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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Poutipou,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FrTPdOS BSA ArnoldaAdult (f)3,1146062
qmnx9OS BSA KenyaAdult (f)4,8217520
7c89lOS BSA JoseAdult (f)4,2468224
zR4z6OS ZrazAdult (f)3,0978501
Qs6AqOS DoAdult (f)2,9928112
L2mMDOS ReAdult (m)2,8987671
ER6GdOS EdgarAdult (m)3,6007780
tSvMTOS Blue SwanAdult (m)4,2838841
UCHgDOS CremiereAdult (f)4,2768802
iO56POS IopetAdult (m)3,0497241
IFtyaOS IftyaAdult (f)3,2127012
0JS3eOS OsejeAdult (f)2,4236141
DG9GoOS DiagAdult (f)3,3147792
sPeVbOS AlbatrosAdult (m)5,7921,0451
aeuJ2OS JeffraAdult (f)3,8946821
FNlqTOS FinnellAdult (m)5,6317562
QSoDhOS QsodaAdult (m)5,8217161
If9quOS LeffeeAdult (f)3,9037791
92HHLOS CheetoAdult (m)7,8468461
7TIoNOS AlbinoAdult (m)4,4027991
bfZAPOS Lucky LuckAdult (m)5,0361,1501
TyJseOS VisaAdult (m)3,7487121
5WndsOS SanityAdult (m)2,7707573
gyiVcOS GyivcAdult (f)3,8077391
xk3Z9OS RossAdult (m)2,6296711
a6X0ZOS AxozAdult (f)4,0786882
Ut2dYOS EliminationAdult (f)3,2627191
4NIrgOS Louis IIAdult (m)3,6117263
wOvkUOS WovkuAdult (f)3,0717581
nhBRBOS Be Right BackAdult (f)3,3717442
bIwlrOS BiwirAdult (f)3,0367811
k6wNNOS GwennAdult (f)3,1656861
miEHfOS MehdiAdult (m)2,9047232
GpAtuOS PatuAdult (f)3,5027392
11sYnOS ElevynAdult (m)3,3517071
Mc5WjOS MwawAdult (f)3,1108001
VOyIqOS VoyikAdult (f)2,7896451
9Xu3bOS ExytabAdult (f)2,6227171
PYexqOS PickyHatchling (f, F)3,3147411
BXlswOS BlexterAdult (f)3,4508642
NS54SOS DubbbzAdult (f)3,7918632
mqWIwOS AsiatAdult (m)3,5347162
jiCV6OS JoselynneAdult (m)6,8061,1832
kvSfROS Joe-lynnAdult (f)4,2576591
JUbIy(JUbIy)Adult (f)7,8498381
FbiXZOS MackyAdult (f)2,9597313
FWBJGOS TrevaAdult (f)3,4676841
5XbVcOS TivaAdult (f)3,8556531
J2YPHOS BernadetteAdult (f)3,7537911
Fy2fcOS TessAdult (f)3,9378951
spPLPOS SpepaAdult (f)3,9989171
TbDkDOS RebekahAdult (m)3,6127182
vnHPOOS CelineAdult (f)4,0839331
RFL61OS ReflouAdult (m)4,2298882
1I2bLOS IlbiAdult (m)3,1317122
Xyv0MOS XyvomAdult (m)3,4268541
javFDOS JavedAdult (m)3,4528453
Gud9SOS GugusAdult (f)3,8446973
yV0GjOS JackyAdult (m)5,1056056
RA8Y5OS RaliumAdult (f)2,7637002
qrfe6OS PriskaAdult (m)3,8207552
GpsYcOS GpysaAdult (m)10,5008543
RcLEUOS CharlotAdult (m)4,5418453
w6qi2OS AlcaneAdult (m)3,3956901
craUFOS MaxenceAdult (f)4,1047802
f8w7sOS FwasyAdult (m)2,8017131
WvVoIOS WyvolAdult (f)3,6136911
0p3ybOS DiablitoAdult (f)2,8407131
xdkEnOS KenAdult (m)3,3526703
TWruPOS JustineAdult (m)3,9899341
yJZhPOS AllexxAdult (m)3,4447831
4yQc1OS QuavitaAdult (f)6,1381,1114
mcLtpOS SablenierreAdult (m)2,9435812
NDLHEOS SunsetAdult (f)3,7615505
I2dhaOS PapieAdult (m)2,6895501
bld5ROS SabeletteAdult (m)4,3516550
4DXeTOS DexterAdult (m)2,9357081
MeLpY(MeLpY)Adult (f)3,3928908
Uh29IOS UhlaAdult (m)3,5079434
12lRCOS LericAdult (m)3,4948217
WsIKHOS WelshaAdult (f)3,1187491
yRGkeOS YragAdult (m)3,1327582
S8w63OS SewobAdult (f)2,7877901
yH0xwOS YchamAdult (m)2,7917161
ZWAqLOS ZawalAdult (f)2,8197031
9S4wNOS SawnAdult (m)3,3226932
ApxKnOS ApanixAdult (f)2,9206901
cN10zOS CenexAdult (f)3,0427361
9djLtOS For pink loversAdult (m)2,8345781
t9wvSOS PinkyAdult (f)4,9199950
G320sOS ZachAdult (m)3,9066452
AWP8XOS BubbleAdult (f)3,0697053
Xca12OS Pinky SwearAdult (m)4,8009832
O93CfOS WifiAdult (f)3,2436961
KVIxSOS KvisAdult (m)3,2547611
RvHZyOS She's mineAdult (f)3,1417632
WQEraOS OnivionAdult (f)5,0381,1262
WrY7qOS Rosie IIAdult (f)4,5841,0321
fv1JIOS Petite ValentineAdult (f)3,6739731
5yFxbOS VaianaAdult (f)2,7078841
FplooOS FiploAdult (f)2,5208831
nGkDVOS NigerAdult (f)2,2447731
TMwoHOS StefanAdult (f)3,0217641
x7lyFOS XelyfAdult (f)3,5117040
LWWsZOS DipsyAdult (f)5,2508421
RAS66(RAS66)Adult (m)5,2418972
hyWGVOS KatnissAdult (m)5,3139302
8c8kqOS DouglasAdult (f)3,6457162
RHa4U(RHa4U)Adult (m)3,4657242
zOoW3OS Zoo Ww3Adult (m)4,2728922
2uKmEOS UkmeAdult (f)4,5138881
ZZSCuOS GnarkAdult (m)2,7337313
D3pYUOS GnourkAdult (f)2,6256951
SPb9zOS GnirkAdult (m)2,7387121
BzD2tOS GnurkAdult (m)3,9678230
SFBQzOS GnerkAdult (m)3,4306942
6wFqUOS Harry IIAdult (f)4,5256951
ACUjFOS JacquelineAdult (f)3,3207291
bILeKOS Nouveau TAdult (m)4,0506642
GRndUOS GreenyAdult (m)4,6498583
NgriVOS Nouveau T IIAdult (f)2,6117011
oGzpkOS Nouveau T IIIAdult (m)3,8945555
2QVfHOS Nouveaute RougeAdult (f)9,5301,0911
PzGWxOS MastercardAdult (f)3,7026991
0X7c2OS VictoriaAdult (m)2,8766901
iGfcPOS BlueelyAdult (m)2,3326683
eFSrzOS Waw EthanAdult (m)3,3647121
MH8cFOS Ballon de baudrucheAdult (f)2,7615822
1MtdpOS Ballon de baudruche IIAdult (f)2,7606051
gButlOS PitchouneAdult (m)4,7438421
RSFwrOS DrewAdult (m)4,9318573
gMBRo(gMBRo)Adult (f)5,6601,2301
iw9TlOS BautaAdult (f)3,0375221
MeoHO(MeoHO)Adult (f)4,0426731
Zy2vDOS Bauta IIIAdult (m)4,7466163
CeXCJOS BellaAdult (m)3,1646541
JEO83OS JeoAdult (m)3,8867861
i2jAdOS IjadAdult (f)6,3561,0943
uNA23OS PrairieAdult (m)3,7477371
iLf20OS NewdieAdult (m)10,6928911
9lHlYOS AlceneAdult (f)3,4336531
IjcvyOS DestinyAdult (m)3,0027231
G6GtaOS Pattes JaunesAdult (m)2,8767043
blRKeOS BlairAdult (m)3,4667501
f5S2GOS FesegAdult (m)2,8697041
kviB5OS L'est noirAdult (f)5,9931,0421
66a99(66a99)Adult (f)4,0238052
3ZlTyOS Le chevalier noirAdult (m)4,7507711
Y6IqOOS Le chevalier noir IIAdult (m)4,8387410
eYRogOS La nuit sombre IIAdult (f)5,7936032
ojt5QOS Le chevalier noir IIIAdult (m)5,8281,0532
MVqMsOS TlouAdult (m)5,3451,09615
8ftxYOS Daddy IssuesAdult (f)5,4458031
JQDieOS SingleAdult (f)3,4918353
Mt2UvOS Cry BabyAdult (m)5,7861,2094
a1m4AOS Baby Came HomeAdult (m)2,5095951
9LGQ1OS FlawlessAdult (m)3,3976692
oU8gsOS AlleywaysAdult (f)3,1406320
fkX5TOS HonestAdult (f)3,1446711
mrir3OS Everybody's Watching MeAdult (f)3,1976342
hw37sOS WiresAdult (m)3,0676392
eMA3aOS WdywfmAdult (m)3,2906351
BRX1XOS A Little DeathAdult (f)4,0857144
8Vn2gOS Let It GoAdult (m)3,0685652
ls4wiOS RIP 2 My YouthAdult (m)3,0805924
RDBtdOS Staying UpAdult (f)3,2416351
hwlZiOS The BeachAdult (f)3,0285771
VWpHYOS No GreyAdult (f)3,1906334
TmDyaOS 1 Of Those WeaksAdult (f)3,2276183
nBIcQOS Baby Came Home 2Adult (m)4,1659230
GIraDOS HowAdult (m)4,0009190
QgQqoOS FloatAdult (f)4,8008461
VPoPVOS FerrariAdult (m)4,8188250
a0DhiOS West CoastAdult (f)4,5178791
xdjLXOS Greetings From CalifourniaAdult (m)3,1066860
QqiMtOS StingAdult (f)3,8176221
TkIOCOS OrphanAdult (m)3,5794564
04srXOS Orphelin IIAdult (m)3,1925111
ARYpROS BlackAdult (m)4,2236522
YPHqOOS BlackyAdult (f)3,9766511
zpV1QOS TruiteAdult (f)3,4905890
NLLnjOS UniqueAdult (f)3,6857421
tyxvPOS BasiqueAdult (f)4,7891,0292
sNDGLOS Basique ShirtAdult (f)4,3688352
pPybQOS Blacky IIAdult (m)3,1684871
B23soOS MichalAdult (f)6,0048301
VyjsbOS Welcome IIAdult (m)6,5039164
WWqBSOS GretaAdult (f)3,5807991
hGv1fOS DuffAdult (m)3,6076302
gZt2sOS MoeAdult (m)4,1059172
3GfmtOS I Loved You MoreAdult (m)2,9637521
VbmFMOS Vibration FMAdult (f)3,4357161
pDEZFOS EllaAdult (f)3,3387371
6uW27OS MauiAdult (m)3,5947811
ftpiIOS FitilAdult (m)3,5428721
r5KZsOS ZekzaAdult (m)3,4978834
XgxkmOS XigonAdult (f)3,4729022
EInz6OS ElenaAdult (m)3,5198651
WNWk0OS WanakoAdult (m)3,5208591
hzkpuOS HokupuAdult (f)4,8229941
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