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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Robinstreuli,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YIVg(YIVg)Adult (m)1,5106487
Hixu(Hixu)Adult (f)1,0305816
VKBg(VKBg)Adult (m)63337249
EV7F(EV7F)Adult (f)2,73128635
xTAF(xTAF)Adult (f)2,93931628
X8mW(X8mW)Adult (f)1,3486147
Ptzo(Ptzo)Adult (m)1,0345694
iGJD(iGJD)Adult (m)5,31956420
S9bY(S9bY)Adult (m)9885374
SXHA(SXHA)Adult (m)4,51932935
9ooT(9ooT)Adult (m)1,5248596
OuD8(OuD8)Adult (m)1,56959616
Seju(Seju)Adult (m)1,58451337
gEou(gEou)Adult (m)7,19149013
oD0t(oD0t)Adult (m)1,81542310
X0sX(X0sX)Adult (f)1,37642313
DhvX(DhvX)Adult (f)3,64224927
H67F(H67F)Adult (m)1,47584714
bWI3(bWI3)Adult (f)1,44258714
ykd3(ykd3)Adult (m)6,05556223
3d9r(3d9r)Adult (m)1,5496608
HxFw(HxFw)Adult (m)1,9974539
HILf(HILf)Adult (m)1,25055111
Wi7Y(Wi7Y)Adult (m)1,1525528
Ye6N(Ye6N)Adult (m)2,34320014
Il3C(Il3C)Adult (f)3,09923015
aUQJ(aUQJ)Adult (m)3,3371,05570
9z5M(9z5M)Adult (m)1,19252211
n5Sl(n5Sl)Adult (m)4,8851,22066
9s0d(9s0d)Adult (f)1,88270338
IdVT(IdVT)Adult (f)1,83245869
llyl(llyl)Adult (f)2,13426937
HzYE(HzYE)Adult (m)2,0334658
NsrK(NsrK)Adult (m)3,82649834
RgXk(RgXk)Adult (f)4,71032017
S5ks(S5ks)Adult (m)1,5616598
LFsO(LFsO)Adult (f)2,87327439
6TiZ(6TiZ)Adult (m)2,9601,01813
7Dau(7Dau)Adult (f)2,94523415
51fn(51fn)Adult (m)4,23432642
nStu(nStu)Adult (f)8,16655752
rM2X(rM2X)Adult (m)2,39746914
qdzB(qdzB)Adult (m)5,65638631
h7lj(h7lj)Adult (f)2,39226644
2JLc(2JLc)Adult (m)6,90173017
NF97(NF97)Adult (m)3,09520813
0aiX(0aiX)Adult (m)1,86429618
EfDS(EfDS)Adult (m)2,73821716
MnTn(MnTn)Adult (f)6,07650027
Iig5(Iig5)Adult (m)6,15744228
XJTJ(XJTJ)Adult (f)5,52253718
LbPZ(LbPZ)Adult (m)2,79119012
cYjU(cYjU)Adult (m)1,3226037
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