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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Qndy4555,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cMTy(cMTy)Adult (f)2,21199439
wA7g(wA7g)Adult (f)1,65868035
dUb1(dUb1)Adult (f)1,65568836
nVGX(nVGX)Adult (m)1,68569543
gFmv(gFmv)Adult (m)1,9131,08243
jltf(jltf)Adult (f)2,0031,15641
lbKS(lbKS)Adult (f)5,3231,30853
l52N(l52N)Adult (m)1,83292738
9LbR(9LbR)Adult (m)2,5501,58920
mC5G(mC5G)Adult (f)3,5881,90240
8mI3(8mI3)Adult (f)2,7251,58320
dEnv(dEnv)Adult (f)2,7161,09247
VTJP(VTJP)Adult (f)3,5341,42026
6XmA(6XmA)Adult (m)1,50798932
63ca(63ca)Adult (m)1,27186326
e6cn(e6cn)Adult (m)1,06074629
Rnvo(Rnvo)Adult (f)1,43271457
XpfW(XpfW)Adult (f)1,42571647
HcTO(HcTO)Adult (m)3,0481,28927
St7B(St7B)Adult (f)2,66092223
BJjV(BJjV)Adult (f)2,0931,01240
DKff(DKff)Adult (m)4,3391,47145
mlxu(mlxu)Adult (m)3,2351,07821
wOAZ(wOAZ)Adult (m)3,2501,80413
LxYy(LxYy)Adult (f)2,3751,21638
4EIb(4EIb)Adult (m)1,91498138
5Bdb(5Bdb)Adult (f)2,9751,72143
cOXH(cOXH)Adult (f)1,6861,21737
XZNk(XZNk)Adult (m)1,4491,05834
833A(833A)Adult (m)1,4521,05532
Urqw(Urqw)Adult (f)1,9061,09428
odtI(odtI)Adult (m)2,5581,08427
Y9dU(Y9dU)Adult (f)1,9061,09833
c8t8(c8t8)Adult (f)3,0891,42715
1aYL(1aYL)Adult (m)1,4841,04725
wi19(wi19)Adult (f)1,4901,04923
f9iI(f9iI)Adult (m)1,09582918
OgzP(OgzP)Adult (f)1,29395523
I3zc(I3zc)Adult (m)9927309
hnkv(hnkv)Adult (f)1,00273412
AM6z(AM6z)Adult (f)1,00373612
prkf(prkf)Adult (f)1,00173412
DjQd(DjQd)Adult (f)99572912
XK4s(XK4s)Adult (f)1,1258419
8b6S(8b6S)Adult (m)1,12584110
5a7W(5a7W)Hatchling (f, F)1,1348409
SMaQ(SMaQ)Adult (m)1,1168369
9sbk(9sbk)Adult (m)1,03574511
Q7Cp(Q7Cp)Adult (f)9496989
u3nH(u3nH)Adult (f)9116733
IYzg(IYzg)Adult (f)1,07177010
MG7N(MG7N)Adult (f)1,2408849
Ygy0(Ygy0)Adult (f)73644714
UeJK(UeJK)Hatchling (F)47132316
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