPeej MLAdult (f)2,5306585
zbVgjishib o sun IBAdult (f)2,5006432
wE4pDNi Shimai TwofaceAdult (m)1,9526502
OO6o3SAER OO6o3Adult (m)2,7167571
dS3XMdS3XM 2genAdult (m)3,4967316
XUs7NXUs7N 3genEAdult (f)3,5617297
6o9kF6o9kF MAdult (f)3,3947235
3ZYG63ZYG6 5genSSAdult (m)3,5416965
6dM3H6dM3H 2genAdult (m)2,9396671
XXjS6XXjS6 6genSSAdult (m)2,4306301
t33exShell TriTrexAdult (m)2,0846521
qL1WLSAER LoneWellAdult (f)2,6218281
C0lhMSAER ColmMaxAdult (m)3,6847702
C6cyE(C6cyE)Adult (m)4,1328631
CfHDmMy Better Half SleepsAdult (f)2,0857330
e2uiUMysterious OpalescentAdult (f)2,0677171
o51t3(o51t3)Adult (m)3,1847173
uK8DH(uK8DH)Adult (f)3,5368405
R4v9E(R4v9E)Adult (f)5,7099790
1Qinr(1Qinr)Adult (m)4,7798251
jrD5C(jrD5C)Adult (m)5,1617280
iINsN(iINsN)Adult (f)4,9599093
aGk9JAgloc'tinAdult (m)3,5398423
YHQRsKal Agloc'tin 2genAdult (f)3,8248272
as5moas5mo 3genEAdult (f)3,3748852
Muoqa(Muoqa)Adult (m)3,7838341
iiHeL(iiHeL)Adult (m)3,0118911
PFkt0(PFkt0)Adult (m)3,0048521
Q2tl9(Q2tl9)Adult (m)2,6306782
Bm5f1(Bm5f1)Adult (f)3,8508291
UtcBC(UtcBC)Adult (m)2,6517382
FURgH(FURgH)Adult (m)4,2291,0243
GKmK6(GKmK6)Adult (m)3,2528121
Ch5zs(Ch5zs)Adult (f)3,1347111
f26Ry(f26Ry)Adult (m)2,8087101
tC3SU(tC3SU)Adult (m)4,6811,0032
AqqOy(AqqOy)Adult (f)4,3959211
Q78xeNot Frozen in Time XDAdult (f)3,8217410
NlgFNSofty She Couldn't AP MeHatchling (F)1,2946091
N84tEThey're cute like thisHatchling (F)1,4526183
O9lkVFizzer TeapotHatchling (F)7482851
ZQ2sUFrik RubikHatchling (F)4712240
n0D30WhiPurHatchling (F)6672801
nPh2yTranslucent ShrimpHatchling (F)4632210
OWyKBArthropods Are CoolHatchling (F)1,6302733
1eTv5That's Why It Stops HereHatchling (F)1,5302692
XOkcWThey Look Sad In The APHatchling (F)8553561
nYVQTSo I Take Them HomeHatchling (F)8043531
Hw8VfFrozen Albino AngelHatchling (F)2,4652841
Edek7See Through YouHatchling (F)6762952
qnN2aGolden AncestorsHatchling (F)6693081
Fukw5Golden ProjectHatchling (F)6983130
8aNQKPromise of DrinksHatchling (F)8733660
0LQSfIf I ever catchHatchling (F)1,0831813
a3LvPAn egg or hatchlingHatchling (F)1,0931765
wkAbkThat belongs to youHatchling (F)7283130
uC3jCShoot me a PMHatchling (F)7693203
cjRD5I'm saerider on forumsHatchling (F)8433260
NtvRLMy My Pretty PauHatchling (F)1,3204161
R8DqJRidiculous 8DHatchling (F)1,1582643
XP0ByX Po BoyHatchling (f, F)5,1919091
ChZD9(ChZD9)Hatchling (F)2,2195482
lPm8D(lPm8D)Adult (m)3,9508021
eMU1C(eMU1C)Adult (f)3,9127621
ExFR4(ExFR4)Adult (f)3,1516144
VZ0Ob(VZ0Ob)Adult (f)3,9308060
GfEAR(GfEAR)Adult (m)4,8009282
NYcYC(NYcYC)Adult (m)3,0388630
ojB4R(ojB4R)Adult (f)2,6048532
TAPlT(TAPlT)Adult (m)2,6598734
9pqeF(9pqeF)Adult (m)2,6128752
9hRcd(9hRcd)Adult (f)2,6288993
84eBx(84eBx)Adult (m)2,6999021
7ZCTT(7ZCTT)Adult (m)2,6218750
F4QCN(F4QCN)Adult (f)2,6608741
GeUzd(GeUzd)Adult (f)2,7407945
azICJ(azICJ)Adult (m)3,2417115
1p2OR(1p2OR)Adult (m)3,2166671
FuoRV(FuoRV)Adult (f)4,6606970
QfB85(QfB85)Adult (f)3,7177292
FJ8Sr(FJ8Sr)Adult (f)3,8088143
6h73r(6h73r)Adult (m)2,3765791
vdbTM(vdbTM)Adult (f)4,8639222
WoeNU(WoeNU)Adult (m)4,8869403
kNf7m(kNf7m)Adult (f)2,9536582
5tx0L(5tx0L)Adult (f)3,8951,1301
KEjTo(KEjTo)Adult (f)4,7191,0212
q3t5G(q3t5G)Adult (f)3,5486251
K5FgO(K5FgO)Adult (f)2,9468401
IeFXf(IeFXf)Adult (f)2,5047691
QpMIG(QpMIG)Adult (f)3,4449181
dTf6O(dTf6O)Adult (f)3,3808931
4xaqt(4xaqt)Adult (m)3,3818241
x3vAk(x3vAk)Adult (m)2,5327162
vgYE7(vgYE7)Adult (m)3,0458061
fPx3R(fPx3R)Adult (m)3,4998351
cOxs4(cOxs4)Adult (f)2,6255793
UxGmV(UxGmV)Adult (m)5,1361,0011
ebuZr(ebuZr)Adult (m)5,6589260
Hyeg7(Hyeg7)Adult (f)8,0241,0480
ccPnj(ccPnj)Adult (f)4,7949522
UCG6Q(UCG6Q)Adult (f)4,1329421
BRPKd(BRPKd)Adult (f)3,5758480
dvXlW(dvXlW)Adult (f)5,0639290
ybX6x(ybX6x)Adult (f)4,6238842
TLrSO(TLrSO)Adult (m)5,2639752
z8MO9(z8MO9)Adult (m)4,0047272
UP483(UP483)Adult (m)3,9377612
NPakQ(NPakQ)Adult (f)2,9897612
cmIQl(cmIQl)Adult (f)2,3666541
2QjIV(2QjIV)Adult (m)2,0605991
hiwD2(hiwD2)Adult (f)2,2826601
bJl8F(bJl8F)Adult (f)3,4997901
tT79G(tT79G)Adult (f)4,0727272
u4Op2(u4Op2)Adult (m)3,8531,1101
BzfcU(BzfcU)Adult (m)3,4616230
AA4al(AA4al)Adult (f)3,7097942
u2ZP3(u2ZP3)Adult (f)3,6607911
0WLBF(0WLBF)Adult (m)3,6877931
1OtHs(1OtHs)Adult (f)3,6647840
Fjxdm(Fjxdm)Adult (m)3,7457881
Oi1cR(Oi1cR)Adult (m)3,8407710
uPodb(uPodb)Adult (f)4,5648330
Sm5iz(Sm5iz)Adult (m)11,0219351
B0gSE(B0gSE)Adult (f)11,0349540
wpJLy(wpJLy)Adult (f)5,8291,0341
WG25H(WG25H)Adult (f)6,7351,2242
RCC5B(RCC5B)Adult (m)6,8831,2251
lRozm(lRozm)Adult (m)4,2957022
zJdoy(zJdoy)Adult (f)4,2319152
PSdL6(PSdL6)Adult (f)3,8788582
aVEla(aVEla)Adult (m)3,3969262
dqrgi(dqrgi)Adult (f)3,1888432
JT9qA(JT9qA)Adult (m)3,4958481
vJkcn(vJkcn)Adult (f)2,4346770
n1VP8(n1VP8)Adult (f)2,8496261
Eun5The Lady CommanderAdult (f)2,5085845
e9S3The Lord CaptainAdult (m)7,6786461
fUUhLord AdrianAdult (m)7,6746451
km7XEBR Lord DonovanAdult (m)6,1427862
RH8hSAER StyxAdult (m)6,6115294
fsu0PJRAAA The ThirdAdult (f)5,2325041
HeoPmHeop HimAdult (m)2,9524521
Bh0s0BhosoAdult (m)3,0404400
uMa79AER Lt UlimaAdult (f)4,7554551
dWOuMOf Lilting Dark NightAdult (m)5,4683742
TRXiFER Tri'vrenAdult (m)1,9308012
EOJ0qR ElojerAdult (m)2,0187932
232wgKrestovarAdult (m)3,0848183
ZZhtCMhikMhikAdult (m)2,1416041
lmsMkMy Mother Named MeAdult (m)2,2976633
TVI3BChannel 13Adult (m)2,3227891
YQHSoNot An Alt So SadAdult (m)2,7448973
mJkA8I PounceAdult (f)2,9798573
kmhSmCaught NothingAdult (f)3,1259371
na19iCarbon ArgentumAdult (m)2,4057854
rWa8HRate WeightAdult (f)2,4448061
EkYPKBaby of B'sAdult (f)2,6006211
tVdhbJosie CoolAdult (f)2,6346254
v0asLDark HatcheryAdult (m)2,7736502
eWwNCEww North CarolinaAdult (m)2,2447291
OxAEuLet StandAdult (m)3,5407294
DFTSzScratch and WinAdult (m)1,9896903
PZXrqGolden Past DiversityAdult (f)1,8607031
ztktpEbony DiversityAdult (f)2,0156532
hMZcN(hMZcN)Adult (m)2,8186404
N364N(N364N)Adult (m)1,9836342
UPyHU(UPyHU)Adult (m)1,3075601
Cy1Ut(Cy1Ut)Adult (f)2,2296663
bQMA6(bQMA6)Adult (f)2,7267281
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