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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Porpoise98,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
P1otCerberus Zweilous SS PBAdult (m)5,2451,03013
YmBfrMaleficent Zweilous CBAdult (f)4,2447524
UcVbZGemini Zweilous CBAdult (f)3,7811,1994
MrDo1MrDo Zweilous SS PBAdult (m)4,6231,0204
AgKdTAgatha Zweilous CBAdult (f)4,8401,2536
XZNG3XZNG3 Zweilous MSAdult (f)3,8478818
zkPUOTwins Zweilous CBAdult (f)3,2851,3722
vG8gfHydra Zweilous CBAdult (f)2,8838725
v9Qg8Duo Zweilous SSSAdult (m)6,1209972
JOawtJoe Zweilous CBAdult (m)3,4261,0033
LQ8vSLucas DeinoHatchling (F)1,9026543
Dla85Delilah the Vileplume CBAdult (f)4,0391,2785
df8tuDanny the Vileplume CBAdult (m)4,2481,1776
DCTXmTheo the Vileplume CBAdult (m)4,1461,15917
enkLbEdna the Vileplume CBAdult (f)2,5828313
3SOV7Mystery the Vileplume 2EG PBAdult (f)2,8388914
ZmpauZmpau the Vileplume 2EG PBAdult (m)3,1691,0378
Hd5FA(Hd5FA)Adult (f)3,9048230
dq3uW(dq3uW)Adult (m)5,2727290
OTLvoJosh the Shiny Vileplume 2EG PBAdult (m)5,02090610
E05esRoses the Shiny Vileplume CBAdult (f)3,5441,0835
PavhzPavhz the Shiny Vileplume CBAdult (m)2,9549263
cNHugHugs the Shiny Vileplume CBAdult (f)3,2109672
ubCTKBuck the Shiny Vileplume CBAdult (m)3,0381,0603
k1deGk1deG the Shiny Vileplume CBAdult (f)3,5521,2553
VxaVaVxaVa the Shiny Vileplume CBAdult (m)5,4751,2571
gFJ3oClear the Wigglytuff CBAdult (f)5,1081,0696
uHJY1Wiggle the Wigglytuff CBAdult (m)3,8727013
MgLsgMgLsg the Wigglytuff CBAdult (m)3,7111,1065
pmb2hTransparency the Wigglytuff CBAdult (m)7,4769582
PbagT(PbagT)Adult (f)4,8461,0031
ORXF7(ORXF7)Adult (m)4,7408841
a9qUh(a9qUh)Adult (f)4,7508880
nKh8k(nKh8k)Adult (f)5,0297290
oUJrBalloon the Drifblim 2EGAdult (f)1,2634826
ZhdHLFloat the Drifblim CBAdult (m)2,9964777
jdjtuBlowfish the Drifblim 4CKAdult (f)3,2009191
rbiGYRugby the Drifblim 4TFAdult (f)3,1308651
dMQMRPuffy the Drifblim CBAdult (m)2,6681,0010
d572uLooney the Drifblim CBAdult (f)3,4621,1631
N5rCbBounce the DrifloonHatchling (F)8642492
O8Y4Shadow the Umbreon MSAdult (f)1,3795693
gGKGZTwinkle the Umbreon MSAdult (m)6,0451,0955
G2vqFDark the Umbreon 7EG PBAdult (f)4,0241,07811
oEp7dNight the Umbreon 5EGAdult (f)3,8621,1095
OV8QhShade the Umbreon 2EGAdult (f)4,1019654
nYEcKYEcK the Umbreon CBAdult (m)5,4181,3973
GtYdoGretel the Umbreon CBAdult (f)5,1101,1877
hOu6qCoal the Umbreon CBAdult (m)3,9011,1515
ilAftEbony the Umbreon 3CKAdult (f)2,8631,0394
uHIL7Unlit the Umbreon 2EG PBAdult (m)3,7951,1812
P8lveTwilight the Umbreon CBAdult (f)5,1861,2705
JZndxShades the Umbreon 5EGAdult (m)4,0609464
LrCSmPure Black the Umbreon 3EG PBAdult (f)4,2471,2183
96sdoNox the Umbreon 6TFAdult (m)4,5521,2506
fndgzSoot the Umbreon 2EG PBAdult (m)3,7591,1334
RXgbeNyx the Umbreon 5EGAdult (m)2,9767741
L1EFwLola the Umbreon 2EG PBAdult (f)3,9011,0233
uNUQGShadowed the Umbreon 4CKAdult (f)3,8158774
bVUDJBud the Umbreon 3EG PBAdult (m)3,1051,0923
OaFi2Dimness the Umbreon 3EG PBAdult (m)3,4001,2283
5bOvMBonnie the Umbreon 8SFAdult (f)3,1679714
OmfdpOminous the Umbreon CBAdult (m)3,1188846
onWxrOnyx the Umbreon SSAdult (m)3,2158513
jeweTjeweT the Umbreon 4EGAdult (m)3,2148663
vB9z5Velvet the Umbreon CBAdult (f)1,8124504
cwbXJCrash the Umbreon CBAdult (f)2,1798754
91ASDASD the Umbreon 5GFAdult (m)4,3997172
uyeko(uyeko)Adult (f)5,1208063
97aGp(97aGp)Adult (f)2,3367114
H3qiF(H3qiF)Adult (f)2,3507441
e7lsX(e7lsX)Adult (m)2,3487190
fGUVV(fGUVV)Adult (m)2,3157371
tonH3(tonH3)Adult (f)5,2378110
AEdBX(AEdBX)Adult (f)6,2267544
PAOz5(PAOz5)Adult (f)6,7737521
nfO0s(nfO0s)Adult (m)4,1841,0120
ZKzR9Darkstar the UmbreonHatchling (F)8442921
1AYlY1AYlY the UmbreonHatchling (f, F)3,1309313
FvyBLShadowfox the UmbreonHatchling (m, F)4,1183742
bYExFEclipse the UmbreonHatchling (f, F)4,0231,13619
Cs70xCs70x the UmbreonHatchling (m, F)2,5904874
i0T8RCorrupt the Shiny Umbreon 2EG PBAdult (f)2,7907648
zu53TI am actually a ZubatHatchling (m, F)2,1637333
ItbV5Shady the Shiny Umbreon 2EG PBAdult (m)3,5111,1578
neWuMWillow the Liepard CBAdult (f)3,5461,4234
0kdAQOak the Liepard CBAdult (m)3,6091,3062
yO3hPYap the Liepard CBAdult (f)3,7321,1302
Pdnh3Pend the Liepard 2EGAdult (m)4,3431,3602
CTWdFCTWdF the Liepard CBAdult (f)3,6801,3344
fuqjwKitty the PurrloinHatchling (F)9891682
qAC14Duck the PurrloinHatchling (m, F)2,7338243
MKSmaBlacktip the Mightyena CBAdult (f)3,5841,6605
lL01ulL01u the Mightyena CBAdult (m)3,4011,5722
pORt5Port the Mightyena 2EGAdult (f)3,19181412
rJAtWrJAtW the Mightyena CBAdult (m)5,6329096
a9dgADodge the Mightyena CBAdult (f)4,0329023
zjQt0To the Mightyena CBAdult (f)2,8788862
eI3kRElker the Mightyena CBAdult (f)4,7551,1131
2B2NX(2B2NX)Adult (f)5,0297054
lWDEqSeasalt the PoochyenaHatchling (F)7692171
IPgPsIPgPs the Feraligatr CBAdult (m)2,8221,1204
oipK6oipK6 the Feraligatr CBAdult (f)2,7471,0663
PCa9dCad the Feraligatr CBAdult (m)2,7689272
JNNKXJinx the Feraligatr CBAdult (f)2,5239282
kNgMrMrKing the Feraligatr CBAdult (m)2,4859111
DHeHFHeh the Feraligatr CBAdult (f)2,8169121
1pPWNPWN the TotodileHatchling (F)1,0032432
bidgaBloodbath the Doduo CBAdult (m)4,0961,4802
CMw0hBloody Mary the Doduo CBAdult (f)3,8041,3972
clGeGBlood the Doduo 2EGAdult (m)3,2011,1232
fDOdRChester the Doduo SSSAdult (m)3,6331,2251
cfuAwDouble Trouble the Doduo 3CKAdult (f)2,6419973
9xItm9xItm the Doduo 3EG PBAdult (f)3,4281,0263
G5LaPG5LaP the Doduo CBAdult (m)4,0161,1572
qPXuvSuez the Doduo SSSAdult (m)3,9831,0173
q0s5Lq0s5L the Doduo SSSAdult (m)3,8581,4282
iLrZFLizzie the DoduoHatchling (F)2,7663312
BenxO(BenxO)Adult (m)3,1131,2232
cITD9(cITD9)Adult (f)3,2931,2623
zGsC6(zGsC6)Adult (m)4,0351,3192
Jauff(Jauff)Adult (m)2,8604983
EIDdI(EIDdI)Adult (f)5,2941,0081
n8LpBlu the Mantine 2EGAdult (m)2,7127877
8b3IfBrightwater the Mantine 2SSAdult (f)4,6721,3505
OrUM0Ocean the Mantine 2EGAdult (m)4,3871,1581
uGIsguGIsg the Mantine 4EGAdult (m)4,3451,1861
weymEGuppy the MantykeHatchling (F)1,1872861
myVKpBell the MantykeHatchling (f, F)1,9957462
0x8SPBrine the Lapras 2EGAdult (f)4,0531,2098
VYyROVYyRO the Lapras 2EGAdult (f)3,6069353
PjYAzBriny the Lapras SSAdult (m)4,8311,3349
pEguIPenguin the Lapras 2EG PBAdult (f)3,7468485
oRaKXSapphire the Lapras 2EG PBAdult (f)3,4371,1045
EiUGuBlue the Lapras 2EGAdult (f)2,8929462
bwiAgSalt the Lapras 4EGAdult (f)3,1499253
1Le5BSeawater the Lapras CBAdult (m)3,94888013
bMfMoHaku the Lapras 6ARAdult (m)3,8408575
nlzPBLindwurm the Lapras 6SFAdult (f)3,0428688
CkmBdCarol the Lapras CBAdult (f)2,4931,0714
AHj9NOceanic the Lapras SRAdult (f)3,3681,1028
B5bDCandy the Maractus CBAdult (f)2,1375218
iq4HRBrilliance the Maractus CBAdult (m)5,0491,1363
9rznZRisa the Maractus CBAdult (f)3,0618444
KyZ8HNoah the Maractus 3CKAdult (m)3,9031,0331
Rh1WmRhea the Maractus 3EGAdult (f)2,0609101
4wu6u4wu6u the Maractus CBAdult (f)2,7811,0487
41wyfUltimate Glory the Maractus 4AHAdult (f)2,9247611
CLpamPalm the Maractus CBAdult (f)3,4589431
aCZKg(aCZKg)Adult (m)4,9511,2462
9Rjv0Cactus the MaractusHatchling (F)9353910
QE7fbQE7fb the MaractusHatchling (f, F)2,1877671
Z5hX2Rock the Bastiodon CBAdult (m)6,5529867
M6eBqSturdy the Bastiodon 5EGAdult (m)4,4491,2463
7L7VT7L7VT the Bastiodon 6EGAdult (f)6,5911,45610
jisC6Jess the Bastiodon CBAdult (f)4,4681,4332
gaDGR(gaDGR)Adult (m)4,5841,2540
hn85EBrute the Zoroark CBAdult (m)3,2541,0102
kKwy1kKwy1 the Zoroark CBAdult (m)2,7711,0581
qsaEJqsaEJ the Zoroark CBAdult (f)2,8081,0582
LKJupJupiter the Zoroark CBAdult (m)3,4651,1031
y5DfrFran the Zoroark CBAdult (f)4,4881,1725
0PTsD(0PTsD)Adult (m)4,5318801
E2jGAmazon the Tropius MSAdult (m)2,4708717
vWAEABoreal the Tropius 2EGAdult (f)4,3491,2242
8TlRyYellowstone the Tropius CBAdult (m)5,2291,2094
F7TGxFlathead the Tropius CBAdult (f)3,0467333
LeOCoOchoco the Tropius CBAdult (m)3,8789863
6oG4pOcala the Tropius CBAdult (f)4,0848721
PSBoPPike the Tropius CBAdult (m)3,0959017
iQg56Inyo the Tropius CBAdult (f)3,2848972
zezwRTonto the Tropius 2EGAdult (f)3,3008811
vvUvJWayne the Tropius CBAdult (m)3,4328593
9UWckUmpqua the Tropius CBAdult (m)2,5588621
mwDpKModoc the Tropius CBAdult (f)3,0379160
muQ2aEvergreen the Tropius 5CKAdult (m)2,7527405
H1lifHiawatha the Tropius CBAdult (m)3,4528741
oqSXSAvon the Tropius CBAdult (f)4,5061,0695
OKV4pOsceola the Tropius CBAdult (f)2,3049001
8lWYlClearwater the Tropius CBAdult (m)4,7441,2882
TkpUN(TkpUN)Adult (f)5,0231,0040
9l21tLeetle the TropiusHatchling (f, F)3,2797391
Lgnk4Tree the TropiusHatchling (F)1,1984591
r7yND(r7yND)Adult (m)3,3811,2721
9Tysc(9Tysc)Adult (f)3,4231,3100
mSfb1(mSfb1)Adult (m)5,1731,1603
XDSGD(XDSGD)Adult (m)6,7919010
I7s7K(I7s7K)Adult (m)3,2951,2181
IRl19(IRl19)Adult (f)3,4421,2840
rIpyv(rIpyv)Adult (m)4,9339493
Yp8mYMozarella the SkuntankAdult4,6731,2464
yMiKCBrie the SkuntankAdult3,50698411
ub2sKCheddar the StunkyHatchling (F)2,4967881
rfNzoParmesan the StunkyHatchling (F)2,4588641
wF74bFuzzy ChickenAdult (f)3,4821,0763
dIB3ZFeathery ChickenAdult (f)4,2751,1929
5nCUlFascinating ChickenAdult (f)1,2584476
toyi5Toy ChickenHatchling (f, F)2,5859343
QyWh0(QyWh0)Adult (m)4,7871,3253
0VrUTWreath the DelibirdHatchling (m, F)2,5911,0643
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