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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pika_Oi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6QAwmLove And DestroyAdult (m)4,9101,0326
rH5MvGildedheartAdult (m)5,2527497
FYGGsWhy HeAdult (f)2,7726502
sAY3IJust Do NotAdult (f)2,7816380
EQWFjViolently ThrashingAdult (m)2,8126501
68IemAnd He NeverAdult (m)2,7466653
9I4q0Evil Sewing DemonsAdult (f)2,7486513
YJMx9Taking Off My SocksAdult (f)2,7036570
qeAJrI Mean ObviouslyAdult (f)2,8346481
4qKBII'll Swallow My TongueAdult (f)2,7346421
MuaDSOh ChildAdult (m)2,8476492
YWbdcCalm Down LarryAdult (m)2,6246691
toHClAnger CrabmanAdult (m)2,8056674
C9ARDIt's Not That WayAdult (m)2,7056492
5uoxbOf Course You'll LeaveAdult (f)2,6056291
2qGGgWell I'll Never See Her AgainAdult (f)2,7896593
I48k0And I Needed You To HappenAdult (f)3,5945651
nntV4Cracking My Sweet LoveAdult (f)3,8795800
9pBalSo What If Wednesday Finds UsAdult (f)3,3865430
TTcWHTheir Brains Are Like PorcupinesAdult (f)3,2655220
Nq1CtThe Atmosphere Is ViscousAdult (m)3,4995284
idAS3We're Sticking To The BrineAdult (f)3,5905610
lZG1vAcademic SwineAdult (f)3,8305671
FzJZ5I Don't Know What I MeanAdult (f)2,7655611
KX42GNothing Continued To HappenAdult (f)2,2125891
g21oBGirl And BeeAdult (f)2,2045900
LKl9E(LKl9E)Adult (f)2,1975850
Pssa3(Pssa3)Adult (m)2,1105951
oFYaHSave Our Cinnamon RollsAdult (f)2,3146360
GS3wA(GS3wA)Adult (m)2,8365101
7mRT0(7mRT0)Adult (m)5,1087472
uU5f1(uU5f1)Adult (m)2,85753110
Fbes6(Fbes6)Adult (m)2,3935661
4g59I(4g59I)Adult (m)2,5766752
7UJkH(7UJkH)Adult (m)3,5097882
d9fl7(d9fl7)Adult (f)3,3437662
1w3XU(1w3XU)Adult (f)3,4397612
kOXIr(kOXIr)Adult (f)2,9947450
tNIWM(tNIWM)Adult (f)3,3247881
arg0l(arg0l)Adult (m)3,2847602
v3o9s(v3o9s)Adult (m)3,1865341
wv1bL(wv1bL)Adult (m)3,2755670
nGIXN(nGIXN)Adult (f)3,1025321
qY0os(qY0os)Adult (f)2,9635130
noI9D(noI9D)Adult (f)3,2825520
KAkB1(KAkB1)Adult (m)3,1475800
FrKno(FrKno)Adult (f)3,2865720
mLG0U(mLG0U)Adult (m)3,1785331
CrkFI(CrkFI)Adult (f)3,2765640
x3NEG(x3NEG)Adult (m)5,1336371
FcQ4V(FcQ4V)Adult (f)4,8296540
86Qnk(86Qnk)Adult (m)5,0846590
x36PP(x36PP)Adult (f)4,6516121
lZRYs(lZRYs)Adult (f)4,6056020
sLs4H(sLs4H)Adult (f)4,5966191
qdx2S(qdx2S)Adult (m)5,0876401
mWk6v(mWk6v)Adult (f)2,3346261
kFsYL(kFsYL)Adult (m)2,3506361
hTyUW(hTyUW)Adult (f)2,3616180
YRTeZ(YRTeZ)Adult (m)2,3796510
wLMrt(wLMrt)Adult (f)2,3676300
ruH4U(ruH4U)Adult (m)2,2915770
3bGEG(3bGEG)Adult (m)2,2385390
k1qiT(k1qiT)Adult (f)2,3495653
FBMyc(FBMyc)Adult (m)2,2925270
AS8jY(AS8jY)Adult (m)2,5185700
AbVde(AbVde)Adult (f)2,1905351
NAZJ9(NAZJ9)Adult (m)2,3785401
ghARQ(ghARQ)Adult (f)2,5805540
WIpXhHurry Up And Spin MeAdult (m)2,1187344
2Ml1XNo You're Not You LiarAdult (f)2,4547014
6m1RhBendytootsAdult (m)2,4477034
6RivFMy Heart Is Full Of BloodAdult (m)2,5737063
WDKcjDon't Stick Marbles In Your NoseAdult (m)2,2166643
M756UIt's A Legitimate QuestionAdult (m)2,6417343
Bxt2mGolden MemelordAdult (m)5,8901,20114
xLf0MLeft Foot Left FootAdult (m)4,8851,3134
cC7Dp(cC7Dp)Adult (m)4,8551,2847
xxIWrThe Dehumanizing Press Of LoveAdult (m)2,5198552
BEykE(BEykE)Egg (F)
bFpvxPrecious Dork BabyHatchling (m, F)4,4239897
ftdWTOur Darling Little OneHatchling (m, F)3,56272617
nteejWonderful Perfect SonHatchling (m, F)3,5486056
qg6OlOdd-One-OutHatchling (m, F)2,9349081
Kq7QgIT'S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOWHatchling (F)1,0003821
9ZvpNTreemandipperHatchling (F)3,8046532
ltgKgThe Hall Of EyesHatchling (f, F)4,3047613
2SeIMNOT ANYMORE IT'S NOTHatchling (m, F)2,4107653
Tvqp9Flimsy Plastic PenHatchling (f, F)4,2674934
j5kpNGive the hatchling a nameHatchling (m, F)2,3736162
UoDq7NO PLEASE NOT AGAINHatchling (F)2,1096942
rvRj5Stop Talking At MeHatchling (f, F)3,2329442
QTvXJThe KarmanautHatchling (f, F)3,3961,0315
DYxNnLife's Sweet MysteryHatchling (F)1,0512926
M6H6MFIX THE FENCEHatchling (F)1,7417562
SYTKiHoliday StareHatchling (f, F)3,4241,0544
JpveFSo I Do NotHatchling (m, F)4,5091,2413
QRn8kPrevent This TragedyHatchling (m, F)3,6677103
oQhMdSinister ExaggeratorHatchling (f, F)4,8991,1443
riXH3We'll Have You Dead Pretty SoonHatchling (f, F)2,5288823
cSE5dToo Numb To ThinkAdult (m)2,7746391
6bcFaOne-Man Escape SubAdult (f)3,2758332
C9eYnOne Look At ThatAdult (f)2,6326832
nQmiQNo One Sees Her Lift A FingerAdult (f)3,5028035
coSTWWell That's Just StickyAdult (m)2,0606074
xQKd1Let Me Start OverAdult (f)1,8796123
Yzz84Put Those WormsAdult (m)1,9476084
FJQUrBut That One Was ImportantAdult (f)3,3807754
sZiYbExtremely ThoroughlyAdult (f)3,4277911
UVlSUSpace CampAdult (m)3,0787401
Y8QVDThis Is How You Wear ThatAdult (f)3,9238104
GmhM7Wouldn't It Be EasyAdult (f)3,2417113
p3jdrSounds Cooler That WayAdult (m)2,9086201
YIVjxAnd They Go WowAdult (m)3,0246475
PRxTYI'm Not Going For Either OfAdult (m)3,1646711
2ADKpAll For You SophiaAdult (f)3,6497164
rdYJlWay PastAdult (f)2,8625432
FUf6GWaluigi Appears NonethelessAdult (f)3,1586412
twDzUWhat A SingerAdult (f)3,2786023
PfxH4Sports JargonAdult (f)3,0845883
ayb4SRegular ExitAdult (f)2,8726046
R9OeYSystem in theAdult (f)2,8426108
eLzJGGnome NASAAdult (f)3,5696306
FOYREFOYREAdult (m)2,6515874
PQvxpWrong ForeverAdult (m)2,4286410
Tu0njHello TurtleAdult (f)2,4996724
48a3BMy Soul In Exchange For RING POPAdult (f)3,4087802
C6CYkI Used The Same Joke AgainAdult (f)2,6096642
lT2nQCelebrate By Doing NothingAdult (m)2,4556423
7jBR0Sudden MontageAdult (m)2,4386702
aL5oXSings On An Empty StageAdult (f)4,9819325
xUTQwAnd I Chew SoulAdult (f)2,5076213
5SyDNDon't Know How To Deal With ThisAdult (f)2,3116421
BhYTLVan TangoAdult (f)2,4796682
kOaGoL WellsAdult (f)2,3266273
N48d2Stop Walking AwayAdult (f)2,3556482
GhL84Angry PuppetmasterAdult (m)2,9467602
TFmaVI Know They Don't UnderstandAdult (f)2,1666206
8Kr1OBrain Fog PartyAdult (f)2,7746860
LEUHxYeah Okay ThenAdult (m)2,6246932
ClFCoI Can Only AgreeAdult (f)2,6237444
5fNGlBut No One Ever DoesAdult (f)2,6557035
ZJKoSYeah No ThanksAdult (m)3,2936663
bwzTFWell Probably NotAdult (f)3,6166614
06MejThat Other ThingAdult (m)3,5996666
6VV0eYou Just Had ToAdult (f)2,4336644
ksGcOProbably Kinda SurprisedAdult (m)2,9646933
SLNmwWell At Least It's NotAdult (m)3,2186615
2kCY5Well How About ThatAdult (f)3,0336963
zAJPVYEAH LET'S GOAdult (m)3,0456625
ic9ddHappy Dan's Magic CircusAdult (f)3,1876704
F9IwEDNA EvidenceAdult (m)3,1086747
w9lVPDON'T EAT MY CHICKEN WINGSAdult (m)3,2576676
D0Ux7Under An Optimistic SunAdult (m)2,7456656
1EKTGYou Know I Know Where You AreAdult (f)2,2236725
0rgorWhat A DancerAdult (m)2,7447554
qVf7qNowhere Else BeforeAdult (f)2,7267264
3YeUiA Feelings OfAdult (f)2,8767645
eYn6pEating An Entire AntlerAdult (m)2,8507703
ioKVrSpace Teapot The SequelAdult (m)2,7247392
twDpPPUSH IT REAL GOODAdult (m)1,8176495
OFLPOWhy Did I Think That Would BeAdult (f)2,7817499
ptzonNo I Can't Find My Cold EyeAdult (m)2,71096915
tetWdSlamming The Oven DoorAdult (f)2,71395116
2X56mFourty Feet Beneath My FeetAdult (m)2,6579326
YIKZWIt's A TriangleAdult (f)2,77294013
XRgQtVendetta In My Narrow BonesAdult (f)2,4006151
JOMNyDoctor JomnyAdult (f)3,2327420
4oo6Lyo strongAdult (m)2,1686071
9WqwWDanger Dan Double DashAdult (f)2,0576130
V7HLsMany DeathsAdult (m)2,1746031
CAVIvYou Try To Poke My Eyes OutAdult (m)2,9986212
Hq49mRidiculous Masked GuardAdult (m)2,8826073
WVjezSo SpectacularAdult (f)4,0578528
ZL4YvPanic PastaAdult (f)4,4248616
Lh1tcMothership ReconnectionAdult (f)2,1236111
7i4iaThe Prime Time Of Your LifeAdult (f)2,0065902
3mmyhTwilight OmensAdult (f)2,1016171
tUmQHVegan In FursAdult (m)2,0245910
p4zTGWill You Come and Fetch MeAdult (f)2,1916481
vdKT8Art Snob SolutionsAdult (m)2,1416261
kqlcXBurden ComplexAdult (m)2,2456271
pAokxCease This BehaviorAdult (f)2,4696392
bCVVjya herdAdult (f)2,2106223
gTM83Suspicious Banana SmileAdult (m)2,3126442
NB9pgThe Fiction Will See The RealAdult (f)2,3186261
WgGMZThe Last Message You SentAdult (f)2,1787751
kOnySI'm Here With You At MidnightAdult (m)2,3506221
apb9BFloor PaperAdult (f)2,3756213
4sKLxIt Will Never Be TimeAdult (m)2,1185742
V9VGEPerformance BreakdownAdult (m)1,7646671
7n9dyPlease Don't Do ThatAdult (m)1,6826463
htqgaWell How Am I Supposed ToAdult (f)1,9797001
o2hZ4Just For BecauseAdult (f)1,8526571
B3GGsWhat's The Color Of The Next CarAdult (f)1,9885831
ig5kGJust One MoreAdult (f)2,2086462
91TUrThere Except NotAdult (f)2,4796502
MltxhOh Question MarkAdult (f)1,9926082
vbVHeThat's Not What That MeansAdult (f)2,1746132
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