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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pikachu-Dragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QXrT1Tehpikachu On the ForumsAdult (m)8,6011,3578
fCCsuSplatter and DodgeAdult (m)3,2331,0179
VpadkGrieving BrideAdult (f)6,3511,54117
91JYISweet-and-SpicyAdult (f)4,1471,1546
9493uWistala and JizaraAdult (f)3,1731,10311
K3efVZewg Intitolat ThuwedAdult (f)3,2721,0295
ur1FYBearclaw and French ToastAdult (f)4,6661,19010
MEUXjTarnished and ForgottenAdult (m)4,7741,1789
irZMnGrieving GroomAdult (m)3,5229903
bjooNLatios and LatiasAdult (m)3,9661,0464
2q2qtLatias and LatiosAdult (f)7,6371,2647
VEoIpMy Little GifteeAdult (f)6,6681,2656
F2UlUF2 WhirlwindAdult (m)3,7061,1005
og2nKAccidents Happen Just Like ThatAdult (f)6,8749902
OTZVZIced DragonHatchling (m, F)2,8671,0753
ttShgFroot and LoopHatchling (f, F)2,1637391
q9NTDThere Was No HopeHatchling (F)1,2174242
72t6VDual HeadsAdult (m)5,6081,2003
Rg5s6Style and AdherenceAdult (f)5,5141,0571
kUgk4Poor Old PercyHatchling (m, F)3,0283213
ZpH2TLet Me Come HomeHatchling (F)3,9092681
Y0gc8BiblemanAdult (m)4,1229843
8takAI Didn't Mean to Be HereAdult (f)5,5331,0335
m76bMEverywhere I GoAdult (m)5,9031,0192
27KfBMonstarsHatchling (f, F)4,5669000
tGi2QSplit LivesHatchling (F)1,9294441
KkXneLosing Myself in TimeAdult (m)4,8849052
KDZI1Not a Moment Too SoonAdult (m)4,6508920
EePfwYou Know the Book Doesn't LieAdult (m)5,1379270
H9u2XNot a Question of MeritAdult (f)5,2829271
Ds95ETime is an OceanAdult (f)5,9891,2384
SD4OWThe Shadows of TimeAdult (m)5,6629676
tC5rOSeeing My FortuneAdult (m)6,2451,1494
CJqhcTime is a RiverAdult (f)5,0061,0111
2V8J8The Shift of TimeAdult (m)4,2951,0542
ijzNYA Cautionary TaleAdult (m)6,4548544
zqtyxTime Dashes OnAdult (m)6,1021,0543
Xv0OVSilver Time StreamAdult (f)5,9421,0822
46qGnCounting Down the MinutesAdult (f)4,7889226
IFMc9Golden Flow of TimeAdult (f)6,9409013
i85dGCherry Tree LaneAdult (f)7,9761,1284
DrTI7Regrets of a FatherAdult (f)8,6759422
agQhFWar With No NameHatchling (f, F)4,2917634
MrcqpForeseen OutcomeHatchling (F)3,9812912
e8B0BI Know How the Moon Must FeelAdult (m)2,81996610
9vmvmLooking down from the heavensAdult (f)3,2949926
lDHFkSmiling at the silly thingsAdult (m)3,8171,0879
BSK2SWe put ourselves throughAdult (f)4,2061,0944
qj6mmMissing magic each dayAdult (m)4,2801,0946
mj0KsAnd not seeing the wonderAdult (f)3,7011,0174
em7KUThat's how the moon must feelAdult (m)3,8171,0606
VC3muI  know how the moon must feelAdult (m)3,0917873
nFJWnStarting right and contentedAdult (m)3,1808252
CthVaEverything is beautifulAdult (m)3,1138415
Z4q90As it all should beAdult (f)3,6036982
0sfbcFar away from it allAdult (m)3,1576961
I3M9YNever needing to hurryAdult (f)3,1457102
0MgNaThat's how the moon must  feelAdult (m)3,1356936
MCUNNFrom up there our worriesAdult (f)3,1706782
ooMbMMust seem very smallAdult (f)5,8578454
2BHJfMaybe that is whyAdult (m)3,6587094
2LLFeHe wears a smileAdult (f)3,6556832
FJnoQI'm sure he knowsAdult (m)3,6446694
TTeNFIf there is more to lifeAdult (m)3,7286824
FoOMIWish I could be him for a whileAdult (f)4,9741,0366
5U5tfI know  how the moon must feelAdult (m)4,9351,0477
qu34gLooking down from the  heavensAdult (m)4,8609975
G724pSmiling at the silly  thingsAdult (m)3,5818854
MYX9iWe put ourselves  throughAdult (f)4,4181,0205
OGITRMissing  magic each dayAdult (f)2,8737272
VBAW9And  not seeing the wonderAdult (f)3,5978925
dZeITThat's  how the moon must feelAdult (m)3,9079456
FOYOOI'm sure he  knowsAdult (m)4,5578488
YA7mBIf  there is more to lifeAdult (f)4,6308556
MMfYiWish  I could be him for a whileAdult (f)4,9358845
L28jDI know how  the moon must feelAdult (f)4,2387865
PnSpZAnd I can't say I blame himAdult (m)4,6379512
1lvKISmiling  at the silly  thingsAdult (f)4,9239511
X4Hp5We  put ourselves throughAdult (f)4,7929480
FJTOjNever taking the timeAdult (f)5,3389832
N79BrAlways running in circlesAdult (f)5,0939433
2XToiThat's how the moon must feeeelAdult (m)5,1889770
MXLZ5Last One Out of Liberty CityAdult (f)4,27781213
EaKY5009 Sound SystemAdult (m)6,1768884
uvtjgThere Is Beauty In ShadowAdult (f)7,5041,0431
bZzV2Pale MoodlightAdult (f)7,4431,1079
bbIHCThomas and the Magic RailroadHatchling (F)3,8207953
nHWb8Really Useful EngineHatchling (f, F)4,5175913
TOOptDiscouragedHatchling (F)7743554
0FS07The Time When I'm YoungAdult (f)3,7431,0161
vn28ACrying a Whole DayAdult (f)3,7281,0021
qEov4Almerald GleamAdult (m)5,8538764
9ZJ69The Sequence of a LifeformAdult (m)4,9918732
cipvsForbidden OfferAdult (f)5,1749255
5XspiVictorious TinselAdult (f)4,3316163
p9EejForgetting Your HalvesHatchling (m, F)4,5174522
eLhiJThe Rain From AboveHatchling (F)1,7294411
pql2yThe Sun Comes for MeAdult (m)2,2046850
zpxntLiving Stars are CoolerAdult (f)2,2806840
3P7JHSun ObserverAdult (f)9,4411,2143
21OomTwo Sudden BurstsHatchling (m, F)5,5857052
GJEVHPlace Me Before HimHatchling (f, F)5,8397191
UcdpmJankin' AroundHatchling (F)2,7772122
ks61NDuality of ManAdult (f)4,4191,0662
adsGIA Generation Lost in SpaceAdult (m)4,5941,0832
kTxYhOne of the DreamersAdult (f)5,6321,0902
FpJKfJean-Louise 'Scout' FinchAdult (f)5,5671,1251
cpKi6Magical ArtifactAdult (f)5,5711,0734
gEqCeBringing It TogetherAdult (m)5,3501,1622
HNqHlForced FusionAdult (m)5,2181,2042
B4cjsPriorities in CheckAdult (m)5,4151,0433
ZC4IEStartopiaAdult (m)5,3841,0102
ruHvGNeptune's RingsAdult (f)4,3831,1151
vsqpGPlanet AntariaAdult (m)5,6571,0781
Cpt9GObject PermanenceAdult (m)5,2751,0621
xrDDzNo Big ThingAdult (f)6,3268981
oSMymBetelgeuse 7Adult (f)5,7179862
b88yNAntares DistrictAdult (f)5,6989831
GrsfyAtticus Finch Attorney at LawAdult (m)5,7199561
0DbEJTop QualityAdult (m)6,7089233
XyRliReally XyleneAdult (m)6,5739521
gveyuSynthetically MadeAdult (m)5,7979152
UHaM6Ham it UpAdult (m)5,6339360
lg0XYKilling a MockingbirdAdult (m)6,9299312
HpBZWDearest of ChildAdult (f)5,4059652
vAgpgI Got the Power - Nintendo PowerAdult (f)6,5769206
SAGDJSwear and CurseAdult (f)5,1459303
MqTjbSilent Raindrops FellAdult (f)3,9287192
wevytDeath By AccidentAdult (f)7,0509942
d5YDjConsider YourselfAdult (f)7,0839401
jgwAtJigawatAdult (m)6,2439751
D3ZRaI Got A Bad Feel ScoobAdult (f)6,9249730
U8S8STaking Back SpaceAdult (f)5,9481,1391
i4ifkSpace ExpeditionAdult (m)7,5681,0673
nk5FEObject AbsorptionAdult (m)7,2851,1362
OFtXpScouting For a Better FutureAdult (m)6,8511,0872
h5RWqWe Hate You HereHatchling (m, F)5,5577072
ghABXForget Those AmigosHatchling (F)3,1252332
FOd0OReturn To A WorldAdult (m)4,0611,1575
GScatGS CatAdult (f)3,6661,1161
WgWOwSurprising Twist of EventsAdult (f)4,1289452
Y1FXwLookin Great in itHatchling (m, F)4,1048622
ccH7OCallaiaster TownHatchling (F)2,0785052
7KeoEALL OVER TOWNHatchling (F)2,0484931
ViZwMGiants of the AetherAdult (f)6,3231,2844
kOLNcColossal AgesAdult (m)6,2601,2564
zGqAvThe Blood of a Petty CowardAdult (f)5,6359352
qTrDKCommunication is BanishedHatchling (f, F)5,4318201
rkiHwRise and Fall of the WaterAdult (m)5,9379651
CUWRXAin't Broke Don't FixAdult (f)5,5169651
ZdPJVSea ScalingAdult (m)4,4657965
EwpeZEmperor DieAdult (m)5,1101,1172
mzRkMForbidden ContactHatchling (f, F)5,1698271
6SYv1Two Headed SnapAdult (m)5,7139430
bLiprPrehistoric TimesAdult (f)6,2149610
sLR7bHappenstance of DiscontentAdult (f)5,9577992
sq8nPTwo Different MeaningsHatchling (m, F)4,9738431
I8XBjThe Disappointments of LifeAdult (f)2,65584810
jas6XWith Jake and TimmyAdult (m)1,8286272
6p9kCSomeone's FetishAdult (f)6,3339974
MSHhqI Am UnsettledAdult (m)6,5179694
6iR4iProlife-icHatchling (m, F)4,9138013
1H8LvDistasteful ActionHatchling (F)2,3245583
PzEP5Targeting in the Purest SenseAdult (m)7,1021,0462
kYU3MEnemies With a Common GoalAdult (f)6,9851,0491
vs656Facing Your FlawsHatchling (f, F)4,8039201
Ijg17Tehpikachu's Gift From TehdragonAdult (f)3,0447405
nmGDcIn RuinAdult (f)4,5951,1076
dlWu3Black-and-Yellow GoldAdult (m)4,7631,0944
FmTRtEvened-Out ThuwedAdult (m)4,4211,0127
utEUOThe More You KnowAdult (f)3,39298213
CpXaYThe More You KohlsAdult (m)4,1339927
16ZIFUpon Pillars of Salt and SandAdult (m)4,0131,2073
LVklZLonelinessAdult (f)5,8101,19010
t342kAmbidextrous ClawsAdult (m)3,4869354
GaT3EAll There Ever WasAdult (m)5,3701,5965
QBcEOSavannah PoptartulousAdult (f)4,5421,05513
APOPRLost in Time and In SpaceAdult (f)2,8859046
chmPpAnd In MeaningAdult (m)6,2211,19913
Js1GNStripes in the BackAdult (f)3,4449891
4UmH1Lost HopesAdult (m)3,2589664
t2p7cFederal Regulations RequirementAdult (f)2,4078333
TkE3SNothing Goes RightAdult (m)2,7597105
sMOXiSound WavesAdult (f)2,6868954
iT3iJVoid in My HeartAdult (m)2,4448147
9JLsFDarkness Begins to RiseAdult (m)2,5747812
ekUkQMotionless in WhiteAdult (m)3,6369782
tL7RoIcy EndAdult (f)3,1309611
9jc0NI Was LeftAdult (m)4,6081,0653
vaFVpThe Black Dragon HoarderAdult (m)8,0961,3722
ID3SRBlack Dragons are My SpecialtyAdult (m)8,0951,3545
KdnbHBlindsidedAdult (f)9,3641,4627
Nq1UPStarlight was Once in My PlaceAdult (f)5,6188267
JOnX7The Blackened HopeAdult (m)7,3301,26313
JFFLlGold is a LieAdult (f)6,5631,1678
KLn2bNight RosesAdult (m)7,0061,2898
muaamWreck-It RalphAdult (f)5,6251,1499
lruL1Kiytt's GhostAdult (f)5,0619948
sh4gPAudible WhispersAdult (f)5,9341,1736
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