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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ramroth,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2AswU(2AswU)Adult (m)8,0931,2252
DX3x4(DX3x4)Adult (m)3,4794371
5W6v3(5W6v3)Adult (f)4,0928393
Pc8Eh(Pc8Eh)Adult (f)4,0398224
G1t8M(G1t8M)Adult (f)4,0418353
xWQrF(xWQrF)Adult (f)3,6668360
6i7wa(6i7wa)Adult (m)6,2779642
NIDM3(NIDM3)Adult (m)6,3839861
haXRZ(haXRZ)Adult (m)6,2099650
prHr4(prHr4)Adult (m)7,9431,1742
NPsTY(NPsTY)Adult (m)7,3161,1422
gIHAa(gIHAa)Adult (f)4,3954281
HxtIn(HxtIn)Adult (f)4,1714141
xj3tY(xj3tY)Adult (m)4,0544072
PF1FR(PF1FR)Adult (f)4,4324481
kP2An(kP2An)Adult (m)4,1424121
You6LCB Female Black 22Adult (f)4,5104712
2PoKvCB Male Geminae 2Adult (m)4,2595032
C4oyg(C4oyg)Adult (f)9,8139293
SKEQYCB Female Teimarr 13Adult (f)3,8694651
T9c3lCB Female Nebula 27Adult (f)4,9811,2062
Pv6OYCB Female Aeria Gloris 6Adult (f)4,0134952
FbKWpCB Male Elux Lucis 4Adult (m)6,5766533
HEyuvCB Male Stratos 3Adult (m)7,1201,2325
abjVkCB Male River 11Adult (m)6,6146602
b5wdCCB Male River 12Adult (m)6,3936380
rWkxnCB Male Alcedine 3Adult (m)6,3356293
T1vT7CB Male Undine 36Adult (m)3,7114722
bbgIcCB Female Tan Ridgewing 10Adult (f)9,9599391
cwOs6(cwOs6)Adult (f)9,6619120
Tkfkq(Tkfkq)Adult (f)5,3066011
Qt8s9(Qt8s9)Adult (f)4,3815280
mJSzi(mJSzi)Adult (f)4,0034795
E8lw0(E8lw0)Adult (f)3,9205221
QSvBu(QSvBu)Adult (m)4,4185201
DtU34(DtU34)Adult (f)4,1965570
4iro7(4iro7)Adult (m)9,9419022
4xaHV(4xaHV)Adult (f)6,6786572
Pue4l(Pue4l)Adult (m)9,9587911
AaeTfCB Female Alcedine 1Adult (f)8,0236553
okfA(okfA)Egg (F)
JalpU(JalpU)Adult (f)2,4318692
e8VGi(e8VGi)Adult (f)
dmw4t(dmw4t)Adult (f)
M5ry8(M5ry8)Adult (f)
jWcUk(jWcUk)Adult (f)
aGxQhCB Female Alpine Zyumorph 1Adult (f)6,5249943
GgJXUCB Female Alpine Zyumorph 2Adult (f)10,4051,2291
35qsoCB Male Alpine Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,0071,4601
fFWgzCB Male Alpine Zyumorph 2Adult (m)6,1999465
4OKgfAlpine Zyumorph 1Adult (m)6,0769922
P7JBRCB Female Desert Zyumorph 1Adult (f)11,9961,1623
l4mPdCB Female Desert Zyumorph 2Adult (f)8,9411,3102
BcYYRCB Male Desert Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,7111,1331
oCKiyDesert Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,0471,1841
lyTofCB Female Forest Zyumorph 1Adult (f)7,0317535
D0cJTCB Male Forest Zyumorph 1Adult (m)6,3771,0965
QoyjqForest Zyumorph 1Adult (f)11,6909417
BPOkIForest Zyumorph 2Adult (f)10,1271,1502
6h8AoForest Zyumorph 3Adult (f)5,2376394
bZlsLCB Male Coast Zyumorph 1Adult (m)7,4428052
tvms0Coast Zyumorph 1Adult (m)10,9531,3493
GHq2JCoast Zyumorph 2Adult (f)11,2631,2545
WudsYCoast Zyumorph 3Adult (f)9,2961,0586
i48vzCoast Zyumorph 4Adult (f)5,3386745
ygBcwCoast Zyumorph 5Adult (f)6,4448601
JBdcjCB Female Volcano Zyumorph 1Adult (f)6,48243414
RPAj5Volcano Zyumorph 1Adult (f)11,9701,2413
fEU5iVolcano Zyumorph 2Adult (m)4,1495582
ANgIvVolcano Zyumorph 3Adult (f)7,0981,0725
2qpTZVolcano Zyumorph 4Adult (m)7,2661,0135
dsYqJJungle Zyumorph 1Adult (f)9,3621,0912
awLkcJungle Zyumorph 2Adult (f)9,3739016
eFgpuJungle Zyumorph 3Adult (f)5,4839142
Iyo4JJungle Zyumorph 4Adult (m)8,0489673
khIsPJungle Zyumorph 5Adult (f)7,3599996
H3qPbCB Female Gold Lunar 1Adult (f)4,9941,3135
R9faHCB Female Gold Lunar 2Adult (f)4,7461,2610
XoXFICB Female Gold Lunar 3Adult (f)5,0976813
2cHmRCB Male Gold Lunar 1Adult (m)5,0031,3470
ktGQ8CB Male Gold Lunar 2Adult (m)5,2991,2372
2ftsnCB Male Gold Lunar 3Adult (m)3,5405802
aI0xOCB Female Brown Lunar 1Adult (f)11,0081,1473
YDBBtCB Male Brown Lunar 1Adult (m)7,0741,3532
SmTaPCB Male Brown Lunar 2Adult (m)3,5834501
eX2BCCB Male Brown Lunar 3Adult (f)8,1401,1553
s59roCB Male Brown Lunar 4Adult (m)5,5369552
uwKkfCB Male Brown Lunar 5Adult (m)8,9227663
VZjklCB Female Indigo Lunar 1Adult (f)5,7991,07210
shoShCB Female Indigo Lunar 2Adult (f)7,3731,2243
LUrFgCB Male Indigo Lunar 1Adult (m)3,6974150
H81tSCB Male Indigo Lunar 2Adult (m)3,5644160
3Hu1PCB Male Indigo Lunar 3Adult (m)6,8601,2322
pmjKtCB Male Indigo Lunar 4Adult (m)5,5869120
TQwjkCB Female Silver Lunar 1Adult (f)5,0841,1934
LFZTCCB Female Silver Lunar 2Adult (f)4,2591,2075
GS0JACB Female Silver Lunar 3Adult (f)5,8515621
uaCT7CB Female Silver Lunar 4Adult (f)9,1941,3404
zoGHSCB Female Silver Lunar 5Adult (f)8,2491,4075
7MrAQCB Female Silver Lunar 6Adult (f)6,3191,2782
JeW99CB Female Silver Lunar 7Adult (f)6,6877093
LdYijCB Male Silver Lunar 1Adult (m)4,0551,1984
VX83OCB Male Silver Lunar 2Adult (m)5,7959414
eQqQiCB Male Silver Lunar 3Adult (m)9,0941,3991
2SiJWCB Male Silver Lunar 4Adult (m)9,2251,5236
fiyafCB Male Silver Lunar 5Adult (m)4,8176142
qXNn4CB Female Celestial 1Adult (f)4,4906711
qHiFuCB Female Celestial 2Adult (f)5,7235534
NBuHdCB Female Celestial 3Adult (f)5,2501,0721
5pyFQCB Female Celestial 4Adult (f)3,5614430
yA0GUCB Female Celestial 5Adult (f)6,2878570
CiLkGCB Female Celestial 6Adult (f)8,8471,2494
83uilCB Female Celestial 7Adult (f)2,5545294
hAmfJCB Male Celestial 1Adult (m)4,6646602
ztebyCB Male Celestial 2Adult (m)4,7236893
0iOWJCB Male Celestial 3Adult (m)6,7358500
s6r36CB Male Celestial 4Adult (m)3,6587421
ojzecCB Male Celestial 5Adult (m)5,8779220
FMdqXCB Male Celestial 6Adult (m)5,5963745
uTSRWCB Male Celestial 7Adult (m)4,6047202
KLfxkCB Male Celestial 8Adult (m)2,3353012
hkd7b(hkd7b)Adult (m)4,1101,1702
VCQLv(VCQLv)Adult (m)4,1511,2001
5pWSJ(5pWSJ)Adult (m)3,2826671
U84xV(U84xV)Adult (m)4,3657490
7GUoE(7GUoE)Adult (m)4,1286861
mZCuQ(mZCuQ)Adult (m)4,0316981
nHjWO(nHjWO)Adult (m)5,6831,2850
N83tO(N83tO)Adult (m)5,9831,3101
vmkhh(vmkhh)Adult (m)4,3047722
kHTU(kHTU)Hatchling (F)1,1351276
Xf7ct(Xf7ct)Adult (m)5,3851,2055
8ie2(8ie2)Hatchling (m, F)2,80882013
3oj5u(3oj5u)Adult (m)4,0815271
ehPsz(ehPsz)Adult (m)5,1969878
erJLA(erJLA)Adult (m)4,99646616
0V8O(0V8O)Adult (m)4,0211,0575
pOsAZ(pOsAZ)Adult (m)6,1471,2235
KJoT(KJoT)Adult (m)5,2651,59742
3QPG(3QPG)Adult (m)6,22497612
9XmN(9XmN)Adult (m)2,26569611
Ih2G(Ih2G)Hatchling (f, F)4,83257813
7FuOuShinny Queen of MineAdult (f)3,6651,12519
pjmH(pjmH)Adult (f)3,5781,0276
bF8mHSweet Cotton Candy SilverAdult (f)3,45149118
9czKP(9czKP)Adult (f)4,5208414
PkW0Z(PkW0Z)Adult (f)4,2018231
Ld2p(Ld2p)Adult (f)5,4791,2757
PmBY(PmBY)Adult (f)3,13667221
YHsh(YHsh)Adult (f)3,1857338
OpMp6th gen goldpink thuwedAdult (f)1,77556110
FuC6(FuC6)Adult (f)2,2998888
ykIt2CB Female Red Copper 1Adult (f)5,2071,0389
FsnUqCB Male Red Copper 1Adult (m)6,3051,3705
EdprNCB Female Brown Copper 1Adult (f)5,8218297
dbHLuCB Female Brown Copper 2Adult (f)6,6111,2634
x8yG1CB Female Brown Copper 3Adult (f)9,3701,3802
jhBBzCB Male Brown Copper 1Adult (m)5,1259627
Qfw4eCB Male Brown Copper 2Adult (m)7,6121,0564
h6ih0CB Male Brown Copper 3Adult (m)11,5821,1673
aYCA6CB Female Blue Copper 1Adult (f)5,9367687
iOxdLCB Female Blue Copper 2Adult (f)5,2681,2033
ca2iBCB Male Blue Copper 1Adult (m)5,2041,0966
L76SVCB Female Falconiform 1Adult (f)4,7965981
asQ88CB Female Falconiform 2Adult (f)3,3187593
IEx3ZCB Female Falconiform 3Adult (f)5,1568431
V3pfhCB Male Falconiform 1Adult (m)6,3601,03510
CGZ8tCB Male Falconiform 2Adult (m)3,1937464
Rz7gWCB Male Falconiform 3Adult (m)4,5908551
DDXV7CB Male Falconiform 4Adult (m)7,6629637
ndAEWCB male black 1Adult (m)3,8531,25523
iEGLDCB male black 2Adult (m)3,7399016
RmKsLCB Male Black 3Adult (m)4,03659810
ZBK1SCB Male Black 4Adult (m)2,7166557
UNDh4CB Male Black 5Adult (m)3,2748885
CKFBRCB Male Black 6Adult (m)2,2389236
PDMTQCB Male Black 7Adult (m)2,7587894
yfRoJCB Male Black 8Adult (m)5,3101,0862
GoCesCB Male Black 9Adult (m)6,4539454
IXAOQCB Male Black 10Adult (m)7,5431,51721
Rdr6dCB Male Black 11Adult (m)8,2161,65222
UxE55CB Male Black 15Adult (m)5,4301,1673
UmAOiCB Male Black 12Adult (m)6,5211,4998
x1bsOCB Male Black 13Adult (m)4,1661,0205
8mGtnCB Male Black 14Adult (m)2,6568302
qAqwWCB Male Black 16Adult (m)6,3119553
7eNtNCB Male Black 17Adult (m)4,3299435
8SBAlCB Male Black 18Adult (m)4,6451,0903
IJx6eCB Male Black 19Adult (m)5,1521,0023
xgervCB Male Black 20Adult (m)3,2314512
2jCTvCB Male Black 21Adult (m)5,9967232
6eavvCB Male Black 22Adult (m)4,1506500
5ayCRCB Male Black 23Adult (m)4,5649351
mwTqzCB Male Black 24Adult (m)7,0681,1571
nLp84CB female black 1Adult (f)3,6971,26625
BUnhQCB female black 2Adult (f)3,68288520
N8cEXCB Female Black 3Adult (f)2,2396149
NiVSgCB Female Back 4Adult (f)2,4154668
VsSrfCB Female Black 5Adult (f)2,1248741
6oF3BCB Female Black 6Adult (f)4,1527662
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