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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Prymula,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZRLN1st Gen Male Two headed ZRLNAdult (m)2,8379165
Bcbbm(Bcbbm)Adult (f)2,4497921
YBJ7h(YBJ7h)Adult (f)2,2888481
C2aZD(C2aZD)Adult (m)3,4718555
EKcmV(EKcmV)Adult (f)2,4118223
PpCq8(PpCq8)Adult (m)1,3447330
MlHs(MlHs)Adult (m)5,3281,48116
hoI1(hoI1)Adult (f)2,4985985
pHd5B(pHd5B)Adult (m)2,1257750
D4vMZ(D4vMZ)Adult (f)2,8037871
7mbBd(7mbBd)Adult (m)2,1098030
tNaq17thM Gen Male Black tNaqAdult (m)3,0251,03143
eKmBS13th Gen Female Black eKmBSAdult (f)2,1087531
TOv7oGen11M Black Male 6--11-7-12Adult (m)2,8338992
L8K7q6th Gen Female Black L8K7qAdult (f)4,3441,1465
ZacpR1st Gen Male Black ZacpRAdult (m)3,2648154
Qo0KV18th Gen Female Black Qo0KVAdult (f)3,3147703
SBYkM(SBYkM)Adult (m)1,9066671
8ggiM(8ggiM)Adult (f)2,4117184
shD8p(shD8p)Adult (m)1,6257534
4Hto78th Gen Female Black 4Hto7Adult (f)1,3166551
Fe7mN6th Gen Male Black Fe7mNAdult (m)1,2166383
7KO74(7KO74)Adult (f)1,9848064
gEQYp(gEQYp)Adult (m)1,7567802
upai31st Gen Female Black upai3Adult (f)1,9177603
S0POp1st Gen Male Black S0POpAdult (m)1,9417243
PseEr(PseEr)Adult (f)1,8617582
x8OS3(x8OS3)Adult (f)1,5357161
a1ard(a1ard)Adult (m)1,4866853
0jnKF(0jnKF)Adult (m)1,6007221
rHAUl(rHAUl)Adult (m)2,2038152
IzKku(IzKku)Adult (f)1,2796930
gwHYb(gwHYb)Adult (f)1,8338412
aBdpa(aBdpa)Adult (m)1,8768792
hnziD(hnziD)Adult (f)2,2718430
K09Eq(K09Eq)Adult (m)1,5436681
5Iy9y(5Iy9y)Adult (m)3,0614775
j5qKu(j5qKu)Adult (f)3,3245565
AJcQo(AJcQo)Adult (m)3,5758683
I1Z5L(I1Z5L)Adult (f)1,9107411
b1YLd(b1YLd)Adult (m)2,0517921
g5o3w(g5o3w)Adult (f)2,0178141
ylxic(ylxic)Adult (m)3,6038402
rISfE(rISfE)Adult (f)3,4728250
7Qj5b(7Qj5b)Adult (m)1,8428931
PMwvu(PMwvu)Adult (f)1,8078992
qqT0y(qqT0y)Adult (m)1,5516562
vKGb8(vKGb8)Adult (m)2,8928235
G60Xu(G60Xu)Adult (f)1,9477441
gKk0k(gKk0k)Adult (f)1,9547470
UOVgm(UOVgm)Adult (m)2,5338811
5MODU(5MODU)Adult (m)2,7757544
ZcCh(ZcCh)Adult (f)5,5759794
5a7sg(5a7sg)Adult (m)1,7367282
I7r4o1st Gen Female Brimstone I7r4oAdult (f)4,8078884
ftroT1st Gen Male Brimstone ftroTAdult (m)2,8418881
OqjAH1st Gen Female Brimstone OqjAHAdult (f)2,7688611
OTvB11st Gen Male Brimstone OTvB1Adult (m)3,3857794
mbseA1st Gen Female Brimstone mbseAAdult (f)3,0008642
k66i11st Gen Male Brimstone k66i1Adult (m)4,3039374
rnXaf1st Gen Female Brimstone rnXafAdult (f)3,8609815
1rfZA1st Gen Male Brimstone 1rfZAAdult (m)3,6209524
E4EK31st Gen Female Brimstone E4EK3Adult (f)2,9498941
rp4Ne1st Gen Male Brimstone rp4NeAdult (m)3,7898872
l4d3F1st Gen Female Brimstone l4d3FAdult (f)3,6938773
b0JV81st Gen Male Brimstone b0JV8Adult (m)3,4378871
NDrsc1st Gen Female Brimstone NDrscAdult (f)4,0119266
Y3Eon1st Gen Male Brimstone Y3EonAdult (m)4,1068943
14kap1st Gen Male Brimstone 14kapAdult (m)3,8828846
2GmDq1st Gen Female Brimstone 2GmDqAdult (f)3,8388872
4Uua11st Gen Female Brimstone 4Uua1Adult (f)3,1629032
FUrem1st Gen Male Brimstone FUremAdult (m)3,8859453
GfP2r2nd Gen Female Brimstone GfP2rAdult (f)3,6648783
1YsSm2nd Gen Male Brimstone 1YsSmAdult (m)3,3328773
krtkR2nd Gen Male Brimstone krtkRAdult (m)3,4708272
LGTvt2nd Gen Female Brimstone LGTvtAdult (f)3,8628794
lZJ5b2nd Gen Male Brimstone lZJ5bAdult (m)3,4588865
nDHpq2nd Gen Female Brimstone nDHpqAdult (f)4,0249095
U1L332nd Gen Female Brimstone U1L33Adult (f)3,2878987
EElMp2nd Gen Male Brimstone EElMpAdult (m)2,6488592
7RPf13rd Gen Female Brimstone 7RPf1Adult (f)2,1449183
LrzCZ3rd Gen Male Brimstone LrzCZAdult (m)2,1138591
6cPCS3rd Gen Female Brimstone 6cPCSAdult (f)1,9468221
r4bXT3rd Gen Male Brimstone r4bXTAdult (m)2,1209001
pGYGW4th Gen Female Brimstone pGYGWAdult (f)2,9698976
Qh4zk3rd Gen Male Brimstone Qh4zkAdult (m)3,0279434
yHN3d4th Gen Male Brimstone yHN3dAdult (m)2,5488563
wJCwr(wJCwr)Adult (m)2,4039122
IBjaC(IBjaC)Adult (f)1,4786141
2pom(2pom)Adult (m)1,09862010
s4j0h(s4j0h)Adult (f)2,2528061
vDrQl(vDrQl)Adult (f)2,5568610
DgPsh(DgPsh)Adult (f)1,82755314
2rOjJ(2rOjJ)Adult (m)2,1108412
RDR1U(RDR1U)Adult (m)2,1587671
j0Iog(j0Iog)Adult (f)2,4898183
2IkuF(2IkuF)Adult (f)2,3388490
9XCqr(9XCqr)Adult (f)2,1818043
dtFDr(dtFDr)Adult (f)2,0198330
oGJcV(oGJcV)Adult (m)2,7287345
uSgRt(uSgRt)Adult (m)2,6397504
piZ7H(piZ7H)Adult (m)1,7857490
8HgIi(8HgIi)Adult (m)1,6717621
NFBE(NFBE)Adult (f)4,8881,3485
hMa6d(hMa6d)Adult (m)2,2847991
IAZou(IAZou)Adult (m)2,2558144
4HGFk(4HGFk)Adult (f)2,4458412
KKEtL(KKEtL)Adult (m)2,6168573
SPtd8(SPtd8)Adult (m)2,5128703
bPq7m(bPq7m)Adult (f)2,4398562
UBCi(UBCi)Adult (m)1,70969822
X4ja(X4ja)Adult (m)1,03360714
SgBK(SgBK)Adult (f)2,8539465
jBDqt(jBDqt)Adult (f)5,0366732
N1Qe9(N1Qe9)Adult (f)2,2107801
OeI02(OeI02)Adult (m)2,9238751
vfbOW21st Gen Female Dark Green vfbOWAdult (f)2,0736960
ggVKb22nd Gen Female Dark Green ggVKbAdult (f)2,1508202
X6Cg1st Gen Male Daydream X6CgAdult (m)5,0891,45120
ZfkY20th Gen Male Daydream ZfkYAdult (m)4,3121,41718
k17VL1st Gen Female Daydream k17VLAdult (f)2,4718634
dR8GR1st Gen Female Daydream dR8GRAdult (f)3,2127494
qvKGJ(qvKGJ)Adult (m)1,7617733
AjiQn(AjiQn)Adult (f)1,6806861
G2qZN(G2qZN)Adult (f)1,6797281
b4rA(b4rA)Adult (f)1,09863317
NVZg(NVZg)Adult (f)9094329
sF6qi(sF6qi)Adult (m)2,2437980
AN2un(AN2un)Adult (m)2,3728221
JlAr(JlAr)Adult (f)2,2006544
hipT(hipT)Adult (m)2,2487334
83oSD(83oSD)Adult (f)3,7331,0122
CLsaE(CLsaE)Adult (m)1,7407483
1dhie(1dhie)Adult (f)2,7518790
ogOnf(ogOnf)Adult (f)2,8078015
ljr94(ljr94)Adult (f)2,6039161
u5G60(u5G60)Adult (f)1,8437703
aSoVO(aSoVO)Adult (m)2,2697541
esoNC(esoNC)Adult (m)1,5488260
t1wBy(t1wBy)Adult (f)1,5868321
0n2Bb(0n2Bb)Adult (m)2,3067911
FTl8(FTl8)Adult (m)1,09766714
s69Q4(s69Q4)Adult (f)2,0277691
HWLda(HWLda)Hatchling (F)1,2594650
gsbW(gsbW)Adult (f)2,4224638
7RuO(7RuO)Adult (f)4,1294829
FRZW(FRZW)Adult (m)2,8264448
ve5A4(ve5A4)Adult (f)1,9217842
QBOE3(QBOE3)Adult (m)2,9547893
YJcnl(YJcnl)Adult (m)2,3668302
bWoTo(bWoTo)Adult (m)1,2246611
vLWIY(vLWIY)Adult (f)1,9897081
T5Uvb(T5Uvb)Adult (m)1,9157080
MAFNq(MAFNq)Adult (m)2,5629265
RVOG6(RVOG6)Adult (f)2,1137261
net8d(net8d)Adult (f)2,0578531
Be2aq(Be2aq)Adult (m)1,9648120
tmrYG(tmrYG)Adult (m)2,6558351
upEbj(upEbj)Adult (f)2,6158420
la6fG(la6fG)Adult (f)2,1027371
usHCTDay Glory drake Gen0 MaleAdult (m)2,1587321
HSqKJDay Glory drake Gen1 FemaleAdult (f)2,2357391
gnhXLDay Glory drake Gen1 Female 2Adult (f)2,3787793
LVfDtDay Glory drake Gen2 FemaleAdult (f)2,6908321
QSfJX(QSfJX)Adult (m)3,0778635
WI1Db(WI1Db)Adult (m)2,7798072
KnRnYDay Glory drake Gen5 FemaleAdult (f)3,3737946
8RJMl(8RJMl)Adult (f)3,2428494
GQjOO(GQjOO)Adult (m)2,7748492
KnI7r4th Gen Female Gold KnI7rAdult (f)3,01081512
bfFOV(bfFOV)Adult (m)3,0649256
RClBK(RClBK)Adult (f)1,8417822
APYZ(APYZ)Adult (m)3,99946210
AeZ52(AeZ52)Adult (f)2,1898041
UbjEM(UbjEM)Adult (f)2,2527620
DI07l(DI07l)Adult (m)2,6418102
bLGLk(bLGLk)Adult (f)3,0277163
i9AbM(i9AbM)Adult (m)2,8257123
bSUd(bSUd)Adult (f)3,6216298
SkBE(SkBE)Adult (m)2,6467586
oAb47(oAb47)Adult (f)2,2907170
rveEf(rveEf)Adult (f)2,2038361
lSEGj(lSEGj)Adult (f)2,5828070
k6FMG(k6FMG)Adult (m)2,5898341
1LIFi(1LIFi)Adult (m)3,2118812
mO349(mO349)Adult (f)2,0447650
aODYL(aODYL)Adult (m)2,4487523
mWC8b(mWC8b)Adult (f)3,2238562
DWXKI(DWXKI)Adult (m)3,2058962
QcV8(QcV8)Adult (m)5,2581,44516
WAoBT(WAoBT)Adult (f)2,1427525
cIkoL(cIkoL)Adult (m)3,6148692
cBflp1st Gen Male Golden Wyvern cBflpAdult (m)2,2738526
jySoY1st Gen Fem Golden Wyvern jySoYAdult (f)1,7317343
qcC3u1st Gen Male Golden Wyvern qcC3uAdult (m)1,8537472
FyOgq1st Gen Fem Golden Wyvern FyOgqAdult (f)1,9667544
oF0ts(oF0ts)Adult (m)1,8377331
1V5nK(1V5nK)Adult (f)1,9707793
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