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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rhikasa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YILf3(YILf3)Adult (f)10,7921,3612
wKqbC(wKqbC)Hatchling (m)7,6531,0402
mwudJ(mwudJ)Hatchling (m)6,06093110
BRnRt(BRnRt)Hatchling (m)7,6441,0562
QUY3c(QUY3c)Hatchling (m)9,5131,1742
w1zEk(w1zEk)Hatchling (f)7,6921,0642
dbBOc(dbBOc)Hatchling (f)9,8931,1823
sqVzm(sqVzm)Hatchling (f)7,3391,0762
LoiSH(LoiSH)Adult (m)8,2091,1422
b1tTJ(b1tTJ)Adult (f)8,3151,1433
3tEOX(3tEOX)Adult (m)8,5101,1463
GSQrb(GSQrb)Adult (m)2,86337611
cpGhjLady Remy von Avalon IVAdult (f)12,3411,4195
6LOGS(6LOGS)Adult (m)10,6961,2892
nBm9C(nBm9C)Adult (f)10,6791,3062
2GtEI(2GtEI)Adult (m)10,9291,3782
1Udac(1Udac)Dead Egg2,4714432
8SD4Mrhikasa on forumsAdult (f)11,6191,6718
0FbGqall dragons open to requestsAdult (f)8,3821,39040
Ms1kxIsladineAdult (f)12,0141,6913
hhTkmLove is a Beautiful PainEgg (F)
DGEX1Queen Kaylien von RhikasaAdult (f)7,0071,4992
ogZ5ZQueen Arrya von RhikasaAdult (f)4,78089820
zMqpQQueen Evelyn von RhikasaAdult (f)9,1911,1444
PUQVEQueen Nymeria von RhikasaAdult (f)9,4811,4862
KzdYO(KzdYO)Adult (f)8,8641,5745
KYBs9Lady Jenova von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)7,9241,6165
VPZ3SLady Irene von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,8821,4361
6zAlpPrincess Vietna von Avalon IIAdult (f)8,8191,6002
Wzhv9Lady Amalia von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,7371,4836
cJxWVLady Ameera von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)7,6431,3435
5dGvkPrincess Rose von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,3931,4405
feWqwLady Elysia von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)6,5281,3975
WmYtsLady Blaire von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)6,4451,3542
wmTJsLady Adelie von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,1421,3915
8r7KQPrincess Roslyn von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)6,9541,2405
sBytBLady Ivettie von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)7,0591,2934
djbM6Lady Pallas von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,0911,3593
kG3eXLady Minerva von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)6,7771,2293
frUoALady Motoko von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)7,2861,2362
tn908Lady Ninna von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,2571,3524
CU8qeLady Makkari von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)9,6371,4205
qdLZtPrincess Ruwll von Avalon IIAdult (f)9,1931,4496
GftqW(GftqW)Adult (f)7,3301,4925
SoMTgPrincess Freya von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)8,0301,4502
lPsqOLady Rizla von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)7,0781,4194
Erh63Lady Audrey von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)5,0271,1882
XbaC8Princess Wataaq von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)6,0461,1972
Fj5AlPrincess Mettica von Avalon IIIAdult (f)6,9271,2883
SOZKnLady Enya von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)6,5981,4753
Cu2fnLady Cirilla von Avalon IIIAdult (f)9,2561,3915
rYc4PLady Astreya von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)8,3201,4088
0MW7PLady Sharra von Avalon IIIAdult (f)10,2411,4756
Mz0o8Lady Amelie von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)6,8061,5595
vOne9Lady Merris von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)8,6591,4064
6Tm2VPrincess Valeska von Rhikasa IVAdult (f)8,0631,3856
MwNihPrincess Thyme von Avalon IVAdult (f)9,0771,5072
J2TQ7Princess Rajeepa von Rhikasa VAdult (f)8,9581,3644
ot9Un(ot9Un)Adult (m)8,9631,4854
TRWcnKing Izaya von RhikasaAdult (m)6,6671,16524
D7w2TKing Araquiel von RhikasaAdult (m)7,9361,23829
2TcGjKing Aeris von RhikasaAdult (m)10,1621,4306
NwSVGKing Lysander von RhikasaAdult (m)10,2121,3853
xHvNaLord Caspian von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)3,8687718
RTIXhLord Alastair von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)10,1601,6713
vrk3MLord Theodore von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)8,4871,5204
ZsFW2Lord Zion von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)7,1921,4838
TKQ69Prince Radan von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)9,3151,3803
HBLJhLord Digav von Avalon IIAdult (m)6,8891,2826
tWw2bLord Luthias von Avalon IIAdult (m)6,3371,2245
nF7sMLord Gagosden von Avalon IIAdult (m)7,9831,4104
xHxkJLord Soren von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)9,1231,5045
yoJk9Lord Antilles von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)7,7631,4354
oyaZsLord Callaway von Avalon IIAdult (m)4,5851,0736
CGwwtLord Wilbur von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)6,3301,3627
fD3h9Lord Ikaris von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)5,9641,1853
PafYpLord Miraquin von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)5,9311,2105
LzIFyLord Praxis von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)5,9461,1034
e0yLEPrince Tasyua von Avalon IIAdult (m)6,0989812
dlWrELord Khayal von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)8,0401,3204
RQwflLord Lysander von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)8,2071,2496
Kn7EpPrince Silvanus von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)10,5991,5344
9ggxwPrince Liam von Avalon IIAdult (m)6,0481,0807
osMyZ(osMyZ)Adult (m)7,0141,1771
D5xo8Prince Odin von Avalon IIIAdult (m)7,7881,2145
CSDQ0Lord Eren von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)6,0521,1415
zQIwaLord Nimbra von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)7,6221,4231
ivbUZ(ivbUZ)Adult (m)5,9601,1982
la51pPrince Vahdin von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)7,6201,4543
VtgttLord Kaelan von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)6,3041,1853
vEycALord Patroclus von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)7,9351,3446
JppF3Prince Voltaire von Rhikasa IVAdult (m)7,8061,4146
6GgL9Prince Lucinus von Rhikasa IVAdult (m)6,9331,4274
WD1HqQueen Merira von RhikasaAdult (f)6,9581,5727
WSTZFQueen Ezrin von RhikasaAdult (f)6,6971,2993
MmrwxKing Loki von RhikasaAdult (m)7,2571,5363
JifAbRhikasa's Aeria GlorisAdult (m)5,6361,3024
rocDj(rocDj)Adult (m)6,8001,2982
4KnjjQueen Mara von RhikasaAdult (f)8,5281,6922
P4ArmQueen Theia von RhikasaAdult (f)9,3611,2706
LHXs0Queen Phaerille von RhikasaAdult (f)10,2191,3663
gJkbsLady Oshundis von Avalon IIAdult (f)6,6681,2803
YFXdELady Astrid von Avalon IIAdult (f)6,8801,1552
bWkkBLady Ryphar von Avalon IIAdult (f)6,6531,1426
uxlqRLady Jaina von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)5,8391,2065
kob0BLady Kacela von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)9,9571,4678
mBG4dKing Kaidence von RhikasaAdult (m)8,9041,6624
Q6yQr(Q6yQr)Adult (m)6,6781,1273
4kDJ3King Anhaern von RhikasaAdult (m)8,2351,1641
Vn9YPKing Chase von RhikasaAdult (m)8,1581,2003
kKS4GLord Idril von Avalon IIAdult (m)8,7371,3432
NMuL2(NMuL2)Adult (m)8,8011,3422
xi3Y6Lord Schuyler von Avalon IIAdult (m)9,4481,3387
RbYxFLord Asa von Avalon IIAdult (m)6,7771,1392
Q7itWLord Nico von Avalon IIAdult (f)6,9091,2612
LH9wpLord Dilya von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)6,6541,2175
h4986Lord Axquar von Avalon IIIAdult (m)8,9131,3766
istIKQueen Lyanna von RhikasaAdult (f)8,8851,4712
RRIQi(RRIQi)Adult (f)8,3021,2182
A8PBzPrincess Mahindra von Avalon IIIAdult (f)8,5241,1952
nbWGIPrince Vanilla von Avalon IIAdult (m)8,2081,3733
wNdI9Lord Dawkins von Avalon IIAdult (m)8,2821,1804
Dkfxo(Dkfxo)Adult (m)7,7791,1335
VpLfX(VpLfX)Adult (m)8,8231,2695
JWChbQueen Zariyah von RhikasaAdult (f)5,5841,0856
HBsSoQueen Nari von RhikasaAdult (f)8,9411,3243
TJfWkQueen Araqen von RhikasaAdult (f)9,6241,3442
a9pqcPrincess Nivette von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,4071,2632
5uxIvLady Vitani von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,5101,2213
keDaELady Shushin von Avalon IIAdult (f)9,1251,2225
QmVjRLady Jolana von Avalon IIAdult (f)8,1141,3055
00Zt5Lady Bastila von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)7,5101,2832
VFMAgZombie Fodder VFMAgAdult (f)9,2761,4113
NALcURhikasa's AlcedineAdult (m)7,6421,3754
wzb7eKing Raeran von RhikasaAdult (m)9,9551,4882
BVFQyKing Mavis von RhikasaAdult (m)9,5271,4393
blOF1King Nalis von RhikasaAdult (m)11,1451,4816
tdYtdLord Kaiser von Avalon IIAdult (f)8,0981,2025
UC99YLord Indris von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)7,6051,3282
xsB1ZPrince Jura von Avalon IIAdult (f)7,2741,2114
zrgILLord Disraeli von Avalon IIAdult (m)9,9131,5374
TRVHKZombie Fodder TRVHKAdult (m)8,2551,4292
Y7DNaZombie Foddder Y7DNaAdult (m)8,6711,1953
RACbNZombie Fodder RACbNAdult (m)8,6401,5273
ywrqJQueen Pallas von RhikasaAdult (f)4,1311,0123
lpAZgQueen Freyja von RhikasaAdult (f)9,1341,2493
94hepQueen Yelren von RhikasaAdult (f)9,2721,4113
Y5ilCLady Avalynn von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,0191,3123
nB2idLady Eporla von Avalon IIAdult (f)9,1151,1987
rzREQZombie Fodder rzREQAdult (f)8,8321,1774
mY0FoKing Sunniva von RhikasaAdult (m)4,2271,0422
zU17VKing Narerh von RhikasaAdult (m)8,0861,3503
MmsUcKing Varitan von RhikasaAdult (m)9,8041,4614
lq2b2Lord Screm von Avalon IIAdult (m)8,9951,2032
8YVWp(8YVWp)Adult (m)7,4221,2023
rvOXc(rvOXc)Adult (m)10,7601,5503
QC2NvLord Zander von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)8,4331,3752
E09Lw(E09Lw)Adult (m)7,3721,1894
cujjdZombie Fodder cujjdAdult (m)7,7831,3031
ZL3JIQueen Aelis von RhikasaAdult (f)6,7731,3982
Cn9ClDuchess Esmeralda von Avalon IIAdult (f)8,5621,4222
pEyQBPrincess Ukus von Avalon IIAdult (f)5,7711,1353
73SRLLady Lylia von Avalon IIAdult (f)7,3021,0991
i6GWJLady Caistina von Avalon IIAdult (f)7,4241,0853
RYMN2Duchess Isima von Avalon IIIAdult (f)6,1811,2872
Rcz9MLady Edithen von Avalon IIIAdult (f)6,4191,0604
72CuQLady Josie von Avalon IIIAdult (f)11,9581,4183
Wit4tDuchess Luminisa von Avalon IVAdult (f)6,5061,1482
6YwE2Zombie Fodder 6YwE2Adult (f)9,4771,3884
e4XW1King Verys von RhikasaAdult (m)10,8011,6775
vvdgHKing Aien von RhikasaAdult (m)10,1021,3474
IAKIeLord Jade von Avalon IIAdult (m)5,9341,1602
FaylALord Malachite von Avalon IIAdult (m)5,7261,1552
HusUvPrince Yelsi von Avalon IIAdult (m)7,3001,0842
euAFiPrince Izuhi von Avalon IIAdult (m)7,3221,2435
et3eZLord Ehrendil von Avalon IIIAdult (m)9,8591,4444
YbhphLord Viridian von Avalon IIIAdult (m)7,0591,0853
ZkQ5FLord Odioz von Avalon IIIAdult (m)6,2841,1042
WmimWLord Betel von Avalon IIIAdult (m)7,2831,0594
BMXQnPrince Bryko von Avalon IIIAdult (m)8,2501,2804
uLMrnLady Anahita von Rhikasa IIAdult (f)8,1591,3623
dAXvrLady Juventus von Avalon IIAdult (f)7,9711,1915
zID9ULady Salacia von Avalon IIAdult (f)7,7281,2635
XESOyLady Kythaela von Rhikasa IIIAdult (f)7,5891,1923
N4xHMLady Cybele von Avalon IIIAdult (f)8,1321,4213
4W2g5Lord Innes von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)8,2171,4062
ZOiJZLord Veren von Rhikasa IIAdult (m)8,2521,3483
hvWXU(hvWXU)Adult (m)8,4231,2275
dnYKoLord Ciaran von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)8,3181,3783
FpHLrLord Paeral von Rhikasa IIIAdult (m)8,7721,3356
ThrrgQueen Saeth von RhikasaAdult (f)8,5931,5675
boAQKQueen Nakhasis von RhikasaAdult (f)8,8891,5723
52EtBLady Zanahiyr von Avalon IIAdult (f)4,7921,2873
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