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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PulsarNyx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JrcJWJirwah the AbsorbingAdult (m)3,4984571
RvRnN(RvRnN)Adult (m)4,5814301
Ylv8yTayr the EpicAdult (m)3,6704584
wgK5C(wgK5C)Adult (f)5,1346491
lhZQC(lhZQC)Adult (m)5,1716902
l7ZZ5Collin the AirborneAdult (m)4,0404921
exrzyReezi the DaergonAdult (f)3,4385081
OZEx2Gallis of the Rotten BoneAdult (m)3,3905773
e9dkmEdikem of the Rotten BoneAdult (f)2,8265961
M3BgmMerbi of the Rotten BoneAdult (m)2,7915931
N9nORNanor of the Rotten BoneAdult (f)2,6715851
QUbcTQubey of the Rotten BoneAdult (f)2,7515931
Vg8tFTrip the BuccaneerAdult (m)3,1947431
K6XBYDao The BloodmoonAdult (f)4,9426440
lRX0JIrxoj the ThunderousAdult (m)5,2386310
XTtmHTolbjorn the BlitzAdult (m)4,0575081
mPNfkTorbiorn the BltzAdult (m)3,2974781
vLpqWSephyr the SulphurousAdult (m)5,9596431
iAYYGAyagi the BrightAdult (f)4,4485862
mlp26Agate the RefractiveAdult (f)3,9355302
WenMJCassa the BoldAdult (f)3,3394268
10lOyCessare the BoldAdult (f)3,7784893
y4um8Kurl the CavernousAdult (f)3,1155602
DcTFoDoctifo the CavernousAdult (m)2,7155921
DtaOLD'taol the GhastlyAdult (m)3,7545122
YfNm5Eitri the EtheriousAdult (f)3,2604592
CUwW5Cuwbe the Ether-boundAdult (m)4,5824601
zHpFLZh'pfell the Ether-BoundAdult (m)3,0665763
TJP3b(TJP3b)Adult (f)4,4024611
3rpjp(3rpjp)Adult (f)3,5004451
nvDsS(nvDsS)Adult (m)3,6664581
V7wJI(V7wJI)Adult (m)3,8354361
BPICl(BPICl)Adult (m)4,2693860
nyxqu(nyxqu)Adult (f)4,1264050
E4BTI(E4BTI)Adult (f)4,3494081
2nBZ4(2nBZ4)Adult (m)4,0244030
dGNYpJack The CheddarAdult4,0636083
6YaBQRunn the ThuwedAdult (m)3,3565192
6CproCipro of the Dragon LoreAdult (m)3,7487813
DxKtMGylan the ShrewdAdult (m)5,1618115
kCiuBVal the VinyAdult (f)4,0506142
GKjdbMyst the FoggiAdult (f)3,3095690
4HpUhMyst of the Daerk OrderAdult (m)3,6254841
O31CbLucia the Sky-WalkerAdult (f)6,7951,2922
MIAwVLucia of the Night WatchAdult (m)2,5986171
OZaAzLaia the Dream-WalkerAdult (f)3,4434683
uuRrHSealy the AqueousAdult (f)3,5508453
Hk2HJ(Hk2HJ)Adult (m)6,0186441
EO5D0Viol the MagentaAdult (m)3,7645521
KpiEyKipia and Skipia the BardsAdult (f)7,4571,0263
uYbmQDavid and Marcus the AlchemistsAdult (m)5,5126500
9cGeWOrville and William the AviatorsAdult (f)4,7955850
S1uwIVicsiu the ThunaganoAdult (m)4,8679699
Zq6QtSuneiman the Sultan of SkiesAdult (m)4,5596001
ujhp2(ujhp2)Adult (f)4,1474622
rE0DwEamber the EambricAdult (m)4,1415382
0XlX1Farynn the FalconicAdult (m)3,1845172
xL3fQPhoenicopteridae  the  WyvernousAdult (m)4,7776703
h0yseRilly the FoofAdult (m)5,3391,1824
QmYc0Y'co of the Frost BlightAdult (m)4,2218952
OK2U5Snowy the IronicHatchling (F)1,6563724
lrjp0Lyne and Synker the BloodborneAdult (m)4,6496211
M3oCpDawn the GloriousAdult (m)7,1189855
pPxCvDusk the GloriousAdult (f)4,1186321
hlorcKoril the Thirteenth KazekageAdult (f)3,5536855
gw15uRosettus the ThornyAdult (m)7,0231,3223
rZLzoGrian the QuakerAdult (f)5,3216230
Dkru4Grain the QuakerAdult (m)3,5845261
PNsBMSithri the Guardian of ChangeAdult (f)7,6388415
QHVzsAstriel the DefenderAdult (m)4,6205701
Oxg2LEsmond the DragonAdult (m)4,2735942
eTWK5Damea the WayrvynAdult (f)2,8434942
YV50tDraemare the IllustriousAdult (f)3,1854221
1bt9CIbysi the WinterousAdult (m)3,1245671
dfCYnD'Cifyn the WinterousAdult (f)3,2205641
JynitJynit the WinterousAdult (f)3,0545971
LKT6gLakatyg the WinterousAdult (m)3,1916051
3IriQE'iriqui the WinterousAdult (m)3,3366010
XXn4VBait and Claw the InsufferablesAdult (m)3,7055291
HyDWMEquinus the DeterminedAdult (m)5,7711,0081
DTtRRCloudberries the FillyAdult (m)4,5266121
gHk4iGhiki the Royal GuardAdult (f)3,9555331
XbPG4Xipri the Rightful MonarchAdult (m)3,8664521
onjj7Onjii the Rightful MonarchAdult (m)3,4034912
q17r5TurblelambsAdult (f)4,1559172
pjs4LPyxy the BrightAdult (f)6,7621,0183
wYsSmRenji the ArcaneAdult (m)5,9598584
13dXfKarenji the ApprenticeAdult (m)3,8215502
4Rb9gKerenji the ApprenticeAdult (m)5,1458293
wriCiKirenji the ApprenticeAdult (m)4,9968134
IH1ZtDave the Pattern-BreakerAdult (m)5,1678362
PhgisKurenji the ApprenticeAdult (f)5,4628852
N6Da7Kyrenji the ApprenticeAdult (m)4,6285811
b1rlOKrenji the ApprenticeAdult (f)4,2984791
VbEXCKinrenji the ApprenticeAdult (m)3,6105701
6zyu5Kifrenji the ApprenticeAdult (f)3,0625011
SxUsAMoldor the TerribleAdult (m)3,6015240
TLI16TL116Adult (m)4,3335801
EyVmFEyvem the MysteriousAdult (f)2,8073680
qbC56Peppy the MintyAdult (m)3,2214922
OWPWEMinty the MintyAdult (m)4,1264701
QqhWMMinty the MintiAdult (f)3,7204651
Msh2hMinty the MyntyAdult (m)4,2614980
mLIlRMinty the MyntiAdult (f)4,0894651
vai05Spyre the MhynthiAdult (m)3,8464741
G0wSS(G0wSS)Adult (f)6,0516520
jhn44(jhn44)Adult (f)5,1756624
AMLkaAmilaka the LightAdult (f)2,3465963
mBRf7Harper the StarlitAdult (f)8,2201,4494
JPlSgNova the StarlitAdult (m)4,0565040
wfsPmGyrus the StarlitAdult (m)6,2019813
JrrZsNeo the TreeckyAdult (f)3,2664854
Qw3VE(Qw3VE)Adult (f)6,0746781
vrhSFNeo the DashingAdult (m)5,8147874
axsSzSaxon the MightyAdult (f)5,0696410
7hHNrLhinor the SeriousAdult (f)4,4237929
JtVtpJT the DarkAdult (f)2,9776093
7tlqPPuffy the FluffyAdult (m)4,2394801
pDDi8Yrekab the PoffinAdult (m)3,3665621
X0tyYPlatia the GiantAdult (f)4,9966464
G0jDsGojimaru De CalabezaAdult (m)3,1855222
Xmpq6Ormr  The  GreatAdult (f)3,2514862
ggrdBKirmsonn The ReddAdult (m)3,6015162
0Ncu8Bucky the RedfinAdult (f)4,1426413
IRuUiBucky the RedfinnAdult (f)4,5635771
cRTZnSturgeon the RidgedAdult (f)4,0165962
hYQFGHedge the IridescentAdult (f)4,0524882
BsHIzBlu the MonarchAdult (m)7,9691,0263
DC9oJKrim the Redd PrinceAdult (m)6,3021,0232
ANhftApphie the BrilliantAdult (m)3,3715054
sKcBsCapp the BrilliantAdult (m)3,2835924
Q9Fjv(Q9Fjv)Adult (m)6,0696641
YL7CmSalty the SeawormAdult (m)3,6498181
hTr7QSemitrea the GammarousAdult (m)4,6976283
otFlyOtfly the LonesomeAdult (f)2,6344884
qsZqbLuffy the SkyboundAdult (f)6,5191,0182
npCNOSakura the FriendlyAdult (f)4,2816343
kUglKKuikugi the SwallowtailedAdult (m)3,6875071
Jy9JE(Jy9JE)Adult (m)6,2066922
UkQoKWardi the LonesomeAdult (f)5,1038104
Bps7cWidget the DarklingAdult (f)4,3368882
9PhKoPhyko the Glen ProtectorAdult (m)3,7725182
2EBItSeebit the Holy Moonlight DragonAdult (m)3,7724522
7nRTnGandalf the GreyedAdult (m)4,3766573
lixENLixen the DashenAdult (m)3,4965911
Z0DguZodgu the PinkAdult (m)2,4645994
uZWG9Sunny the AmphitereAdult (f)4,6555701
RxpIzSuniy the EmbersunAdult (m)4,5344651
QGhnrEmbyrr the SunstruckAdult (f)3,9865392
p5OzoTayl the EnyrgeticAdult (f)4,0475012
qUb77Hawkish the RakeAdult (f)5,1391,1711
TcMX7Terranae the EarthlyAdult (m)4,3066803
y0whrTerrae the TerraeAdult (m)5,2725081
Yysk0Yykso the GreenAdult (f)3,8056533
kxU7pBulsandra the FaireAdult (f)3,3203871
YuVExTurps the ResinousAdult (m)5,7668873
sCZVZS'cizviz the BlueAdult (m)3,0916132
WTJZqMari the MaskedAdult (m)3,7984281
5XgEEAquaria the AqueousAdult (m)4,7666062
q0mS7Capaill the FaerieAdult (m)3,5785174
3fQFETayl the EnergeticAdult (f)5,8688753
TQdfyArtica de la LunaAdult (m)4,3925590
v09gFLumin the SageAdult (m)6,0611,0433
YgkeMIkigem the ClericAdult (f)4,3965892
mk3l8Wynter of the Shnyy FamilyAdult (f)2,7113800
HgxiGGynndelf the GreenAdult (f)4,0165002
5SoWaS'sowa the YellowedAdult (m)3,5655071
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