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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Piano,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
01plFJuliet and BonnieAdult (f)4,6958143
lcMfY(lcMfY)Adult (m)6,1029981
prUGRJaime and CerseiAdult (m)5,3217672
q6HFVCriticsAdult (m)6,19858710
LEEQz(LEEQz)Adult (f)4,7008608
tU0I5(tU0I5)Adult (m)5,0388673
UEsIi(UEsIi)Adult (m)5,1058434
vwaTS(vwaTS)Adult (f)3,4596333
7pRSia c a d e m i cAdult (f)6,1327393
LGu5s(LGu5s)Adult (m)5,5517053
qYUCE(qYUCE)Hatchling (F)1,4533333
HsnxAIf you get out on the oceanAdult (m)4,3323921
0NyW4If you sail out on the seaAdult (f)3,5953552
K4Uh5I'll go with you anywhereAdult (f)3,5433572
gET65OphistokontAdult (f)6,4086331
6DpbJAmoebozoansAdult (f)5,3616371
ikdreArchaeplastidAdult (m)5,6076280
zNwo2StramenopileAdult (f)5,5946150
JKNizRhizariaeAdult (f)5,5436240
tDCaFExcavatesAdult (m)5,6346080
HUbnYAlveolatesAdult (f)6,8906713
hm1GjIf you get up in a jet planeAdult (f)6,1416491
63CXOOr down in a submarineAdult (m)6,0596451
ODRzhIf you get onto the next trainAdult (m)6,1506511
fbP3vTo somewhere you never beenAdult (f)6,7747130
b9vRuIf you wanna ride in a fast carAdult (f)6,8885920
Q8IT5And feel the wind in your hairAdult (m)6,7515640
L0RN2Darling just look beside youAdult (f)5,7687200
ZZfMxOh and I will be with youAdult (f)5,2836582
muX3AWhen the darkest winter comesAdult (f)5,2756661
HoNljTo feel the California sunAdult (f)6,5626710
3rfSyIn the night soundsAdult (f)5,5888352
g3GtWAnd it's trueAdult (f)4,0128640
G2A3p(G2A3p)Adult (m)3,3957482
D37Up(D37Up)Adult (m)3,5127261
mSfZIOh darling I swearAdult (f)3,7183315
AeF9lI'll go anywhere - with youAdult (f)4,0944011
I8ioT(I8ioT)Adult (m)5,8389226
TBtV6If you get up in the hillsideAdult (f)4,1313941
18XMjIf you ride out on the planesAdult (f)4,7963691
R28IWIf you go digging up dirtAdult (f)4,4203720
xhVlQIf you go out dancin in the rainAdult (m)4,3594022
SvLHRIf you go chasing in rainbowsAdult (m)3,4273972
Ln1wpJust to find the gold end thereAdult (f)3,4114051
RVXVeDarling just look behind youAdult (f)3,9903720
NinGYPassenger - AnywhereAdult (f)3,3213772
12rJK(12rJK)Adult (m)3,2123971
152X3(152X3)Adult (m)3,5323952
jiLdQ(jiLdQ)Hatchling (F)7191706
15fCC(15fCC)Hatchling (F)1,1004022
BCPFgIron CatastropheAdult (f)3,6533461
IsdLJ(IsdLJ)Adult (m)3,2516902
G9yM6(G9yM6)Hatchling (F)4942151
bs6OARevolutionizedAdult (f)4,7239180
cY96KPotbellyAdult (f)6,2677301
vnCZ3(vnCZ3)Adult (m)5,6896630
9xpPW(9xpPW)Adult (m)4,0777325
qTpRLx            xHatchling (m, F)2,6007353
IAFb2Lover's PianoAdult (f)5,4837433
WnzkpEbony KeyAdult (m)5,2928652
pS74IIndicatorAdult (m)4,3749110
RSfOdGaius GracchusAdult (m)4,0681,0120
1xKeYPickpocketingAdult (m)6,5277865
h8sQCPreyingAdult (m)6,11183310
jgJ9tDeadly DuskAdult (f)5,5606207
fe653EnfranchiseAdult (m)5,7408102
9wM9bPolice StateAdult (f)19,9181,4679
2RYkfAdventurefulAdult (f)4,0633723
Nzs85OvercompensateAdult (m)6,6098154
cCaVYUndercompensateAdult (f)5,1729463
C4FFpSaint Valentine's EveAdult (f)4,6021,0943
fuz7FA Festive NightAdult (f)5,3731,0058
nSpD0(nSpD0)Adult (f)5,0096623
XNakxBlack SuitAdult (m)5,7698792
DZD8l(DZD8l)Adult (m)3,6198114
LXhpo(LXhpo)Adult (f)3,5433551
h5B73(h5B73)Adult (f)4,2075203
0jspq(0jspq)Adult (f)4,2126802
wIRoU(wIRoU)Adult (m)4,9671,0183
EvYSL(EvYSL)Adult (m)5,2569974
apuCI(apuCI)Adult (m)5,6897202
JsYhy(JsYhy)Adult (m)5,6586714
f5pWlAlways Wear UnderwearHatchling (f, F)3,1851,0263
T9rgMTiberius GracchusHatchling (m, F)3,4967703
iSvQimy brown eyed girlHatchling (F)3,1936282
rB40VUnstopHatchling (f, F)2,8098842
EADpdKindergartenerHatchling (f, F)2,5965402
ZWrxZPreschoolerHatchling (m, F)4,3629390
97FTJjfeHatchling (F)2,6042672
4xvLFneuronalHatchling (F)2,1782964
YGt2NTheirHatchling (F)1,5845071
HpH5hBlantantlyHatchling (F)1,1974082
VOQG1Filial PietyHatchling (F)2,2621972
hyW2H(hyW2H)Hatchling (F)1,0395982
JHzz7(JHzz7)Hatchling (f, F)2,0365945
rOAj6(rOAj6)Hatchling (m, F)4,0146121
RFyt4(RFyt4)Hatchling (F)1,0923901
hAyIn(hAyIn)Hatchling (F)2,1832692
HZr0MRetrouvailleAdult (m)4,9308566
wwgmjTextsAdult (m)6,1248081
7YeKmHeedsAdult (m)5,4956995
XJr4LDoctrinalAdult (m)5,0909994
rBint(rBint)Adult (m)4,5163794
sBpOkTragic NewsAdult (m)5,6466512
pZcvUGilded TeacupAdult (m)4,9007091
Qt4wsChamomile TeablossomAdult (m)5,4946922
rchrG(rchrG)Adult (f)5,2957113
F0KAX(F0KAX)Hatchling (F)1,4892144
GsZCBIvory KeysAdult (m)3,9861,1197
n9VFPSeismologyAdult (m)5,7328973
FOobCSeaside FlirtationAdult (f)6,1921,2147
f5aeZMicheilAdult (m)6,3708246
tp0GN(tp0GN)Adult (m)5,8121,0095
XdSgMBlood CoastAdult (m)3,4293925
73rXO(73rXO)Adult (m)4,4807692
lnKe9(lnKe9)Adult (m)3,6733672
ihKIBClansmanAdult (m)5,2188783
a3sgqMopesAdult (m)5,3407862
jgiHJ(jgiHJ)Adult (f)2,6574696
MvWaV(MvWaV)Adult (m)5,3896950
DzJo9(DzJo9)Adult (m)4,8966982
OjIQWEvil DeedHatchling (F)2,5027413
9yZDUEighteenth BirthdayAdult (m)5,2727733
0rPQsRomeo and ClydeAdult (m)4,9426785
5HUqNThe Bunker BrothersAdult (m)5,0498461
JJ8XT(JJ8XT)Adult (f)6,0309386
33o4TCal and AronAdult (m)2,8376204
G6SGu(G6SGu)Adult (m)3,9866161
gDyo7(gDyo7)Adult (m)5,3207471
OcXCd(OcXCd)Adult (f)5,4069842
waQUt(waQUt)Adult (f)3,5406254
NNoBB(NNoBB)Adult (f)3,4247751
YWLol(YWLol)Adult (m)5,3067273
vHYtMMemorializeAdult (f)4,4817282
5uwRiMemorializedAdult (m)3,3238930
4fyKmFashion ShowAdult (f)3,6139510
2C8dCFashion DesignerAdult (m)3,9868452
CeJZp(CeJZp)Adult (m)3,7601,0371
iIDZ3SpecifiedAdult (f)3,6759720
HvEkyUnspecifiedAdult (m)4,5821,0120
QTEhXPay it No MindAdult (f)4,5321,0110
NcAJlInvestingAdult (m)4,5961,0050
izD9Q(izD9Q)Adult (m)3,6618557
AUO84(AUO84)Adult (m)2,8317283
N9tzI(N9tzI)Hatchling (f, F)3,4627896
bMlrm(bMlrm)Adult (m)5,7589381
5lOpM(5lOpM)Adult (f)5,9589871
FqEmDUrban AngelHatchling (F)6,6728894
qSCsbFriedrich MiescherAdult (m)5,3079793
s55KETrue BruinAdult (f)4,3059691
1bt9TMajor BluesAdult (m)6,2079924
0zptO(0zptO)Adult (m)6,3838894
rkG5S(rkG5S)Adult (m)6,2119712
bx16VSea SpectreAdult (m)3,4054147
xe1FdReef TreasureAdult (m)6,4808947
frcWxBlue BarronAdult (m)5,7218822
g8BgM(g8BgM)Adult (m)6,9458583
NgDmJ(NgDmJ)Adult (m)6,8568153
ecxATOcean's EleganceAdult (f)5,6578324
yKA1C(yKA1C)Adult (m)6,2836072
D6qkr(D6qkr)Adult (m)6,05574314
7Rr4L(7Rr4L)Adult (m)5,1253436
q7Na2(q7Na2)Adult (m)4,5363432
Vo8f9(Vo8f9)Adult (m)4,0103690
4bLtu(4bLtu)Adult (m)4,6623116
ubYGk(ubYGk)Adult (f)4,1013950
6NHjrGuacAdult (m)5,4338960
gdeQmRoommatesAdult (f)4,9911,0762
Akntw(Akntw)Adult (f)5,1498641
U3ZA3(U3ZA3)Adult (f)4,3824432
U0b2ODemolishmentHatchling (F)1,1213033
J3saUThat they don't careHatchling (F)1,9137231
A0n7jThe Piano ManAdult (m)3,6609165
M512oCaesar is DeadAdult (f)4,8099251
MAsjW(MAsjW)Adult (f)5,2266420
p9fwaMessy BruteAdult (f)4,8421,1045
eaZuD(eaZuD)Adult (f)7,4255161
7344Z(7344Z)Adult (m)5,0878003
QQCx2Brown Eyed GirlHatchling (m, F)3,7246742
4Xxes(4Xxes)Adult (f)3,5773591
7jfxPand she loved a little  boyAdult (f)3,7059070
Xeo8ySkedaddlingAdult (m)5,2933584
1WWsHOnce there was a treeAdult (m)5,4647023
39okFAnd every day the boy would comeAdult (m)5,9518772
c9QBTand he would gather her leavesAdult (f)5,2471,0715
Y3FtQHe would climb up her trunkAdult (m)5,2751,0704
5Gzrh(5Gzrh)Adult (f)5,9579221
W7KD6and eat applesAdult (m)3,4193532
Y4IBoAnd they would play hide-go-seekAdult (f)3,7313820
Zh1Muand play king of the forestAdult (f)4,6269668
5bVkZand make them into crownsAdult (m)6,9345600
al9fkAnd the boy loved the treeAdult (m)5,9906932
uer3rAnd when he was tiredAdult (m)4,6289212
vPxVVand swing from her branchesAdult (f)6,4296621
KX5s1(KX5s1)Adult (f)4,8776950
Fde0dhe would sleep in her shadeAdult (f)6,0516353
kankhGTP12Adult (f)6,8107141
WiX0EGTP3Adult (m)6,8967200
Xaw0eGTP1Adult (m)6,7917140
qIrV7GTP4Adult (f)6,7787080
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