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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “RyokaBuddy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9m6o(9m6o)Adult (f)6,58096412
YC5g(YC5g)Adult (f)12,02580425
t3AA(t3AA)Adult (f)2,8421903
WUkH(WUkH)Adult (f)4,9463881
UiSd(UiSd)Adult (m)2,8821932
sRjo(sRjo)Adult (f)6,0435039
JPWAF(JPWAF)Adult (m)2,0924221
5Y6L(5Y6L)Adult (m)5,3336622
SVh0(SVh0)Adult (m)2,3984757
IhRM(IhRM)Adult (m)6,6336852
QodF(QodF)Adult (f)3,0109375
0qem(0qem)Adult (f)5,0066675
8prS(8prS)Adult (f)5,0273950
jfZ0(jfZ0)Adult (f)6,5551,4287
eZ1k(eZ1k)Adult (m)2,41865611
Pua5(Pua5)Adult (f)4,0426922
HNqQP(HNqQP)Adult (f)2,7765332
hBUP(hBUP)Adult (m)2,4727315
0OWI(0OWI)Adult (m)7,2348907
sCbs(sCbs)Adult (f)5,0844001
6J9a(6J9a)Adult (f)3,5965138
CRNO(CRNO)Adult (m)3,18155011
qkor(qkor)Adult (f)5,0596422
Hc7Q(Hc7Q)Adult (m)2,6066444
VQnGi(VQnGi)Adult (m)1,1124661
fIHj(fIHj)Adult (m)4,4813651
eltd(eltd)Adult (f)4,9673942
kGPT(kGPT)Adult (m)1,7456063
HYPe(HYPe)Adult (f)5,1636671
VVfm(VVfm)Adult (m)2,9722023
RoEr(RoEr)Adult (f)4,8173880
F2bs(F2bs)Adult (f)6,3791,4065
YjIP(YjIP)Adult (f)4,4686184
Bs9j(Bs9j)Adult (f)3,3672275
pvMB(pvMB)Adult (f)5,4627972
hMpk(hMpk)Adult (f)5,3731,0927
CFOJ(CFOJ)Adult (f)4,3913365
UcST(UcST)Adult (f)6,6086744
AJg0J(AJg0J)Adult (m)2,4986475
fit4(fit4)Adult (m)2,2517035
YWqU(YWqU)Adult (f)2,7854998
lBih(lBih)Adult (f)2,2776648
4KlZ(4KlZ)Adult (m)3,6323043
k5GF(k5GF)Adult (f)6,1871,1253
eVn6(eVn6)Adult (f)2,54766915
nRga(nRga)Adult (m)7,4037998
1tft(1tft)Adult (m)3,3639083
pqq6(pqq6)Adult (f)1,8606556
DQTk(DQTk)Adult (f)2,1806036
Kg1X(Kg1X)Adult (f)4,1711,70012
8nLb(8nLb)Adult (f)6,6146804
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