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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RainbowTheAlbinoServal,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wMUEwWelcome to a serval's scrollAdult (f)9,4351,37118
uv6abWarning funny names aheadAdult (f)7,1598593
PqYdRThe Tree Of Wandering SpiritsEgg (F)
57oftAiiiri Kalamon HollywishAdult (f)4,2678795
z4CIjMaraka Kalamari HollywishAdult (f)4,2028714
vzKViYeira Kalamon HollywishAdult (f)4,3118532
FF0miCoco Kalamata HollywishAdult (m)4,3058652
El41aRage is my jamAdult (m)11,6402,5045
wPS59Ribbons that will tie you upAdult (f)4,1981,0362
QiHFwLittle thing who's not weirdAdult (m)4,1211,0171
EWLqyDashing through the bloody snowAdult (m)4,1561,0062
f3QbYTricolor dyed messAdult (m)3,9319842
qTFHKMist-Mistle-MistletoeAdult (f)3,9899990
opaVBGrumpy MooseAdult (f)3,9549652
EnjnBSnow angel with colored wingsAdult (f)3,2848902
HSYtvI am a little wyrmAdult (f)4,0789943
PcWfmA wyrm who has wingsAdult (f)3,9619852
7VP3xHolly my dreamAdult (m)3,0187794
vi8YAA watermelonAdult (m)3,5038920
iIIgyI'll love to see the world fallAdult (m)4,2838242
ucwoCHollowed boneAdult (f)4,2487863
ngI7ZThe timeline is messed upAdult (f)4,1687693
5sCpYThe devastation doesn't endAdult (f)4,1957542
3lWAlThe gem on my chest tells a taleAdult (f)4,2147742
uV3kPThis thing wants to eat my faceAdult3,9947063
BiOP7I sneeze in dangerAdult (f)5,9899083
lW3InThe Dragon EaterAdult (f)4,1567872
CR5jVCardinal sightingAdult (m)5,6459103
BZn4zBlue of lazinessAdult (m)5,8839062
kwnPBCreamy burnt wingsAdult (m)6,6227772
AMfIkKunu notathuwedAdult (m)4,7194325
3mDnLReme notathuwedAdult (f)4,2624033
v5vxWERROR 101Adult (f)3,6844343
BzNgTRare notathuwedAdult (f)4,0004211
YgV9WProject 139Adult5,0937836
sMBI4Black Licorice RedAdult (m)4,0166644
6kpZKSicko -Isolated Island ResidentAdult (m)3,42260912
qzozoDo you remember the time we metAdult (f)3,1416204
3vxm7Hey senpaiAdult (m)7,7888291
TVUpgGold or metalAdult (m)6,1221,0791
5L1TzWater on my faceAdult (f)6,0721,0662
6aAm7You are fossilsAdult (m)5,8741,0303
aNzoMThing I rejected twiceAdult (f)3,8609893
f22CqSweety chocolateAdult (m)4,4601,0362
GuFG0Ain't pumpkins sweetAdult (m)5,7821,2772
iXzLzDragon noodleAdult (f)5,9371,3222
YuWIGAngel in disguiseeeeeAdult (m)3,9551,0171
gNCk8Cashmere flower makerAdult (f)3,9001,0113
3ltprFlower crowns are betterAdult (m)5,0591,2282
nY62PI want flower crownsAdult (m)5,0931,1941
WF3q4Rosebud acroAdult (f)3,0327911
r4uVXLet's go to ASTRAPIAAdult (f)4,4849254
oftqDImma blowupAdult (m)5,6011,0122
umteyUmm no thank youAdult (m)5,6109881
fvCBAWhen I was truely happyAdult (m)2,8977471
rcShNWhat was it like back thenAdult (m)3,3408051
A4prGWhat will I do now without truthAdult (f)3,2718101
yrcXkFlowercrowned sweetAdult (f)3,1247881
1nMmWMonkeys monkeys everywhereAdult (f)4,0978403
XpE8tBrrrrbrrrblbrlrrusd blargAdult (f)3,8367643
PkW1LSolar N OAdult (f)2,9217213
ImoOAHISS DIS MY STICKAdult (m)2,8677062
hDlsoXenopygmiesAdult (f)2,9316861
1gOviDa sun is a deadly lazerAdult (m)3,0346811
VhSE4God darn childAdult (f)3,0576912
SW4cPI play toothless or dessertAdult (f)4,6789155
utoamCommunismstarAdult (m)4,7738981
xOJLSSocietystarAdult (m)4,2608201
IUORSHomeworkstarAdult (f)4,2768481
stxRcMY W A YAdult (f)6,9621,0762
SX8izPS yey summerAdult (m)7,3091,0562
pD5d2Perfect just what I needAdult (f)6,9121,0542
h8x4vMy d o o mAdult (f)6,7901,0092
9noc8Kuroku notathuwedAdult (m)6,0591,0062
LCJvNI BELIEVE I CAN DAIAdult (m)3,07326913
gA8DtMagically destructiveAdult (m)1,59235319
Q33CQKuduk notathuwedAdult (m)9,4331,4305
tqCjHTadukta notathuwedAdult (m)9,2791,4014
wYLI0WylioAdult (m)4,0421,0122
rY04DRyo you're 4DAdult (f)4,1051,0113
DiDtzNo i dun'tAdult (m)4,0911,0223
FqBmhNO GIRLS GIRLS GOTTA DAIAdult (f)4,1141,0115
uaKPcWake up in the dhsdhiwqhdwqAdult (f)3,7659544
waQ0KTHE GAY SUN LORDAdult (m)3,4787052
eqMX9I can i can'tAdult (m)4,2581,0271
rSN5bBaby  jeansAdult (m)4,1501,0483
ZLlT3You and your bleep inpoopmentsAdult (m)3,3278374
vENTmVentingAdult (m)4,2329975
DogYFBARK BARK BARK HHHHAdult (f)4,6888752
cOvchCouch potato chipsAdult (f)4,6118742
PS6YuSisila notathuwedAdult (f)6,8571,25010
zMZGqDaka notathuwedAdult (m)3,2097352
hd2Xdthrows a hissy fitAdult (f)2,9867491
Xfan4oh no a fanAdult (f)2,8987201
r6goSplease attacc me on AF thank youAdult (m)2,9337422
jgy80Mr PudgeAdult (m)4,7001,0676
y4MvlBlubbernardAdult (m)4,8761,0552
APveVWHEEZING HHHHAdult (m)4,7251,0643
xcA1vOne big markimoo jokeAdult (f)4,5861,0352
q8uicyou think you know everythingAdult (f)3,9116805
dJiHIYou and blubbernardAdult (f)4,8777366
aAVGd(aAVGd)Adult (f)2,9787122
Kc2Hb(Kc2Hb)Adult (f)2,9376971
1qvwS(1qvwS)Adult (m)2,9616771
wBUJK(wBUJK)Adult (f)3,0176842
2QfBO(2QfBO)Adult (f)3,6611,1141
9AMpI(9AMpI)Adult (m)3,8161,1672
C4K8Fall i want for christmas is FOODAdult (f)2,4417832
Dfmqydoot dooot doot doot dooot dootAdult (f)2,4577792
5ZAeo(5ZAeo)Adult (f)3,2988481
IrPt4(IrPt4)Adult (m)3,1978461
BIAlY(BIAlY)Adult (f)3,4188781
q57Uj(q57Uj)Adult (m)3,2018692
y77FD(y77FD)Adult (m)3,1499971
PXY5k(PXY5k)Adult (f)3,1449661
Z20qV(Z20qV)Adult (m)2,8448001
KoLJL(KoLJL)Adult (f)2,8547870
uFpLj(uFpLj)Adult (m)2,7807851
kJ368(kJ368)Adult (m)2,8637790
2QaPq(2QaPq)Adult (f)3,0066576
ZVn9r(ZVn9r)Adult (f)2,8896287
sJpVb(sJpVb)Adult (m)3,4717431
oIGO9(oIGO9)Adult (m)3,4877820
FJNki(FJNki)Adult (f)4,8129041
sOnyq(sOnyq)Adult (m)4,8059300
RlVX7(RlVX7)Adult (m)3,5257712
EA3Y9(EA3Y9)Adult (m)3,5377401
kPBts(kPBts)Adult (f)2,6766970
yk4C7(yk4C7)Adult (m)2,7226781
3lI87(3lI87)Adult (m)3,0437261
yPh0g(yPh0g)Adult (f)3,2639247
cLYY4(cLYY4)Adult (m)3,2409211
ZkPyL(ZkPyL)Adult (m)3,1519222
WOHWB(WOHWB)Adult (f)3,2019151
cMNCk(cMNCk)Adult (m)3,7088324
BTDlh(BTDlh)Adult (f)3,4868002
0POIo(0POIo)Adult (m)2,5897721
UcWMV(UcWMV)Adult (f)2,6287550
r3Nb2(r3Nb2)Adult (m)2,5887941
O4i5B(O4i5B)Adult (f)2,5977350
TAUZC(TAUZC)Adult (m)2,8016871
GZ5Uv(GZ5Uv)Adult (f)3,0327101
mYQuv(mYQuv)Adult (f)3,0907543
MVasA(MVasA)Adult (f)3,0867721
lEk8t(lEk8t)Adult (m)3,0927632
c2NSu(c2NSu)Adult (m)3,0357763
eAXLk(eAXLk)Adult (f)3,1708492
AcdrP(AcdrP)Adult (m)3,1708702
dhAB8(dhAB8)Adult (f)3,2248781
YB7oE(YB7oE)Adult (m)3,2408581
Kypat(Kypat)Adult (m)2,3226740
awpwa(awpwa)Adult (f)2,4247061
TKvg2(TKvg2)Adult (f)2,3007111
ABiZ9(ABiZ9)Adult (m)2,2796851
E5glC(E5glC)Adult (m)2,5547450
48lur(48lur)Adult (m)2,4307141
6dynm(6dynm)Adult (f)2,5277373
iHkSk(iHkSk)Adult (m)2,6267462
v76YL(v76YL)Adult (f)2,3318511
zef12(zef12)Adult (m)2,5769261
VUqTe(VUqTe)Adult (m)2,7126270
5NxL3(5NxL3)Adult (f)2,7196350
PKMYc(PKMYc)Adult (f)2,7316430
yFqI0(yFqI0)Adult (m)2,4646121
5XGqC(5XGqC)Adult (m)2,7627730
H1Q9U(H1Q9U)Adult (m)3,0118320
5lQeQ(5lQeQ)Adult (m)2,7297921
xdeNb(xdeNb)Adult (m)2,8048210
lb3hn(lb3hn)Adult (m)3,2588812
ZHcmc(ZHcmc)Adult (m)3,3198870
gCAvY(gCAvY)Adult (m)3,1846634
Zp7fw(Zp7fw)Adult (m)2,7946272
ePIMB(ePIMB)Adult (f)2,4966112
I9kCH(I9kCH)Adult (f)2,5656182
cxvgL(cxvgL)Adult (f)2,9176822
v0rL1(v0rL1)Adult (f)3,1127551
8qX1R(8qX1R)Adult (m)3,3178090
rKx2q(rKx2q)Adult (f)3,3738132
r2h0w(r2h0w)Adult (f)3,3327862
TYx8Q(TYx8Q)Adult (m)3,2667803
UJTvD(UJTvD)Adult (f)3,0817770
pvCrx(pvCrx)Adult (m)3,1227360
6pdjL(6pdjL)Adult (f)3,2798893
rv3Lv(rv3Lv)Adult (f)3,4418913
tAqdi(tAqdi)Adult (f)3,9941,0060
52T3O(52T3O)Adult (m)4,1121,0230
6ivwu(6ivwu)Adult (m)4,0959950
tf7GJ(tf7GJ)Adult (f)2,6206933
86BAJ(86BAJ)Adult (m)2,6887221
CiJBe(CiJBe)Adult (m)2,6987071
1uyqu(1uyqu)Adult (m)3,8739081
Dk718(Dk718)Adult (f)3,2508703
7FUSR(7FUSR)Adult (m)3,5258903
ujnM1(ujnM1)Adult (m)2,7778821
aYgEf(aYgEf)Adult (m)3,8281,0562
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