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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RinTrinity,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j29lMEldeen WisteriaAdult (f)7,7991,2644
22XmsThe One Who Protects The SeaAdult (m)9,8081,4235
GaLqIMamoru NoirAdult (m)8,4941,3433
oQM1VHandmaid EleanoraAdult (m)8,6251,6793
TbCJsThe Jester's CrownAdult (f)8,2631,4837
up0oXGrand Duchess of EveAdult (f)7,7151,4767
EOKJ5Chef MilliaAdult (f)7,7531,8254
csIWdJiminie PaboAdult (m)5,9611,4972
FP2Ni(FP2Ni)Adult (m)5,8251,4853
GcZOLIn The Process Of Finding MemesAdult (f)7,2221,8383
u6kK2All Fabulous Robots WelcomeAdult (f)7,6201,8404
XvybXAllen Poe KnightAdult (f)7,3781,8262
lbjcsTesseract GlowAdult (m)7,2451,8182
RJX6GMoonshade of GloryAdult (f)5,2841,5052
pIWkZNightmare CamelotAdult (m)5,8481,4344
jK07a(jK07a)Adult (f)4,8901,2732
RtPTj(RtPTj)Adult (f)4,7321,2482
LNU2K(LNU2K)Adult (f)4,2571,2091
wvYpVWisps of Golden GiftsAdult (m)8,1081,3944
YjwJOSpirited Away By MagicAdult (m)6,9071,5464
Bv13sAzarath Metrion Zinthos Be GoneAdult (f)6,8481,5002
fu8BTBroken Shadows of EdenAdult (m)6,0541,4672
Xd7J4Atlantic's MistAdult (m)5,9881,4742
QX9BeGrand Halloween O'2015Adult (f)6,1601,4641
wgsGsOld Ghostly SpiritsAdult (m)6,3361,5021
XRM3m(XRM3m)Adult (f)5,9411,4112
Upg8I(Upg8I)Adult (f)5,8831,4102
WgUGS(WgUGS)Adult (m)5,7961,4162
0BFQy(0BFQy)Adult (f)4,1421,2413
KFxhwSeventy Percent PainAdult (m)6,6641,4951
XZZquSword That LurkedAdult (m)7,4281,8452
MWBE1Had Lurked In TerrorAdult (f)5,7071,4561
pXTkaNightmare's Final WayAdult (f)6,0301,5031
VE6DaDanny MajorAdult (m)5,9591,4686
c3FcpFlight Of The WatAdult (m)6,1251,4581
7xRBg(7xRBg)Adult (f)7,7921,3954
UcU8U(UcU8U)Adult (m)6,7571,2686
VTi7w(VTi7w)Adult (m)7,6641,3694
OzJMG(OzJMG)Adult (m)5,3671,0913
rCutK(rCutK)Adult (m)5,8501,4273
w2tIn(w2tIn)Adult (m)5,6791,4363
5v3tu(5v3tu)Adult (m)5,0891,3132
jzL4F(jzL4F)Adult (m)4,8081,2512
BItHd(BItHd)Adult (m)4,6891,2352
bUsld(bUsld)Adult (m)4,2391,2271
6rklAChild of VoidHatchling (f, F)4,2691,0243
5iuwbSteppin' On White SoulsAdult (f)6,5051,5042
1iCQVNever To Rise AgainAdult (f)7,1211,5022
EAPeIPyralibAdult (f)6,3381,5031
qw4E7(qw4E7)Adult (m)4,6471,2272
Vbrfh(Vbrfh)Adult (f)4,3631,2131
rTGrK(rTGrK)Adult (f)4,3131,2033
6gbow(6gbow)Hatchling (f, F)3,9711,2163
XI6nkDylaxAdult (f)3,7251,2572
RQWED(RQWED)Adult (m)4,7891,2881
teeW0Seraph of DeathAdult (f)5,6641,5174
3844oSeraph of OmenAdult (f)5,6531,5322
Np913Seraph of MourningAdult (m)5,4111,5142
MojU5Seraph of FallAdult (f)5,5151,4623
VhFuqSeraph of all EndsAdult (m)5,5821,4912
Xseg3Seraph Of VictoryAdult (f)6,7311,4172
pKBfQ(pKBfQ)Adult (f)4,8241,1102
cSgLS(cSgLS)Adult (f)6,5731,3923
jYdYX(jYdYX)Adult (f)4,8841,3933
Wm4lR(Wm4lR)Adult (f)4,6821,4151
3ZHvv(3ZHvv)Adult (m)4,7971,3890
kvEN3(kvEN3)Adult (f)4,8261,4191
fcojD(fcojD)Adult (m)4,9581,4121
xoje4(xoje4)Adult (m)5,0251,4120
7wi4m(7wi4m)Adult (f)4,8201,4211
iZqS7Ottavia LennoxAdult (f)8,0621,3382
7gbuIThe Quiet FewAdult (f)7,3241,4442
urK5DHallow's HellfireAdult (f)7,5911,3012
19V30Their Flames Will Aid YouAdult (m)7,1681,3573
ed2VW(ed2VW)Adult (m)6,4351,0711
n47zz(n47zz)Adult (f)6,6381,1061
IjZuC(IjZuC)Adult (m)7,8471,0601
usIvR(usIvR)Adult (f)7,5319960
4e1mw(4e1mw)Adult (f)7,5149943
CDdBYIn For The RunningAdult (m)9,9271,5102
xmbudNeva ErmineAdult (f)8,5381,51510
NbIRG(NbIRG)Adult (m)7,6041,0641
2Mtk1(2Mtk1)Adult (m)6,2869162
PG1OJ(PG1OJ)Adult (m)7,0771,3063
Gdk3bDuntin PowersAdult (m)7,3081,4546
IvO43o Chicken Nugget oAdult (m)9,8281,3128
4rOsU(4rOsU)Adult (m)7,4279744
jSA8dLorelei HarumaphAdult (f)3,8698686
TR9m7Tea's CreationAdult (m)9,3181,2617
fw3Y6Chahna AgatheAdult (f)6,9351,4035
3hh5sMeulin AgatheAdult (f)7,3221,3352
4Xdk7(4Xdk7)Adult (f)7,6278781
AGAfZ(AGAfZ)Adult (m)8,1581,4751
gyK8T(gyK8T)Adult (f)7,3581,0611
Qd2COI'll Name The Lot I SwearAdult (m)4,8756473
ezIVwIf I Slip And FallAdult (f)5,1146524
5HgB3It's All On YouAdult (m)4,6086536
ylvHLSo Save Me Before ThenAdult (f)7,5731,3680
AvcOvYou Darn Chat YouAdult (f)7,5531,4091
Sw3KSIt's All On MeAdult (m)7,6911,5203
PpX2TI Understand That MuchAdult (f)7,7831,5606
50ku3There's Absolutely No RushAdult (m)9,7051,8345
AjJc5Anything For The LadyAdult (m)9,4881,8185
fsIWb(fsIWb)Adult (f)7,0031,2432
2kmDnOblivious To LoveAdult (f)6,6551,4445
4cgRIWhat Can You DoAdult (m)6,8781,4584
l1RgMBe Their Wingman MaybeAdult (f)6,8421,4516
9HMaKOr Stick To Them Like GlueAdult (m)6,7231,4612
FCQyaLove Squares Are Not FunAdult (m)8,4871,2502
c7yNpRivers of MercyAdult (m)7,6111,3314
2NhCg(2NhCg)Adult (f)6,4651,4383
5M2e6Rivers of AuguryAdult (m)8,1271,4075
rF624Rivers of RuinAdult (m)8,0731,3916
xqkoY(xqkoY)Adult (f)7,7561,2974
FZmSQThe Magistrate's DaughterAdult (f)9,2631,4672
hXseXOrange Seer Of DoomAdult (f)8,3621,3974
tctz2(tctz2)Adult (m)9,8621,3946
3di3Q(3di3Q)Adult (m)6,8221,0241
Mp66wo Rise From The Ashes oAdult (m)5,7271,5053
Hp1UYGood Enough LuckAdult (m)8,7181,52610
OSLwBCause Of The AshesAdult (f)6,0131,1015
glAYeLeisurely Stroll In MagmaAdult (f)9,7821,4228
l1dOI(l1dOI)Adult (m)6,5131,1884
V6UZO(V6UZO)Adult (m)6,8511,1782
ZnhXEYoung Child Of EveAdult (m)7,5601,2821
CP4MOBarry MusketAdult (m)8,9351,3933
Wt9VX(Wt9VX)Adult (m)6,9031,2040
s8i0Z(s8i0Z)Adult (f)6,7818390
7EQCZ(7EQCZ)Adult (f)5,4397464
8nlyJOnly JewelsAdult (f)10,0411,7188
GMCNoGemstones NoAdult (m)8,7061,2773
kim7DSapphire FlutterwingsAdult (m)10,6151,7012
u0xCPLessons In HousekeepingAdult (m)9,0771,5663
ghx1O(ghx1O)Adult (f)9,6901,3832
YzirN(YzirN)Adult (m)8,1341,2032
cj6nT(cj6nT)Adult (m)7,5671,3432
H9pJo(H9pJo)Adult (m)7,3981,3310
WmLM0(WmLM0)Adult (m)7,4421,3430
gLfdfYazupoqure HaibarAdult (f)7,4101,2546
PTvjt(PTvjt)Adult (f)7,0991,2592
VHywQo Muse Of Space oAdult (f)4,3637765
NAzAgo Muse Of Breath oAdult (f)8,3991,5654
wXj1fo Muse Of Doom oAdult (m)8,2841,3663
GdRXro Muse Of Time oAdult (f)9,2331,80112
B7Y3v(B7Y3v)Adult (m)6,2779172
DpUHRCadxrxAdult (f)7,0731,4253
yAIy3(yAIy3)Adult (m)7,8431,1731
0ZlGq(0ZlGq)Adult (m)7,8451,0783
40Ut2PresumptionsAdult (m)8,0911,2472
uNnjNShaken And Stirred FreakyAdult (f)7,6691,4503
bejsXWritten MemoriesAdult8,9611,4025
pbJcsThe Dweller Under The SinkAdult (f)9,2441,4591
W7yMQ(W7yMQ)Adult (f)7,5459800
xRqzoGood 'Ol Uncle HenryAdult (m)9,9241,87710
FglcjDumb 'Ol Father HenryAdult (m)8,3641,5876
wKI6nSmart Child AlexisAdult (f)11,0011,7022
U5iHYMirima AtelwynAdult (f)6,7199205
64NePSmol HarrietAdult (f)8,8411,1920
tiQ8tApproving HenriettaAdult (f)8,1961,1393
9Qmh3(9Qmh3)Adult (m)5,0727563
pUzNo(pUzNo)Adult (m)7,1161,2023
OYXZc(OYXZc)Adult (m)8,0671,2752
CtomM(CtomM)Adult (f)7,6521,0992
gwbYmSnowie MajestyAdult (f)7,0311,3386
HAAH8Artemis Rune VAdult (f)9,1311,6108
2DcGBPainted Lune OrbAdult (m)8,7051,5527
vufFCElgar HorizonAdult (f)7,2061,4128
GNSRURed Rose MulciberAdult (f)9,8761,2768
c7krVArona SnowAdult (f)6,8251,37111
Y6TCZ(Y6TCZ)Adult (f)9,4521,0632
RuL6jGold MirrorshineAdult (m)8,5081,5905
PDHTJGold JewelshineAdult (f)9,7391,6367
dvxYI(dvxYI)Adult (m)9,8311,4566
f3vtV(f3vtV)Adult (m)8,8741,1137
ysmoQShimmering DukeAdult (m)9,1451,58710
iHCuIDead Prowl Of CybertronAdult (m)9,7221,2279
PE9YJSilver Named ShimmerAdult (f)8,9581,49211
o6aA3Silver Fluffy ShadowsAdult (f)9,7841,5576
Q7s7qClever Moonlight ProwlAdult (m)10,1501,1836
kKpA7Lancaster ErodAdult (f)6,97077210
8pn71Elysion EnrikAdult (f)9,9331,4117
4XsgnMagical Orange Volcano DisasterAdult (f)7,6671,3764
YNANOYNANOAdult (m)7,7801,5064
PU9UfPriestess Of The Fallen KingdomsAdult (f)9,7161,4876
Ht5BX(Ht5BX)Adult (m)7,4019911
bXQnzKuttri TinuvielAdult (f)5,9091,37134
b50U9Flare Of A MidgetAdult (f)9,6031,6871
pcnEhNo I Have A ShoeAdult (f)7,3151,2944
UWV9v(UWV9v)Adult (m)8,2861,1343
vWTzQLittle Dragon WinstonAdult (m)7,5741,4425
9blaz(9blaz)Adult (m)8,5251,3765
1jiIw(1jiIw)Adult (m)8,2531,3136
bSCvj(bSCvj)Adult (m)7,0731,0031
WnSWa(WnSWa)Adult (m)7,7171,0381
MlV2JTeeny Tiny Flamey WyvernAdult (f)7,4201,2705
y19AePainfully Boring Saturday StreamAdult (m)7,4201,3074
8Eeyy(8Eeyy)Adult (m)10,0951,4446
ydmk7I Am A Blue PotatoAdult (m)7,9381,3185
T1BIaPink Golden FriarAdult (m)8,1711,4735
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