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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Retsam_Nogard,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
S2scFZircon FlourEgg (F)
PNETq(PNETq)Adult (m)3,9845541
vepGw(vepGw)Adult (f)2,9734471
Loyo0(Loyo0)Adult (f)3,1954671
lrIle(lrIle)Adult (m)3,1294571
eyUGH(eyUGH)Adult (m)2,3133111
hOtMO(hOtMO)Adult (f)2,7243391
klNXx(klNXx)Adult (f)2,8323501
F1Cs9(F1Cs9)Adult (f)2,6803602
ZPGCM(ZPGCM)Adult (f)2,1954731
s1MHW(s1MHW)Adult (f)2,4934761
BsEdS(BsEdS)Adult (f)2,3104641
12Faz(12Faz)Adult (m)2,8524744
tt0ht(tt0ht)Adult (f)2,3275261
U85jQFrom Beyond BeginningsHatchling2,1924291
RpNEDCode Guardian Roleplayer NedAdult (f)4,6427942
A9EEKNine is the Scariest NumberAdult (m)3,9631,0033
vOwc0Company of VowsAdult (m)2,7437831
yKatIWhy Kat I Know You're SlytherinAdult (m)4,6218313
ZGOTO(ZGOTO)Adult (m)2,9436841
Meuty(Meuty)Adult (m)6,3275854
3BahBThe Three Bahs BeAdult (m)5,5196591
w0kYoI've Got a Wok for YouAdult (f)5,3156312
yTOONWhy Am I a CartoonAdult (f)5,8285471
SUXBp(SUXBp)Adult (f)5,2635401
W333W(W333W)Adult (f)6,5034501
HuM0h(HuM0h)Adult (f)6,8305272
yeSdu(yeSdu)Adult (m)6,4574442
bbeAp(bbeAp)Adult (f)6,3454871
BTwos(BTwos)Adult (m)4,1357001
GpbiG(GpbiG)Adult (f)4,1086881
PlEHo(PlEHo)Adult (m)5,5046332
7KCubSeven-Thousand CubsAdult (m)6,4164731
WEEz8(WEEz8)Adult (f)6,3395583
mKeYZ(mKeYZ)Adult (m)6,1555682
wAbl8Wobbly 8Adult (f)4,3717761
JIMOq(JIMOq)Adult (m)4,6224271
bawW1B'aww My Father's DeadAdult (f)6,0056013
Fi999(Fi999)Adult (f)6,4487744
Oh0L4(Oh0L4)Adult (m)4,4604911
SuxUx(SuxUx)Adult (f)3,5755422
tMFuG(tMFuG)Adult (m)2,8135711
AzVin(AzVin)Adult (m)3,0045331
Mtihi(Mtihi)Adult (f)3,6146301
IYcrY(IYcrY)Adult (m)1,8025661
bY0bD(bY0bD)Adult (f)4,4684542
yAas2Yaas I'm Number TwoAdult (m)8,3105551
tTUgP(tTUgP)Adult (m)8,8136143
3UrinNumber 3 You're InAdult (f)4,9805391
MyPjN(MyPjN)Adult (f)6,4714371
Lllo0(Lllo0)Adult (m)2,4025881
Kunt7(Kunt7)Adult (m)4,6618631
31hOP31 Houses of PancakesAdult (m)5,3206811
gwgETGolden Wyvern GETAdult (m)3,7349383
Ssb8T(Ssb8T)Adult (m)4,6068233
bCowEBecowseAdult (f)4,6375022
MAFAF(MAFAF)Adult (m)3,2617231
WDsip(WDsip)Adult (f)5,0714941
EZBlDAn Almost Easy BidAdult (f)6,3574401
Yyudu(Yyudu)Adult (m)6,1675083
bhAKKHowler ChickenAdult (f)7,4616183
47dmv47 DMVsAdult (m)4,7117962
8fAbLEight Fabulous L'sAdult (f)6,2276471
ywazRWhy Was Our Howler HowlingAdult (f)5,8417092
Hza6bHuzzah Six BeesAdult (f)5,2367229
51663(51663)Adult (f)6,0954301
51sirI'm 51 SirAdult (m)4,4976161
tHeO8Theo Number EightAdult (m)4,6316430
BlOYS(BlOYS)Adult (f)4,5326511
URby3You're By The ThreeAdult (f)5,0705971
OKdiOOK DioAdult (m)4,9706891
59Oxy59 Oxygen AtomsAdult (m)5,3216581
ASdEd(ASdEd)Adult (m)2,7516472
FyPIGFeynmanium PigAdult (f)3,7874882
Beiug(Beiug)Adult (m)4,2617472
ah4ZX(ah4ZX)Adult (f)7,1845114
H0PAb(H0PAb)Adult (f)2,4906032
47oIC47 Oh I SeeAdult (m)4,8725851
TTaNsThe T TansAdult (f)5,0205532
Uno1qUno One QueueAdult (m)6,3984471
4BADSFour BadsAdult (m)5,1816681
WedDzWedded ZAdult (m)5,5505851
3140uYou Are Number 3140Adult (f)6,0306051
16CSlSixteen Carbon Monosulfide L'sAdult (f)5,5466601
wNub2Tungsten is a Nub TooAdult (f)4,5277451
R9278There Are 9278 of UsAdult (f)5,8536191
fnmmmMmm Function KeysAdult (m)3,5006481
jHope(jHope)Adult (m)4,6895024
HB0mO(HB0mO)Adult (m)7,5185051
bAd8N(bAd8N)Adult (m)7,6985171
nAPLm(nAPLm)Adult (f)6,7745081
YeSvCYes VoicechatAdult (m)3,2127752
508RT508 RetweetsAdult (f)2,4345511
LTfIR(LTfIR)Adult (m)2,2235291
wAY00(wAY00)Adult (f)2,8095623
nObl2Noble 2Adult (f)1,6084192
unlIE(unlIE)Adult (m)2,0765831
Ynire(Ynire)Adult (m)3,9186951
TcR0XTechnetium RocksAdult (m)4,3767411
R0XwORocks WhoaAdult (f)4,1687441
0nez2Onez and TwozAdult (f)5,6236491
AnDVR(AnDVR)Adult (f)3,7278873
zLUbbZlubberAdult (m)2,7226351
if5tY(if5tY)Adult (m)1,8224841
3aAAtThree AaatAdult (m)3,0625462
XDxI0Laughter Times TenAdult (m)3,0495600
YCMwAYCM-WaitAdult (m)4,2215660
rahdcRah Dragon CaveAdult (f)4,6346111
Ivl63Almost Level 63Adult (f)4,3296840
OqtqPQueues In Our OTPAdult (f)5,6624121
SUE9ESue Nine E'sAdult (m)4,9864901
2BBoO(2BBoO)Adult (m)5,9035422
1sMruThis One's for Mister YouAdult (f)6,6214881
liIhH(liIhH)Adult (m)4,1375511
252iK(252iK)Adult (f)3,2894991
NXGoNNitrogen and Guardian of NatureAdult (m)6,7344971
PAwIgI Have Paws I GuessAdult (m)3,1023733
LAfT5(LAfT5)Adult (f)2,5495991
pOmYE(pOmYE)Adult (m)6,8215582
OhnyB(OhnyB)Adult (f)3,9675684
PUNLE(PUNLE)Adult (f)3,9085763
W2atRWater These 2s Doing in My WaterAdult (f)3,7487134
2assA(2assA)Adult (f)4,2386464
fLue4(fLue4)Adult (f)4,1896441
FfAe8(FfAe8)Adult (f)2,6536101
pinN1Pin Number 1Adult (f)2,7977421
vPJAbVice President JabAdult (f)3,4238112
YENhn(YENhn)Adult (f)1,8986062
Arlaj(Arlaj)Adult (f)2,7416331
FBeGHBeg for ConfusionAdult (f)2,8217062
KsEe3(KsEe3)Adult (f)2,7856301
ifTy1(ifTy1)Adult (m)3,6918722
WODAA(WODAA)Adult (f)10,0648694
IKotEI Kote Not CoatAdult (f)8,87468711
OnEnf(OnEnf)Adult (f)4,8807642
7IWoEIt's Sevens I WoeAdult (f)7,9585331
hya7sHiya SevensAdult (m)4,8296440
bR0O0(bR0O0)Adult (m)4,3155561
deFIb(deFIb)Adult (m)5,7847722
g8zbYGates by the RiverAdult (m)6,5104425
IREw6(IREw6)Adult (f)4,2579824
n800q(n800q)Adult (m)7,5671,0281
PEpNw(PEpNw)Adult (f)5,7727332
bcuIcBecause of You I See the BlueAdult (m)6,2208914
OFEE0Oh The Fees OhAdult (f)5,5485152
H0Tvm(H0Tvm)Adult (m)3,8614621
mMMMw(mMMMw)Adult (m)3,1996704
ytiMh(ytiMh)Adult (m)2,2425181
CSIMr(CSIMr)Adult (m)1,9685732
LGIFF(LGIFF)Adult (m)4,3837881
MyOcs(MyOcs)Adult (m)6,2514281
bO8ATI Ate In My BoatAdult (m)5,9585101
QdhuBCutie HubAdult (m)2,5847243
yUMk6(yUMk6)Adult (m)9,0676133
YhsOb(YhsOb)Adult (f)8,2016165
sUmkz(sUmkz)Adult (f)7,1046953
37724(37724)Adult (m)3,7787371
nsunMYou're No Sun of MineAdult (m)4,4387311
rat0w(rat0w)Adult (f)3,6239581
porLA(porLA)Adult (f)4,7848613
GUNFmFM Radio ShootAdult (f)6,3754341
liK0fThis Don't Make a Lick of SenseAdult (f)2,9877163
usHAs(usHAs)Adult (m)5,6178402
60ala(60ala)Adult (m)1,8444542
DuTuu(DuTuu)Adult (f)2,9914541
GgPsAGood Game PSAAdult (m)5,2356971
ondlu(ondlu)Adult (m)3,5578431
RWOnTR's Won't Fail Me NowAdult (m)6,1455561
iQJarIntelligence In a JarAdult (m)5,6323882
Pyqdi(Pyqdi)Adult (m)5,5075882
BKWasThe Burger King I WasAdult (m)5,0583521
edwzuEdwzuAdult (m)2,9426351
Yckpe(Yckpe)Adult (f)3,0284402
spWaMWhat's in SpamAdult (f)3,7507811
uKoxP(uKoxP)Adult (m)3,7888642
gveshGveshAdult (f)3,6635511
ArMPTDark Myst ArmpitAdult (f)6,3474481
TaGro(TaGro)Adult (m)3,7846942
fEb25(fEb25)Adult (f)3,4528472
M4bUg(M4bUg)Adult (f)2,6114621
5yea3(5yea3)Adult (f)5,5614242
oAt8e(oAt8e)Adult (f)3,9914292
DoFes(DoFes)Adult (m)4,6686931
myooY(myooY)Adult (m)2,8135881
REYKE(REYKE)Adult (f)4,8927472
dUhUNDuh United NationsAdult (m)6,1504241
RoAss(RoAss)Adult (m)5,9995301
89oz189 Ounces of OnesAdult (f)5,0846411
bOYGA(bOYGA)Adult (f)6,9904951
msockM'SockAdult (m)2,7825651
KdCOP(KdCOP)Adult (f)3,5147372
15h8G(15h8G)Adult (f)4,3508472
6Oo0Z(6Oo0Z)Adult (m)4,9107962
WiAxE(WiAxE)Adult (f)2,5906081
T0y9X(T0y9X)Adult (f)2,7886901
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