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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Purple04,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sFFTEu sou GrootEgg (F)
HYBTg(HYBTg)Adult (m)3,0631,0211
0LGic(0LGic)Adult (f)3,1321,0300
mekpE(mekpE)Adult (m)3,1271,0301
XAGZN(XAGZN)Adult (f)2,8479511
S3pCH(S3pCH)Adult (f)2,8839461
yltQm(yltQm)Adult (f)2,8409671
HOj8C(HOj8C)Adult (f)3,6821,0330
GJo7X(GJo7X)Adult (m)3,5579802
6lezv(6lezv)Adult (m)3,5681,0102
AovbJ(AovbJ)Adult (m)2,8358321
dG5EV(dG5EV)Adult (m)3,9131,0340
zeNhU(zeNhU)Adult (m)4,0419951
LafOj(LafOj)Adult (m)4,1709182
PsF0B(PsF0B)Adult (f)4,1298942
1tb0K(1tb0K)Adult (m)4,2079293
dVOcT(dVOcT)Adult (m)3,5268362
ueCvX(ueCvX)Adult (m)3,5118491
91lvC(91lvC)Adult (m)4,8661,2401
6hgIL(6hgIL)Adult (m)4,6201,1931
AkNzN(AkNzN)Adult (m)3,9381,0860
6lrE6(6lrE6)Adult (f)3,9901,1121
ji3PI(ji3PI)Adult (f)3,9861,1221
sVvFo(sVvFo)Adult (m)4,0241,1092
eF8ZT(eF8ZT)Adult (f)4,0831,1621
1LvHu(1LvHu)Adult (f)3,9941,1442
fmxmv(fmxmv)Adult (m)4,0071,1230
4JLSe(4JLSe)Adult (m)2,8778052
BGj5B(BGj5B)Adult (m)2,9008310
xYPEL(xYPEL)Adult (f)4,7031,1863
lQXjZ(lQXjZ)Adult (f)4,6811,1692
tkdfk(tkdfk)Adult (m)4,7131,1560
FgDYA(FgDYA)Adult (f)4,7831,1950
IUYZ2(IUYZ2)Adult (f)3,7828131
GHzmF(GHzmF)Adult (m)4,0568802
yO15T(yO15T)Adult (m)4,0688631
3Onnt(3Onnt)Adult (m)5,7181,1471
6gslS(6gslS)Adult (f)5,5851,0751
5cWXq(5cWXq)Adult (m)5,8391,1532
a1AP1(a1AP1)Adult (f)5,5731,1241
eemSj(eemSj)Adult (f)2,6577231
5DnprMy Cute ToothlessHatchling (F)2,1783194
BA3knGuardian of them allAdult (m)3,3521,0784
rHBkgQueen of them allAdult (f)6,9371,0685
TnDWMA Sun to Brighten Your DayAdult (f)3,8941,0277
DabZS(DabZS)Adult (f)3,6501,0180
sdy78(sdy78)Adult (f)3,6221,0280
HqPhw(HqPhw)Adult (f)3,6257922
jpPVJ(jpPVJ)Adult (m)4,4221,2830
9pKKX(9pKKX)Adult (m)6,8261,1362
8KHeN(8KHeN)Adult (m)3,5507871
gKvoyMy Favorite Flavors GrapeAdult (f)6,6691,1201
8pa5r(8pa5r)Adult (m)6,7481,0970
PUlw8Fuoco ViolaAdult (f)6,7561,1050
dRpVW(dRpVW)Adult (f)6,5001,1173
HdyBT(HdyBT)Adult (f)6,6301,0911
eiYp0(eiYp0)Adult (m)3,3967712
vXyVRPoison TigerAdult (m)6,3861,0471
TrTH8Poison TigressAdult (f)6,3791,0541
YfBeVMuseum BeautyAdult (f)6,2851,0761
mxNuXLatina PrincessAdult (f)6,0931,0650
nnPrD(nnPrD)Adult (m)6,1621,0660
rs5Qn(rs5Qn)Adult (m)6,6371,1594
PXFMoGot KatanaAdult (f)7,2651,0341
d6cKnYato ChanAdult (m)6,3571,0381
t8udQ(t8udQ)Adult (f)6,3901,0401
SDyUFUfologys CoolAdult (m)6,1801,0600
BTE2bBe 2 BeAdult (f)6,7129741
gcdHc(gcdHc)Adult (m)6,2671,0700
fVNvV(fVNvV)Adult (f)5,4451,1600
aFH1K(aFH1K)Adult (m)3,5187730
gnx6f(gnx6f)Adult (m)7,2051,0572
YbiVGYbiAdult (f)7,3131,0842
hLeM5M5 AdamAdult (m)6,7801,1210
UwYaS(UwYaS)Adult (m)6,7341,1292
vHiqY(vHiqY)Adult (m)6,2481,2302
7Px2N(7Px2N)Adult (f)5,4201,2202
nq919(nq919)Adult (m)5,3541,1314
UF5HkWatch me dazzle like a DiamondAdult (m)5,7669871
tol87Diamond Dancer in the skyAdult (m)3,4207471
ibNfqMe shines bright like a diamondAdult (f)3,3707031
q8nSIGuardian of DiamondsAdult (m)3,4816681
DkFZDHardest Gem eveeerAdult (f)3,7887392
PyPwcShantae Half GenieAdult (f)3,3797101
rC8l7Prefer the DarknessAdult (m)3,4667471
OhZzmOh Double Z in my codeAdult (m)3,7777231
47bogKing of BogAdult (m)3,7387181
SNWXYRapunzel Magical HairAdult (f)3,4619227
amLygSanson Magical HairAdult (m)3,4158832
a1bCy(a1bCy)Adult (f)6,8101,1502
TRHyP(TRHyP)Adult (m)6,7861,1642
f7EqgGreen is favoriteAdult (f)3,4737261
pFHrXNever Lost The Faith DearAdult (f)3,4057051
4t8uVYeah I know I am bipolarAdult (f)3,7867412
o1L2WTravel the timeAdult (m)3,4417211
qFdnP(qFdnP)Adult (f)6,2271,0591
sgL2ZEarth BronzeAdult (m)5,6159192
UXdQmManipulates the EarthAdult (f)3,4916083
BUOyADon't Mess with Mr TimeAdult (m)2,8037544
tRkDCManipulates ManaAdult (m)3,3938586
Pm22zManipulates the SeaAdult (m)3,5578617
gtIDnLady Dominator of LightningAdult (f)4,6279382
EmW7eTemperamental GirlAdult (f)3,6647186
T1PbRManipulates FireAdult (f)4,0663642
y4j9LI ain't from round hereAdult (f)5,1897263
4m7mrI'm from another dimensionAdult (m)4,7597576
vMEcIIt's gonna get a little weirdAdult (f)5,4857874
5D6AfThrough WingAdult (m)5,8049012
abD0FScales of SaphireAdult (f)5,6609801
XuyTCXuy TCAdult (m)5,3051,1172
mvipL(mvipL)Adult (m)6,0281,1714
EAzgXPombo1Adult (m)3,5307951
ZDWEyWey PigeonAdult (m)5,5341,2151
Y6s0uTasty HoneyAdult (m)5,6639201
AhXhCMel HoneyAdult (f)6,1858801
ah8P2Gold PuddinAdult (m)5,7059551
a5cmODolce MielAdult (m)5,6999641
3BQpf(3BQpf)Adult (m)6,0871,2040
XUOkU(XUOkU)Adult (f)6,0951,3084
XOSX9XOXO From LuminaAdult (f)3,7467911
jqIe3Jackson JonhsonAdult (m)3,8927791
lG3bsJackie GlowsAdult (f)4,2418241
jFQ9II S2 MyselfAdult (m)4,5927702
qv8aKMay I Be Your LightAdult (f)4,6287661
5r2nNShine Your Way and Lead The WayAdult (m)4,1817371
FruFbCharlize CandlesAdult (f)4,3926741
xG9tZLord from the LightAdult (m)4,4407040
udVsAThunderstorms HeartAdult (f)3,5965402
9DeBiDebi ElectricAdult (f)3,6687531
JBVkkSuper Bolt DragonAdult (m)3,7577371
yGNrfArnevinaAdult (f)3,7487651
N3cHYMe Love Storm DaysAdult (m)3,9016703
MKTjtMikaela ElectricityAdult (f)3,9456931
1ygDrDare to Play with MeAdult (m)3,8356891
uLDnnEnjoying the ViewAdult (f)4,1987191
7dltYShocking Bolt PowersAdult (m)3,9796582
xnOl0Celestial Galaxy AngelAdult (f)4,3226891
SjJ4DSamuel Light StarAdult (m)4,7327002
qIG6mMerida BraveAdult (f)4,7797011
WSTENCame from the Old WestAdult (m)4,4386960
bI9BlPrincess of the ConstellationAdult (f)4,5366920
jsJZ7Stars LoverAdult (f)4,2758151
y7j8HNerd WisdomAdult (m)4,1969663
2zm4BWingy RainbowAdult (f)3,4478672
R07aMItalian LadyAdult (f)3,6297492
5QFX1Master of Wing IllusionAdult (m)3,7057522
SCgFyLunar Angel of NightsAdult (m)4,4355114
s5HlARed-violet PirateAdult (m)4,9351,1239
bj9DxKatrina La MuerteAdult (f)4,5871,0142
ZwKpmPalletecaAdult (f)4,5421,0988
F6dmHHe's Walking on FireAdult (m)7,0401,17416
v9mX2TangerininaAdult (f)3,09794811
pnaBEBe CuriousAdult (m)5,3614622
Po0moPomoAdult (f)3,1719942
6XXxSJoyful TreasureAdult (m)3,1248413
dWvPG(dWvPG)Adult (f)6,3571,0211
ZaCyq(ZaCyq)Adult (m)5,9891,0590
dVYWRBeautiful Water PrinceAdult (m)4,6681,0304
WAPMBMysterious Water PrincessAdult (f)4,3859915
l9c6FHeart of BravenessAdult (m)4,1149966
HbNtGUndyne'UndertaleAdult (f)4,8027051
85tZqControl Water is my thingAdult (m)3,8906851
vDzgBRichard First FrillAdult (m)4,6587091
SCpzoPhilomena First FrillAdult (f)4,6407131
B2KbSLindsey Stirling FanAdult (f)4,4296661
HUP0BThe Violin PrincessAdult (f)4,3956691
z1St2Heist is GreatAdult (f)3,4736601
Dqfd7Daphne JewelAdult (f)5,8488242
MCzkDMackenzie HeartAdult (f)5,7908212
p53B0Terror SombrioAdult4,22745622
MnyycLord Precious SapphireAdult (m)4,1757302
R3HyVSapphire SUAdult (f)4,2907011
51mZdWHERES MY oh nevermind found itAdult (m)3,9456741
COBJJCob JayAdult (m)4,5396960
p4cUxElsa's DragonAdult (f)2,9349372
P5gBCRainha ElsaAdult (f)2,9008882
lE51hFreezing your HeartAdult (m)2,6418381
hmtp3GeladoAdult (m)2,7298661
c2fshLet It Go DragonAdult (f)2,4408022
eUu9ZBlues and More BluesAdult (m)2,2868072
OmZMqThe One that Loves DepthsAdult (m)2,3357971
zsj0jWings of Blue DaysAdult (m)2,3628302
fZ9L0Princesa AzuladaAdult (f)2,4668452
Uc8VDAdorable BlueAdult (f)2,4737961
3j11kBlue JustineAdult (f)4,5716972
sRwSdSea is BetterAdult (f)5,9279131
q27AKAkyyAdult (f)3,1151,0072
ifFzZIfzAdult (m)2,9501,0084
gB3qVBe free and live happyAdult (m)3,4306832
oi4XRLady of the Blue IceAdult (f)2,8198952
tHRKYFogo GeladoAdult (f)2,9119294
OjX5JLord FalconAdult (m)2,8998743
PWwmDShy FalconAdult (f)2,8928921
9Hz0mJustice FlamesAdult (m)2,4727623
uNkVYShadow with FireAdult (m)2,3807751
xfHT0A Smart Girl IndeedAdult (f)4,7737402
UhuNqLaughs Will Cure the SadnessAdult (m)3,8967051
Aao6LI will be there for uAdult (f)4,3756712
V9OiPI Eat Spiders for LunchAdult (f)4,7877261
ml2FlI Eat Spiders for DinnerAdult (m)4,7537111
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