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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RicaDragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5SBT(5SBT)Adult (m)1,8444462
N8e9(N8e9)Adult (m)8676963
58Qk(58Qk)Adult (f)8006413
gCrM(gCrM)Adult (m)9026063
USFG(USFG)Adult (m)2,1051,1963
gHiB(gHiB)Adult (f)9287101
lyuj(lyuj)Adult (m)1,3965932
XKP2(XKP2)Adult (m)2,35345213
XWqh(XWqh)Adult (f)1,0467564
rGUh(rGUh)Adult (f)6704746
ZwXT(ZwXT)Adult (f)7445732
ZP0x(ZP0x)Adult (f)7425722
UWIO(UWIO)Adult (f)2,69189120
GsvS(GsvS)Adult (m)2,3111,39127
ubeC(ubeC)Adult (f)1,4681,1163
jIjG(jIjG)Adult (m)9797655
kPRm(kPRm)Adult (f)1,26935418
I8Bp(I8Bp)Adult (f)1,2179181
55KM(55KM)Adult (f)1,5157077
ZNat(ZNat)Adult (m)1,1818344
l9Gu(l9Gu)Adult (f)1,0997874
PNek(PNek)Adult (m)7455772
mfuD(mfuD)Adult (f)1,0388801
e1Vs(e1Vs)Adult (f)1,6854562
hchm(hchm)Adult (f)1,6464450
GIZN(GIZN)Adult (f)8837084
AQhk(AQhk)Adult (m)8726887
RgTx(RgTx)Adult (f)8787062
kQnz(kQnz)Adult (f)9336952
T4uo(T4uo)Adult (m)8806831
5O5W(5O5W)Adult (f)1,3696564
0Zjn(0Zjn)Adult (m)6845262
LVI0(LVI0)Adult (m)1,1237023
xEE2(xEE2)Adult (f)7855684
NnSc(NnSc)Adult (f)1,1828703
60hi(60hi)Adult (m)1,37264035
DO1X(DO1X)Adult (f)1,1267034
ziek(ziek)Adult (m)6,08663417
0tHJ(0tHJ)Adult (m)9236883
POpH(POpH)Adult (m)1,6374401
lWLh(lWLh)Adult (f)1,7004251
ILGA(ILGA)Adult (f)1,1297074
rTQA(rTQA)Adult (m)1,5259254
gPER(gPER)Adult (m)9437355
GXxY(GXxY)Adult (f)9057223
kqXY(kqXY)Adult (f)8757002
Tlx3(Tlx3)Adult (m)2,7851,5444
wR7T(wR7T)Adult (f)7445743
1hK7(1hK7)Adult (f)8747022
0Eyi(0Eyi)Adult (f)8655724
1Qyr(1Qyr)Adult (f)6835312
Q9gw(Q9gw)Adult (f)1,1257052
sEkK(sEkK)Adult (f)9848105
Qjab(Qjab)Adult (m)2,51440542
MPJU(MPJU)Adult (f)6575113
KUVg(KUVg)Adult (m)1,1869563
GltY(GltY)Adult (m)8006172
ioxf(ioxf)Adult (f)8056462
x51a(x51a)Adult (m)8236612
iesv(iesv)Adult (f)8646935
V03f(V03f)Adult (f)1,0228053
5cX8(5cX8)Adult (f)6995333
xvj9(xvj9)Adult (m)1,1598196
ttuy(ttuy)Adult (f)1,9511,3518
GWj0(GWj0)Adult (m)1,1388592
0gNN(0gNN)Adult (m)1,8711,3894
RBjs(RBjs)Adult (m)9717692
UpfX(UpfX)Adult (f)1,8084411
si32(si32)Adult (f)1,8894572
hSXF(hSXF)Adult (f)9367292
0fLP(0fLP)Adult (f)1,0437694
dLOl(dLOl)Adult (f)1,4715629
T4PE(T4PE)Adult (m)1,1197014
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