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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RulenneClarissa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3g4m6Prophet of DawnAdult (m)3,4969371
tPkrmProphet of DuskAdult (f)3,4111,5463
aHilYProphet of DayAdult (m)2,3188662
EL1KWProphet of SunsetAdult (f)2,8931,3493
Ak8K8Prophet of DarkAdult (f)3,3751,4214
YSqXhProphet of DawningAdult (m)4,0461,9905
8bOhfProphet of TwilightAdult (f)2,6828772
HsCsWProphet of EveningAdult (f)3,0879184
Enm03Prophet of SundownAdult (f)3,2069523
nW2MjProphet of StarlightAdult (f)2,6468492
eKltqProphet of MornAdult (m)2,7141,2325
r52W0Prophet of SunriseAdult (m)3,7651,3144
GXA9UProphet of LightAdult (m)2,5717565
5cTatRhogoAdult (m)4,2428845
AEdPhJolly BerryAdult (f)4,83996517
gW2GVProphet of MorningAdult (m)4,3731,3011
YUaG7(YUaG7)Adult (m)5,7531,2551
Qpu9iProphet of SunAdult (m)4,7641,3854
wszGZProphet of NightAdult (f)4,8141,3292
M56BHProphet of EveAdult (f)4,7351,3532
3KJ0CProphet of NightfallAdult (f)6,7671,3475
kYyfUProphet of DaybreakAdult (m)6,6851,3255
VFKajProphet of Light and DarkAdult (f)6,5501,04112
3HyCxTJ's CakeAdult (f)2,7801,09322
L4cBMThis Noise Makes Me MoistAdult (m)2,9471,15624
HxQGEThis Noise Makes Me Feel MoistAdult (m)3,8621,03226
BnQPVThe Moist ScreamerAdult (f)1,39145871
9gw5jThe Brutal MoistAdult (m)2,77293224
jGBtDMoist is BrutalAdult (m)2,98498122
hY4bzThis Noise is BrutalAdult (f)4,2811,01945
N96BRMoist BruteAdult (m)8,9556918
BQlFsSoaked BruteAdult (f)5,2391,4193
3v9LuMoist is MeanAdult (f)4,8331,4443
UAfaVMoist MeanieAdult (f)5,1371,3186
6LJdt(6LJdt)Adult (m)5,9451,0603
6qGH8(6qGH8)Adult (f)6,0231,0695
sNKZ6(sNKZ6)Adult (f)6,0521,0647
tjsNZ(tjsNZ)Adult (m)6,0471,0985
yeazS(yeazS)Adult (m)5,5131,3335
NEp8g(NEp8g)Adult (f)6,4711,0365
0puL7RulenneClarissa's Blue LindwurmAdult (f)5,4811,2754
bvcuc(bvcuc)Adult (m)6,7915090
Rc4nw(Rc4nw)Adult (f)4,4249230
ZveyT(ZveyT)Adult (m)3,5661,03325
e4alk(e4alk)Adult (f)3,7411,11123
ZlecW(ZlecW)Adult (f)4,0181,41129
UQqpJ(UQqpJ)Adult (m)3,2531,30727
WWMm2(WWMm2)Adult (m)3,4411,33626
m4Xcw(m4Xcw)Adult (f)3,3551,4662
3Mu9E(3Mu9E)Adult (f)5,3891,3776
UhVT8(UhVT8)Adult (m)4,5861,1689
tQBdP(tQBdP)Adult (f)4,7791,1341
ygdkU(ygdkU)Adult (m)4,8381,1363
UmUhjUncertain ProphetAdult (m)6,4011,3600
2eKj8The One that StayedAdult (f)6,3291,1542
tZCVm(tZCVm)Adult (f)5,1109041
9B4Sp(9B4Sp)Adult (f)5,1649021
KcHum(KcHum)Adult (m)5,1028941
ma3T4(ma3T4)Adult (m)5,0169050
cVA7o(cVA7o)Adult (f)5,5271,2932
CfPac(CfPac)Adult (m)5,6451,3128
8B5Y6RulenneClarissa's Green LindwurmAdult (m)5,9951,0762
Qz3B8(Qz3B8)Adult (m)6,1341,5220
thW8X(thW8X)Adult (m)5,9101,4054
09xD3(09xD3)Adult (m)6,2864722
TKFlb(TKFlb)Adult (m)4,9531,3012
tVyRB(tVyRB)Adult (f)4,4751,0262
qBmMf(qBmMf)Adult (m)5,6231,0382
8ih6b(8ih6b)Adult (m)4,5699130
qipeY(qipeY)Adult (m)4,4609560
QDWNd(QDWNd)Hatchling (F)1,6064182
CrfcMoon's Song of MournAdult (m)1,1965118
43uPWhiteling WingAdult (f)3,8931,6643
q1FPGA Pale SingerAdult (m)3,2731,4082
o8dplSigh of the MoonAdult (m)3,1691,5253
EBj5hMoon's CharmerAdult (m)2,6238512
0GoitBreath of a SongAdult (f)3,6741,7156
kaJsDGlow in the MoonlightAdult (m)6,4001,7525
hsLTQSong of the MoonflowerAdult (f)5,6438815
zXRiTZ'Moon StalkerAdult (m)3,1169347
V8KL1(V8KL1)Adult (m)2,24074824
YymKS(YymKS)Adult (m)2,16673929
e6IhL(e6IhL)Adult (f)2,41897338
Bz7ti(Bz7ti)Adult (f)4,32184740
4wWv2(4wWv2)Adult (f)5,1041,1762
uvfTx(uvfTx)Adult (f)5,0491,1623
G0yZJ(G0yZJ)Adult (m)5,0451,1793
NTxPb(NTxPb)Adult (m)5,0901,1692
AmaHy(AmaHy)Adult (f)7,2357912
XpWrN(XpWrN)Adult (m)7,5641,2813
ESKk2Allure of the MoonAdult (f)4,5317491
LWnmJA Scale of MilkHatchling (m, F)2,6136914
In0KWA Scale of WhiteHatchling (F)1,6695344
v9pJu(v9pJu)Adult (m)6,1146832
ndW0y(ndW0y)Adult (m)4,3835570
YWxtD(YWxtD)Adult (f)4,9618491
8yXzH(8yXzH)Adult (m)6,0765591
hyxJy(hyxJy)Adult (m)6,1855170
L4Cq4(L4Cq4)Adult (m)6,2555230
AwYaz(AwYaz)Adult (f)6,9805530
GlZvp(GlZvp)Adult (m)5,4255900
LEasE(LEasE)Adult (m)6,1385930
XqKl1(XqKl1)Adult (f)5,3454821
UWpCc(UWpCc)Adult (m)5,5404710
4PtKI(4PtKI)Adult (f)8,3926280
BjgQE(BjgQE)Adult (f)8,1195510
aDzxP(aDzxP)Adult (f)4,2991,2480
RdUvN(RdUvN)Adult (m)4,2831,2602
RmKU3(RmKU3)Adult (m)4,3381,2010
Q9sql(Q9sql)Adult (m)4,3141,2162
IXXjm(IXXjm)Adult (f)4,2521,2162
RNHqb(RNHqb)Adult (f)4,3581,2352
OKcDO(OKcDO)Adult (f)4,3351,2013
wh5xR(wh5xR)Adult (f)5,4899554
Mxvt0(Mxvt0)Adult (m)5,6989703
jaAyh(jaAyh)Adult (m)4,7631,1843
2XxzL(2XxzL)Adult (m)4,9021,1610
81pm6(81pm6)Adult (f)4,9371,1812
i4huD(i4huD)Adult (m)4,9621,1540
2D2Vj(2D2Vj)Adult (f)4,9941,1710
LrS1y(LrS1y)Adult (m)4,9561,1511
B4URg(B4URg)Adult (f)6,2999030
gO5iC(gO5iC)Adult (f)6,2249020
gFTpM(gFTpM)Adult (f)6,4396411
o9D3C(o9D3C)Adult (m)6,4006290
eidHP(eidHP)Adult (f)6,6019512
mVNfp(mVNfp)Adult (f)6,5279420
QNwWb(QNwWb)Adult (m)6,5429641
PJSWQ(PJSWQ)Adult (f)6,9248631
X5Qm0(X5Qm0)Adult (m)4,1457910
775uD(775uD)Adult (m)5,6055840
yja5s(yja5s)Adult (m)5,7605680
F8Zjq(F8Zjq)Adult (f)6,0726521
vD4rT(vD4rT)Adult (f)6,2935420
3GG6e(3GG6e)Adult (f)6,3515451
aLe36(aLe36)Adult (f)6,3355480
WvAq0(WvAq0)Adult (f)6,3645240
AAGzi(AAGzi)Adult (m)5,6667310
1Py1Y(1Py1Y)Adult (f)5,1686201
YHPt9(YHPt9)Adult (f)6,1597611
bXiId(bXiId)Adult (f)5,7795001
q6aZC(q6aZC)Adult (m)5,6505590
Z109p(Z109p)Adult (m)4,7378521
foEz3(foEz3)Adult (m)4,8108650
mNCzT(mNCzT)Adult (m)5,1837920
JQ4tg(JQ4tg)Adult (m)5,1446490
V75TI(V75TI)Adult (f)5,1886460
b6Pqe(b6Pqe)Adult (f)5,0776590
BOasc(BOasc)Adult (m)5,1046540
KbGRP(KbGRP)Adult (f)5,0325721
3O6hF(3O6hF)Adult (m)5,0925670
20j6m(20j6m)Adult (f)4,0015170
Myc5r(Myc5r)Adult (f)4,5425600
e9Qi0(e9Qi0)Adult (f)4,9546400
mR0Ta(mR0Ta)Adult (m)7,4645080
HkKlA(HkKlA)Adult (f)6,3361,3384
adB9C(adB9C)Adult (f)3,5848931
CRVSF(CRVSF)Adult (m)3,5849352
xNwuQ(xNwuQ)Adult (m)6,6688942
L1KId(L1KId)Adult (m)4,6519110
toOGy(toOGy)Adult (f)7,7249534
j6yli(j6yli)Adult (f)7,0559703
OmIkO(OmIkO)Adult (m)5,9731,0564
5bnSu(5bnSu)Adult (m)5,2934710
BfzTz(BfzTz)Adult (m)6,3995471
XyKgN(XyKgN)Adult (m)6,2135690
rp95z(rp95z)Adult (f)4,3947011
cgcGE(cgcGE)Adult (f)4,3927060
srYgT(srYgT)Adult (m)4,1836931
SD6Td(SD6Td)Adult (m)4,6876930
sYuNI(sYuNI)Adult (f)6,5315450
AvTeJ(AvTeJ)Adult (f)7,3444990
KkXf8(KkXf8)Adult (m)5,9555060
jbOid(jbOid)Adult (f)6,2584741
uKgvw(uKgvw)Adult (m)6,2564860
XWuxP(XWuxP)Adult (m)5,9885430
3RxaQ(3RxaQ)Adult (m)7,0195500
YNgCi(YNgCi)Adult (f)5,4215970
5vTUN(5vTUN)Adult (m)5,5434712
HF6WC(HF6WC)Adult (m)6,4514980
ECR9i(ECR9i)Adult (f)8,3495680
CU4LCrowned Clown BonAdult (m)1,19951112
srU5Crowned Clown SonAdult (m)2,8411,0345
pquuCrowned Clown MiaAdult (f)5,0731,8903
YbaKaCrowned Clown LiaAdult (f)3,0911,3881
VjGOFCrowned Clown RonAdult (m)2,5828322
Ok0mYCrowned Clown RiaAdult (f)2,4398404
CTRVZCrowned Clown TiaAdult (f)2,9828044
I4dYV(I4dYV)Adult (f)2,13770644
K3mQQ(K3mQQ)Adult (m)5,6161,4083
XWmMu(XWmMu)Adult (f)6,2381,3162
63BmU(63BmU)Adult (f)6,2331,1675
Q1h9Q(Q1h9Q)Adult (f)5,4671,3326
FJbhn(FJbhn)Adult (f)5,9671,0053
ZURtc(ZURtc)Adult (f)6,1281,0154
xN6xN(xN6xN)Adult (m)6,0021,1973
X4bhv(X4bhv)Adult (m)6,0261,2193
Xmlct(Xmlct)Adult (m)7,4341,2874
GRAKmIckle Clown LonHatchling (m, F)3,0117192
8bI5uIckle Clown TonHatchling (F)1,1632543
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