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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Phyluc,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ocygz(Ocygz)Hatchling (f)4,1848860
FCQft(FCQft)Hatchling (f)3,5705664
7VN5SSven Alcedine CBAdult (m)2,5635042
jB04lAutumn Flames and Summer SpiritEgg (F)
fsbpvAnthills CBAdult (f)4,2379080
gqYzZSoulful Candles CBAdult (m)5,5151,0802
SXJMCWild Screams CBAdult (m)5,8159981
enwa8Hellcrawler CBAdult (m)5,5217990
oz5iCOzsic CBAdult (m)7,3268342
9BWtCWelcome to Camelot CBAdult (f)5,2577690
Hu7DBEcstatic Sunrise CBAdult (m)5,3877343
UWIYHMy Pattern Shall Continue CBAdult (m)4,2958912
0rrtzDarling Purity CBAdult (f)2,2366392
Y3ofOWhen I Say Go CBAdult (f)2,3866911
yAgCzRising Flame YagcizAdult (f)2,9546190
TrTRkSweet Coconut PowderAdult (m)4,4096851
7P9i0Sticky-Sickly-Sweet CBAdult (m)4,2289281
hBZyq(hBZyq)Adult (f)2,7637626
xaB9JBloodied Hooktalon CBAdult (m)4,0916692
QZS6mQZ the Seeing Eye CBAdult (m)6,9291,1523
nV7VCNow Time Is Flowing ForwardsAdult (m)1,7495774
CftHPLittle HandfulAdult (m)2,2317582
aCJjsTime-Bending Terror CBAdult (m)2,4695255
9lHwLStopping My PanicAdult (m)3,2387371
3Pci1Sil the TimeseerAdult (m)2,2915983
qUjBZResonating SoulsAdult (m)3,0006383
Ytq1nProfessor YAdult (m)3,3255642
TugXZTug the Timeseer CBAdult (m)3,7876951
zUkuHDeepest ApologiesAdult (m)3,9018601
aWQXXWishing For ReprieveAdult (m)3,4627482
v1oACT I M E J U M PAdult (m)5,9609362
loDDhTinsel Candy Wrappers CBAdult (m)4,2448580
XHxO7Sweet MachinationAdult (m)5,8171,16820
Pwxim(Pwxim)Adult (m)3,0126804
zeCN9(zeCN9)Adult (m)3,9849441
RMxAITime is Flowing BackwardsAdult (f)4,9391,0033
GEmiHGemi the TimeseerAdult (f)3,0956383
igDAuBrought Forth With UncertaintyAdult (f)3,3097473
dbyucI Can See Too Many FuturesAdult (f)2,2555421
c3RCjThis is Becoming OddAdult (f)4,8179421
vueLoVuelo the TimeseerAdult (f)2,5286452
Pq3xcPQ the TimelessAdult (f)3,4194493
7EJpTPassive-Aggressive ImbalanceAdult (f)4,4347942
BmsLeBallet Massacres CBAdult (f)4,3199260
py7HFA Swipe Through TimeAdult (f)3,5857511
bfBp3Blue Wingtips on HighAdult (f)4,9408062
vBFzjWelcome Home StopwatchAdult (f)4,0568821
1rWDEPerfection in Silent DeathAdult (m)2,3092767
kQpBDRaised the Proper WayAdult (m)4,0585804
BnlgLReminiscence CBAdult (m)4,0679030
9J9FLWatching Over the Fields CBAdult (m)2,4756191
MTQRiSparkling Mint WineAdult (m)2,1996753
KM6T4Sunset Visage CBAdult (f)4,6431,0452
AUVJRAuvjir Alcedine CBAdult (f)2,5854341
9VbpTDusty Desert Sunrise CBAdult (f)2,0557093
CXoVu(CXoVu)Adult (f)3,4028051
s9AMoGod of the After-Hours CBAdult (f)7,4611,0774
jPtCeSilent Stardom CBAdult (m)6,6459992
APUOQHarbinger of OppositionAdult (f)7,0288406
XhOonDark Chocolate CandiesAdult (m)2,6436762
opSwxChocolate Lace RoseAdult (m)2,2506882
i9GuaIningua's Forbidden LoveAdult (m)2,8685413
XXBRqDeadly AffectionAdult (m)2,7765311
3wz9bBlood-Red LoveAdult (f)4,1136674
DmLGUDeep Exuberance CBAdult (m)3,4637202
mcaYtCayt CBAdult (m)4,0358590
HGQfoScarlet Bloodshed CBAdult (f)3,1786940
zuVlwNether-Bound Hellfire CBAdult (f)5,0901,18312
PfvH2(PfvH2)Adult (m)2,8867602
0hs7C(0hs7C)Adult (m)3,3177700
v25ju(v25ju)Adult (m)1,8284853
Ur7Ix(Ur7Ix)Adult (m)4,5951,2227
LhSdwRed Throat and a Yellow Belly CBAdult (f)5,6649714
EhJM2Blossoming Wood Guardian CBAdult (m)3,0938986
cP1GV(cP1GV)Adult (m)3,0947613
P3SH9(P3SH9)Adult (f)4,0599461
GaoX3Hell's Ever-Burning Flame CBAdult (m)6,6437803
djy2rChild of Fiery LightAdult (m)2,9477874
aE99UFire GiantAdult (m)2,8304453
vfC78Inexplicable FlamesAdult (m)3,1237371
IZ9yLWhite-Hot CoalsAdult (m)6,4761,1613
9gAWmD e v i l f i r eAdult (m)2,1215560
08RU4Helpful ReminderAdult (m)4,4907203
9tC4uI Am DoomAdult (m)4,9546781
aoU6FSnapped Necks and Melted ScalesAdult (m)2,3397092
BEoQwNow I'm All NumbAdult (m)3,7808002
u8T0ULava RiptidesAdult (m)3,6696802
CfOBZSmoldering VeinsAdult (m)4,3976080
Nm1qlDreadful SilenceAdult (f)4,1478136
zeo38Pacifist ZeoAdult (f)3,7466035
2YEhE(2YEhE)Adult (f)6,6091,46229
EhCNoOminous Echoes CBAdult (m)4,1818852
jnnk4Junkpile CBAdult (m)3,6958409
y9LOHDelve Into the Golden Tundra CBAdult (f)5,0031,0544
mlp2QReach Higher CBAdult (f)4,9029991
8lvX7Stalemate CBAdult (f)4,9569231
f6izMYou Have To Hide CBAdult (f)3,7548880
y4RP3Ripping Hearts Hiding Bones CBAdult (m)4,3279830
i3OONNoontide Waning CBAdult (f)4,0271,0080
fnUsDCRIT DMG CBAdult (m)3,8269160
yZfQ8X BLOCKED THE ATTACK CBAdult (f)4,2579951
cS7D2Soul's Open Heart's Closed CBAdult (m)2,7777621
TTLGLTitrations in Au CBAdult (f)2,7796821
5jZAhDevilish Tailfeathers CBAdult (m)4,5189511
86DovDove Darling CBAdult (f)4,5349551
qjfK7Liongate Apostrophe CBAdult (f)4,4559220
6RmSuRamsu of the West CBAdult (m)3,7513600
8wZVnZven of the East CBAdult (m)2,4766420
VRUrvNeon Wings Flying High CBAdult (m)3,7448254
zPg6bRiding on CurrentsAdult (m)2,9375622
E7iZwSpreading Your Wings WideAdult (m)3,3325872
ZGDIPDwindling Monarchy CBAdult (m)3,4735404
7HYYODeadeye RecordAdult (f)5,0116985
FZbcATattered StorybookAdult (m)3,1427224
65pb2(65pb2)Adult (m)2,7645843
qMveAFaerie's Child CBAdult (f)2,9256934
gen7AExperiment 7-A CBAdult (f)5,0097621
7cOD3Heartburn YearnAdult (f)4,4247765
dkYTzHeart of Hellfire CBAdult (f)2,9437120
9Vbk4Zyonite Unrestrained CBAdult (m)3,6729301
ElflOCinnamon Funnel Cakes CBAdult (f)3,3578813
2L4w3Ferris Wheel Lights CBAdult (f)2,9216013
QFRl7Sweet Teeth CBAdult (m)3,6579211
DqwjcDairy King CBAdult (m)2,3765970
suf31Coney Dog Delight CBAdult (f)3,2947291
sENQIButtered Corn on the Cob G2Adult (f)4,4501,0105
iX3PLCotton Candy Vendor G2Adult (f)4,5261,0012
oA6HRCarnival Ring Toss CBAdult (f)3,8759264
Wn0YQSinging Star Lihnseyre G4Adult (m)4,6159648
LIUA5Trotting Show Ponies CBAdult (f)4,6026962
XL7MdCarnival Sights and Smells CBAdult (f)4,4439352
rQk5N(rQk5N)Adult (m)3,1667801
oTNL8Ode to Now CBAdult (f)4,0248611
Bk1N3Cobwebs on Hooked Antlers CBAdult (f)2,1687711
0NAZBScream in the Night CBAdult (f)2,0967450
itfZmHaunted Manor Chandelier CBAdult (f)2,0897761
uZx3FManor in the Woods CBAdult (f)1,9987440
eIzLNEizlyn Avea CBAdult (f)3,1738531
AUmfGFiery Antlers CBAdult (m)2,8307811
gCPuuAmbiance From Below CBAdult (m)3,6041,0331
ncL94Don't You Wish CBAdult (m)3,5141,0940
YRwMDVengefir's Solstice G3Adult (f)4,0889407
Rk7LfAutumnal SpringleafAdult (m)4,2806832
Q1ZtESeasonality CBAdult (m)2,4826641
2ZBZMAutumn Flames CBAdult (m)3,8368801
PyYKBAutumnal Aviary CBAdult (m)2,8458670
Zl5dgTerror-Crowned CBAdult (m)3,0208013
TaQ1PCelestial Nether's Moonfall G4Adult (m)2,7747183
bktpUTiptu Skysilk CBAdult (m)2,4916390
jljEXWatching You and Waiting CBAdult (f)4,2288502
ONklHHershey VengefirAdult (f)6,9661,05116
B08pLHallucinatory Oasis CBAdult (f)5,0111,2376
quoX8Ancient Monsters Unearthed CBAdult (m)2,5755703
9u1mX(9u1mX)Adult (f)3,9678437
qHyQpLegacy Galletian G9Adult (m)7,44991410
obRdtLate Summer SolsticeAdult (m)6,6579273
Y8MgmSlightly Less RadiantAdult (f)3,8695234
vIVtpI Was a REALLY Late BloomerAdult (m)4,1837811
2jeaCGlowing BabyAdult (f)4,7627602
foq2ONighttime State Fair Glow CBAdult (m)3,3528073
z4vtfZavft Magi CBAdult (m)2,6645826
oYaX0Oyaxo Magi CBAdult (m)2,4446450
Vo8OzTrodden Dusty Pathways CBAdult (m)2,4966421
NPF1cFizzing Fairground Lemonade CBAdult (m)2,8337281
UUOhFPicnic in the Shade CBAdult (m)3,8309744
jxSOnJaxson Magi CBAdult (m)3,8759373
wdL5v(wdL5v)Adult (m)3,8679632
wHAgsWhags MagiAdult (f)4,7009602
Hdsp9How I Should Be CalledAdult (f)3,5256773
YRndMWickan of Hallowe'en CBAdult (m)3,4651,0421
F2biNSamhain of Hallowe'en CBAdult (m)3,4621,1081
v59IyGhosts to be Freed CBAdult (f)4,1539591
iWUIzHell Yearns for Heaven CBAdult (f)3,7078590
gRpSNGripson Grave CBAdult (f)2,7698800
RZRqWShining Dusk Daydream Thuwed G4Adult (m)3,6118155
SZlrLPhantom EggnogAdult (m)6,6759723
9Ydn7Little TravellerAdult (m)3,4415803
IQExpPlink the MouseAdult (f)2,8545983
voY2PVoyip PygmyAdult (m)2,4255611
4SM2ILady of All Soul's Day CBAdult (f)3,5141,0970
6NuBXDuchess of the Harvest Moon CBAdult (f)3,5691,0760
lm9m2Dead Night Blood Moon CBAdult (f)3,1561,0020
tvPpZMoon's Howling Brew CBAdult (f)3,1009790
TYx5BMistress of Halloween Town CBAdult (f)3,1349470
4owhgTiny Honey-Drop CBAdult (f)2,3676612
ik0u9Feet Pattering on Snow CBAdult (f)3,8067102
CR6SMThey've Found MeAdult (f)4,8169062
cK45YSunny the SandWing-NightWing CBAdult (f)2,9375661
KeuB4Honey-Honey CBAdult (f)3,1746641
P5opRHoney Badger Sees Red CBAdult (f)3,2526540
Tp7uyI am Damaged- Far Too DamagedAdult (f)3,2447030
OSerzLonesome Ooze CBAdult (f)3,1226830
CFhfjSeaspray Blasphemy CBAdult (f)4,1529172
HygVGRun For It CBAdult (f)3,6378104
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