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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Reyoki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9LAq(9LAq)Adult (f)1,77537932
kejJ(kejJ)Adult (m)1,6955784
FUet(FUet)Adult (m)2,0044093
SnXS(SnXS)Adult (m)4,5911,2306
uvMH(uvMH)Adult (f)1,59140113
AdTV(AdTV)Adult (m)4,2761,3997
gFEe(gFEe)Adult (m)1,4306335
AbZC(AbZC)Adult (m)1,4694523
rZBc(rZBc)Adult (m)1,2045702
lqvPo(lqvPo)Adult (m)3,5457488
WtfN(WtfN)Adult (m)5,9567902
tt0O(tt0O)Adult (f)3,8451,2505
uq1C(uq1C)Adult (m)3,4536365
8aaP(8aaP)Adult (m)5,3051,3896
T3j6(T3j6)Adult (f)2,0034128
P7Oe(P7Oe)Adult (f)1,9974083
dLjR(dLjR)Adult (f)4,1891,3666
5djW(5djW)Adult (m)1,5426372
kPgA(kPgA)Adult (m)4,6155894
XZKF(XZKF)Adult (m)6,1677523
Tk5Y(Tk5Y)Adult (f)3,3291,0879
Xf2Q(Xf2Q)Adult (m)3,1491,0236
rcHr(rcHr)Adult (m)4,1458679
GrnT(GrnT)Adult (f)1,5464774
OKDF(OKDF)Adult (m)2,4965425
ArcY(ArcY)Adult (m)2,13843726
DWel(DWel)Adult (f)2,06450534
nR4i(nR4i)Adult (f)3,29382717
gZZs(gZZs)Adult (m)3,16592815
YS7U(YS7U)Adult (m)3,7671,2334
NNIY(NNIY)Adult (f)6,8451,3226
a4J6(a4J6)Adult (f)4,3321,1847
1eu5(1eu5)Adult (f)6,5911,2624
L365n(L365n)Adult (m)6,3986381
T9DsP(T9DsP)Adult (f)4,8874530
Ka7e(Ka7e)Adult (m)2,0207845
DTFP(DTFP)Adult (f)7,8671,63211
I3rI(I3rI)Adult (f)1,8995822
CZHm(CZHm)Adult (m)2,0765901
4g9H(4g9H)Adult (m)7,8691,63210
B59rS(B59rS)Adult (f)9,3846671
sCCWM(sCCWM)Adult (m)10,8317232
g6O2(g6O2)Adult (f)3,29782814
rZD7(rZD7)Adult (f)1,0895268
dhWNF(dhWNF)Adult (f)2,8725361
LVqoP(LVqoP)Adult (f)4,5324670
aXcLQ(aXcLQ)Adult (f)4,2774560
q1LR(q1LR)Adult (f)1,73637425
OSHg(OSHg)Adult (m)6,1647533
R3iK(R3iK)Adult (f)6,5831,2637
qYlt(qYlt)Adult (f)3,1075152
UR5r(UR5r)Adult (f)4,0305916
P7ww(P7ww)Adult (m)5,3501,38634
7qJU(7qJU)Adult (m)3,28282817
bFoh(bFoh)Adult (m)5,9737822
vcyF(vcyF)Adult (f)1,73237123
cF80(cF80)Adult (m)1,6286294
XPMX(XPMX)Adult (m)1,9525296
4Z7I(4Z7I)Adult (f)1,6695724
0HIN(0HIN)Adult (m)5,1156323
5MZs(5MZs)Adult (f)1,9989264
ahTT(ahTT)Adult (f)2,2096333
jY0P(jY0P)Adult (m)2,7556097
D7cm2(D7cm2)Adult (f)6,3876372
4pfp4(4pfp4)Adult (m)4,9529841
1eMan(1eMan)Adult (f)3,5124321
UGCEX(UGCEX)Adult (f)3,4534500
C1uN(C1uN)Adult (m)2,6285722
iTav(iTav)Adult (f)1,6454876
2sYT(2sYT)Adult (m)1,0915457
dTmR(dTmR)Adult (f)1,3715882
Zlf8(Zlf8)Adult (f)7,5221,5779
AusJ(AusJ)Adult (m)3,3731,1028
K6LC(K6LC)Adult (f)3,8341,2484
NkUd(NkUd)Adult (f)3,00065020
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