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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ravensent,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8R96(8R96)Adult (f)6,9361,4908
vO68(vO68)Adult (f)6,8131,4502
ZsEY(ZsEY)Adult (f)6,9011,4426
lB6C(lB6C)Adult (m)1,79577521
APav(APav)Adult (f)1,2144406
mP1p(mP1p)Adult (m)1,9347115
6DKM(6DKM)Adult (m)1,66773113
INGY(INGY)Adult (f)1,89896033
jMFo(jMFo)Adult (f)2,931730198
aOlV(aOlV)Adult (m)2,0271,25519
lXVA(lXVA)Adult (f)83953138
0XAd(0XAd)Adult (f)2,22774615
a5CX(a5CX)Adult (f)1,52352818
Za8h(Za8h)Adult (f)1,83563612
XHIE(XHIE)Adult (f)3,0336476
dT6f(dT6f)Adult (f)1,9727625
UYWS(UYWS)Adult (m)2,5901,29227
eK9D(eK9D)Adult (m)1,51868214
85dy(85dy)Adult (f)1,61690643
LP9R(LP9R)Adult (f)1,8887394
proD(proD)Adult (f)1,8726634
l6m8(l6m8)Adult (f)1,4844325
FB6o(FB6o)Adult (m)1,2413884
ZZVf(ZZVf)Adult (m)64042130
Y3kA(Y3kA)Adult (m)2,08171650
bovm(bovm)Adult (f)2,30768717
ctuU(ctuU)Adult (m)1,63557216
7rGK(7rGK)Adult (f)2,0191,25015
znGD(znGD)Adult (f)63740431
IEsK(IEsK)Adult (f)2,63368854
469U(469U)Adult (m)1,41755737
msAQ(msAQ)Adult (f)1,2744386
c7aT(c7aT)Adult (f)2,8167505
upfl(upfl)Adult (f)2,8828026
nQtq(nQtq)Adult (f)3,8231,10112
nsWK(nsWK)Adult (f)1,90743812
ZDrh(ZDrh)Adult (f)1,4615092
YvY1(YvY1)Adult (m)2,36382018
xj8p(xj8p)Adult (f)1,47397015
c3v4(c3v4)Adult (f)1,78157614
evRZ(evRZ)Adult (f)1,72846810
PgoY(PgoY)Adult (f)1,13370735
0ug2(0ug2)Adult (m)2,41082311
2JWp(2JWp)Adult (m)2,29176314
KI7A(KI7A)Adult (m)7544046
gQkm(gQkm)Adult (f)2,4851,02233
bq3Q(bq3Q)Adult (m)1,8623276
A6XY(A6XY)Adult (m)1,26837012
kpsG(kpsG)Adult (m)1,9014903
QXGn(QXGn)Adult (f)7354006
s2ku(s2ku)Adult (f)2,0257146
dJiK(dJiK)Adult (f)1,43768015
1aOx(1aOx)Adult (m)68042224
mQxB(mQxB)Adult (m)2,08471553
O5J7(O5J7)Adult (m)67041625
rC3F(rC3F)Adult (m)1,5725605
Xbi3(Xbi3)Adult (m)1,31846318
vwk1(vwk1)Adult (m)89156334
1hdD(1hdD)Adult (f)1,8866995
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