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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2013 Halloween Event
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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Roguew,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j0oOqJooqAdult (f)3,5981,0791
VrdVeYellow MellowAdult (m)2,4328553
dPLYSPlease BrimstoneAdult (f)2,8598825
a14OTA Lot of FireAdult (f)2,8577614
Z4Qi1Sulphur and BrimstoneAdult (m)2,9068324
r5osgRosgAdult (m)3,0958623
YOaBuYoabuAdult (m)3,1318592
BS3P2Glinda the Good WitchAdult (f)3,0037463
6qQRfQuirfelAdult (m)2,6607659
X5t85XationAdult (m)2,6251,0398
LoI03Y GAdult (f)3,5318342
X4B9kXenobeAdult (m)6,6599638
6KTfXDiscarded RainbowAdult (m)3,8238581
ct79UBubbetAdult (m)3,6839134
6WGiS(6WGiS)Adult (m)4,5589110
ctSpn(ctSpn)Adult (f)3,2428534
tRJcj(tRJcj)Adult (m)2,7619274
o1Onn(o1Onn)Adult (m)2,7099335
9LgI8(9LgI8)Adult (f)3,1988753
Ok5wz(Ok5wz)Adult (m)4,0991,2342
FKDC3(FKDC3)Adult (f)3,8851,1201
H78ro(H78ro)Adult (f)4,7778590
GM8Ff(GM8Ff)Adult (m)5,4219702
gU6l7(gU6l7)Adult (f)4,4008672
7kjuWFruiltineAdult (f)7,0321,2161
VIZnjWishing for a ThuwedAdult (f)2,1078205
Ak7nHFruity GoodnessAdult (f)2,8755763
cNfi1NifilheimAdult (f)3,4867736
cFK8UCifikiAdult (m)4,4548697
UH0CoBeautiful ThuwedAdult (f)2,9728894
FMONGFmongAdult (m)5,1257712
daAhFDaahfAdult (m)3,2147195
tOS7P(tOS7P)Adult (f)2,2297203
jdTb5JollieyAdult (f)2,0584662
4rXGyXergyAdult (m)3,1005883
7qMcU(7qMcU)Adult (m)3,9669341
JP2C5(JP2C5)Adult (m)5,1718600
NHvQD(NHvQD)Adult (f)5,4158941
WqQWR(WqQWR)Adult (f)3,9861,2350
f3oy8(f3oy8)Adult (m)3,9491,2100
8LVG8(8LVG8)Adult (f)3,9491,2091
dVJxy(dVJxy)Adult (m)3,9311,2360
tDD3eCheese StrawAdult2,2018893
jn35LCheese FreezeHatchling (F)9383462
geZkhCheez WingzHatchling (F)2,05164721
Hc8EeClucksAdult (f)4,3948563
D25XALicken ChickenAdult (f)3,2788463
brGZUHenny PenneyAdult (f)1,2785533
6nGNI(6nGNI)Adult (f)2,1166963
DRs2PHolly DayeAdult (f)2,11083417
2Z1RzThuwed TidingsAdult (m)3,4251,3562
4KhZrLoss at ChristmasAdult (f)4,9811,0602
S5KvZSpiraling ChristmasAdult (f)4,8491,1082
OSX2p(OSX2p)Adult (m)4,2851,0646
RtS0s(RtS0s)Adult (f)4,6811,4565
86ImJDecoration in PinkAdult (m)5,2268318
at85IHolly Red ThuwedAdult (f)4,4419365
BRYR4Blue Sky at ChristmasAdult (f)4,8477762
XZZK9Yuletide BuckAdult (m)7,1421,2227
EHqVkGhost of Christmas Yet to BeAdult (m)2,2629294
FsBpiGhost of Yuletide PresentAdult (m)2,5941,1632
hillFWater to IceAdult (m)2,8481,1632
f2CUuPeppermint GabrielAdult (m)3,2631,1331
KTpQL(KTpQL)Adult (m)6,6231,1406
QpTou(QpTou)Adult (m)6,0841,4505
jWLsxAlbino BuckAdult (m)4,2118913
M1FspOn Golden WingsAdult (f)1,9498217
6lUm6Yuletide SnowAdult (f)2,1978876
ppXBUGloria PinkAdult (f)2,9091,0270
irUFi(irUFi)Adult (f)6,9921,3094
h8rxf(h8rxf)Adult (f)4,5671,3812
7f1ReRed Winged AngelAdult (f)4,7371,0593
ubqRQSweet Yuletide SongAdult (f)5,7747154
SB7dp(SB7dp)Adult (f)4,4056321
BjEk9(BjEk9)Adult (f)4,6487910
852OlSweet Song of ChristmasAdult (f)4,9151,1918
7seED7 Seeds of ChristmasAdult (f)7,2911,2856
px3fHChocolate Ribbon CandyAdult (f)2,6381,2102
4UdIxRibbon Candy ChocolateAdult (f)2,4801,1453
3YzOVRibbons of HorrorAdult (f)3,5811,2180
qhGKN(qhGKN)Adult (f)5,6881,4873
K8xcwPompoms or StreamersAdult (f)3,8191,1761
a3SlP(a3SlP)Adult (f)4,9456150
7dEDjMerry and BrightAdult (m)2,2768154
SAAGBYuletide CarolerAdult (m)2,2097622
UOfn7Yuletide Moon RayAdult (m)3,3021,1291
d7wFWTri Horn ChristmasAdult (m)3,6111,1970
GcZakFalling Wrapping PaperAdult (m)5,2101,2364
uFLDMPatchwork PaperAdult (m)5,0311,1872
HIbqHWrapping Paper of GoldAdult (m)2,8851,2811
tcYvfHorror of Wrapping PaperAdult (m)3,4201,3322
T2OA8Paper CopperAdult (m)3,9171,1171
sLGW1Silver Lined PaperAdult (m)3,5751,2170
eXDi1(eXDi1)Adult (m)6,2131,4154
NvSwz(NvSwz)Adult (m)3,8548571
Gid1DGidlaAdult (f)3,4211,0420
oHGWnOhiaAdult (f)2,8741,0551
V9OfJ(V9OfJ)Adult (f)6,5961,4122
oklbfOn a Sleigh of GoldAdult (f)5,4341,0311
wbEVxRadiant Angel of the SolsticeAdult (f)3,9401,1831
1Rogg(1Rogg)Adult (f)4,2138871
8rvxOMT KissAdult (f)3,4688592
Lmj9Y(Lmj9Y)Adult (f)3,5178620
eTSWJHammer HeadAdult (m)3,0157743
Ab6XSShark WingAdult (f)4,0089669
QGJAnSea CharmAdult (f)1,8766622
vIMd1(vIMd1)Adult (m)2,1537001
ZGoyc(ZGoyc)Adult (m)4,8771,0313
ZHRYh(ZHRYh)Adult (f)4,7591,0491
ZTXeI(ZTXeI)Adult (m)4,5501,0491
S4h0y(S4h0y)Adult (m)4,3111,0000
WghXY(WghXY)Adult (m)6,2228400
t5eRq(t5eRq)Adult (f)5,2028120
LNxrf(LNxrf)Adult (f)6,0208010
Ny0WzNyowzAdult (m)2,7601,3033
FnJ9nCopper FallacyAdult (f)3,0131,2287
mBSOEBesoeAdult (m)2,7621,2763
kHJqHKahjehAdult (m)2,9331,4074
3bohkBohkAdult (f)3,7061,6134
0sJffOS JeffAdult (m)2,3781,2186
lYCbr(lYCbr)Adult (m)2,9158872
fG3em(fG3em)Adult (f)3,2378853
zaZaJZaza CopperAdult (f)2,7238804
rItdDCopper SplendorAdult (m)2,6728725
L9L1v(L9L1v)Adult (f)3,2199131
9MezwMezewAdult (m)3,5321,0821
UDCStFestive CopperAdult (f)3,7351,6084
dx8f6Destined FateAdult (f)2,8611,2484
RcoPkRocco ParkAdult (m)2,4981,2704
ZqnLGZabeneAdult (f)2,92883814
kpRaAIvyleagueAdult (m)3,9329246
hUjkPBeauty School DropoutAdult (f)2,5389074
eJ1HIJean VineAdult (f)2,5177982
pa4UUTsubasa ChronicleAdult (f)4,2371,0483
agV8fPlanted LoveAdult (m)2,3907784
DePtbPaedeAdult (f)4,6869464
QPI1LQuipilAdult (m)3,6087057
PdFLYLonging for GreenAdult (f)1,9967204
LPilLInfernal BushAdult (m)3,7809894
7E0uMSeeds of DissentAdult (f)2,5358204
NHrM0Perfect IvyAdult (f)6,2229098
sg58dNafa VineAdult (m)2,0697932
Tk5TnVoodoo that You DoAdult (f)3,4048190
DRfFLLeafalinAdult (f)2,5008112
T8YuPTangy VineAdult (f)2,0106862
AMGL8Green Christmas DancerAdult (m)3,0967626
1s0ZiChristmas Entangles MeAdult (f)2,2537646
v1jDzValdevineAdult (f)3,1284944
OXkUu10 Dice RollAdult (f)3,4711,0935
WgmLa(WgmLa)Adult (m)2,3616964
nLN94NhomaliAdult (f)3,3941,0273
Vrfi2(Vrfi2)Adult (m)3,9159470
qwVL3(qwVL3)Adult (m)5,7837540
RhfItRhiftAdult (f)3,5909467
a3SDeAedeAdult (f)5,6931,1398
Eg5X1Enchantment Passing ThroughAdult (m)6,5221,0476
X1SAOXisaoAdult (m)3,3851,0089
DBBjYDream MakerAdult (f)2,2888424
T1VEFDaydreams of SweetlingsAdult (f)1,9268573
uCse6Up Among the CloudsAdult (f)2,0747071
a0XIfAoxifAdult (m)3,8475525
RM5DBRomaninAdult (m)3,1228294
FgeADGeadAdult (f)3,2226503
6Ert7Fariel of GondorAdult (f)2,3517374
rnh03Dreaming of Middle EarthAdult (f)3,2997244
1ZZLuIzzyluAdult (f)3,9837730
uUAjDBlue Valentine RoseAdult (f)2,9511,0283
keJzX(keJzX)Adult (f)5,1039995
ehRKcEhrickaAdult (f)1,7895743
AQj7BMurky DepthsAdult (m)7,0339784
qU0ErKiller KrackenAdult (f)2,9293165
Ja7inJainesAdult (m)2,2638122
kNIoGLeviathan of the BlackAdult (f)2,0186983
FgcvUForgotten LeviathanAdult (m)2,5048064
pF0i6PhillandrosAdult (m)2,4225954
pjEWMPhilendrasAdult (m)2,3285775
atHgKDark Blue OceanAdult (m)3,0378012
VkXI8Magi of the DeepAdult (m)5,3581,1768
WowWj(WowWj)Adult (f)2,1496695
Sv4FMSavifamAdult (m)1,7765984
qwkiEQwkieAdult (m)2,3046693
xtoEO(xtoEO)Adult (f)3,3527793
0Uyo1(0Uyo1)Adult (m)2,3136396
z3RzIZerizAdult (f)2,9799332
0a6kF(0a6kF)Adult (f)2,2577542
SBUEy(SBUEy)Adult (f)1,6176631
8aMaD(8aMaD)Adult (f)4,4539592
9qX4pXera ThuwedAdult (f)2,9769075
k1kI0Kik IoAdult (f)3,1647933
EJoF0Out of the Blue BoxAdult (f)6,9161,0451
Xcja3XercesAdult (m)1,9287964
MDEjuMedejuAdult (f)4,7048796
AsXKDWing of BatAdult (m)5,5057072
4CckbCeceeAdult (f)4,4858623
SskU3Beautiful but FlawedHatchling (F)1,9671321
lNN2gIcarus ThuwedAdult (m)2,5608712
DPcCRUp Around the BendAdult (f)4,8126794
MI0A8MioanAdult (m)5,2671,2287
nokFXNo FrictionAdult (m)3,7924931
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