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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ramroth,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
I0U0w(I0U0w)Adult (m)7,2517242
kFy5t(kFy5t)Hatchling (F)1,9031403
g5u6O(g5u6O)Hatchling (f, F)2,6104123
gBAOI(gBAOI)Adult (f)1,9782982
3oAYM(3oAYM)Adult (f)2,2685062
H7Hra(H7Hra)Hatchling (m, F)2,5355234
cg5Sf(cg5Sf)Adult (f)3,5084346
y3M6t(y3M6t)Adult (m)8,3319292
MJpvj(MJpvj)Adult (m)8,1959204
8sDe8(8sDe8)Adult (f)7,8099161
HOuhX(HOuhX)Adult (f)7,6541,0733
L648s(L648s)Adult (m)8,2038971
ctvlM(ctvlM)Adult (m)7,9859402
lkhF5(lkhF5)Adult (f)7,9759291
X1qBK(X1qBK)Adult (m)7,0538723
o4OEs(o4OEs)Adult (m)7,0658531
nNFIL(nNFIL)Adult (f)6,9398442
BN0on(BN0on)Adult (m)7,9839181
bz3QF(bz3QF)Adult (m)7,5669151
V4EyY(V4EyY)Adult (m)7,5129062
6ZjYr(6ZjYr)Adult (m)7,9299051
iQs2S(iQs2S)Adult (m)9,0761,0160
uaVV2(uaVV2)Adult (m)8,7659920
X53Qt(X53Qt)Adult (m)9,1289804
yXdmm(yXdmm)Adult (m)9,0879712
RXjzN(RXjzN)Adult (m)8,3619301
LIsv9(LIsv9)Adult (m)8,3619621
GE4EX(GE4EX)Adult (m)8,8339812
7jYOI(7jYOI)Adult (f)4,8457061
BRS4t(BRS4t)Adult (f)4,8776953
SNR1Q(SNR1Q)Hatchling (F)1,7004043
TAUN0(TAUN0)Adult (f)7,1686378
RT351(RT351)Adult (f)7,1826592
OWGsP(OWGsP)Adult (f)7,1166482
1gcyw(1gcyw)Adult (f)7,1816574
YnlA0(YnlA0)Adult (f)7,1616691
bYQTO(bYQTO)Adult (m)7,1286462
BkhOT(BkhOT)Adult (f)8,6138061
lteDv(lteDv)Adult (f)9,6448962
Ebwbe(Ebwbe)Adult (f)3,4004572
VO1lx(VO1lx)Adult (f)3,4664812
Zop68(Zop68)Adult (f)3,5644684
3P2LU(3P2LU)Adult (f)3,6534312
rqdR2(rqdR2)Adult (f)3,7194556
Ah7cZ(Ah7cZ)Adult (f)3,9354693
Mh5mX(Mh5mX)Adult (f)7,8841,1873
9gYL9(9gYL9)Adult (f)8,9691,2126
Dqztm(Dqztm)Adult (f)9,1391,2268
6IUJx(6IUJx)Adult (m)8,7191,1494
rvEIj(rvEIj)Adult (m)9,4151,3353
2RKkA(2RKkA)Adult (m)6,8404564
LB3Tg(LB3Tg)Adult (f)6,8224596
lukDT(lukDT)Adult (m)6,8604585
ON4F4(ON4F4)Adult (f)7,1254752
Ajb6F(Ajb6F)Adult (f)6,9904661
y8WWX(y8WWX)Adult (f)7,0954734
xJZVw(xJZVw)Adult (f)7,8311,1082
voHmi(voHmi)Adult (m)6,8481,0241
DbYDG(DbYDG)Adult (m)6,9311,0141
9Kq0e(9Kq0e)Adult (m)6,8411,0161
IvkXg(IvkXg)Adult (f)6,9361,0441
zzgaw(zzgaw)Adult (f)8,5007913
A6FIL(A6FIL)Adult (m)8,7708184
g40HB(g40HB)Adult (m)8,8008033
rH5WJ(rH5WJ)Adult (m)11,0421,2582
TaGhq(TaGhq)Adult (m)11,2731,3222
wfKQy(wfKQy)Adult (m)3,9218930
3wTCF(3wTCF)Adult (f)3,8858900
AOszI(AOszI)Adult (m)3,9658931
IpjoJ(IpjoJ)Adult (f)7,3317330
83ikQ(83ikQ)Adult (m)7,3537451
8KQaE(8KQaE)Adult (m)7,3367271
PN6e6(PN6e6)Adult (m)7,4747391
0zZYs(0zZYs)Adult (m)7,4517390
pQ9UK(pQ9UK)Adult (m)7,2927221
3vNNq(3vNNq)Adult (f)7,3887440
45T0t(45T0t)Adult (f)4,4187101
XRJrA(XRJrA)Adult (f)6,2648011
17uNe(17uNe)Adult (f)6,4778805
zlvjf(zlvjf)Adult (f)4,1428501
MnvU6(MnvU6)Adult (m)3,6064591
UxUuW(UxUuW)Adult (m)3,9865092
Y078Y(Y078Y)Adult (f)4,0335261
CuFSW(CuFSW)Adult (f)3,8735271
cgLgG(cgLgG)Adult (f)4,8957321
vhCfG(vhCfG)Adult (f)4,5116770
z3iWU(z3iWU)Adult (f)4,6166961
Un6LM(Un6LM)Adult (m)7,8107502
zi5zn(zi5zn)Adult (f)8,1567583
f2BOl(f2BOl)Adult (f)7,7907783
3g57z(3g57z)Adult (f)7,8528251
TAYdN(TAYdN)Adult (m)7,5987535
1NudO(1NudO)Adult (f)7,4168081
YOwBB(YOwBB)Adult (f)5,4795631
1rLnN(1rLnN)Adult (m)5,6945631
7TqEM(7TqEM)Adult (m)5,4705741
603KK(603KK)Adult (m)5,5015542
KUZuT(KUZuT)Adult (m)5,4655331
4lGvR(4lGvR)Adult (m)5,6965751
H34e5(H34e5)Adult (m)5,8616041
97bmp(97bmp)Adult (m)5,8726081
1rx6c(1rx6c)Adult (m)3,8935543
7mqn9(7mqn9)Adult (m)7,5608660
rStu6(rStu6)Adult (m)7,7198580
YY3nA(YY3nA)Adult (f)8,5731,0841
7Qi47(7Qi47)Adult (m)8,7768187
IGjj0(IGjj0)Adult (f)10,2428806
58ck5(58ck5)Adult (m)9,6779415
NQuII(NQuII)Adult (f)9,7239510
PI9Cv(PI9Cv)Adult (m)8,5378641
HyLjv(HyLjv)Adult (f)7,2367051
v06uM(v06uM)Adult (m)7,2957111
wBJdECB Male Tercorn 2Adult (m)6,6195823
3rYm3CB Female Nebula 30Adult (f)6,3285891
61XNf(61XNf)Adult (m)6,3525754
S9FUE(S9FUE)Adult (f)4,5603264
naIAR(naIAR)Adult (f)4,3079722
KrgjzCB Female Blazeback 1Adult (f)7,8517581
xj3tYCB Male Blazeback 1Adult (m)4,0544072
IwHPrCB Male Pyropellis 1Adult (m)7,5418102
5W6v3CB Female Volcano Magnesium 1Adult (f)4,0928393
NIDM3CB Male Volcano Magnesium 1Adult (m)6,3839861
E9BUzCB Female Desert Magnesium 1Adult (f)7,7421,2332
haXRZCB Male Desert Magnesium 1Adult (m)6,2099650
soWOGCB Male Desert Magnesium 2Adult (m)8,9941,2784
gIHAa(gIHAa)Adult (f)4,3954281
okfA(okfA)Egg (F)
JalpU(JalpU)Adult (f)2,4318692
e8VGi(e8VGi)Adult (f)
dmw4t(dmw4t)Adult (f)
M5ry8(M5ry8)Adult (f)
jWcUk(jWcUk)Adult (f)
aGxQhCB Female Alpine Zyumorph 1Adult (f)6,5249943
GgJXUCB Female Alpine Zyumorph 2Adult (f)10,4051,2291
35qsoCB Male Alpine Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,0071,4601
fFWgzCB Male Alpine Zyumorph 2Adult (m)6,1999465
4OKgfAlpine Zyumorph 1Adult (m)6,0769922
P7JBRCB Female Desert Zyumorph 1Adult (f)11,9961,1623
l4mPdCB Female Desert Zyumorph 2Adult (f)8,9411,3102
BcYYRCB Male Desert Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,7111,1331
oCKiyDesert Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,0471,1841
lyTofCB Female Forest Zyumorph 1Adult (f)7,0317535
D0cJTCB Male Forest Zyumorph 1Adult (m)6,3771,0965
QoyjqForest Zyumorph 1Adult (f)11,6909417
BPOkIForest Zyumorph 2Adult (f)10,1271,1502
6h8AoForest Zyumorph 3Adult (f)5,2376394
bZlsLCB Male Coast Zyumorph 1Adult (m)7,4428052
tvms0Coast Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,9531,3493
GHq2JCoast Zyumorph 2Adult (f)11,2631,2545
WudsYCoast Zyumorph 3Adult (f)9,2961,0586
i48vzCoast Zyumorph 4Adult (f)5,3386745
ygBcwCoast Zyumorph 5Adult (f)6,4448601
JBdcjCB Female Volcano Zyumorph 1Adult (f)6,48243414
RPAj5Volcano Zyumorph 1Adult (f)11,9701,2413
fEU5iVolcano Zyumorph 2Adult (m)4,1495582
ANgIvVolcano Zyumorph 3Adult (f)7,0981,0725
2qpTZVolcano Zyumorph 4Adult (m)7,2661,0135
dsYqJJungle Zyumorph 1Adult (f)9,3621,0912
awLkcJungle Zyumorph 2Adult (f)9,3739016
eFgpuJungle Zyumorph 3Adult (f)5,4839142
Iyo4JJungle Zyumorph 4Adult (m)8,0489673
khIsPJungle Zyumorph 5Adult (f)7,3599996
H3qPbCB Female Gold Lunar 1Adult (f)4,9941,3135
R9faHCB Female Gold Lunar 2Adult (f)4,7461,2610
XoXFICB Female Gold Lunar 3Adult (f)5,0976813
2cHmRCB Male Gold Lunar 1Adult (m)5,0031,3470
ktGQ8CB Male Gold Lunar 2Adult (m)5,2991,2372
2ftsnCB Male Gold Lunar 3Adult (m)3,5405802
aI0xOCB Female Brown Lunar 1Adult (f)11,0081,1473
YDBBtCB Male Brown Lunar 1Adult (m)7,0741,3532
SmTaPCB Male Brown Lunar 2Adult (m)3,5834501
eX2BCCB Male Brown Lunar 3Adult (f)8,1401,1553
s59roCB Male Brown Lunar 4Adult (m)5,5369552
uwKkfCB Male Brown Lunar 5Adult (m)8,9227663
VZjklCB Female Indigo Lunar 1Adult (f)5,7991,07210
shoShCB Female Indigo Lunar 2Adult (f)7,3731,2243
LUrFgCB Male Indigo Lunar 1Adult (m)3,6974150
H81tSCB Male Indigo Lunar 2Adult (m)3,5644160
3Hu1PCB Male Indigo Lunar 3Adult (m)6,8601,2322
pmjKtCB Male Indigo Lunar 4Adult (m)5,5869120
TQwjkCB Female Silver Lunar 1Adult (f)5,0841,1934
LFZTCCB Female Silver Lunar 2Adult (f)4,2591,2075
GS0JACB Female Silver Lunar 3Adult (f)5,8515621
uaCT7CB Female Silver Lunar 4Adult (f)9,1941,3404
zoGHSCB Female Silver Lunar 5Adult (f)8,2491,4075
7MrAQCB Female Silver Lunar 6Adult (f)6,3191,2782
JeW99CB Female Silver Lunar 7Adult (f)6,6877093
LdYijCB Male Silver Lunar 1Adult (m)4,0551,1984
VX83OCB Male Silver Lunar 2Adult (m)5,7959414
eQqQiCB Male Silver Lunar 3Adult (m)9,0941,3991
2SiJWCB Male Silver Lunar 4Adult (m)9,2251,5236
fiyafCB Male Silver Lunar 5Adult (m)4,8176142
qXNn4CB Female Celestial 1Adult (f)4,4906711
qHiFuCB Female Celestial 2Adult (f)5,7235534
NBuHdCB Female Celestial 3Adult (f)5,2501,0721
5pyFQCB Female Celestial 4Adult (f)3,5614430
yA0GUCB Female Celestial 5Adult (f)6,2878570
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