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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2017 Halloween Event
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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Regenstreif,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZDBwA(ZDBwA)Dead Egg000
dsSTCrystal TwoheadAdult (f)5,05433915
rEML3Cold LapislazuliAdult (m)5,4504820
MSOO3SapphireghostAdult (m)5,5823860
Lu2YsDeepness of the OceanAdult (m)3,5434112
T3pG7Indigo NightmareAdult (m)3,1903491
jMp0RWicked Games in HeavenAdult (f)4,4257852
AN7LZCity of Ashes and DustAdult (f)5,6177824
aQEofDust-covered MirrorsAdult (m)5,5588080
etUbyLife UndergroundAdult (m)5,4487163
VVVjxRuthless TalonsAdult (m)3,5969342
tyVzdCutting into youAdult (m)3,6878492
4Xp31(4Xp31)Adult (f)4,8367862
i6zWSDew of the MountainsAdult (f)4,1415990
7mx07Blue Mountain BlazeAdult (m)3,0364342
cmSq3Azure LullabiesAdult (f)5,0299981
yofxBthere is RedemptionAdult (f)4,9571,0631
XB5pOWhite-hearted TransparencyAdult (m)6,1864971
9S1UAExotic DreamsAdult (f)4,5248401
xBwGlCyan MemoriesAdult (f)6,5381,2472
mncf1When the Sky is fallingAdult (f)5,1831,0392
PQFljWild SoulsAdult (m)6,0501,2350
AYPseI bring the Weather with meAdult (m)3,3717860
vd5AFGhosts and NightmaresAdult (f)5,2976030
OxH33put the Gun downAdult (f)5,2456080
hVhOpSilent SerendipityAdult (m)3,7396161
qOwcoGuardian of Heaven's GateAdult (f)4,7927150
TnX8sgolden Sun risingAdult (f)3,8987710
5q1nJthis could be HeartbreakAdult (f)5,2247121
FLxeiYoung Bloods run freeAdult (f)6,1266421
vLr5DLove was made to breakAdult (f)5,5846392
96YC2Anthrax and KryptoniteAdult (f)5,2847021
zEHENIridescent FeverAdult (f)6,4441,2092
Npj5CWhispering GlowAdult (m)4,2269202
2EM3G(2EM3G)Adult (m)3,6258453
fwf5WBlubblegum FantasyAdult (f)3,4017830
Ha974Candycane DreamerAdult (m)5,0607181
7PzfRSweet like BubblegumAdult (m)3,9367664
P4YZtSweet Sugar RushAdult (m)3,9636802
jfOzzSteel SymphoniesAdult (f)3,3735084
WxMV7Steel DreamsAdult (f)3,2454390
7zxUYSteel SoulsAdult (m)3,8654191
xSDgsSteel WhispersAdult (f)5,4838491
5KGQV(5KGQV)Adult (m)4,5101,2981
aQfBdHorizon in FlamesAdult (m)4,4019501
KWdmGGuardian of MemoryAdult (m)3,4326350
2K2jsPhantom IridescenceAdult (f)3,4226270
Hv0suShimmer of the SkyAdult (m)4,3996150
zjFjzHolographic WonderAdult (f)5,6116190
pRDH2Sapphire SwordsAdult (f)3,7167822
JibV2(JibV2)Adult (f)3,6017841
GlogbHowls of the Deep SeaAdult (f)3,6038652
FPeDCFear of the OceanAdult (m)3,5518341
BH4EQPink BalloonheartAdult (f)5,8467234
2o46LPinky CherryblossomAdult (f)4,2754040
f1L5Z(f1L5Z)Adult (m)3,9939432
Z0G0sWing Of DarknessAdult (f)3,5435561
iIDcgBlack NightwalkerAdult (f)5,2303879
rY8thColdhearted NightshadowAdult (m)5,0134700
c7AHPUndead NightwarriorAdult (m)4,8004292
DJ5dlDark SurvivorAdult (f)5,9421,43516
EXFUtAngel of HellAdult (m)4,4994391
WGYzvDusky NightfallAdult (f)2,5833653
fE5nPPhantom TravellerAdult (f)4,6287862
sUF36Shattered CrowAdult (m)6,3616482
IQpErCrossroad DemonsAdult (m)3,8235530
I3IvGSweet TemptationHatchling (m, F)4,4603371
e4iPYUnholy DesireAdult (m)4,59644610
UJVv4Nightly OblivionAdult (m)5,1203892
tb7T1Bittersweet SeductionAdult (f)4,5243560
5wqYmBittersweet DevilAdult (f)3,4773953
XOZulDevilish RosesAdult (f)2,4955061
vPPIaSoft Wind of RosesAdult (f)1,8916590
aK3docorrupted Devil in DisguiseAdult (m)4,5098630
dm7eqIvory-colored WingsAdult (m)2,3315101
REFmeWings of dry SandAdult (f)3,2539770
10DHtFlames and FortunesAdult (f)6,8061,3341
aIUMTLuminous BlazeAdult (m)5,4851,1252
qYtK6(qYtK6)Adult (f)4,0451,0161
p6iKBBlue-blooded DevilAdult (f)4,4743575
VgQz3The Curse of ImmortalityAdult (m)4,0745161
KG4nuNow Bring Me The HorizonAdult (m)2,9343060
9ltPVPiercing the red VeilAdult (f)2,3543781
26ohaTomb of DamnationAdult (m)2,2006400
3uFC9stonecold BloodrushAdult (f)5,4475501
nImyFGuardian of the cold RocksAdult (f)5,5405240
KaHgUShowing every ScarAdult (f)6,2096521
Ch4ViIcy ShadowhunterAdult (m)4,7038861
LOokVFrostbite SalvationAdult (m)4,7527563
xmW4CCrimson FantasiesAdult (f)5,2926431
OfGU6Wishful ColorsAdult (f)5,3206361
oX0WClike young VolcanoesAdult (m)6,8706830
bXfGRVaricolored HeartsAdult (f)3,1244331
0VSbGloomy PearlAdult (f)1,73549417
D5UNcBlurred OceansAdult (m)5,5053672
fNn7rLuminescent WaveHatchling (f, F)3,4734170
CBS1zFrightful OceanAdult (m)3,9897660
17lcRKryptonite OceansAdult (f)3,3927820
YAtxvDangerous WaterfallsAdult (f)6,1276742
peU2Q(peU2Q)Adult (f)3,9906211
kfulc(kfulc)Adult (m)6,9096820
YHxTa(YHxTa)Adult (f)2,7649431
YU0XG(YU0XG)Adult (m)3,6725721
VfNoK(VfNoK)Adult (m)3,8228171
asLvl(asLvl)Adult (m)4,9019853
1WMZEmbrace your WingsAdult (f)4,9374974
imbbTColorful JungleheartAdult (m)3,5184092
D0JgWsilent Emerald DreamsAdult (f)6,2548620
YFtjCGolden Angel of HellAdult (f)4,7384962
zJqCcHellhound AsylumAdult (m)4,8018821
jAfMiCrossroad DemonAdult (f)5,4437770
mVyz6Purgatory KillerAdult (f)5,5047640
emclVcrackling HellfireAdult (f)4,3208640
56MqrBright IgnitionsAdult (m)3,1027921
0hjFU(0hjFU)Adult (f)5,2466990
rhX6T(rhX6T)Adult (f)4,8647201
YHywd(YHywd)Adult (m)3,5617680
GjON5Catching Butterflies in the SunAdult (f)2,0976661
5UCDExploring the WorldHatchling (m, F)2,83896815
Krizz(Krizz)Adult (f)4,0189072
x5gnl(x5gnl)Adult (f)4,3338182
vFMqBBloodred Skies of WretchednessAdult (m)5,2448921
4nvwJFaithless Bloody MaryAdult (m)4,8297251
NIDBu(NIDBu)Adult (f)4,2888700
jlsTAwith Knives and PensAdult (m)4,6757403
Y8ovZ(Y8ovZ)Adult (m)5,7436804
2MNth(2MNth)Adult (f)6,3757170
7qRIB(7qRIB)Adult (m)5,0646560
Ln2qN(Ln2qN)Adult (f)5,5797233
rptmV(rptmV)Adult (f)6,7265722
6Sn1M(6Sn1M)Adult (f)3,4358330
nCA3Y(nCA3Y)Adult (f)4,1387241
cxF4P(cxF4P)Adult (m)3,6997321
O1gKNRed striped Candy CaneAdult (m)4,6646342
OY4kOFit-tree greenAdult (m)3,5295912
3C66cSanta's favorite CandycaneAdult (m)2,8419720
VVFM2Wings of perfumy MistletoeAdult (m)2,8769770
Unujb(Unujb)Adult (m)4,0558631
HmR9z(HmR9z)Adult (m)4,2884591
NaUAfHint of Color in the SnowAdult (f)4,3435144
Xrs1UFalling with the SnowAdult (f)3,8415062
08xKJ(08xKJ)Adult (f)3,3735741
RsbEiGolden-winged RibbontailAdult (f)4,3385083
prDeuRed pinion FeathersAdult (f)4,6676332
5HHz6Jingling Bells of GloryAdult (f)2,9179830
NU1RsMellow Scent of GingerbreadAdult (f)2,8829860
URH1iColorful TopazwingAdult (m)3,1325783
qhhJORainbow PrismsAdult (m)3,4775903
LuVFGGolden glowing CandlesAdult (m)2,9199840
kjrz0Patterned Christmas Tree BallAdult (m)2,8669770
gzTC1(gzTC1)Adult (m)3,0875631
1oQCU(1oQCU)Adult (m)4,0718580
Vv1C3(Vv1C3)Adult (m)4,2438690
PUBoW(PUBoW)Adult (m)3,8238760
RMaBo(RMaBo)Adult (m)3,8897370
hBYZX(hBYZX)Adult (m)3,6667340
JdhOq(JdhOq)Adult (m)3,4085660
UI5oq(UI5oq)Adult (f)3,4238332
Xs9po(Xs9po)Adult (f)4,9056971
EGFUJ(EGFUJ)Adult (f)3,8167340
MWPQ6(MWPQ6)Adult (f)3,7947381
8eZW6(8eZW6)Adult (f)3,7988793
6DZnn(6DZnn)Adult (m)3,7377331
CwQnh(CwQnh)Adult (m)4,3216180
WphKw(WphKw)Adult (m)5,7867381
prDJH(prDJH)Adult (m)3,8581,0091
2Gnoa(2Gnoa)Adult (m)4,7276411
4qK3M(4qK3M)Adult (m)4,6946401
31Mrx(31Mrx)Adult (m)3,8541,0293
XnNPM(XnNPM)Adult (m)4,2529211
gWej5(gWej5)Adult (f)3,2579661
jhiVt(jhiVt)Adult (f)3,1299021
ZeSBP(ZeSBP)Adult (f)3,2178861
jOfhn(jOfhn)Adult (f)3,3207151
EXAvT(EXAvT)Adult (m)3,9121,0322
tRIzE(tRIzE)Adult (m)3,8051,0263
o7W2f(o7W2f)Adult (m)3,7441,0014
AJbmm(AJbmm)Adult (f)5,5861,2183
GPC0r(GPC0r)Adult (f)5,5961,2260
A5G9Spiky IcewingAdult (m)3,52827211
rLqxEGuarding of MountainsAdult (m)4,6837212
5pgYnCrossroad LeavesAdult (m)5,2477311
XePY0(XePY0)Adult (f)7,1166490
RITJM(RITJM)Adult (f)3,8838022
4gKqT(4gKqT)Adult (f)3,6587481
mYs54(mYs54)Adult (f)5,0421,0052
ka8a7(ka8a7)Adult (f)5,5021,1350
Tl89Venus's FlytrapAdult (f)5,5766361
YPbgUIntricate TendrilsAdult (f)1,9376145
UNTO6(UNTO6)Adult (f)5,1046551
O6QQQ(O6QQQ)Adult (m)5,5541,0700
kXkToBloming GardenHatchling (m, F)3,9023533
1OI1Angelic DaydreamerAdult (f)5,1045163
oLjjeSuperlunary BreezeAdult (m)4,3013732
neUcUGhost of the DepthAdult (f)4,8885788
VwC3X(VwC3X)Adult (f)6,6755311
Wfo2k(Wfo2k)Adult (m)4,3086010
8gilr(8gilr)Adult (f)4,0456851
TAYlZ(TAYlZ)Adult (f)4,4374941
piUAR(piUAR)Adult (f)5,4306032
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