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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PonyGurl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TIek(TIek)Adult (m)3,2101,08716
LcF8(LcF8)Adult (f)8,8711,91211
DrHI(DrHI)Adult (f)8,7401,3887
6FIX(6FIX)Adult (f)4,3951,0167
P9f1(P9f1)Adult (f)4,2631,1923
Se2T(Se2T)Adult (m)8,3331,8039
TqDQ(TqDQ)Adult (m)2,3908384
VjWg(VjWg)Adult (f)5,9631,0540
1R3T(1R3T)Adult (f)2,3938637
qAPG(qAPG)Adult (m)4,6919814
XWVe(XWVe)Adult (f)1,0296036
n1lO(n1lO)Adult (f)8,6891,4799
GuHj(GuHj)Adult (m)9,0901,4328
Rp5c(Rp5c)Adult (m)8,8271,2906
FX5B(FX5B)Adult (f)6,0491,0794
I6rP(I6rP)Adult (f)3,7648969
AnSA(AnSA)Adult (m)3,2681,18814
emlN(emlN)Adult (f)2,56473912
QVUD(QVUD)Adult (m)5,6511,2674
p4NK(p4NK)Adult (m)4,8861,1604
gpEb(gpEb)Adult (m)3,2641,0547
u3n9(u3n9)Adult (f)4,8251,0314
Vq2L(Vq2L)Adult (m)5,1571,17522
kBT5(kBT5)Adult (f)5,8651,37820
CA1H(CA1H)Adult (f)2,95584314
uFjO(uFjO)Adult (m)2,4278654
ZWGK(ZWGK)Adult (m)5,9171,0380
7dV3(7dV3)Adult (m)5,9931,0741
L1rA(L1rA)Adult (m)3,2541,0357
RcV5(RcV5)Adult (f)2,44869712
lLJN(lLJN)Adult (m)2,26587014
mfvk(mfvk)Adult (m)5,9701,0653
FftF(FftF)Adult (m)9,0591,99410
3YV8(3YV8)Adult (f)9,0321,94811
5qPP(5qPP)Adult (f)3,45490519
eTrK(eTrK)Adult (f)8,7171,61811
pV0e(pV0e)Adult (m)4,8561,0633
9VpM(9VpM)Adult (f)2,15576110
54Sq(54Sq)Adult (m)3,5971,20821
Ik2o(Ik2o)Adult (m)2,8558188
e82Z(e82Z)Adult (f)2,25379314
vmES(vmES)Adult (f)1,7776597
q0Fv(q0Fv)Adult (m)3,2821,0743
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