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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Purpletail144,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aO8o(aO8o)Egg (F)
ZKg3A(ZKg3A)Adult (f)4,2699031
NZtDmNizatedmith IshryuuAdult (m)2,1457791
U8oYoUoyateth IshryuuAdult (m)2,1908170
GyVxiGyvixith IshryuuaAdult (f)2,9988602
gi75B(gi75B)Adult (m)2,4218090
QlQFx(QlQFx)Adult (f)3,5751,0141
MzUZd(MzUZd)Adult (m)3,7781,0631
0AxcF(0AxcF)Adult (f)3,9609462
N06RVNoravath IshryuuaAdult (f)4,0969403
1qdJf(1qdJf)Adult (f)3,9169993
VOk0f(VOk0f)Adult (f)2,6958281
aArkArkless FlaminIshWivAdult (m)3,2768788
VjesVojes Flamin IshwivAdult (m)1,49464115
j1rOJiroz Flamin' IshwivAdult (m)1,8576155
q0FlQuofis Flamin' IshwivAdult (m)3,50780829
H5vJOJoren Flamin' IshWivAdult (m)2,0728288
69V14Yivern Flamin'RoseII IshWivAdult (m)2,34492810
P8L0sPlatos Flamin'RoseII IshWivAdult (m)4,1111,11610
mIN6jMinju Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)4,6381,0965
6piE8DragonFruit Pie FlaminIshAdult (m)3,1277032
COq3DBoneCrest Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)1,9127192
BBmc8MinTip'd Rose II IshryuuAdult (m)2,7269192
ZIZ8WWoven Rose IshryuuAdult (m)3,1228901
WgdZAZawrig Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)3,0039742
P8eecPeaitu Flamin IshWivAdult (m)4,2161,1901
B3e5VBevrin Flamin IshWivAdult (m)2,9269461
mmK0NKonfus Phoenico IshryuuAdult (m)3,3151,2412
5rAZ8Raz Flamin IshWivAdult (m)2,5368881
6SHecHesic Flamin' IshWivAdult (m)2,5348734
hu1YFHuey Flamin IshWivAdult (m)2,4638563
3QLLAQulan Flamin' IshWivAdult (m)3,2619771
X9mmQXninequan Flamin' IshWivAdult (m)2,4679153
oQgJiOogaji Flamin' IshWivAdult (m)2,83292824
HTFbZHefter Kokoro IshWivAdult (m)3,0109173
j0tWOJotwo Flamin IshWivAdult (m)4,5591,4553
F1Q8cReleecur PureFlamin IshWivAdult (m)2,1709051
37thmThimlin Flamin IshWivAdult (m)3,2231,0394
W7vFaWavfa Flamin' IshWivAdult (m)2,3679812
g30HBHigo Flamin' IshWivAdult (m)1,8257191
9sMlmMislim Flamin IshWivAdult (m)2,7379212
c2i7uCitusan IshWivAdult (m)4,0498251
k0otEWyku PureFlamin' IshryuuAdult (m)4,0509045
aU2jkAjuakan IshWivAdult (m)5,5689283
LBrn4Levrin RosePie II IshryuuAdult (m)2,6078917
eUVm2Zombie PigManAdult (m)3,8428604
PNWOUPinwou FlaminRose II IshryuuAdult (m)2,3008753
5agK1Kage Tip II IshryuuAdult (m)2,5438742
GanEMGenam Rose III IshryuuAdult (m)2,7838921
UUHv3Uhin BlackTip'dRoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)2,4979402
S5B98Sofis Flamin'RoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,4849582
cM0XpMoxren FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,4499241
NjMkZNejmish FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,4088813
Cm3XFRoyal Cexine FlaminRoseII IshAdult (m)2,4149332
B9ek8Bekro Flamin'RoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)1,9979232
cXLKoXimlik Flamin'RoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,3858742
X8cpGXiran Flamin'RoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,5509773
iVFMrVirimukan FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,3179291
UtUhKUkiran Flamin'RoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)2,1238792
KY90KKyoki Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)2,0587172
RI7kqRiquan Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)1,9786753
CPVHdChoayte ZombieRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)1,8168481
Rjr9yRojless Flamin'RoseII IshryuuAdult (m)1,8388262
iRIguRigui Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)1,6717073
8sDILDilgafwi FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)1,8668422
iBANuWielder of teh BANstickAdult (m)1,5246713
AMx7hAmlaro FlaminRoseIV IshryuuAdult (m)1,9268452
xi5S2Suxiran FlaminRoseIV IshryuuAdult (m)1,8908301
it69kProayte ZombieRoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)1,8327811
Iy3ZWIyzuwren Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)1,8727512
v2bOSOvseb Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)1,8027371
0RaSvRoyal Rasov FlaminRoseIII IshryuAdult (m)2,1028581
nQ4D8Quazlan FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)1,9618330
eOUJ2Ouji Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,2066773
qFvOFFoxiran FlaminRoseV IshryuuAdult (m)2,1098182
edyimEdyim FlaminRoseIV IshryuuAdult (m)2,1978524
dFWoMFomliress Flamin'RoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)2,0958181
1bwmQQuimwer Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,9707093
twGhoGhotew Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)1,9467962
h0BRIBrihoen Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,6357061
sAcuZSacuzro Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,6007303
N8X0iNaxoiren FlaminRoseVI IshryuuAdult (m)2,4179722
v7coVVocjilan FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,1729192
pBaBnBazpin FlaminGloII IshryuuAdult (m)2,1969122
mHJrsHomeblir FlaminRoseIV IshryuuAdult (m)2,2939471
xzfiUUofiz FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,0979002
Wc3rwWoenbri FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,2969591
skMzdMizskad Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,1337941
UPno4Upno Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,4577472
XC7iOXocjilus FlaminRoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)3,4608271
5np6BBokquiz FlaminRoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)2,5409051
gWrO7Wozgin FlaminGloIII IshryuuAdult (m)2,3808973
yG120Gizphad FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,5319591
BQOg2Boyouquin FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,7359792
GlSUIGisui Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,0408724
n6QZ4Quazaran Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,34682911
H0NPcHoni Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,6561,15529
l2UrvUriving Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,3458653
EKX7GExoukan FlaminRoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)2,2911,0834
GkzPpGekzupai Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,5447231
yX5zNXedijen FlaminRoseV IshryuuAdult (m)3,2299965
OHrC3Orochi Flamin'RoseIV IshryuuAdult (m)2,8038621
LwVToLewvito Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)2,6608113
XPurQXypurq Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)2,5598413
8s0isSoeightis Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)2,5097901
aUOZiUaouzi Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)2,6548291
iyRN0Rynoric Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,0917522
mxZEXZexelmer Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)2,1637671
SxBe0Sebexro Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,3477601
lnCGVIngivhar BoneCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)2,0106871
DaKetDaket ReflectiveCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)2,3146981
Rfz8ZRazafarian Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,0427561
spPtCPesectan Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,1557184
bvAM9Amverang Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,0938627
fXnqIXinquaf Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,3867283
lgE4qEquinyog FlaminRoseIII IshryuuAdult (m)2,7739441
0HDldHoldrin Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,5468514
XFnPxXefenpex Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,3878380
CC6uLCullerian Flamin' IshryuuAdult (m)2,9148384
sSvtzSevetz Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,9808512
96h7kHikurestran Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,1509093
rSiOjCrested Fairy III IshryuuAdult (m)3,0449202
wqlXwXiruqan Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,7779356
gqVZmVezguan Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,6927693
FWS2HFwishren Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,5727584
LnyS7Lyns IshryuuAdult (m)3,0598831
FT2LBFytalib Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,3739162
J0TdsJotted Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,3869130
xKSrmKeseverem FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)3,3521,1224
rdDj8DJArk BoneCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)2,8401,0221
6rHeCHecno FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)2,8821,0453
2Do8VDoveris Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,1078122
71MRmMr Furaming BoneCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)2,8078591
AEpvMMetallic FlamingoII IshryuuAdult (m)3,0788741
sCHKwChiphynri FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)3,3371,0432
B87cSByacers Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)4,3748643
szrc1Sazric BoneCrestIII IshryuuAdult (m)3,5111,0213
vJ1pkJivpek Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,8428662
xRb3cRexocopter BoneCrestIII IshryuuAdult (m)3,4681,0060
IwEnzIwenzhi BoneCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)2,7128950
YNG33Ying FlaminRoseII IshryuuAdult (m)4,1321,1832
QcoVVQuovern BoneCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)3,8301,1322
PQ2gbPequrg Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,9926852
oTSdaTosjua BoneCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)3,7231,1131
HrhsPHazpric BoneCrestIV IshryuuAdult (m)3,0071,0644
cfP6wPixcefu Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,0748471
ir4rgIrarageth Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,2128561
bPZ95Pininez Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,8707652
K3CgNThunderous FlamingoII IshryuuAdult (m)2,7767160
dr2ueDrueth Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,0548462
9yNLbNylib BlackCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)3,7437363
wYXmlYaxmilwyth Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,2558911
gyz65Gyzer AlbiCrestII IshryuuAdult (m)3,5528791
GYA2gGaiya Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,9879001
59qGRGyveqinerth Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,1938620
fGi0DGirodefth Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,6899250
QUS19Qusnine Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,9029323
r0ZtmOzrith Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,2958100
HM66uHixmu Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,2208680
xWdixWixedrith Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,4618723
peaKFPeaking Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)3,2109110
UV9XdUnivexdeth Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)1,6876272
XD5iuXiudeth Flamin IshryuuAdult (m)2,5478392
0yvNr(0yvNr)Adult (m)2,1266715
cn7TL(cn7TL)Adult (m)1,7067762
PETxb(PETxb)Adult (m)2,6231,1601
nB2Ds(nB2Ds)Adult (m)2,3847270
eYmFC(eYmFC)Adult (m)2,3647254
SW8Ap(SW8Ap)Adult (m)1,9727880
OnfjJ(OnfjJ)Adult (m)2,6641,0063
g6ofv(g6ofv)Adult (m)2,6601,0241
viwPR(viwPR)Adult (m)3,3769712
4cJ5T(4cJ5T)Adult (m)3,4588354
t6oCF(t6oCF)Adult (m)3,2628161
HBg8E(HBg8E)Adult (m)3,4688581
yJKOd(yJKOd)Adult (m)3,7908771
TAr4a(TAr4a)Adult (m)3,5298310
uxKOb(uxKOb)Adult (m)3,6118642
IUoKe(IUoKe)Adult (m)3,2468452
kSscg(kSscg)Adult (m)4,9769811
kOqrE(kOqrE)Adult (m)3,7511,0822
lp1Xn(lp1Xn)Adult (m)4,0651,1263
R8sWF(R8sWF)Adult (m)4,2689653
hNC5b(hNC5b)Adult (m)3,0287275
zbBW7(zbBW7)Adult (m)3,4558600
m1Cbg(m1Cbg)Adult (m)4,6691,0243
v8ldLeetle Flare IshryuuaAdult (f)1,79174921
WpjqCrimson Streak IshryuuAdult (m)8,2301,78716
RZdpfNano SkyeFlare of BerkAdult (f)2,9227226
CGd6WCagwad NanoWing IshryuuAdult (m)5,0161,0504
FCHObFoh N Boc IshryuuAdult (m)1,6805791
N2P1I(N2P1I)Adult (m)5,1229130
RMlmG(RMlmG)Adult (m)4,2959222
H4VrOvara CosmicFlared IshryuuaAdult (f)2,2346625
Cp3soFieryCosmic CrimsonTide IshryuuaAdult (f)2,61897515
eGloSStariGloss Comsic IshryuuaAdult (f)1,88383617
LJZWdA Rose for the DeadAdult (f)3,6931,02510
MYJ9cShe is My SinAdult (f)3,3721,1374
qGJ6UStarri RubyChristmas IshryuuaAdult (f)2,4138935
T35T2FireyRose Cosmic IshryuaAdult (f)2,8839076
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