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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pink,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6NB6EndorothAdult (m)4,9602,10040
lc79TegellinAdult (m)2,6351,0094
ZtGfMadame BlueberryAdult (f)4,4631,66814
cwFiEnellithAdult (f)3,35993916
6IP7ArganthaAdult (f)1,3851,0847
aXP5MPDHatchling (m, F)2,1744743
bDZJShamblingHatchling (m, F)4,89272222
UiIqmOne Head is Obviously Smarter CBAdult (f)5,4468692
MizZbCaptain Headless CBAdult (f)3,0362723
8AkblAdmiral Headless CBAdult (m)2,4766420
6rCrMuggle ScumAdult (f)1,3913668
hNfJBlackyAdult (m)1,84638811
vMosoWingmanAdult (m)2,0557082
f2ADoBroke Neck Mountain CBAdult (f)3,9645282
PHj9sPeriwinkledAdult (f)4,1713061
AwVbfBroke-Neck MountainAdult (f)2,9498952
dNVGKVaderAdult (f)3,0678254
tn01ArchibaldHatchling (F)1,0954252
95Oa9(95Oa9)Adult (f)4,7456251
z0ZJM(z0ZJM)Adult (m)4,5206190
vMZ8W(vMZ8W)Adult (m)2,8606162
fjFsME Wood CBAdult (f)4,8337071
rxqcHRadcliffe CBAdult (m)6,2519501
T7OSn(T7OSn)Adult (f)3,9356693
srNDzMohawk Wearer CBAdult (m)3,2577061
m5RBZLady Mohawk Wearer CBAdult (f)3,2077071
7smy8(7smy8)Adult (m)3,1485221
vOeqC(vOeqC)Adult (m)3,4505150
cjeyJaquette CBAdult (f)1,1518633
EfBYGeorgiaAdult (f)6855505
E3zOz(E3zOz)Adult (m)2,42859412
suG3a(suG3a)Adult (f)4,4996251
SvdV6(SvdV6)Adult (m)2,4476030
lPBKe(lPBKe)Adult (f)3,3306051
yXVVf(yXVVf)Adult (m)2,3475858
rkUZbTradescantia ZebrinaAdult (f)1,8385408
30IUP(30IUP)Adult (f)3,3105310
MBkkbFicus AudreyAdult (f)2,7986291
MlLpFattyAdult (m)2,2396377
DcNFsBubblesaurAdult (f)3,2796412
6qrVcTradescantia FluminensisAdult (m)3,3196471
CqfvWon'tAdult (m)3,1311,46016
KtYcThe Darkest DayAdult (f)4,8742,36538
sIvNDon'tAdult (m)1,61388114
rCGmXerethAdult (f)3,3271,04629
BAI4Tuhb ThuwedAdult (m)3,590697332
uFAtYou're FatAdult (m)7,39795421
Sh2iDo You Think I'm PrettyAdult (f)2,21490368
1FfVAdmiral Jarnith ThuwedAdult (m)6,6451,02447
Z7puDunAdult (m)6,209767298
floHThe Ebilest InvasionAdult (f)3,350610381
pgFqThe Bottom of the BarrelAdult (f)6,78379820
gCX2Swampie of the SwampAdult (m)3,32735152
rmhQYou Are Scraping ItAdult (m)4,03046316
Mk73Iris GreybackAdult (f)6,4471,30113
rvQhI'm Going To Eat Your FaceAdult (m)5,67173311
RoarEnraged RoarAdult (m)4,76341210
cvNQThat's GayAdult (m)3,79527619
G0STPretty FatAdult (f)4,04843911
Y9i8Disdainful KingkillerAdult (m)3,06843410
JM6lSaqqa the Gold SeekerAdult (f)3,2884047
TqDiHunkyAdult (m)4,1333639
HIbJCan'tAdult (f)3,1184331
Ioq9You Guys Are WeirdAdult (f)3,26254016
99W25HCOAdult (m)4,02952414
XqO69CalyxiseAdult (f)3,00665615
M7T4qTemp name F CBAdult (f)3,0743646
C2UBiSlightly ConfusedAdult (m)5,7488776
2reqUNinjaAdult (m)5,1559014
vF5IZCity-SlickerAdult (f)3,2634865
gP8iRFebuary CBAdult (m)3,4118345
9vTfB(9vTfB)Adult (f)2,8415322
vL0HN(vL0HN)Adult (f)3,4612955
Roczt(Roczt)Adult (f)3,2613884
QREVk(QREVk)Adult (m)3,0098682
RIUNUKettle BlackAdult (f)2,3196340
nk40G(nk40G)Adult (f)4,3217286
KbKbX(KbKbX)Adult (m)4,0826970
g3x2UPhalaenopsis BlumeAdult (f)4,1436684
Gq2TBurn them cookiesHatchling (f, F)3,75640630
v4KzsdfdbavscadadHatchling (m, F)1,8039726
gMZ8RANCH DRESSING YUMHatchling (f, F)7595892
c7CkTHE HUMANZ R DEDHatchling (F)4003331
OCmlI NOMMED ONZ MYSELFHatchling (F)1,1651789
WGMcI-SpyHatchling (F)24821532
vTRbDorkface of EvilHatchling (m, F)1,99724611
ksUVIf I only had a brainHatchling (m, F)6623804
Hu0XShrimpHatchling (f, F)1,91320395
lAcBRoboHatchling (m, F)1,61382397
n94fnilchHatchling (m, F)1,4944584
aEvOSpotsHatchling (F)38425023
kU571WhiteboardHatchling (F)1,7752274
hqDvBSnailsHatchling (f, F)1,5677445
fMh7FDarn itHatchling (F)1,9755368
CXx0mMildly ShinyHatchling (F)9752233
EvrwAtrienAdult (m)3,2971,68217
NAT3N'tanAdult (f)1,1498324
U4egMorgoth MerriweatherAdult (m)2,503512200
YHh3EGhostly Black IIAdult (f)2,7917509
7eVUq(7eVUq)Adult (f)3,7031,0736
kQAmTroll faceAdult (m)2,8571,1356
QhTYTLeathery BatAdult (m)2,2726510
D4fCQMonstera DeliciosaAdult (f)4,39580810
FjATZallineHatchling (f, F)46537310
jW8wZorthinHatchling (m, F)1,2986194
88JLZorninHatchling (m, F)2,042295257
pzbGPFedexHatchling (m, F)1,9244885
DgZKH(DgZKH)Adult (m)3,5421,0164
5NdjoPure BritonAdult (f)6,8641,0204
IJgZYMonsteraAdult (m)2,4696001
YA5AP(YA5AP)Hatchling (m, F)2,3139012
k2PnYFiddle Leaf FigAdult (f)2,5731,0811
OOGQCResident of UtahAdult (m)2,5221,0740
rQD9KDangerously IneffectiveAdult (f)2,0419131
HNfq8Unnaturally Bright Red CBAdult (m)3,14475611
iKhPd(iKhPd)Adult (m)2,4897142
bjpB0Wilson's DiseaseAdult (f)2,5587041
eVYsXWalking CatastropheAdult (f)2,5383370
XXxwlPhilodendron ErubescensHatchling (F)3,1753397
iRNM8(iRNM8)Hatchling (m, F)5,0458592
Hv8LaTiny Face CBAdult (m)2,1468710
sW7XBNo Face CBAdult (m)2,1678480
p8jq8Jawless CBAdult (f)1,7066671
tzXdtCaveborn CBAdult (f)1,9826567
aYPnJ(aYPnJ)Adult (m)2,6027050
DX2Iz(DX2Iz)Adult (f)2,4576055
c9qCSea Monster ThuwedAdult (f)2,918603254
M3g16Uninfluenced EggsHatchling (f, F)2,3893934
fYIXuMighty Roar BoiHatchling (F)7811686
SWNEmWindswept CBAdult (m)3,92248412
35rxQSeafarer CBAdult (f)3,99374213
bmIKgWild Backbone BoiAdult (m)2,2085799
6wwYmHelp I need a ChiropractorAdult (f)3,3505296
mu2An(mu2An)Adult (m)2,4385835
5vbkI Am Secretly A DuckAdult (f)5,25978223
q0iDAudaciousnessAdult (f)2,38366612
QXRCJungle of the SwampAdult (m)3,2594217
rDGYlTurq CBAdult (m)3,9308141
il48DDart CBAdult (m)4,1425582
nbCcXTropics CBAdult (m)3,5134532
DF055Layla - STOPS HEREAdult (f)5,1003402
FxNbOWhip It Up CBAdult (m)2,3278196
Wg2dhDerpity CBAdult (m)5,3901,1022
sYAtkFruity  BoiAdult (m)2,5205003
qF0wtJungly BoiAdult (m)2,4994556
a31qnFlashy Flower BoiAdult (m)3,3307034
vYhjUBlankieAdult (f)4,1027132
YAS6Ilol jkAdult (f)4,0657231
GgaOVHycinathAdult (m)3,8957822
5yQxoWhen you're out in the clubAdult (f)2,3445462
9frGWand you see a fly girlAdult (f)2,5305401
4EMJrThe Creep CBAdult (f)2,5035632
GKKFJDo The Creep CBAdult (m)2,4165572
0qdaZAnd if you wanna make friendsAdult (f)2,5755653
G4zpxat the ATMAdult (f)2,2825501
WzvMvDo the CreeepAdult (f)2,1976030
w5pjhThe Creep hooAdult (f)3,2948576
71kDaWe got a new danceAdult (m)1,8015282
I1yR3So get up on your feetAdult (m)6,2865603
jWXuGIt's real easy to doAdult (f)7,0227172
tIL5USo get up on your  feetAdult (f)3,7117032
2Hg3e(2Hg3e)Adult (f)2,0734978
8M5tQ(8M5tQ)Adult (f)4,9706290
qSYcl(qSYcl)Adult (f)3,3036052
UGX4Elantren CBAdult (m)3,535592347
WDOeThressia CBAdult (f)2,1022824
0HKvElantri CBAdult (f)2,725497210
t5TTThressan CBAdult (m)3,15228610
qHaeIllandria Merriweather CBAdult (f)93343456
PilePile in the SwampAdult (m)4,2273259
bcPIJiveAdult (f)1,67554410
W9kjLayers  CBAdult (m)6,36499512
p2slLmodicumAdult (f)5,8221,3626
QJuP1(QJuP1)Adult (m)5,4507402
XABch(XABch)Adult (m)5,4607372
Ptb3j(Ptb3j)Adult (f)5,7167270
8Q8KO(8Q8KO)Adult (f)5,7257222
HK8fj(HK8fj)Adult (f)5,7477262
qnCnI'm an Emo LawnHatchling (m, F)2,47188841
kEQ6Professor XHatchling (m, F)2,4445822
ytBsw(ytBsw)Adult (f)1,9096870
jhtCr(jhtCr)Adult (m)1,6996370
WCca5(WCca5)Adult (m)1,8856370
zf75g(zf75g)Adult (m)1,5845990
rYWxvFaded Crimson CBAdult (f)2,2925370
CHvUvDon't Die CBAdult (f)2,1645410
Pk2SpPink Crimson CBAdult (f)2,1175619
SXEBy(SXEBy)Adult (f)5,4967362
R8fKe(R8fKe)Adult (m)5,6807401
96lsJ(96lsJ)Adult (m)5,3857340
4ZwBO(4ZwBO)Adult (m)3,7386972
bsL3C(bsL3C)Hatchling (f, F)4,6176112
pfNclMiresmirk CBAdult (f)2,2808321
D7kmPPumpkinSpice CBAdult (m)2,1618591
VIb20Overly Long Tail CBAdult (f)2,1698470
vBYVFDisproportionate Tail-Body RatioAdult (f)1,8596391
H6jTxSome Dragon I Used to KnowAdult (m)2,7295582
H0gYANot A Snow Dragon CBAdult (m)2,3386162
LfGDfWhy Do I Even  ExistAdult (f)5,5157653
ifHaR(ifHaR)Adult (m)3,7987962
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