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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RedTraveller,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lTbrRSunspots CBAdult (m)4,8839350
VZ6BM(VZ6BM)Adult (m)4,4419012
cmmam(cmmam)Adult (f)4,3978361
GcHOg(GcHOg)Adult (f)4,3808823
REOje(REOje)Adult (m)4,4218702
1I1ER(1I1ER)Adult (m)4,3618550
TvcT2(TvcT2)Adult (f)4,3448981
lB84mZiriot CBAdult (m)4,0949940
mTmzBPaylluraid CBAdult (m)3,9479660
momZ3Code Mom CBAdult (f)4,1549460
iaMo6Fell Lights CBAdult (m)4,2589121
6YguB(6YguB)Adult (m)4,5308831
9jtjO(9jtjO)Adult (f)4,3458601
6XdfM(6XdfM)Adult (f)4,4478922
O14DI(O14DI)Adult (m)4,5388791
xn43R(xn43R)Adult (m)4,4298703
0TChJ(0TChJ)Adult (f)4,4528831
7mXti(7mXti)Adult (f)4,4568833
xquLf(xquLf)Adult (m)4,4659081
rqQGj(rqQGj)Adult (f)4,8529551
vCiTQ(vCiTQ)Adult (m)4,8089181
fG4wf(fG4wf)Adult (f)4,3938211
POKYL(POKYL)Adult (f)4,9169271
WxlXy(WxlXy)Adult (m)4,4009051
K4Bpl(K4Bpl)Adult (f)5,6398301
15Fcc(15Fcc)Adult (f)3,8607162
qBUYY(qBUYY)Adult (m)3,3617300
kF79U(kF79U)Adult (f)5,1569642
dRlNG(dRlNG)Adult (m)5,1589831
4X7C1(4X7C1)Adult (f)5,0649981
6QktE(6QktE)Adult (f)5,1309800
hpJLi(hpJLi)Adult (f)5,1819911
5dSnQ(5dSnQ)Adult (f)3,2987061
YTviT(YTviT)Adult (f)3,1577242
GeqfdPineapple TreeEgg (F)
d44iEVelvet SeekerAdult (f)5,0921,3623
IYZSkSpectrum WispAdult (m)4,7231,4151
IDREEAvatar of ConscienceAdult (f)4,8331,4605
kNYttAvatar of EquilibriumAdult (f)5,9881,3250
kd94iAvatar of PurgatoryAdult (m)4,8931,3190
2g6GzAvatar of YouthHatchling (F)2,4235020
Osg3sAvatar of TwilightAdult (m)4,9571,4957
9FvwkAvatar of ShiftAdult (f)5,4241,3536
MF9EzMayonnaise eggAdult (f)3,5427152
osPdKGold Wars 2Adult (f)4,7837695
ea9miYuvonfeynAdult (f)5,0011,1325
ZfmnmThe Triforce of CourageAdult (f)1,9418156
4hf5UThe Triforce of WisdomAdult (f)5,1343742
4NlWPThe Triforce of PowerAdult (m)5,4301,30611
3f0Y3Viintaas VriiAdult (m)4,6898045
UpThgYuvonsilAdult (m)2,5598332
e761fSonaan do YuvonAdult (m)6,3151,5872
CtBsuSacred RevelationsAdult (m)6,5439567
HTQheMondfluchAdult (m)4,9351,2424
KNEjjMondklangAdult (m)2,6291,1153
o8koFFragile SilversongAdult (m)4,9233722
2i4DJSilver's DesireAdult (m)4,7773720
QIMtBThe frozen GraceAdult (m)3,5106412
Z2ECQThe Silver ProphecyAdult (m)4,3705306
53kF7Aoibheann CBAdult (f)4,5606182
r7UEkSilver Glow Golden ShineAdult (f)3,5826445
YMhiPSilver EchoAdult (f)4,3279007
Odn6HNeara the Sylph of BreathAdult (f)3,44899521
liquDCode liquDAdult (f)5,8397458
M8m3bTrios CourageAdult (f)4,8803262
uXrSdTrios LegendAdult (m)4,8431,27318
7kZ4LTrios ThunderAdult (m)4,2627927
6V7t4Trios Yellow CrystalAdult (f)2,1835851
99sa7Trios ThunderstormAdult (m)2,6651,2335
XdEmYTrios TwilightAdult (m)4,2696990
aiBa9Trios SparkAdult (m)5,5231,5214
HzfpfTrios omgAdult (m)4,0221,2992
d5S2DTrios ZapdosAdult (f)4,4981,0873
UQb7FTrios Lunar EclipseAdult (f)5,6327730
sJKgKTrios PrimordialAdult (f)5,2977992
w0RCrTrios VictoryAdult (f)5,3987760
9qe1VTrios HopeAdult (m)4,4528172
d5rNjTrios DuskAdult (f)5,3926291
eH7UZTrios WisdomAdult (f)3,4467621
C8DDJTrios TruthAdult (f)4,3539517
lZsEJTrios IceAdult (f)4,3511,0032
g1kDbTrios Blue CrystalAdult (m)3,9613661
Ms8lATrios BlizzardAdult (m)5,6039836
6Ml3cTrios NightAdult (f)5,0223382
de7LgTrios WaterAdult (f)6,0341,3856
PLk2nTrios IdkAdult (m)4,0338975
6UQBvTrios ArticunoAdult (f)4,3651,3683
IO6mTTrios Full MoonAdult (f)5,7107792
Q1m1YTrios SecondaryAdult (m)5,5077982
reBPCTrios FightAdult (f)4,4698103
JSEXiTrios DespairAdult (f)4,70671811
jjZKYTrios MightAdult (m)2,9495052
0gAq4Trios LieAdult (m)3,7578357
5UP7UTrios FireAdult (m)3,8793952
c048rTrios Red CrystalAdult (m)7,2211,1751
d6WCRTrios VolcanoAdult (f)4,3143330
lhr6qTrios DayAdult (m)5,7461,0925
HujMvTrios EmberAdult (f)2,5898311
NnJosTrios wtfAdult (m)5,7607680
tD5p3Trios MoltresAdult (m)5,7147162
EVhEPTrios New MoonAdult (m)3,5608643
79MluThe Dragon of Shimmering HeightsAdult (m)7,4589111
Lk9mvPatterscaleAdult (f)8,6117342
XITuYPainted with SilverAdult (f)6,6118781
0MqNsSilver ShatterscaleAdult (f)6,0398602
2m1KfAelionor SilversongAdult (f)5,2141,3893
zMbf9Lord Moon SanctumAdult (m)9,8558970
eekUcGlaer WhiteheartAdult (f)6,2141,3946
X0fMgVarra BronzewingAdult (f)8,5239220
tgbXiArevo BronzewingAdult (m)9,4046271
eMXhZPenumbra BronzewingAdult (m)5,8671,0680
v2GUwEliot BronzewingAdult (m)5,3621,0482
dF01PVictorius BronzewingAdult (m)5,5861,0324
od0YeGworis BronzewingAdult (m)5,8761,1011
DE2BSNeonor BronzewingAdult (m)8,6255752
RZD8eEreas BronzewingAdult (m)8,4458426
WAnqh(WAnqh)Adult (m)10,3927633
GqKKbArdent DraconisAdult (m)7,6039832
boohyPenk SpaceAdult (f)5,9651,2526
PWGOBIm messy and I know itAdult (m)9,9058232
dzaiRZair SortilegeAdult (f)4,8508611
puZSfNarea SortilegeAdult (f)4,4038661
F7SekKarma SortilegeAdult (m)5,1628160
xBLfvShae'n Sortilege CBAdult (m)5,2401,0988
Rm2qWRavanna SortilegeAdult (m)3,5077815
ArPzJNyrr PrimtideAdult (m)4,7408105
VADygVydr PrimtideAdult (f)4,2788133
RocvsVris ChronomancerHatchling (f, F)3,9438003
o6YhSViridium ChronomancerAdult (m)6,1087533
2mzytVaray Chronomancer CBAdult (m)4,4517960
118G3Weyrm FirstfireHatchling (f, F)2,7476888
ZhYXQMaroon Firstfire CBAdult (m)4,4667313
dYT2QPyrocetic FirstfireAdult (f)5,4096112
hvsDkPrimordus Firstfire CBAdult (f)4,5436032
BliCmKirir Firstfire CBAdult (f)4,2178012
Rx5poBonfire Firstfire CBAdult (f)4,8558673
xrIfZAva'ra Firstfire CBAdult (f)7,2101,0726
MgGleNaturalem SylvanHatchling (F)1,8212792
s5fNQAvallac'h Sylvan CBAdult (m)4,7737841
m57xpVaraya Maelstorm CBAdult (m)4,8207031
QWw8OReev Maelstorm CBAdult (m)4,2648002
Fv3KsAxyio Maelstorm CBAdult (m)3,6508113
Hff1gKarranae ZyuAdult (f)5,5939674
ondrtFahraon ZyuAdult (m)4,6969162
WHttDTiemeth of the Argent Moon CBAdult (f)5,0961,2393
Q2CNgVenali of the Argent Moon CBAdult (m)4,7581,3273
CTLSURavarra of the Argent Moon CBAdult (f)5,4617630
aXc4cMaryam of the Argent Moon CBAdult (f)4,7987050
Q49tmFyre of the Gilded Crescent CBAdult (f)4,0486870
m5l02Ravira of the Gilded Crescent CBAdult (f)4,6887321
JRdh4Arum of the Gilded Crescent CBAdult (m)4,2681,0264
ivMcMRya of the Gilded Crescent CBAdult (f)4,0871,0144
9d1OJLucius of the Gilded Crescent CBAdult (m)4,0699952
nY2Z0Arax of the Gilded Crescent CBAdult (m)2,9201,0534
FEqrDAea of the Singed Half-MoonAdult (f)4,0298333
OOEq4Caer of the Singed Half-MoonAdult (f)4,6168022
e0hqmFus of the Singed Half-Moon CBAdult (m)5,9879494
6UJWYRy of the Singed Half-Moon CBAdult (f)4,1668843
QjbZ6Am of the Singed Half-Moon CBAdult (m)4,3929452
ZKP3LFyr of the New MoonAdult (m)5,7267803
nOYjeCobalt of the New MoonAdult (f)5,7097783
yWOkQTybalt of the New Moon CBAdult (m)6,0927442
qKH94Flygr of the New Moon CBAdult (f)4,7209792
kF9OmArra of the New MoonAdult (f)4,1738180
I8zcEVengeance CBAdult (f)4,8198995
dGqdoBluming CBAdult (f)5,1137983
bXLNWMalsonicaAdult (m)4,6935941
ZGbm2Cerulean SparklerAdult (m)4,1079076
AXpTBSnowstorm ChaserAdult (m)4,3466445
qr5PpRequiem of FireAdult (m)4,3213996
7cNLZRequiem of SteamAdult (f)4,2004250
eSeunRequiem of WaterAdult (f)4,7124068
getIHFlaechenschadenHatchling (F)3,5249632
FRUjlSilver TrekelAdult (m)4,6841,2532
72MtNPolotmaAdult (m)4,5941,3253
k8d5gIn Twilight's embraceAdult (m)8,1116412
isgzrTwilight before MidnightAdult (m)2,2395611
aS987The scorpion sting CBAdult (m)2,2823793
LgHYTGlowstickbackdragonlolidk CBAdult (m)6,3451,3955
pOIlCThe Twilight Flight CBAdult (m)5,3213784
WveWRSunlit TwilightAdult (f)4,5063934
2thtvDragon of the Twilight CBAdult (f)3,3634004
KgvuETwilight's Realm CBAdult (f)5,3983602
voAd07th ApocalypseAdult (f)2,6071,0482
KSwVTBlue HellrunnerAdult (f)4,8907744
MsloMApocalyptic TrotAdult (f)1,9535681
Q7znYTrotting ApocalypseAdult (f)3,3071,2944
roSezThe 7th apocalyptic dragonAdult (m)3,3461,2876
zDKprLight Carrier CBAdult (f)3,6247011
l3b46Flashfire CBAdult (f)4,9469912
OzKL8Stars Ablaze CBAdult (m)5,3089630
sgMbdLight Terror CBAdult (m)5,3809451
zecCXFuri CBAdult (m)3,5196610
086JMRunthrough CBAdult (f)5,3107952
KO5jxGoldlicht CBAdult (f)4,5358143
zbkQJGoldskin ThuwedAdult (f)4,9556142
hqXKxAurumin CBAdult (f)4,7007262
Mt9vxJet Vein CBAdult (f)5,3278102
1Dd20Golden d20 PBAdult (f)5,1578994
kmnilGoldlight CBAdult (f)4,2597772
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