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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RocketSlacker,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
20YQKScared Away By Killer ClownsAdult (f)8,3181,3353
BiEHbLa Rosa de Guadalupe's DramatismAdult (m)8,2141,4288
CFHb3Uniquely Consisting On PlantsAdult (m)9,4931,5293
57FTsReady To 1V1 Tom And RobAdult (m)7,1701,3264
mh3JmNegando RotundamenteAdult (f)7,5181,4034
jAPoLThat Nirvana TShirt - You KnowAdult (f)6,2801,3263
VZ9UOSe Puso Hasta La FumpalasAdult (m)4,7271,1032
sl7oKPoor Green BabsAdult (m)6,7205845
vUBxRI Was BornAdult (m)5,2648215
6VUW6Permanent Bandwidth ProblemAdult (f)6,8251,3476
nNEQsTitle Of The WorkAdult (m)5,8231,1855
AMeSXHuyuyuyAdult (f)6,0721,3033
BHkB1Les Gusta El Pollo FritoAdult (f)6,8271,2123
P8rhODon't You Know That WeAdult (f)6,0391,3154
Xuk4iAre Living In A Golden AgeAdult (m)5,4771,1562
YYtBGHum Mom For The Third YearAdult (m)6,0901,3094
oBTkjThey've Got Us SurroundedAdult (m)7,3301,3305
dYnmUWe're In Their SightsAdult (m)5,6951,1871
XPgfiCan You Read The Bus' FutureAdult (f)6,8301,3484
CVeEOAbout Me SectionAdult (m)7,2141,3683
2t57TWhat - Wanna FightAdult (m)6,9031,3503
fFC2WRocket DABberAdult (f)5,7781,1842
ghzsBCan't Put Emojis HereAdult (m)5,9441,2502
g86IwFirst Sad Face In Four YearsAdult (m)7,1201,3213
84jKFIs This Really A Thing To DoAdult (m)5,7581,2503
9v7lZOh My God ZaydeAdult (f)6,2181,2582
KptNdKIll The Lights And Fire OffAdult (f)7,2241,3094
wzLRwSniper RiffleAdult (f)6,3461,3061
YRrOuFormidable HeartAdult (m)7,3591,3434
nowixNowix And The GangAdult (m)6,7831,1062
XQdHhQuite The TaskAdult (f)6,4121,1832
w37aCBrain RootsAdult (f)6,1441,1553
6uozGWalking GlitchAdult (f)6,7331,2383
5EHZ4I Can't Even Talk AnymoreAdult (f)7,2161,2624
tI5KiPitied By A MachineAdult (m)7,4921,2197
cXS5cHeadless ChickAdult (f)6,4171,1066
5s92CNon ReimbursableAdult (f)6,1361,1153
bEksJAddiction To OverwatchAdult (m)5,5751,0572
jBlIJI Will 1V1 AccountingAdult (m)6,5061,0494
8jZoMWhy Are All Jakes DumbAdult (f)6,4151,0273
cWjRROH LET'S TAKE IT DOWNAdult (m)5,5831,0732
dBvSGICarly Opening Theme RemixAdult (f)7,3471,0553
SyhjMJust LaughingAdult (m)6,6071,0822
DGpjdNeckbeard's Nice Guy AtttitudeAdult (m)6,5711,2171
eAyezBeatiful Fun And LovingAdult (f)7,6431,0772
w98joUpgrade Your GameAdult (f)6,7671,1971
lUl1QHurtfully AnnoyingAdult (f)7,3161,0801
zECcuMedical ExaminationsAdult (f)7,9381,1157
NiiSwMercy Is LitAdult (m)7,3941,2204
k65yIOr Lack ThereofAdult (f)6,7791,2362
NclKOWhat If I SwitchAdult (m)5,5391,1641
cBrfvSetenta Y SeisAdult (m)7,1541,0174
CbGMRQuieres PeleaAdult (m)7,1859977
1aSN0Regretting Wise DecisionsAdult (f)5,7111,1531
WSPAqThe Seven Deadly HomeworksAdult (m)5,7671,2001
Fklz2Gr8 JobAdult (f)6,4161,0901
fdpdtGift Of The HummingbirdsAdult (f)5,7279772
q2Yj4You Can't Escape From HereAdult (f)6,7461,1494
qkBNNWhat Is DiplomacyAdult (m)6,2471,1302
p90tjRunning From Reality's PlanAdult (f)6,4381,1401
Yxvk8Will Literally 1v1 GenjiAdult (f)6,8891,1643
NcsqCOh How ComeAdult (m)6,1691,1345
CNYVCWhen It Came To The PastAdult (m)6,2601,1731
4sv4POwl Kid is LITAdult (f)6,3931,1581
L67qGAllied To A Golden InfernoAdult (f)6,9371,2371
FaqxGCroc FodderAdult (f)8,0371,1573
cvbpzStand Up FamAdult (f)7,2941,1056
etzSIFallen KingAdult (m)7,7731,1153
CJZO1360 RotoscopeAdult (f)7,1301,3284
45ArPDirect CompetitionAdult (m)7,4541,4083
LECQWSymmetra - Lucio NightmareAdult (m)7,5191,3582
rpLrrTrust Everyone But YouAdult (f)7,0991,2814
CLO8LIT KRITMAHAdult (f)6,7951,3712
f3aG0Rogue One Made Me CryAdult (f)7,1011,3582
PsWPgHere's That Fly On The WallAdult (f)6,3121,4593
oPLUZLightsaber Night LightAdult (m)6,8271,3982
FbnSWDragon OnesieAdult (m)6,3231,4282
e3t80On The Hunt For Mars BarsAdult (f)5,7241,3807
UpXIrSnow Leopard HybridAdult (m)6,0981,3923
4vchKWhat's A Paid HolidayAdult (m)6,7701,4521
1ei0uCardiac Condition Due To OWAdult (f)6,4821,4301
FzwAtVoid Of Christmas CheerAdult (m)6,3401,4461
pqOSDWounds From WordsAdult (f)6,2561,4281
Kz2uzSprinkle Holiday DustAdult (m)6,2161,4112
i6d7jA Crack In A Frozen SoulAdult (f)6,1571,4032
M819tLookie My TailAdult (f)7,2781,5141
ZEUMoIn The Middle Of The WoodsAdult (m)7,1831,5062
O9lVUSocks and Money For XMasAdult (m)7,3481,5222
Cd9TJFurrowed ColdFlameAdult (m)7,3831,5371
SrFqsHiding The LiesAdult (m)6,2081,4012
GyuGhDancing DaylightsAdult (m)7,0531,5242
iE5LrLater Than SoonerAdult (f)6,7861,5222
RrRjVStay DownedAdult (m)6,2611,4031
RvUblUnIdealAdult (m)6,9041,3971
gKWpfGallop Through Their SnowAdult (m)3,9391,1751
YpbX6Identification Of FestivitiesAdult (m)4,9231,2252
XgFaKDinner Christmas BambiAdult (m)6,6621,4092
mBqrHCall Me EdgelordAdult (f)3,1623454
7dGk2I Thought You Weren'tAdult (m)4,7181,0121
iF7cnYellow Gift Wrapping PaperAdult (f)4,7471,0062
Zig0yBabbycornAdult (m)5,0671,0112
u420vMy Queen And KingAdult (m)5,1731,0442
mdEC3This Is A Fun Lock To PassAdult (f)5,3141,0411
50pfqMoving UncertainlyAdult (f)5,4021,0641
z9dM1Not Tuned Or Played WellAdult (f)5,7751,0652
ROTFLRolling On The Floor-LaughingAdult (f)3,1633594
3Yd7QGarden Weeds But With MovementAdult (m)3,0663565
SeiWQTimeturners Where RuinedAdult (f)3,2033247
V8mvbPossible Time TravelAdult (m)3,0283264
8nmXsBroken Mirror To The PastAdult (f)3,6013373
dFOAaWing PerchAdult (f)3,0843352
v5m9sJumpy Walk ThingyAdult (f)7,7321,0283
WByWdWhile Caw CawingAdult (m)7,9851,0325
em4zPAnother Body For The Bad Stuff PAdult (m)7,8591,0221
CCDIKOh My Oh Mai Oh MyAdult (m)7,3281,1441
pSMY1Artery BridgesAdult (m)7,7141,1884
kvMGrNeurotic WaterfallsAdult (m)7,8661,1753
cmYbFExtravagantly PatheticAdult (m)7,8051,1723
0pe0bAsymmetric LoveAdult (f)6,6161,4402
g4EbRFeathered JackalAdult (m)6,6731,4681
mlXqmWistful Chocolate HolidayAdult (f)6,5831,4581
iCCf8To QuoteAdult (m)7,2611,4831
y24L6Confuzzled BuddyAdult (m)6,9431,4762
LZPpgLack Of BeliefAdult (f)7,1901,4492
2EOgJDo You Believe In DeathAdult (f)6,7961,4272
RzsZELook At This Lil Buddy BooAdult (m)6,3441,1223
nnYLJNever One ForeverAdult (m)5,9881,1241
m8k99Shall UsAdult (f)6,4341,1221
cKN3rRight Wrong UnsureAdult (f)6,3981,1282
SyRX2Coincidental HeartthrobAdult (m)6,1731,1062
xnzXXFluffy Fluff Fluffy LoveAdult (m)6,2931,1342
fqgmsI Was Born From BoredomAdult (f)6,4221,1422
9t0WHSnowstorm In The DesertsAdult (m)7,0171,2584
HJ3wGHopeless AromanticAdult (f)7,3961,2947
bhPhBStalk The SidelinesAdult (f)7,3111,3213
e7yUvPathchanger LongingAdult (m)7,2471,3115
S0T00Disarmored SubmachineAdult (m)7,5231,3126
A7V35Little Churro BuddyAdult (m)6,6021,3444
NPkJfCoraline AlgaeAdult (m)6,4221,3182
bZO4zHartos MillonesAdult (m)7,6491,2827
AioGhAeiou Aeiou Aeiou Aeiou Aeiou AeAdult (f)8,2351,2603
w5aaGMugged For FreeAdult (f)8,3881,2564
hrCYURestless MagmaAdult (f)8,9291,4154
iHKLCHopeful AsperatusAdult (m)7,0151,2765
PcWHzAnt GrandmasterAdult (m)8,3101,3193
DubLWCreepypasta RejectAdult (f)9,0531,3743
vfuSSWelcomed With A PunAdult (f)5,3099943
6Yo9USorry For DRAGging You AgainAdult (m)8,7571,3096
8V7jnBeautiful Crimson IceAdult (f)5,2379933
3DuRdLack Of HopelessnessAdult (f)5,1729811
gvS9uThe Tiniest Bit Of DespairAdult (f)5,0989672
MvW2QChallenge Anybody But YourselfAdult (m)5,2269431
b9RpYYou Could Be A WarriorAdult (m)5,1849421
G9cmbIridescence For Your SoulstreamAdult (f)5,2939442
WyiWXBreakup Songs For The LovelessAdult (f)5,1889912
jqHB4Life After A Broken HeartAdult (m)5,2199531
ShPE3Crystalline ExpectationsAdult (f)8,6301,2802
aSMvmHeld Up By My PedestalAdult (m)9,3311,3212
CuH9ULove Is A ReligionAdult (f)8,5811,2693
XNyIqAnd I Am AgnosticAdult (f)9,2041,3322
xzvK2Skydiving With A JetpackAdult (m)5,9421,0502
LLUWELluweAdult (f)9,6571,3093
ZZTM3Climb Climb ClimbAdult (m)9,3911,3443
d1vo5Beep Beep BoopBeepBoopAdult (f)8,9981,2644
7zpXHCheesy Like A QuesadillaAdult (m)8,5781,2163
k5A4SInfatuation ToxinesAdult (m)8,5271,1914
ypWtQTransparent Skin And BonesAdult (f)9,3381,3544
Tbl2yYour Ace Up Your SleeveAdult (f)7,7691,0601
GcTkmAttractive PSAAdult (f)8,0441,0462
JdA8hAlien From The DepthsAdult (m)5,3147662
EEYWROn The Side On The SideAdult (f)5,2457372
99zHLBreaking OffAdult (f)5,5997701
EFU8zWelcome Back BudAdult (f)5,6297472
cz7dIBoopableAdult (f)5,5077633
lf2zVWhere I Jump OffAdult (m)5,5317711
vnnVRNo Manches Tu CiudadAdult (m)8,1701,0235
PB3ccNebyllunaAdult (f)7,9741,0532
K8e06Worst Asset For WarAdult (m)8,2231,0262
kfry8Looking Down In WonderAdult (m)7,7161,0821
AvmMjProfessional TrickshotterAdult (f)8,0901,0501
YCnMFButtermilk PastelAdult (f)4,8158231
Kw6PhFishing AnxietyAdult (f)8,2341,0902
c6JvaReckless ProtectionAdult (m)8,3031,0681
kMyaUBackwards And ForwardsAdult (m)7,7891,0560
KmRBXExtra SAdult (m)7,8921,1341
awC72BluebeairdAdult (f)8,0421,0481
n38YhSeaside ModelsAdult (f)8,2771,0890
4VxkuModern Day BardAdult (m)8,7001,0832
vtEJdGracefully BeesAdult (m)6,5661,1369
9SgekFaran Is Far AwayAdult (m)6,8539527
B3YmaMoonlight On The MorningAdult (f)12,8671,5417
nyGMJInvulnerable PinataAdult (f)8,0481,1692
hXp66Haunted MinivanAdult (m)6,4401,1302
Q5aQhNot A Glimpse of YouAdult (f)7,8651,1931
5R6f3That V face but it's evilAdult (m)8,2631,2434
xKjEHLeviathan of SaltAdult (m)8,0481,2344
kXWOjLunar FlareAdult (m)9,1111,0798
y4COOCrimson Carmine BloodAdult (m)8,1391,1082
X6thNMint and Ghost PepperAdult (f)8,0571,1073
Z0EKnBandana GrillAdult (f)8,2641,0931
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