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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RememberDragons,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
83dlo(83dlo)Hatchling (m)4,7617113
vO2V7(vO2V7)Hatchling (f)6,3299713
opaOm(opaOm)Hatchling (f)10,0671,3435
yMakd(yMakd)Dead Egg111
28JfhForseer of HatchlingsAdult (f)8,3581,4116
fIljUTeller of The YoungAdult (m)6,8121,2683
eOyIPPredicAdult (m)9,8901,4652
qVPZQForesayerAdult (f)7,3881,3034
HxLQRSoothing SayerAdult (m)7,0171,2313
STcndTime's StandAdult (m)6,3851,1604
tn9LcMystellarAdult (f)6,6321,0891
3B7mdHour of GlowAdult (m)5,0761,0906
eppD5Illuminated SightsAdult (f)5,1431,1033
yaDzBWeaver of TimelinesAdult (m)4,8709693
QsQKtWatcher of Frozen AgesAdult (f)5,7231,1215
VICj1Lighthouse of FutureAdult (f)5,3051,0274
VzEpYChronicIerAdult (m)4,6299762
A2AqHFuture's WardenAdult (f)5,5959883
bu079Pinpoint ProphecyAdult (m)5,1099204
9Yi5NPane of SpaceAdult (m)6,1201,0443
LtzpBReader of Leaf PrintsAdult (f)7,0171,1123
Fo2ZzTime DisorderAdult (f)4,7388992
9mmMgSeer of NatureAdult (m)8,8591,3058
r9ZgOWatcher of MoonAdult (f)5,3029353
esAaoGlowing TraceryAdult (m)5,4189412
5BnY5Warden of ForthAdult (m)5,8259859
ELcnUAdjusting DistortionAdult (m)4,9668923
Nvb3IPeering FortunesAdult (f)6,0291,0484
Vl2YAVisuaiAdult (m)6,5841,0673
Ik5tATimeflow RippleAdult (m)5,3409474
LFm74Ominous ReflectionsAdult (f)6,2959681
y4h8PPresulterAdult (m)5,8649806
rBiEoForseen CircumstancesAdult (f)5,9971,0435
zG61WYonks SavvyAdult (m)8,8441,0973
6oEIGSpeaker of Jutting SpireAdult (m)9,6651,2501
Sbd5JVermillion ShamanAdult (f)9,3451,1944
crEYRBright White Light SmiteAdult (f)5,5198986
pzW1hBlue Moon CounterAdult (f)5,6169643
IGlNkMarked by SootAdult (f)5,0888803
NrRrJAge WarpAdult (f)7,3161,2046
zbCpoClear ForthAdult (f)10,2561,2802
PeWzfReluctant RevealerAdult (f)7,6491,1126
DjlFnSeeker DjinnAdult (m)7,8971,0627
mDSeTWe Exited The Recursion of TimeAdult (m)8,4021,0263
TR1AnLost TrackAdult (m)7,9239953
YduhqVerdant InterpretationAdult (f)8,9031,1225
2jk8nConclusive EvidenceAdult (f)7,1671,0106
qDlgsNeon ClockAdult (m)4,2975193
U28G9Group 89702Adult (f)6,3671,1326
S2oLhHypothesiaAdult (f)7,5821,2846
QtwRfTime PeekerAdult (m)7,5911,2362
KFE2ALuminous SeerAdult (f)6,6761,1704
CVBobBob TimeAdult (f)8,4941,3424
PkUWKYouth's KeeperAdult (f)8,4851,3814
mdBrpBright VisionaryAdult (m)5,1669242
vp8wuOracle of EggsAdult (f)7,2291,2003
mePUNLate Night TalkshowAdult (f)4,8369995
9zXaeBright ForeAdult (m)5,0239542
wPBaNDeep Web LurkerAdult (m)5,8471,1796
pV7fcCave DepthsAdult (f)5,5391,1974
4weEL(4weEL)Adult (f)6,1291,1402
YALVqDeep Space TravelAdult (f)6,3591,1360
BHIaD(BHIaD)Adult (m)5,1659911
y2mwDOh I don't mindAdult (f)5,4039023
j1ripAnd back when we were kidsAdult (f)6,4361,1617
Ytw1A(Ytw1A)Adult (m)2,3536628
7VVMp(7VVMp)Adult (f)6,5929152
KDloJLittIe GhostHatchling (F)1,4343753
vo4W3I want fuit gummiHatchling (f, F)3,0907546
WSxZiZe'merHatchling (F)1,1233423
kah18Gliding GlaciersAdult (m)5,4531,2225
Q5SRwAether WywernAdult (f)6,6481,3604
U8y6AHail in GaleAdult (m)2,7135042
zXIIW0a Vidw ThuwedAdult (f)6,1601,1585
izbnwRoaring TidalsAdult (f)6,6849692
pz8a5Raven's SignAdult (f)5,8151,1294
Hh0tlColourful Hot WindAdult (m)7,6541,3098
yuGWOArtists' GaloreAdult (m)5,9491,23733
c52F2We swore we knew the futureAdult (m)3,8968844
GDwarJoin The AirforceAdult (f)5,6739945
Y9JtiSoldier BurtonesqueAdult (m)5,4081,0173
LfQmeUnusually ColdAdult (f)5,1859633
ZwPS9Fallen GaleHatchling (m, F)2,0404091
aW0jTStilled WindsHatchling (m, F)2,1193755
ugnFXHegemolHatchling (m, F)2,4986433
3scWsThe horn is paintedAdult (f)2,60459310
OXZWWOily TranslucenceAdult (f)6,5671,0142
XK8XzLipid CoatAdult (m)5,5251,0252
Z4RjgBright HideAdult (m)7,8501,2527
rHiqaNight FisherAdult (m)6,8991,1391
JJTlRJettirAdult (f)6,7091,1673
7nRxqScaled PlumageAdult (f)6,8651,1704
CcizYFishing MudWingAdult (f)5,6751,1624
R9nVm(R9nVm)Adult (m)4,5451,0546
Egt4gKing SalmonerAdult (m)7,7591,2607
r6x6JDr ArgonAdult (m)7,6531,2514
3tosrEtosrAdult (m)3,6818614
l1ZmtAlternate SlytherlinAdult (m)5,2431,0082
ELQw9ElquenAdult (f)5,5701,0694
XkSYWHornet ProtectorAdult (m)6,0071,0114
qXQDBHealing HorseAdult (f)6,2101,2038
GGQ4iCaring CarpenterAdult (m)6,3799865
6hIS9At the Blue Corner we haveAdult (f)2,4246345
6LLiJVillijAdult (f)7,5311,3992
Xjf2bBlue ScrollsAdult (f)6,7511,2522
gBVAjRed ScripturesAdult (m)7,1431,2592
JwXdiDead Sea SecretsAdult (f)3,6786622
schKHThree months laterAdult (m)4,6949883
8f8s5And I stepped AsideAdult (m)4,7789634
ABJPAI'm nothing but bonesAdult (f)5,0389884
pY4nhAnd our words would take usAdult (m)5,0621,0081
GI7f2Wing DyeAdult (f)5,7768934
0N5XIOnivexiAdult (f)2,2605429
kIJ2lDeserted AlienAdult (m)6,6261,38113
YJztdShaded DescentAdult (m)5,6039756
fhxsjPlanetary DescentAdult (m)6,2361,0961
yFoKuFugu But SparklyAdult (f)6,2191,0761
V4mkp(V4mkp)Adult (m)5,0389672
aiFUj(aiFUj)Adult (m)5,0539552
RUAOgAlien UndeadHatchling (f, F)4,6698878
6WIhpHydro-whipAdult (m)6,2051,1963
iLKbEAqualis EasternAdult (f)6,5321,1982
g9hknPearlescent-scalesAdult (m)6,2041,1543
idQ49Opalescent-scaleAdult (f)6,2001,1563
O8Ed1Iridescent SeahorseAdult (m)6,3551,2073
2o2wkIn the ground so quiet downAdult (f)4,5628793
3QF4ZProud MoonAdult (m)6,01184910
dBBP2Depth SoulsingerAdult (f)5,0709103
1FwwnFawn CoralAdult (f)5,4841,0415
WdkyuTropical ReefsAdult (m)5,5901,0574
PzNiTWatery RaceAdult (m)5,7281,0563
GtZJCAquasaurusAdult (f)5,2979994
Ed792AlolohamoraAdult (m)6,7621,0134
WLoaf(WLoaf)Adult (f)5,9779262
8s4bECasted Green ThroatAdult (m)5,7901,4731
7Wdn5Green ThroatAdult (f)5,9121,4693
OnFgrOne FigureAdult (m)7,0241,48911
42tmm(42tmm)Adult (m)6,8021,5225
NO6Ey(NO6Ey)Adult (m)5,0151,0703
SoG10(SoG10)Adult (m)3,5686113
UNowF(UNowF)Hatchling (F)1,8062514
CWoqfBright pinks are so 07Adult (m)2,2795345
YnwoaYoawnAdult (f)7,4021,2844
M0kDxNew Bright Pink ThuwedAdult (m)7,6381,3238
guYrs(guYrs)Adult (m)6,1011,0835
PChGTSkippy MonkeyAdult (f)4,6239235
MsBOZ(MsBOZ)Adult (f)5,2659088
5BQS8Bright pink dorsal finsAdult (f)4,7901,0824
xFM09Silvery GifterAdult (f)7,4711,3251
TYgd3Raspberry JellybeanAdult (f)7,4311,6995
NwAmXIs this- your heartAdult (f)5,3751,3063
bZG8QTuti-FrutiAdult (f)7,3281,1584
hPudfImmortal RecipeAdult (f)7,4951,1875
kggP0Haunted BeanAdult (f)6,8371,1044
ynQQF(ynQQF)Hatchling (f, F)4,1277201
JB6l5Pale AshenAdult (m)7,0741,3133
CwK1sPale LunnaAdult (f)7,3471,3254
yrnf0Pale SiberAdult (m)7,2501,3101
OG3ndAshengazeAdult (f)7,8411,6782
gdYG5Pale DustyAdult (m)5,7089842
lIEliPale LieliAdult (f)6,4041,2584
KSlow(KSlow)Adult (f)4,9851,0192
74RTHPale EarthyAdult (m)5,2571,0332
VEaWAPale VeraAdult (f)7,3011,2071
dbNG0Paled BingoAdult (m)7,0031,1053
lTRUB(lTRUB)Adult (m)6,8401,1022
zBaAdPale BaddieAdult (f)6,2531,0532
yqdwSPale MarblesAdult (m)6,6031,1304
VSIfkPale CavernsAdult (f)6,8991,1843
Bb0YhPale BoiAdult (f)8,1181,3027
ZoxRMPale ZormxAdult (m)8,8341,3603
IiWWgPale StonesAdult (f)6,1591,1112
ppeRQPale StalksAdult (f)7,8591,3242
6seaFPale Six SeasAdult (f)6,7451,0701
rrbTtPale ToadAdult (m)5,3281,0383
6RecHPale RechardAdult (m)5,6641,0243
ZJPLzPale SwirlyAdult (m)8,2941,4072
AeiauPale AeiauAdult (f)7,8451,3713
6EYr9Pale FraxAdult (f)5,4109834
8ttyVPale VulcanAdult (m)5,7901,0961
tbcjgPale StarlitAdult (m)5,0738371
8oKICPale SmogAdult (m)4,9768951
ZGQPcPale FoliageAdult (f)5,0338712
HYbGHPale StingerAdult (f)5,3951,08111
Az3euPale NightshadeAdult (f)4,9768333
9gVDbPale PorcupineAdult (f)4,8858255
0F4J9Pale HedgehogAdult (m)5,1149464
3aDgCPale SycamoreAdult (f)5,9721,1184
LME8uPale FoilsAdult (m)4,9208633
2d8l2Pale FellenAdult (f)4,7018761
ITveEPale ItveeAdult (f)5,8471,1212
yieCPPale ShipAdult (f)5,2879352
h5AkTPale SculptedAdult (f)4,6268811
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