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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rahenna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PMqDLegion and NuculaisAdult (m)1,93165716
SCo9The Siblings' Sad DestinyAdult (f)3,8485160
cYXfcCarmilla's SpellAdult (f)7,8666281
veDIxDarkness and TensionAdult (m)6,5237192
uCPfZ(uCPfZ)Adult (m)5,7596511
tOKCaHunter and PreyAdult (m)4,5919100
kKuIQBelmont's ThemeAdult (m)5,8981,1163
QBM0y(QBM0y)Adult (f)6,2188022
poEAr(poEAr)Adult (f)5,7536501
Qxjy8Monado SpeedAdult (f)7,0135293
OOp41Monado CycloneAdult (m)6,6145882
IXO2xMonado BraveAdult (m)5,4987833
LeAWbMonado EnchantAdult (f)5,3167162
vlG03Lend Us Your PowerAdult (m)5,6168471
XxAWFThe One Who Manipulates TimeAdult (f)6,3416474
RyA8M(RyA8M)Adult (m)5,7335671
qvsN6(qvsN6)Adult (f)3,2274653
Cjv6Y(Cjv6Y)Adult (m)3,9914861
ATUP8(ATUP8)Adult (f)3,1526881
XtbM6(XtbM6)Adult (f)2,3376541
NAuNU(NAuNU)Adult (f)2,8876005
33udInvisible SorrowAdult (f)4,0228723
jiF9Journey to ChaosAdult (m)3,8425033
H3tcMThe Gears Go AwryAdult (f)2,4768222
pouK6Underground ForgeAdult (f)4,7827841
JjgPoNoisy Dra-chanAdult (m)4,1305194
8nXpMSign of Blood RelationsAdult (m)4,3638051
qkFTPEscape from the KeepAdult (f)4,1908110
DaNxf(DaNxf)Adult (f)2,9434362
p1UuUSecond StruggleAdult (m)4,0787801
GF4w9Heart of the Devil's CastleAdult (f)4,6867271
FcPq5(FcPq5)Adult (f)3,6764730
aYs9N(aYs9N)Adult (m)3,6554670
taIiDEvil's Symphonic PoemAdult (f)4,6376610
fvVnU(fvVnU)Adult (f)4,8675212
bKATC(bKATC)Adult (m)5,0525691
l0Ts6(l0Ts6)Adult (f)4,7695440
Qo35s(Qo35s)Adult (f)5,0165401
woC6O(woC6O)Adult (m)4,3416010
qNHmInfinite CorridorAdult (f)3,9276041
Xzt2x(Xzt2x)Adult (f)5,2996121
q7dfV(q7dfV)Adult (m)5,4236401
vbpEM(vbpEM)Adult (f)5,4616521
vK3nBFinal Decisive BattleAdult (m)4,2553971
ib9alThe Night FlowsAdult (f)7,1486101
1XHyn(1XHyn)Adult (f)4,8107643
KBeuP(KBeuP)Adult (f)6,0598102
wZfqY(wZfqY)Adult (f)8,8636063
uTMzRVampire ThroneroomAdult (f)3,3799911
Xr1RJDescent to the Castle DungeonsAdult (m)4,0317671
iDgHqCrow Witch MalphasAdult (f)3,8229931
GffMlCreatures In The DepthAdult (m)4,0828642
NDgaI(NDgaI)Adult (m)6,2814861
EskK7(EskK7)Adult (f)2,7874680
y4jqiHunting PathAdult (m)3,5259260
Q2BxQDuet of MadnessAdult (f)5,5809211
iDRnnLycan CombatAdult (f)2,9368441
4aNXnTower Of GearsAdult (m)5,3496131
TssR5Devil's Castle LibraryAdult (m)2,7819680
e12Pq(e12Pq)Adult (f)5,4277641
KABlP(KABlP)Adult (m)5,7666732
FN9RH(FN9RH)Adult (m)6,1006721
zjckz(zjckz)Adult (m)4,4127992
is1KV(is1KV)Adult (f)5,1287872
0RFx2Dracula Castle CathedralAdult (m)6,6594766
rL7PIInto the Dark NightAdult (f)5,7356841
hQCQ3Zippy LustrinthAdult (m)5,8968123
YLtqo(YLtqo)Adult (m)5,6368374
TLeJwUnderground TunnelAdult (f)5,4866471
44PWpContinue BattleAdult (m)7,5195182
SX79Victorian FearAdult (f)3,1617894
O1JOCondemned TowerAdult (m)2,6876594
KL3dtLake of OblivionAdult (f)7,8465241
g6iHsMausoleum RelicAdult (m)5,1613600
jpxHdDemon Cave of SkeletonsAdult (f)4,5859150
ZHnbl(ZHnbl)Adult (m)5,0507222
O10QAMalus ReappearsAdult (f)3,6157511
XboQ1Duel TowerAdult (m)3,5747550
hSv4Chapel in the AirAdult (f)2,47468010
FEsUDance of SadnessAdult (m)2,7345502
w9yHjElement of CanopyAdult (f)6,0778244
BtaWN(BtaWN)Adult (m)4,5695832
cwH5w(cwH5w)Adult (f)4,5865801
7lL7n(7lL7n)Adult (f)4,5445802
bnrBAClock Tower FearAdult (m)2,7189940
SN3OrBasement MelodyAdult (f)2,7909960
TFzO7Purgatory ArenaAdult (m)4,0081,0321
3uzUgCastle DraculaAdult (m)5,4616831
LF7xAUnderground WaterwayAdult (f)4,6925591
zl8uPCenter of the Demonic CastleAdult (m)5,7057621
moKhMCount Dracula BattleAdult (f)4,7555770
bYarn(bYarn)Adult (m)2,7044172
rdudCheeses SlicedAdult3,4471,0889
VHuNShadow's StrongholdAdult5,4174161
PCc6Dark Night CrashHatchling (F)3,28760510
YjDjSorrow's DistortionHatchling (F)5,8973963
vNqCOrder of the DemonAdult (f)3,2914362
P0KaHeroic DawningHatchling (F)7971295
AOLPHGaribaldi CourtyardAdult (f)4,4996863
4NQdkPagoda of the Misty MoonAdult (m)4,2075202
xh0BHBoisterous SambaAdult (f)3,4885332
zM8ff(zM8ff)Adult (m)3,8334930
IMUvC(IMUvC)Adult (m)3,9205240
7iA4Young Nobleman of SadnessAdult (m)5,1528044
7sXTaAscension to the CastleAdult (m)3,8457132
vYUOLThe Pirate Ship Has ComeAdult (m)3,7375472
ZcNOTNelladel FestivalAdult (m)3,5335221
Hz8mI(Hz8mI)Adult (m)3,7304021
QAk1o(QAk1o)Adult (m)3,4695421
RTnjN(RTnjN)Adult (m)3,8315191
3SLPTower of DollsHatchling (m, F)3,7967581
jV6CLamented RoseAdult (f)3,8578002
05gOReincarnated SoulAdult (f)3,0255878
pY0MzI'm an AllyAdult (f)3,4764892
TfJljMetamorphosis No1Adult (f)4,0195032
7GVOg(7GVOg)Adult (f)4,0505282
B4OsL(B4OsL)Adult (f)4,2095272
nfaqq(nfaqq)Adult (f)3,3324971
Sh1oc(Sh1oc)Adult (f)3,4694231
A3VUInvitation of a Crazed MoonAdult (f)3,1796514
K3JrIn Search of the Secret SpellAdult (f)3,1246291
fuLTxExecution TowerAdult (f)3,2774842
28z0A(28z0A)Adult (f)3,8204711
S7Xwh(S7Xwh)Adult (f)3,8234161
hbEuY(hbEuY)Adult (f)3,2663831
gI65u(gI65u)Adult (f)3,1544783
YmKGX(YmKGX)Adult (f)3,8054522
dM2Vy(dM2Vy)Adult (f)3,6764421
1P2YS(1P2YS)Adult (f)3,5284151
D6oF5Clockwork MansionAdult (m)4,2224201
ptpbrGhostly TheatreAdult (m)5,1394251
QCmIlPlayer MissAdult (m)3,1114922
MWbcgSuccessor of FateAdult (m)5,2583511
Bcqk9Lullaby of the DevilsAdult (m)4,6503111
YQsApTo the Heart of the Devil CastleAdult (m)2,7745412
bSVoxStone King GolemAdult (m)4,1475012
JY043(JY043)Adult (m)3,3134852
zOYvMA Night of Peace and QuietAdult (f)3,0739561
JEbobConcert of Another DimensionAdult (f)3,1169631
jPF5zScience TowerAdult (f)4,3816451
IHPwOCastle CenterAdult (f)3,6807173
dvsx7Reticence LeafAdult (f)3,9487052
3IjOi(3IjOi)Adult (f)4,2764671
hKgs4(hKgs4)Adult (f)3,5893811
dQWvn(dQWvn)Adult (f)4,4754531
z83rEAwaken from the NightmareAdult (m)4,1127581
9085iBrief TranquilityAdult (m)3,8067051
KidqV(KidqV)Adult (f)3,9714410
y39gb(y39gb)Adult (f)4,0114920
hybt6(hybt6)Adult (m)3,2654711
JKHZw(JKHZw)Adult (f)3,8874071
7W0iHMalus' DisasterAdult (m)3,8067012
3HwnRBack to the PresentAdult (m)3,8907562
ljbfw(ljbfw)Adult (m)3,5825121
d2oHd(d2oHd)Adult (m)3,2394261
ATEWn(ATEWn)Adult (m)2,6934970
O30Wq(O30Wq)Adult (m)3,2803881
WUUKiThe Grey KnightAdult (m)3,0496642
n2UHEMarble GalleryAdult (m)3,0166681
8cTe2(8cTe2)Adult (m)4,0734062
Mn9t7(Mn9t7)Adult (m)3,1463941
9QEJW(9QEJW)Adult (f)3,6904991
Re3Wb(Re3Wb)Adult (f)3,0684672
YtgE3(YtgE3)Adult (f)3,2084321
PRWuN(PRWuN)Adult (f)4,2963980
tVeoh(tVeoh)Adult (f)4,6404472
Qgxlg(Qgxlg)Adult (f)2,3574862
3CbUV(3CbUV)Adult (m)3,8065422
BHWSH(BHWSH)Adult (m)3,9275300
a8IKWandering the Crystal BlueAdult (m)5,4309112
kBsEA Clashing of WavesAdult (f)3,7315144
1V205Fight AgainAdult (m)5,0238501
QTY0TCarmilla's FightAdult (m)7,5265175
FeOax(FeOax)Adult (m)6,2788244
fNVUF(fNVUF)Adult (f)6,5328073
Cjh4QCemetery of RainbowAdult (f)6,1326922
1PYjRPan's ChallengeAdult (f)8,5565792
VHE4mSecret HighwindAdult (m)6,1646922
04CjParlante's FlowersAdult (f)5,1025353
0EJZ3Garden Forgotten by TimeAdult (m)5,0903962
uCUhTrue To Your DreamsAdult (m)1,76235622
5VbBRepose of SoulsAdult (f)3,4575351
1Sm7E(1Sm7E)Adult (f)5,7177220
jasKThe Sinking Old SanctuaryAdult (f)3,4451,0922
YnZNWater PrisonAdult (m)3,6553903
6IsMj(6IsMj)Adult (m)5,5037845
wHTCFKeys to VictoryAdult (f)4,2588603
6hEhV(6hEhV)Adult (m)6,0067641
XZTWq(XZTWq)Adult (m)7,0014751
8IzdD(8IzdD)Adult (m)6,5419111
aFYy9(aFYy9)Adult (f)8,6576450
4DwEr(4DwEr)Adult (f)9,3268550
XbbeD(XbbeD)Adult (f)7,7629771
R3IHO(R3IHO)Adult (m)8,9056333
GMzRm(GMzRm)Adult (m)7,5829141
ipi4N(ipi4N)Adult (f)7,5647701
8JkD2(8JkD2)Adult (m)8,1998791
F84v3(F84v3)Adult (f)7,4368862
s1gFBlack BanquetAdult (m)4,5129244
vEsTDwelling of DoomAdult (f)4,7525902
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