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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pixelated_Prophecies,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UHdfK(UHdfK)Adult (f)4,9855252
dd5bP(dd5bP)Adult (m)5,8025901
D3t9xthis sinful keyboardAdult (m)3,7495541
lLRSn(lLRSn)Adult (m)3,4545611
afcR7(afcR7)Adult (m)3,1785882
6i7japygmies in my dragcaveAdult (f)3,5826484
tT2t8its more likely than you thinkAdult (f)3,3677851
5qsOT(5qsOT)Adult (m)2,5395581
N5K92(N5K92)Adult (m)2,7095651
L2qQV(L2qQV)Adult (f)6,6397111
LFVbQ(LFVbQ)Adult (f)6,0546183
emNZH(emNZH)Adult (f)7,2976912
92y5PhhHhEeeEccCkkkKKAdult (f)4,0087232
jJeZfheckity heckAdult (f)3,2946911
rltU1HheEcCkKKkAdult (f)3,6336470
F9sNZHheEcCKkAdult (f)5,4077823
mrdhm(mrdhm)Adult (m)6,1976421
QUIf3(QUIf3)Adult (m)9,0846633
6WlQTwow i can flyAdult (m)5,0785240
pKiahalmost a gold tinsel dragonHatchling (F)3,8254671
SiBWAmerry exstistential crisis-masAdult (m)2,9557720
VRz2Q(VRz2Q)Adult (m)4,7907622
3oXP9(3oXP9)Hatchling (F)2,5844231
krkQg(krkQg)Adult (f)5,8095730
wbZFd(wbZFd)Adult (m)6,2516461
szuky(szuky)Adult (f)6,0455941
dwehv(dwehv)Adult (m)7,1336902
Ium6S(Ium6S)Adult (m)5,6776420
IYDmx(IYDmx)Adult (f)5,6486201
hFjhP(hFjhP)Adult (f)5,8915962
qMNVm(qMNVm)Adult (f)5,7505831
uBKQV(uBKQV)Adult (f)6,7505561
44oMA(44oMA)Adult (m)3,5607811
mlwVm(mlwVm)Adult (m)4,0686930
jLCZ4i'm gonna cryAdult (m)4,1667290
bqwZg(bqwZg)Adult (m)3,7918561
hXDQW(hXDQW)Adult (m)3,7427930
lnSh9(lnSh9)Adult (f)2,6225980
e1JRq(e1JRq)Adult (f)3,6838030
ejGGk(ejGGk)Adult (m)4,4407201
m79DK(m79DK)Adult (m)5,1045171
5TjDI(5TjDI)Adult (f)6,1224931
NcnLs(NcnLs)Adult (m)4,9185651
J78ejit's time to stop - name takenAdult (f)3,8615681
J3nPp(J3nPp)Adult (f)4,5615501
jwiCg(jwiCg)Adult (m)3,3387320
n6BVa(n6BVa)Adult (m)2,7246310
Yg6uZ(Yg6uZ)Hatchling (m, F)5,2604193
FuCmzMagic's TradeAdult (m)2,9124843
Lf7stGift's TradeAdult (m)2,4395051
iBuFM(iBuFM)Adult (f)2,7146071
ocqC3(ocqC3)Adult (f)3,5725882
J29Na(J29Na)Adult (f)2,8536371
6NVVpNaranja - OrangeAdult (f)3,9357460
1zkIOb u t n o t h i n g h a p p e nAdult (f)4,9396851
iQ5VW(iQ5VW)Hatchling (m, F)4,8714951
v9Wq7why he scream thoughAdult (m)5,7326321
geWNvScavenger's StruggleAdult (f)1,6546211
CcnTC(CcnTC)Adult (m)2,2835105
3Ei82smol the 2ndAdult (m)2,5275911
0br61the name smol is takenAdult (f)2,6906081
95dL5scariest dragon everAdult (f)3,0945972
Z1dsX(Z1dsX)Adult (m)6,3646190
pAphq(pAphq)Adult (f)5,6265900
8zE79(8zE79)Adult (m)6,8515531
R1Uji(R1Uji)Adult (m)5,8265811
Sxql2(Sxql2)Adult (f)5,4656001
WVJXf(WVJXf)Adult (m)3,2072562
92Q69(92Q69)Adult (m)3,1227770
5oCHW(5oCHW)Adult (m)4,5337501
VQdWH(VQdWH)Adult (m)3,5075371
RlRnP(RlRnP)Adult (m)2,2823301
TbeS1(TbeS1)Adult (m)1,9602991
UojiNPillow's ComfortAdult (m)3,0815392
7gAlknot baldAdult (m)2,9715241
eP6D8(eP6D8)Adult (m)6,5165011
ltwMTstretch my leggy out real farAdult (m)2,7616291
KXSTFshe yawnAdult (f)4,2667401
wYgbTthis dragon is a catAdult (f)3,8917683
Mnceblook at this floofAdult (f)3,1796261
hKj8m(hKj8m)Adult (m)4,8895671
SOVN1(SOVN1)Adult (m)7,2026031
plmlE(plmlE)Hatchling (m, F)5,0284661
fbmE8(fbmE8)Adult (m)2,1596951
cx7Df(cx7Df)Adult (f)1,7476211
d2RHY(d2RHY)Adult (f)4,9417201
NWJT9(NWJT9)Adult (m)3,5168041
PZxyJ(PZxyJ)Adult (m)3,5338011
aYuR4(aYuR4)Adult (m)3,4668021
wM8pvi love grilled cheeseAdult (f)4,3237091
73G07(73G07)Adult (f)5,8316721
e4QRehe knows when youre awakeAdult (f)3,0537671
C0QEG(C0QEG)Adult (f)3,8997552
CIltb(CIltb)Adult (f)4,0427521
9MKgd(9MKgd)Adult (m)2,6806041
n6oxt(n6oxt)Adult (m)3,9727880
t1uz3(t1uz3)Adult (m)5,8405651
aMFH6problems with being a dragonAdult (f)3,2528681
YxcqS(YxcqS)Adult (m)5,4026992
TOLsxPanic At The DiscourseAdult (f)3,3137510
vrvho(vrvho)Adult (m)3,9427630
d4T7Z(d4T7Z)Adult (m)5,4096241
jH2eTso many legsAdult (f)4,9405181
41Szcsparkle-dragonAdult (m)3,9137640
1cBg0(1cBg0)Adult (m)2,4545661
gK5aG(gK5aG)Adult (m)2,5236091
GI0vg(GI0vg)Adult (m)2,6557260
tU2WS(tU2WS)Adult (m)5,7735711
ld5NN(ld5NN)Adult (m)5,6226231
5U6ZIEarthquake's PowerAdult (f)2,8145931
pKFZfwhy he saltyAdult (m)1,9845940
Sr2UBthe furvilla forumsAdult (f)3,1626082
rOybOb0iHatchling (F)1,9844382
iCvva(iCvva)Adult (m)4,2346871
nk9Kd(nk9Kd)Adult (m)4,5517481
57ZZ4(57ZZ4)Adult (m)4,8196281
HccZw(HccZw)Adult (m)3,0667031
MWbAjFoxburyAdult (f)2,2905591
TN9nbhe sees you when y0u're sleepingAdult (f)2,7057182
Vjs8v(Vjs8v)Adult (f)3,9527572
orYlh(orYlh)Adult (f)3,5066541
SgAoW(SgAoW)Adult (f)3,8396560
PHess(PHess)Adult (f)3,6035281
PFn0W(PFn0W)Adult (f)2,0623071
cDJsz(cDJsz)Adult (m)6,9665991
B7cWl(B7cWl)Adult (m)8,3176671
eReBfSummer's GiftsAdult (f)6,2271,0902
ywuNA(ywuNA)Adult (f)3,4577061
q0cf8(q0cf8)Adult (f)3,6617711
UCfHdCreature's WarningAdult (f)6,0151,1063
HuVF9(HuVF9)Adult (f)2,2945690
rlWZU(rlWZU)Adult (f)2,9736710
csUAb(csUAb)Adult (f)2,9017341
QbJXT(QbJXT)Adult (f)5,5886181
YeMmd(YeMmd)Adult (f)5,6746201
IKOEN(IKOEN)Adult (f)3,2236562
jCCDJ(jCCDJ)Adult (m)2,0393021
e36cB(e36cB)Adult (m)2,6486701
x91Gu(x91Gu)Adult (m)6,2146253
e1sWe(e1sWe)Adult (m)5,6206201
LNGHuNature's WishesAdult (f)4,6149193
rmUli(rmUli)Adult (f)4,3104761
FyZnj(FyZnj)Adult (m)4,5755701
Alpc5Countless BlazarsAdult (m)2,5756060
8iBi2why does the universe existAdult (m)4,1277271
2vVoiim being very SIRIUS right nowAdult (m)2,7365803
TuTlW(TuTlW)Adult (m)2,6936302
fiXDU(fiXDU)Adult (m)2,7026021
xZfPO(xZfPO)Adult (m)3,2366601
Gg9aPTree's TreasuresAdult (m)5,0979174
jF7Ygomg its a microAdult (f)6,1605622
DvoKzhhIIissWSSSsSAdult (f)4,7045580
vVqdg(vVqdg)Hatchling (f, F)4,8914960
ka2gH(ka2gH)Adult (f)5,7275941
t02gC(t02gC)Adult (f)6,1755941
ZFzfymy wings are too tinyAdult (m)5,7877190
hv2N4(hv2N4)Adult (f)5,5645941
jmqL0how about n0Adult (m)5,0055381
C0oBm(C0oBm)Adult (m)6,1915321
j9rzdNature's RefugeAdult (f)4,8668412
iUKswwhy is this dragon not a pygmyAdult (m)4,6058013
xluK6you just got beanedAdult (f)4,2175351
nh0Yn(nh0Yn)Adult (m)6,9475361
h5rw1(h5rw1)Adult (f)6,9185331
6Nn3lWater's MysteriesAdult (m)4,8207811
0tJNnhelp me i have 0 legsAdult (f)5,7338784
82sHn(82sHn)Adult (f)2,7116321
FnhkhFnhkhAdult (m)5,0385301
JLmkA(JLmkA)Adult (f)6,1965361
5YHpx(5YHpx)Adult (f)4,7027371
H7exl(H7exl)Hatchling (f, F)4,1545262
YI6Y6(YI6Y6)Adult (m)4,5595761
DO8sf(DO8sf)Adult (f)2,6956461
sg4Ts(sg4Ts)Adult (f)6,1816491
zDEDIcleanse this scroll of sinAdult (m)5,7755852
78VvY(78VvY)Adult (m)5,0065220
nQ0IYFantasy's CreatorAdult (f)2,4856123
QEXexHatchling's WishesHatchling (F)1,5422711
iHIsvResolution's EndAdult (f)2,7386271
kqOrswhy am i drunk in all my dreamsAdult (f)3,6485451
oTioAscience doesnt existAdult (f)3,8237730
9BiK9sitting on clouds isn't possibleAdult (f)6,3825382
EVmA3(EVmA3)Adult (f)6,0115344
u2uZS(u2uZS)Adult (m)3,2888203
fn13iDream's HappinessAdult (m)2,4785702
ZVVdIStory's FantasyAdult (m)1,9325902
a0ORUi thought his leg was his jawAdult (m)5,3721,0203
PwNzythis isnt a phase momHatchling (m, F)3,6466000
HOSjhQuetzal PalaceAdult (m)3,6135942
05PL8insert 'high' pun hereAdult (m)3,3196042
qYL6l(qYL6l)Adult (f)4,8336941
JOwe3(JOwe3)Adult (m)5,5106021
Jsb0w(Jsb0w)Adult (f)5,7685492
YX7il(YX7il)Adult (f)5,7435520
18oab(18oab)Adult (f)6,0735221
Z7xcx(Z7xcx)Adult (m)5,9685361
JogbD(JogbD)Adult (f)5,4556410
UBaBQ(UBaBQ)Adult (f)6,4756192
d2NvD(d2NvD)Adult (m)7,5976374
c6qh6jesus - take - the - wheelAdult (m)6,7755442
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