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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rei_Ogami,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JDsWv(JDsWv)Adult (m)3,2208560
5KOlQ(5KOlQ)Adult (m)3,1089600
IHm1t(IHm1t)Adult (m)2,7138741
56GIt(56GIt)Adult (m)2,6888741
DP775(DP775)Adult (m)3,0189221
1BkeDKokai BjartskularAdult (m)2,6009321
qb0hOKomo BjartskularAdult (m)2,9859600
X7FzL(X7FzL)Adult (f)3,9047402
h9Bwa(h9Bwa)Adult (m)3,6747900
5hySg(5hySg)Adult (m)3,3767231
Uso6h(Uso6h)Adult (m)3,9399750
4oOXW(4oOXW)Adult (m)3,0318570
HMACMSakan BjartskularAdult (m)3,0457752
hPP1NUnki BjartskularAdult (f)5,2111,1411
kSqN7Atsusa BjartskularAdult (f)4,7331,0691
FcrF5Netsuretsu BjartskularAdult (m)5,6441,0901
sMhpbBeni BjartskularAdult (m)4,0051,0101
h4vlFAkai BjartskularAdult (f)5,7819393
8dDhsDannetsu BjartskularAdult (m)6,7459075
i3USTKasei BjartskularAdult (m)3,7719002
8hEIVTaisho BjartskularAdult (m)2,7738282
LcCgPHi BjartskularAdult (m)2,4447952
ThObnTsuyoi BjartskularAdult (f)3,8091,04115
42AmuAkane BjartskularAdult (f)3,0116454
jsCmmZushinto BjartskularAdult (m)2,8988431
4gG5NNigai BjartskularAdult (f)2,6848260
8brrjJudaina BjartskularAdult (f)3,1277871
o7dWfKurenai BjartskularAdult (f)4,6631,1765
znHR0(znHR0)Adult (m)2,8857491
WlcCl(WlcCl)Adult (m)3,6248790
XgAB1(XgAB1)Adult (m)2,6138180
CCimTOtachidai Gyaru BjartskularAdult (m)3,3448120
Xps5UGosechi BjartskularAdult (m)4,8188671
QAIvsBenizuru BjartskularAdult (m)5,4991,0973
FLTZtBuyo BjartskularAdult (m)2,9938805
rDlMg(rDlMg)Adult (f)3,8511,0143
f9ZhD(f9ZhD)Adult (m)3,2981,1523
dLchS(dLchS)Adult (m)2,76897011
4Y7pe(4Y7pe)Adult (f)3,8969901
3bsXV(3bsXV)Adult (m)3,4881,0190
0TrAY(0TrAY)Adult (f)3,4848994
z9H8j(z9H8j)Adult (m)4,3859930
x4VoE(x4VoE)Adult (m)4,3749570
sVbGZ(sVbGZ)Adult (m)3,0879422
cibgO(cibgO)Adult (m)3,1019600
FVi9q(FVi9q)Adult (f)4,2087911
SgCiV(SgCiV)Adult (f)3,8348081
mkhIv(mkhIv)Adult (f)3,5397420
0jXDD(0jXDD)Adult (f)2,3327950
zy65P(zy65P)Adult (f)3,4367190
zqTRs(zqTRs)Adult (f)3,0157160
T4cMJ(T4cMJ)Egg (F)
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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