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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RyeRunner,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dITcFengal And Fangal Baumouth 4GAdult (m)9406792
2mVYDrigg and Dregg Shahrizai 7GAdult (m)1,68462013
1vi9Snigg and Snag Shahrizai 8GAdult (m)1,05448415
TFD2Sperry And Sporry Girgmoth 11GAdult (m)1,2716376
OGNIFinvale and Firvale Kindregon CBAdult (m)2,18651012
e4kkCaal and Ciil Firsborne CBAdult (m)1,99647910
o6VpSiarsh and Searsh Baumoth 5GAdult (f)3,32132010
aKfcBroel and Brail Thymirain 10GAdult (m)5,1811,68616
ZAEbWuz and Waz Baumouth 6GAdult (m)2,7904522
2gHQFluer and Flour Baumouth 6GAdult (f)3,4105343
ndSocAran and Aryan Horeflech CBAdult (m)4,4461,3894
q26ZjAyra and Ayri Irosch CBAdult (f)3,4097488
W6DX1Aer and Ayr Irosch CBAdult (m)8,1031,70914
FIIrrBeyla and Baila Irosch 2EGAdult (f)1,8607160
V3lP2Fossil and Fuel 2GAdult (f)2,1118001
vrZxvLayota and Liata Vesivas CBAdult (f)1,8187000
6a0rqNymphadora and Delphinamora SkivAdult (f)1,7497141
nh0ozLaera-Skaera CBAdult (f)3,6647200
wMO3NMae and Bae CBAdult (f)2,6717814
a9AW3(a9AW3)Adult (m)2,4936411
SrA2Agrickle SchmintcAdult (m)1,5414042
mpfdAfaladia HerseyAdult (f)2,7836816
lUnKAllanna SchmintcAdult (f)3,8283805
O85IAnbique SharlaienAdult (f)2,5094033
7X5cGAnthraic KimbleeAdult (f)2,7666593
oFdZWArthur WesleeAdult (m)2,7936492
YpJURKevash GiralAdult (f)2,9528011
TEXiJAynn ReddikAdult (f)2,0787600
PN8NiPlutarck VenfiAdult (m)2,2367700
IqbIHCian BeetoAdult (m)2,6977440
a9ZQKAnaphylaxi MisdemAdult (f)2,9798461
SQa8qYvonne SonataHatchling (F)2,8764292
yMWQxGared Bliss CBAdult (m)3,6787241
68JizYaht Bliss CBAdult (f)3,7911,1530
9BvcL(9BvcL)Adult (f)3,6328050
KanT(KanT)Adult (m)1,3559108
6qXnFaitle Farlant XXAdult (f)2,06130715
V4mmBlith BuffonAdult (m)2,6864332
hHHqPKallan KellingAdult (f)1,5426402
EkfbWBraggan BrockelAdult (f)1,9308224
CBL2rXerxes XenenianAdult (m)1,6686051
4N4fcPotbelly PigslandAdult (m)2,5631,0261
tMfQWFinnigan FatsoAdult (m)2,3826914
u2Zk1Lady Vitality MAdult (f)1,5357410
nPTr8Lady Wellbeing MAdult (f)2,6159161
aGWX4Lord Vengence MAdult (m)2,7687521
rECoKLord Vanity CBAdult (m)2,4668143
I5xhQLady Blackwell CBAdult (f)2,1607414
WSCk3(WSCk3)Adult (m)5,7801,0960
PTxC3(PTxC3)Hatchling (F)1,0542135
MG5eLady Falt MAdult (f)1,8195772
HU9gaLady Decency MAdult (f)1,8816880
mnf1NLady Despair MAdult (f)2,4859130
GINKWJohn TeakettleAdult (m)3,7641,1052
tBTkbSam Belle 2GAdult (m)1,7706251
WzEK1(WzEK1)Adult (m)4,4688960
BnJM6(BnJM6)Adult (f)3,7671,1431
ZWjwwRegina Wolfine CBAdult (f)2,1285922
7t6BVHarmarious Draco CBAdult (m)3,0679861
ZW7iLSylvestia Draka CBAdult (f)3,7721,2263
TbX6vDaekus Draco CBAdult (m)1,7087091
8ihsP(8ihsP)Adult (f)4,5259055
cVRxs(cVRxs)Adult (m)3,8438202
J8EcQ(J8EcQ)Adult (f)3,2587890
URpmKirrivale AirWaterAdult (m)1,5183578
Tk1TKerrigan of BlackwaterAdult (f)2,6203177
dQ1rReggla of GoldenriverAdult (f)2,15435720
nLRvKirritaelo of AirwaterAdult (f)2,0174245
j9yja(j9yja)Adult (f)2,4196270
hk55Candiarre of the RaevaanAdult (f)3,0004755
CUq8Laeolota of the TyyreenAdult (f)3,5754072
05BFCarmen of the UllgaritAdult (f)3,2933733
pGJYHugo of the XerkxeAdult (m)4,6843243
rrMqYaagal of the ThyriinnAdult (f)4,2413231
bPXDHellro of the BenninAdult (f)2,6884374
W43cPRaque of the Waithe CBAdult (m)1,7076410
EURQJQuitel of the Firron CBAdult (m)2,4408510
8LSvpCanada of the Canadians CBAdult (f)3,5627474
ZtlquRugal of the Rugs CBAdult (m)3,2656993
AD5in(AD5in)Adult (m)3,6231,1173
cGBrrPierinina Sulfer CBAdult (f)3,4017211
YXNodBraul Gastric 6GAdult (m)2,2637780
SKc6jSoltari Brimm CBAdult (f)2,8758292
YV3LzSolumbad Dreek CBAdult (m)2,1388270
3RhTSJaelumba Dreek CBAdult (f)2,1958510
XEcLkRyundad Thyll CBAdult (m)2,9169303
RQvedThylad 2GAdult (m)1,8816291
40NbKite Derflinger CBAdult (m)3,6284112
skmUKite Pfleger CBAdult (m)2,5614515
MT8oKyta Ternes CBAdult (f)2,7664603
AG9hKite Rushinsky CBAdult (m)2,2433685
MN8rKite Thompson CBAdult (m)1,6604650
iM8hoKyta Schmitd CBAdult (f)2,4438230
0JdcXKyta Polinsky CBAdult (f)2,7007715
0ZQ9FKyta Ford CBAdult (f)2,3096910
5Seug(5Seug)Adult (m)4,4719424
4DmpD(4DmpD)Adult (m)2,5516380
Lc09HMac 'n Cheese CBAdult4,2681,1946
JQjCECandy Cane Tonic 4TSAdult (m)2,8701,01318
ffZ60Kandy Stripe 2EGAdult (m)2,0158460
BC886(BC886)Adult (m)3,1197761
YCFbPsuedo Angelwing CBAdult (f)2,59770319
3CbpGreenfoot Angel 9UGAdult (f)8,9831,8836
H2dJSt Tassletail CBAdult (f)3,8631,0546
RIs8St Yellowing CBAdult (f)2,8604454
8Vh1tSt Christmas Spirit CBAdult (m)1,6227071
6DgUcSt Vengence CBAdult (m)1,5766770
qPplN(qPplN)Adult (m)3,1737850
DJidM(DJidM)Adult (m)2,9997710
fSxJE(fSxJE)Adult (f)3,0847911
gxzzr(gxzzr)Adult (m)3,1047931
4o8aP(4o8aP)Adult (m)3,0097551
2xCNT(2xCNT)Adult (m)2,8557090
V430I Do Not Appreciate Long StoriesAdult (f)4,3633053
HHm2This Cannot Be What We Agreed CBAdult (f)2,5784201
OM6AThis Is Too Much Family 5GAdult (m)2,8724783
lcZiI Can't Forgive A Sad Dragon CBAdult (m)2,7077135
2JWlVMaybe If You Wouldn't Lie CBAdult (f)1,7836291
bVtILThese Odd Thoughts Convene CBAdult (m)2,0507351
BATOdStop It With The RunOn SentenceCAdult (m)2,5176371
383gfThese Sentences Are Too WeirdAdult (f)1,9816863
hefvqSelene Hale 2GAdult (f)1,9287751
KVYWT(KVYWT)Adult (f)3,4898564
MmCpLord Sufferage 5GAdult (m)1,31769826
TKKRLord Inquisition 12GAdult (m)2,5626697
K4uDLord Quasi DBAdult (m)2,4874754
fo69Lady Devastation Thuwed 7GAdult (f)3,0154885
rmNBvLady Incoherance 2GAdult (f)2,3217781
c2qHiLady PersistanceAdult (f)3,7011,0613
3GbepLady Calamity CBAdult (m)2,3678711
NgqAPLady Incarnation CBAdult (f)2,7756420
p1QbWindlasher of Spring CBAdult (f)1,1158691
aqbsCloudyday of Summer 3GAdult (f)1,3529467
AwnPBlueLagoon of Summer CBAdult (m)1,4859483
Zu4eSnowbreather of Winter 8GAdult (m)2,7514376
thEPSongbreaker of Winter CBAdult (m)2,6686595
nqY4Dreammaker of Winter CBAdult (f)3,2526631
C0GPSnowday of Winter 9GAdult (f)2,9473412
IKs3RSkyhunter of Summer 2GAdult (f)1,3816642
2QA06Misfitlover of Summer CBAdult (m)2,2798175
ZO1puDaylight of Summer CBAdult (m)3,0686624
8IUslCloudwatcher of Summer 2GAdult (f)2,6808002
2vh6kSunset of Summer CBAdult (m)2,3765992
GZC4aHeartbreaker of Fall CBAdult (f)3,3161,0862
vQDvQLancaster of Fall IAdult (m)3,8167196
123i1Solitude of Winter CBAdult (f)2,4906561
RkG3RkG3 CBAdult (f)1,81373912
602W602W CBAdult (m)1,6816994
KL4qKL4q CBAdult (m)2,2045093
bunBbunB CBAdult (m)3,1054182
CCTTFCCTTF CBAdult (m)3,3439652
MVWD4MVWD4 2GAdult (f)2,7017124
RovJoRovJo CBAdult (f)2,9158763
7oQvStrider's Sweet Angle CBAdult (m)1,11174912
VTdPStrider's Black Sheep 5SAdult (f)2,58229315
ioSUStrider's Redneck Cousin IAdult (m)1,57962211
qhVXStrider's Failed Empathy MAdult (m)1,7084172
2MMsStrider's Failed Experiment CBAdult (f)1,5774521
H2B2vStrider's Prevailing Wish CBAdult (m)2,0497901
vmJHtStrider's Oncoming Travesty CBAdult (f)1,7487240
jWjmN(jWjmN)Adult (m)2,7277924
mlMCK(mlMCK)Adult (f)1,6456723
RduB0(RduB0)Adult (f)1,3836433
nvo8P(nvo8P)Adult (f)2,0034157
rDcrP(rDcrP)Adult (m)2,5625745
JSFI7(JSFI7)Adult (m)2,6678595
NU8lr(NU8lr)Adult (f)2,7296402
UJXZv(UJXZv)Adult (f)2,4711,0011
VjjiQ(VjjiQ)Adult (m)2,3178301
5Kknt(5Kknt)Adult (f)3,5197740
vdjkj(vdjkj)Hatchling (F)3,3405207
uPER(uPER)Adult (m)3,6204043
6G75(6G75)Adult (f)3,0004694
MtAAuStrider's Obvious Intention CBAdult (m)2,8189023
lmwflShai and Tai FieendelAdult (m)2,5938294
PUwpkLao and Lio Lort CBAdult (m)2,5746804
ZUojSparkPlug CBAdult (m)1,6653787
3G8sFlashingSpark CBAdult (f)1,2115643
PnRVLightnngSpark CBAdult (f)3,6793775
5OOKSparkLife 2GAdult (m)2,6684632
WcQp5WhiteSparks CBAdult (m)2,0398100
5vS4HDizzySparks CBAdult (f)2,0428031
Ans8vAlbino Spark 2GAdult (f)1,2996162
MsYGHQuick Shock CBAdult (f)3,4139733
Y07JVShocking Truth CBAdult (f)2,9689820
5HJOXSparks Forever CBAdult (m)2,82269010
LvtPEDon't Lick the Sparkplug 2GAdult (f)2,3217853
52A2Pakfit the Dramatic MAdult (m)2,6664863
j0FUDracosin the Rejected 4GAdult (m)2,5574243
J3IFmCarmen the Solitary CBAdult (f)1,2615991
3RoG4Xiru the Forgotten 7GAdult (f)2,6847242
GPtNIFay the Ambient CBAdult (f)1,9967380
dTd40Solitaire the Desolate CBAdult (m)2,2838431
wL5nEYekka the Poetic CBAdult (m)1,8326692
1GawoKindling and CoalsHatchling (F)4982311
QfonsKaalda CBAdult (f)2,4448012
uHKJAKiambre CBAdult (f)2,5238421
BIJ2l(BIJ2l)Adult (f)2,4346471
sf1IYZaire Ebolavirus CBAdult (m)2,2237960
HktBXAquired Immune Deficiency CBAdult (m)2,3078070
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