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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RottingBoyo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mdehN(mdehN)Adult (f)3,5816502
VD3BU(VD3BU)Adult (m)3,7546883
K1aTy(K1aTy)Adult (f)4,1429461
avwa1(avwa1)Adult (f)3,9509061
9ZAZh(9ZAZh)Adult (f)3,4857792
DGaxp(DGaxp)Adult (m)3,3017591
Evrn3(Evrn3)Adult (f)3,8507962
kWVl4(kWVl4)Adult (m)3,7757672
ap8OA(ap8OA)Adult (f)4,0597393
q9KPd(q9KPd)Adult (m)4,3059641
Ce9Up(Ce9Up)Adult (f)3,5507794
txoP9(txoP9)Adult (m)4,7431,0502
zO2Vn(zO2Vn)Adult (m)4,7931,0372
JPSrc(JPSrc)Adult (m)4,8711,0422
SStGw(SStGw)Adult (f)5,0187153
6jMVM(6jMVM)Adult (m)3,9618801
SYcB4(SYcB4)Adult (m)3,3157612
bqNN3(bqNN3)Adult (f)4,5139693
FLgJj(FLgJj)Adult (m)4,1058611
IyB2J(IyB2J)Adult (f)4,1138681
Qw3Rv(Qw3Rv)Adult (f)4,59695510
EejMf(EejMf)Adult (m)3,3227722
qhvr0(qhvr0)Adult (m)3,9508511
Emi3l(Emi3l)Adult (m)3,9518511
MrPN7(MrPN7)Adult (f)3,2987261
bAW39(bAW39)Adult (f)3,3226901
XJMpi(XJMpi)Adult (m)3,3307051
JUEsW(JUEsW)Adult (m)4,8319114
jEr8Q(jEr8Q)Adult (f)3,8787222
CwGo8(CwGo8)Adult (m)3,3587162
xmEnD(xmEnD)Adult (f)3,4127400
M69xo(M69xo)Adult (f)4,1135993
DIm5C(DIm5C)Adult (m)3,9906824
2cjfT(2cjfT)Adult (m)4,0537001
fVWqV(fVWqV)Adult (f)3,2013972
i7cCD(i7cCD)Adult (f)3,0623901
09Zku(09Zku)Adult (f)3,5804242
DEZUo(DEZUo)Adult (m)4,2528642
yntYc(yntYc)Adult (f)4,2167544
Q6PSK(Q6PSK)Adult (m)4,3167632
sEpK5(sEpK5)Adult (m)4,1797402
7kGnF(7kGnF)Adult (f)3,3898030
rVU41(rVU41)Adult (m)3,8787512
nE1Ll(nE1Ll)Adult (f)3,9447372
2RCot(2RCot)Adult (m)4,9671,0491
2uA5q(2uA5q)Adult (m)4,7951,0351
RouaL(RouaL)Adult (m)4,1056711
BanM7(BanM7)Adult (f)4,6806970
IZeJR(IZeJR)Adult (f)4,6987291
p22qN(p22qN)Adult (m)4,6817171
HF3ho(HF3ho)Adult (m)3,8787722
mKImb(mKImb)Adult (m)4,5076592
TOj47(TOj47)Adult (m)5,8637521
Uro66(Uro66)Adult (m)4,9856771
WDz3Q(WDz3Q)Adult (f)3,1667170
ZENp7(ZENp7)Adult (f)3,1456991
0I7Uy(0I7Uy)Dead Egg111
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