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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PrairieStead,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
B0kdgPrairie Blankauta Booking C2Hatchling (f)4,7571,0123
1tvglCB Prairie Dusk TravelingHatchling3,2288081
lP0hHCB Prairie Aeon PhoiAdult (m)4,3938651
2Iu2LCB Prairie Aeon LuiAdult (f)4,5388884
rxErwCB Prairie Aeon WrexAdult (f)4,9338463
gdzQQCB Prairie Aeon GodQQzAdult (m)5,1858592
KDGuHCB Prairie Aeon GuhdAdult (f)4,9297831
wi1uvCB Prairie Aeon WivuAdult (m)4,7507852
9lP9tCB Prairie Aeon TripleAdult (m)5,8037851
rTXWxCB Prairie Aeon TrexewitAdult (f)4,3159263
dGYNjCB Prairie Aeon GynnieAdult (f)3,4107423
PlClyCB Prairie Aeon PickalilyAdult (f)5,3908891
ythgvCB Prairie Aeon VythingAdult (m)6,8879552
yRb2uCB Prairie Aeon RubyAdult (f)4,9668446
TJ8VrCB Prairie Aeria Gloris VroomAdult (m)5,5951,1861
T8wLtCB Prairie Aeria TwilitAdult (f)4,1829851
J4Yk3CB Prairie Aeris Gloris JykAdult (f)4,7471,0001
0g2n8CB Prairie Aeria Gloris NogAdult (m)4,8241,0081
LpzvrCB Prairie AeriaGloris LipverzAdult (m)5,5251,1442
bNsP7CB Prairie AeriaGloris NipsAdult (m)5,2991,0851
cFuG9CB Prairie AeriaGloris GuffAdult (f)4,5858851
gZyJKCB Prairie AeriaGloris JykzAdult (m)4,5968841
GuZU1CB Prairie AeriaGloris GuzuAdult (m)3,0838611
Xd5DSCB Prairie AeriaGloris SuddexAdult (m)3,7369312
yY1fU(yY1fU)Adult (m)3,9379461
SIsrMCB Prairie AreiaGloris SistermAdult (m)4,2349232
n47xxCB Prairie Aeria XonyxAdult (f)4,7878361
jHNXl(jHNXl)Adult (f)4,4519071
UJTq3CB Prairie Aeria Q'JuteAdult (m)4,6459132
C3uLWCB Prairie AeriaGloris WulcAdult (f)4,2708801
NLqBcCB Prairie AeriaGloris Q'BlancAdult (f)4,0528981
LhVk5CB Prairie AeriaGloris KhovalAdult (f)4,3938921
JLXtOCB Prairie AeriaGloris ToxelAdult (m)4,1809540
Gy1kICB Prairie AeriaGloris GylkAdult (f)4,5088941
KQIHRCB Prairie AeriaGloris Q'KhriAdult (f)4,0821,2491
8xV4uCB Prairie Aeria Gloris VuxAdult (m)5,2217872
9pTZm(9pTZm)Adult (f)4,4739852
80pscCB Prairie Aeria 80 PcsAdult (m)4,2789672
4NRNC(4NRNC)Adult (f)4,2979631
AFntQ(AFntQ)Adult (f)3,3028891
CRFBq(CRFBq)Adult (f)5,0181,2251
W1KT9CB Prairie Aether WicketAdult (m)4,5191,0231
bv2l3CB Prairie Aether BelieveAdult (f)4,5411,0663
aKV25CB Prairie Aether KaveAdult (m)4,4051,0231
8kk7SCB Prairie Aether KiksAdult (f)4,5711,0583
VEAq1CB Prairie Aether DuWoyAdult (m)4,0181,0031
BlST6CB Prairie Aether BistroAdult (m)4,0579751
EDhvrCB Prairie Aether DeHoverAdult (f)4,0819811
82IjUCB Prairie Aether IjuAdult (f)4,8311,0132
WiLxICB Prairie Aether WilliAdult (m)4,7891,0751
vtdl6CB Prairie Aether VittledAdult (f)4,7751,0541
5ip4jPrairie Aether Jip C2Adult (f)4,5779691
I2QbLCB Prairie Aether QuibbleAdult (m)4,7021,0021
lsJLHCB Prairie Aether HisjuleAdult (m)4,1849321
X8qY7(X8qY7)Adult (m)5,7188581
ReRVjCB Prairie Aether RevjerAdult (m)5,9111,1112
3hjpT(3hjpT)Adult (m)5,5831,0421
VQR1kCB Prairie Aethers VorkAdult (f)3,8807211
TrQI5Prairie Aether Triq C2Adult (f)3,5668303
efdG9CB Prairie Aether GeffedAdult (f)3,4069321
xTNNaPrairie TNN Pale Bisque C4Adult (f)1,8566516
sppdVPrairie Speedy V Pale Bisque 3Adult (f)2,1046932
0Tw6QCB Prairie OTW Pale BisqueAdult (m)2,1316845
eVExGPrairie Bronz Bisque Vegex S5Adult (m)1,8576624
wsaMzCB Prairie Clearly AmazingAdult (f)2,8667974
AW30iCB Prairie Clearly AwesomeAdult (f)2,6198663
Too4eCB Prairie Clearly ToonedAdult (m)3,2137801
7b3LlCB Prairie Clearly BisqueAdult (m)3,1208221
5qAolCB Prairie Bisque q'AOLAdult (m)8,2789572
S4dTwCB Prairie Alcedine TwodsAdult (m)4,2861,0401
YVFacCB Prairie Alcedine FacyAdult (m)3,9289882
YuQkDCB Prairie Alcedine YukedAdult (m)3,8799471
9Wle9CB Prairie Alcedine LewAdult (m)4,7931,0041
7FXfoCB Prairie Aether FoxAdult (m)4,2238432
3beqnCB Prairie Alcedine BequinAdult (m)4,9261,0922
SWdDiCB Prairie Alcedine SwaddiAdult (f)4,8751,0921
S7bEmCB Prairie Alcedine BemsAdult (m)4,7831,0863
656VoCB Prairie Alcedine VooAdult (m)4,7171,0551
qAjPb(qAjPb)Adult (f)4,7111,0232
2SQiHCB Prairie Alcedine ShiqueAdult (f)5,4319891
j5csT(j5csT)Adult (f)5,2839853
b5U6zCB Prairie Alcedine BuzzAdult (m)4,9688622
3qnydCB Prairie Alcedine QuinydAdult (f)6,3211,1322
99W7eCB Prairie Alcedine WeeeAdult (m)5,6311,1542
Hd55ECB Prairie Aether HeedAdult (f)4,3159851
dOvxxCB Prairie Alcedine DovexxAdult (m)4,0379863
jm72HCB Prairie Alcedine JyhmAdult (m)4,1229942
7YzTrCB Prairie Alcedine TyrzAdult (m)5,6831,0910
uiNjhCB Prairie Alcedine NhujiAdult (f)4,8879851
KXBmICB Prairie Alcedine BmulkexAdult (f)5,3001,2893
M86imCB Prairie Alcedine MimeAdult (m)4,7261,1104
CLesmCB Prairie Alcedine CleasimAdult (m)4,5119402
3itxTCB Prairie Alcedine TitexAdult (f)3,5868151
e9yqXCB Prairie Alcedine QueyaxAdult (f)4,7588782
kDaNICB Prairie Alcedine DanikAdult (f)5,1539553
rTazfCB Prairie Alcedine TazerAdult (m)5,6199382
6sQ6ACB Prairie Alcedine QasAdult (f)5,1781,1294
r1RecCB Prairie Alcedine RecrAdult (f)5,3241,1164
caQEbCB Prairie Alcedine Q'CabeAdult (f)4,9761,0571
4sfZ6CB Prairie Alcedine FogsAdult (m)4,8271,0152
0MtOZCB Prairie Alcedine MotozAdult (f)5,2851,0401
zXSHNCB Prairie Alcedine ZShinxAdult (m)7,2651,1482
3RnxCCB Prairie Almerald CrunexAdult (m)4,0888682
9K2IJCB Prairie Almerald JikeAdult (f)4,1689021
cEYSLCB Prairie Almerald CeyelsAdult (m)4,3729711
JWJSHCB Prairie Almerald JewelishAdult (f)4,4338602
RdsFvCB Prairie Almerald RedsFeverAdult (m)4,4578402
OHJXoCB Prairie Almerald JohoxAdult (m)4,6038343
pbTd2CB Prairie Almerald TappedAdult (f)4,9418282
GFNxdCB Prairie Almerald GiffendAdult (f)4,8498152
3rGfMCB Prairie Almerald GramferAdult (m)4,7938022
irgO2CB Prairie Almerald RigAdult (f)5,6927781
5LtDyCB Prairie Almerald LateDayAdult (m)6,5698333
npJsHCB Prairie Almerald PhenishAdult (f)5,3758962
i1oM3CB Prairie Almerald MiloAdult (f)5,6821,0671
OWI4dCB Prairie Almerald DowilAdult (f)4,1065851
FnmNVCB Prairie Almerald FannemAdult (f)4,6987671
w8tpKCB Prairie Almerald TweakopAdult (m)4,4308851
2sEvyCB Prairie Almerald EnvysAdult (f)4,9169792
NpfveCB Prairie Almaden FivepenceAdult (m)6,3859113
000H5CB Prairie Almaden HoooAdult (m)6,8321,1843
4GikqCB Prairie Alamerald GikeAdult (f)8,2529221
7s15kCB Prairie Almerald SiskAdult (f)6,1061,0432
jf04JCB Prairie Almerald FojjiAdult (f)5,8079221
ZGFzlCB Prairie Almerald ZigfizzleAdult (m)6,0271,0671
GVklvCB Prairie Almerald KelvingAdult (m)5,9669402
IoQLJCB Prairie Aqualis Q'JollAdult (m)6,0571,1082
IqcQ1CB Prairie Almerald LaQQacAdult (m)6,0011,0261
hLAm6Prairie Almathean Lham C2Adult (f)4,4969921
KDg8bPrairie Almathean Kodeg m4Adult (m)3,6017961
54dimPrairie Almathean Dim Sc5Adult (m)4,8091,0191
2t4VvPrairie AmalWhitUdine Vat C2Adult (m)4,8899513
4IhpDPrairie AmalWhitUndine Hiped C2Adult (f)4,9709703
HpAHZPrairie Almathean HapHaz C2Adult (f)4,6079371
1NnmPPrairie Almathean Pamnin C5Adult (m)4,1578233
kjl3NPrairie Almathean Kiln C2Adult (f)5,0531,0101
Kkak2Prairie Amalthean Kokka C2Adult (f)4,8241,0312
XFEA2CB Prairie Amarginis XeafAdult (f)6,3091,5023
oPBMQCB Prairie Amarginis Q'MopebAdult (f)6,0911,4472
Ezz0PCB Prairie Swirl PopzzeAdult (m)3,5299933
8dYxNCB Prairie Swirl DynxAdult (m)3,7131,0462
bY2uwCB Prairie Swirl BuwyAdult (f)4,2741,0724
Bzg8fCB Prairie Swirl BifferazingAdult (f)3,5639732
Z8yH8CB Prairie Swirl Z'HyeAdult (f)4,1631,0553
xPJ94CB Prairie Swirl PixijeAdult (m)4,3841,0444
uclB7CB Prairie Swirl B'UncleAdult (f)4,2241,0513
aYZfZCB Prairie Swirl YazazaAdult (m)4,0549683
Pmm72CB Prairie Swirl PompamAdult (f)3,8491,0002
ioxvdCB Prairie Swirl VioxedAdult (m)4,1999782
PsKBRCB Prairie Swirl PeskbarAdult (m)4,3801,0162
jNOEACB Prairie Swirl NoejaAdult (f)4,3459623
WI9wSCB Prairie Swirl WillowAdult (m)4,4209852
tZIKSCB Prairie Swirl SilketzAdult (f)4,3379972
XFhIyCB Prairie Swirl FhulyAdult (m)4,8839961
v8OXUCB Prairie Swirl XuvoAdult (m)4,4599284
pqKZCCB Prairie Swirl Qurp KrazcAdult (m)5,1659984
M0K7fCB Prairie Swirl MokifAdult (f)4,9239222
9hiU1CB Prairie Swirl HippuAdult (m)4,8859213
kioZbCB Prairie Swirl BozikAdult (f)4,3569795
U4deRCB Prairie Swirl RudeAdult (m)4,8811,1654
TWWHRCB Prairie Swirl ThrowerAdult (f)5,1711,1904
DplAgCB Prairie Swirl Dapple AgAdult (m)4,5091,1165
R92KACB Prairie Swirl RakAdult (f)4,9721,2153
AhHD6CB Prairie Gaia d'AhhaAdult (f)5,0751,2083
kN5ZBCB Prairie Swirl KinzbeeAdult (f)4,6739573
EKuJrCB Prairie Swirl JukerAdult (m)4,6379485
1dXpgCB Prairie Swirl PixingAdult (f)4,5839626
I9B0ICB Prairie Swirl IbbieAdult (m)4,5049263
9QSsPCB Prairie Swirl Q'PassatAdult (f)3,8689522
T2LTgCB Prairie Swirl TiltingAdult (f)3,9667201
nHfgACB Prairie Swirl GhafenAdult (m)4,1177155
7Kei7Prairie Swirper Kei C2Adult (f)4,8407475
1gb9wCB Prairie Swirl WubblingAdult (m)4,8497222
ZRMbaPrairie Swirmer Z'Rumba C2Adult (f)5,2207753
ZrBzdPraire Swirmer Z'Buzzard C2Adult (f)4,8277644
KCT4wPrairie Swired KaratWt C2Adult (f)5,2017603
4lFo6Prairie Swirster Loft C2Adult (f)6,2939037
JSexdPrairie Swirblu JustSexed C2Adult (f)5,6337734
zi6a4CB Prairie Swirl Z'AirAdult (m)5,0597242
xWKpmPrairie Swiroon Kipmix C2Adult (f)4,7777413
9C8DBCB Prairie Swirl BaccedAdult (m)4,6127205
7mMONPrairie Swirmoon M'Mon C2Adult (m)4,8417921
rarzhPrairie Swirl Rarzhia C2Adult (m)5,6577761
dkpAcPrairie Swiroon Packed C2Adult (m)4,9019453
oN0HOPrairie Swirper O'No Ho C2Adult (m)4,3658952
KdSjKPrairie Swirster KidJacks C2Adult (m)4,6959211
4V4XFPrairie Swirblu 4Favorx C2Adult (m)5,0319141
9DubRCB Prairie Swirl DubberAdult (f)4,0157405
TIrtcPrairie Swiroon TiterC C3Adult (m)5,0928924
xhADLPrairie Swirper Haldolx C3-DAdult (f)4,7618643
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