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You pick up the scroll labeled “Raina_Cullen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BlIR(BlIR)Hatchling (F)1,3068810
jYA9(jYA9)Hatchling (F)69932418
V6yh(V6yh)Adult (m)2,78561749
i73b(i73b)Adult (f)2,89464635
cShV(cShV)Adult (f)2,85162635
hfYn(hfYn)Adult (m)1,43297418
ksvA(ksvA)Adult (f)1,48091513
Yj4c(Yj4c)Adult (f)1,49791916
If5V(If5V)Adult (m)9126509
yiGT(yiGT)Adult (f)1,6501,1027
lyce(lyce)Adult (f)3,35890315
8364(8364)Adult (f)3,36290013
xaop(xaop)Adult (m)3,28789912
vrgQ(vrgQ)Adult (m)3,44095644
6nKP(6nKP)Adult (f)1,7861,24717
1FFN(1FFN)Adult (f)1,7631,20513
DDQ1(DDQ1)Adult (f)2,4081,45661
bexc(bexc)Adult (f)1,5571,01711
8QGF(8QGF)Adult (f)1,5561,01113
ZsCa(ZsCa)Adult (m)1,19079710
lxlU(lxlU)Adult (m)6,8371,93420
za93(za93)Adult (m)1,14479812
hBiQ(hBiQ)Adult (f)1,21392311
6Wmz(6Wmz)Adult (f)1,29399112
kzgZ(kzgZ)Adult (m)1,14790711
fx98(fx98)Adult (f)1,15491410
5cY4(5cY4)Adult (m)3,2021,79014
ebmB(ebmB)Adult (f)3,1881,77719
0P52(0P52)Adult (f)1,1389898
NkjB(NkjB)Adult (m)1,2361,0568
FMYH(FMYH)Adult (f)1,0828616
01xM(01xM)Adult (m)1,1018765
61Yb(61Yb)Adult (f)9077087
brJk(brJk)Adult (m)92772411
G94f(G94f)Adult (f)8696766
yQkr(yQkr)Adult (f)8496618
6Aqu(6Aqu)Adult (m)1,17236315
ARQv(ARQv)Adult (m)1,80653524
AnlW(AnlW)Adult (m)74650310
N2qg(N2qg)Adult (m)1,29457315
fA1Q(fA1Q)Adult (m)4,0611,0088
3ODA(3ODA)Adult (f)2,8301,15414
FDmG(FDmG)Adult (f)1,7311,1126
5UJh(5UJh)Adult (m)2,1441,3041
YAoi(YAoi)Adult (m)1,2949667
IQMf(IQMf)Adult (f)1,2169237
s4Ex(s4Ex)Adult (f)1,32674420
d1i6(d1i6)Adult (m)7745878
s29D(s29D)Adult (f)81161411
2tiY(2tiY)Adult (f)6905248
Oend(Oend)Adult (m)70945512
7XxM(7XxM)Adult (m)1,30459313
8y6p(8y6p)Adult (f)1,27358411
6R8x(6R8x)Adult (f)9727207
LNjw(LNjw)Adult (f)1,5619038
wV47(wV47)Adult (m)9016664
1ljn(1ljn)Adult (f)1,76643620
nIXU(nIXU)Adult (f)2,77843723
uChx(uChx)Adult (m)1,65644818
6ekq(6ekq)Adult (m)1,54939321
bSrb(bSrb)Adult (f)92335417
0KRj(0KRj)Adult (m)67243534
AoIT(AoIT)Adult (f)67342526
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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