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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rascal,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1QTpy(1QTpy)Adult (f)1,7556522
75rbT(75rbT)Adult (m)2,6918570
hmiRS(hmiRS)Adult (m)2,8239040
gdomU(gdomU)Adult (m)2,8438891
s00rM(s00rM)Adult (f)2,8559342
6A5cr(6A5cr)Adult (m)2,7748500
qXnAZ(qXnAZ)Adult (f)2,7118911
RsT43(RsT43)Adult (f)2,6958851
qNhcb(qNhcb)Adult (f)2,7848581
csxMU(csxMU)Adult (f)4,5341,2602
haoSA(haoSA)Adult (m)2,4948370
9X2wI(9X2wI)Adult (m)2,5138561
LxQqY(LxQqY)Adult (f)2,0456801
jvG7p(jvG7p)Adult (m)2,0836412
yYJrC(yYJrC)Adult (m)2,2266651
DHi6I(DHi6I)Adult (f)2,4036841
5XCV4(5XCV4)Adult (f)2,2616771
4DG8q(4DG8q)Adult (f)1,9026671
a10J4(a10J4)Adult (f)2,5366554
SyVvd(SyVvd)Adult (f)2,4116585
RiCuI(RiCuI)Adult (m)2,0653928
ar6ge(ar6ge)Adult (f)2,3896644
vY6aa(vY6aa)Adult (f)2,0966572
EpfpE(EpfpE)Adult (m)2,3816743
WgNm2(WgNm2)Adult (f)2,1516571
9Ew2r(9Ew2r)Hatchling (F)1,5063851
UP0hw(UP0hw)Hatchling (F)1,3753471
lYFcT(lYFcT)Adult (f)2,1446852
WYY6d(WYY6d)Adult (m)2,0396533
fRGmA(fRGmA)Adult (f)4,5021,1619
euT1Q(euT1Q)Adult (f)1,6666053
Vy6Tv(Vy6Tv)Adult (m)2,1547561
BTmSU(BTmSU)Adult (m)1,5686061
WaxNuPB 2G Ras Waxing GibbousAdult (f)2,0026542
ZoA7y(ZoA7y)Adult (m)2,5406511
RkLLS(RkLLS)Adult (m)2,5426481
bHCkt(bHCkt)Adult (m)2,4236281
mOc4X(mOc4X)Hatchling (m, F)1,5626021
Cpj3y(Cpj3y)Hatchling (f, F)3,2529023
I4TNI(I4TNI)Hatchling (F)1,1672711
Ztpi8(Ztpi8)Adult (m)1,7356861
Fupxf(Fupxf)Adult (m)2,0286403
2nn0i(2nn0i)Adult (f)1,6846252
fo2zZ(fo2zZ)Adult (f)1,9706052
AIVzk2G Ras Fatal ProximityAdult (f)2,1927962
aMWc52G Ras Vixens LureAdult (m)1,9007953
sELN3(sELN3)Adult (f)2,2887911
XAq3W(XAq3W)Adult (f)1,6197761
hGoNP(hGoNP)Adult (m)1,6927711
Lgxp2(Lgxp2)Adult (f)1,5047611
s1itX2G Ras SlitAdult (m)2,3428572
ys6Ia(ys6Ia)Adult (f)1,9148200
Ci9TJ(Ci9TJ)Adult (m)1,7148032
FWp2f(FWp2f)Adult (f)2,0108662
Zwu2D2G Ras The PhantomAdult (m)4,6271,5293
aaFCz(aaFCz)Adult (f)2,1768293
Xl1gE2G Ras Silver ObsidianAdult (m)2,2398514
SZAUr(SZAUr)Adult (m)3,1789266
PxHaP(PxHaP)Adult (m)1,6097592
lMBiQCB lMBiQAdult (f)1,9146892
xTZhJ(xTZhJ)Adult (m)2,0267261
hgdNZCB hgdNZAdult (f)2,0437087
t9xjo(t9xjo)Adult (m)2,4817763
mlNOo(mlNOo)Adult (m)1,8257123
e96kF(e96kF)Adult (m)2,1046281
wBOf7(wBOf7)Adult (f)2,0524723
EQbEXPB 3EG EQbEXAdult (f)2,7069316
RLokc(RLokc)Adult (f)3,01848612
P1tPa(P1tPa)Hatchling (m, F)3,0545082
ouhkPCB ouhkPAdult (f)2,2318301
dMm0oCB dMm0oAdult (m)2,2368442
0OvqZCB 0OvqZAdult (f)2,2248450
rubQxCB rubQxAdult (m)2,1768382
aJ6DGCB aJ6DGAdult (m)2,0224485
3b3vP(3b3vP)Adult (m)2,3596385
gYztN(gYztN)Adult (f)3,4544675
5eJEp6G 5eJEpAdult (m)3,1885313
tED7q(tED7q)Egg (F)
KkkZT(KkkZT)Adult (m)4,7141,2289
jeNSPll Welcome To Rascal's Scroll llAdult (f)1,7887283
ChB4ell My Forum Name Is Rascal llAdult (f)1,9636342
5prVyl WillBreedAnythingForAShimmer lAdult (f)1,8166345
e6dGUCB German Shepherd of RasAdult (f)2,3157203
VZoiCB Rottweiler of RasAdult (f)2,2971,16616
RSedm(RSedm)Adult (f)1,5265261
fePKCB Ras Toxic SchnappsAdult (m)2,88987641
c2kuCB c2kuAdult (m)2,31182135
XrWpP2G XrWpPAdult (f)4,2821,1094
6bv5i2G 6bv5iHatchling (f, F)3,5491,0261
UBkdg2G Ras Dancing With CarcassesAdult (f)3,7241,1201
e60bU3G e60bUHatchling (f, F)3,1758563
mdnCs2G Ras Medicine BallAdult (m)4,8301,2531
re1R42G Ras Christmas CarnageHatchling (m, F)3,6421,0774
CkY3DCB CkY3DAdult (m)3,3051,1091
r7YBuCB r7YBuHatchling (m, F)2,4589131
etWKCB etWKAdult (f)2,58999924
9e9OCB 9e9OAdult (f)2,73091837
QdR7p3EG QdR7pAdult (m)2,8728588
hqr3f2G hqr3fHatchling (m, F)1,8207804
DFGSa2G DFGSaAdult (f)2,2258774
d2f6k2G d2f6kHatchling (f, F)2,1587235
MfVLT2G MfVLTAdult (m)2,8128887
QTgef2G QTgefHatchling (m, F)1,5616573
gt60JCB Ras GTOAdult (f)3,2631,0474
LBnlGCB LBnIGHatchling (f, F)2,4347962
bq527G Ras The Mortician Of LoveAdult (m)1,0924879
gDiq4PB 2G Ras CrucifixAdult (m)2,6178943
aLLD6CB Ras Tainted AnointmentAdult (m)5,3991,3025
AikSeCB Ras Arsenic RevolutionAdult (m)5,7371,2163
FWEjjCB Ras Cadaver HerAdult (f)2,7496891
tXeQCB tXeQAdult (m)1,0545673
dLEhCB dLEhAdult (m)8614842
5buOCB 5buOAdult (m)8574873
jr68dCB jr68dAdult1,6727936
9EuHoCB 9EuHoAdult2,1556602
AUZXdCB AUZXdHatchling (F)1,1585953
I8ogcCB I8ogcAdult2,5177123
iq2C86G Ras Sugoroku's WhisperAdult (f)3,90598512
FzEAf6G Ras Geumran DanceAdult (f)4,9201,17111
mc5aW7G Ras Geumseol's GoldAdult (f)4,7929198
ekolP7G Ras Thunder Struck LuckAdult (f)4,6611,0565
8CkO67G Ras Simon's TitaniumAdult (m)6,5121,0656
3EUIv7G Ras Sugoroku's SecretAdult (m)4,0671,1219
Ia66p5G Ras Cosmic WhiplashAdult (m)5,1089258
HqISk5G Ras High Life SceneryAdult (f)6,1451,0817
Hg0vz6G Ras Forgotten HomeAdult (f)4,5949364
OMZkc6G Ras Burning GoldAdult (f)5,8841,0617
dsy3E7G Ras Golden DaturaAdult (f)5,9201,00310
krXLj4EG krXLjAdult (f)6,4811,12311
pFq0A6G Ras Golden WavesAdult (f)6,0001,0707
XirgCB The Sergeant Of RasAdult (m)4,6691,259120
p6ktT2G Ras Forsaken FutureAdult (m)2,9668874
QmXX12G QmXX1Adult (m)1,8306696
CLbUW2G Ras The DelegationAdult (m)3,4011,03316
2klE3G 2klEAdult (m)1,80052822
7jpg3G Ras Task ForceAdult (m)1,64367935
ynEy4G ynEyAdult (m)1,66369938
mS80S4EG Ras Polluted SalvationAdult (m)3,4826588
GmEgz5G GmEgzAdult (m)2,1627800
H4OE2G Ras PromiscuousAdult (f)4,2871,21466
8ZSp2G Ras The ConvictAdult (f)2,21072329
9I2mY3G Ras No JusticeAdult (f)2,8098663
bZ4kA4G Ras DangerousAdult (f)2,2227341
wSfmz4G wSfmzAdult (f)2,1436431
hkFpX4G Ras HeartlessAdult (f)2,2288047
JUkY2G Ras li'l JunkieHatchling (f, F)2,1041,06617
um8bBPB 2G Ras High RollerAdult (m)2,1687647
C5gJIPB 2G Ras Golden CasinoAdult (f)2,5938106
ctielPB 2G ctielAdult (m)3,7211,0253
fSPm7CB Ras Black and GoldAdult (m)2,3477664
SHRFdCB Ras JackpotAdult (m)6,1371,4537
bHqe5CB Ras The BouncerAdult (m)2,0217483
EK8R3CB Ras RouletteAdult (m)4,0249292
GNNGmCB GNNGmAdult (m)1,9277232
OSecn2G OSecnAdult (m)5,6418617
jcfSqCB Ras Slot MachineAdult (f)4,9178543
OOJApCB Ras LotteryAdult (f)2,4025892
qKOVQ7G qKOVQAdult (f)3,0017492
83hnu8G 83hnuAdult (m)7,3429386
HL47V9G HL47VAdult (m)6,1531,13014
S23Vs6G Ras Dark HypnosisAdult (f)5,2241,1117
RruMJ4G Ras Starry PearlAdult (m)3,8541,0663
k7ms66G Ras' Prize FillyAdult (m)5,5401,0748
MR2GX6G Ras Royal ReflectionAdult (f)4,7441,0818
d3VsJ7G Ras Merry ConstellationAdult (f)4,2321,12510
G3OKY7G Ras Cinna-ShimAdult (m)3,5628605
8uqQq7G Ras Black DiamondAdult (f)7,6511,03510
0ZItS8G Ras Whiskey DiamondAdult (f)6,10694510
kcvgr8G Ras Risky Little DiamondAdult (f)4,2041,0463
Rx1Ch8G Ras Dilucid DiamondAdult (f)5,6061,1032
MGChw8G Ras Smoky DiamondAdult (m)3,5849263
p3jQZ8G Ras Alpine HuntressAdult (f)3,0231,0242
3wqzB5G Ras Satan's Wild ChildHatchling (m, F)5,4937622
6iKFN6G Ras Evening SandsAdult (m)4,3751,0554
tAn9E5G Ras Ethereal SerenityAdult (f)7,0021,0074
R2J2R12G R2J2RHatchling (m, F)4,9349406
FHkAh3G Ras Silas' Fractured SilverAdult (m)4,40196431
V05NZ4G Ras Athens High QueenAdult (f)4,6121,2915
3VaX74G Ras Deadly QuantumAdult (f)6,33883449
kUJKu7G Ras Jasper's EchoAdult (m)4,8351,1833
XHdKg8G Ras Das VincentAdult (m)4,9411,0154
WgBCm8G Ras Quantum ColaAdult (f)6,7788245
er15H8G Ras Sapphire JewelAdult (f)7,0849886
w4JHo9G Ras Vincent the SlaughtererAdult (m)3,9781,00813
rh02I9G Ras Prowling In BrightnessAdult (m)4,3781,1184
MkiCCB Ras I'm an MCAdult (m)5,7561,033117
Rk7uCB Ras Angry OrchardAdult (f)4,6741,298115
fjdj3G Ras Sticky FingazAdult (m)1,83577173
YcDf2G Ras The Diabolical OneAdult (m)1,80276470
Bhzl3G Ras Hannibal LectorAdult (m)1,66160935
5pRc3G 5pRcAdult (m)1,85845132
EEej2G Ras 8 MileAdult (m)1,93856945
rKW7CCB Ras I'm ShadyAdult (m)5,3456992
BztKl3G BztKlAdult (m)2,0995567
Kkr882G Ras I'm The ManAdult (m)2,4596255
Q7nds3G Ras SlimAdult (m)2,4445837
BSd1o3G BSd1oAdult (m)2,6067314
tV7xF3EG tV7xFAdult (m)2,58151719
nXdZP2G Ras DillingerAdult (m)2,2377702
yqu2N2G yqu2NAdult (m)3,0969581
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