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    You pick up the scroll labeled “RavenFoxx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    CsKG5Water LordeAdult (m)7,8161,15219
    Fn7WaQynutAdult (f)8,4457542
    ijbXzSirius DesertstarAdult (m)3,3644544
    0bxOh(0bxOh)Adult (m)4,2354440
    jiE5GSpettet KehleAdult (m)8,5527493
    rSbq7Bruni-DrekiAdult (m)3,04821112
    O9Vx2(O9Vx2)Adult (f)3,8623471
    zPVD5Floofle PuffleAdult (f)3,8514141
    QyCelAerio GasniAdult (m)8,5087223
    YCKJnThinner DaVinciAdult (f)5,93783214
    6dokoTurpentina-GreyAdult (f)3,8954251
    dqGNhOlivia PopewingAdult (f)3,8203832
    QNKW8(QNKW8)Adult (f)4,3034502
    qwMPlNettlewingsAdult (f)4,2834381
    XFLkVMerlin the GreenAdult (m)5,81693922
    YK3Zl(YK3Zl)Adult (f)8,5137601
    uEWhLTwitterwing the SwiftAdult (m)3,3714343
    5OdUk(5OdUk)Adult (m)4,1093711
    w8FA9Alto-DracoAdult (m)5,68688614
    YtUjv(YtUjv)Adult (m)4,7953843
    Fy7B9(Fy7B9)Adult (f)4,7214360
    Rz2cxNachtdrakeAdult (f)3,58824212
    BnvyMLeviathan-DrakeAdult (f)4,24734511
    M7PKTVatn-DracoAdult (f)3,06222512
    hXR2FWasser-DracoAdult (f)3,1704943
    dhlQiSlicer the MightyAdult (m)3,3107184
    8eGRCSlicer JrAdult (f)4,5323672
    s52bCSlicer IIIAdult (f)3,7363302
    KukwT(KukwT)Adult (f)4,4864212
    U3Pxq(U3Pxq)Adult (m)3,9604240
    bxKXF(bxKXF)Adult (f)4,0387076
    DuD3K(DuD3K)Adult (m)4,9213822
    5AYTzThor-DrekiAdult (f)8,5031,26522
    dgwFk(dgwFk)Adult (f)4,8923932
    OjYmzSnowclaw-DracheAdult (m)4,0782849
    r2znE(r2znE)Adult (f)3,6954402
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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