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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PhoenixStarr,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KkAmy(KkAmy)Adult (m)1,7023536
gwqbv(gwqbv)Adult (m)1,9905554
DfLjtThe Walk Before The RunAdult (m)3,7981,1742
4k2q4(4k2q4)Adult (m)2,4686065
DdNrBUnlucky  In  LoveAdult (m)2,6835942
RZHdjI'm Cute - She Said I'm CuteAdult (m)2,4487501
HGsC(HGsC)Adult (m)2,54542114
dfBdLord Romeo MontagueAdult (m)3,03567712
7FErMr Hoban WashburneAdult (m)2,64530020
buCEy(buCEy)Adult (f)1,8757002
XPWMD(XPWMD)Adult (m)1,4746492
KtDZz(KtDZz)Adult (m)1,3986281
fz94z(fz94z)Adult (m)2,6032603
putKN(putKN)Adult (m)4,7395562
jaUtKMr Walter SkinnerAdult (m)1,9716287
OvW9y(OvW9y)Adult (f)2,0195653
PEUPf(PEUPf)Adult (f)1,4396590
xqsUV(xqsUV)Adult (m)2,4436102
zXPdb(zXPdb)Adult (f)2,14652314
T8URH(T8URH)Adult (f)1,2115682
lp8SC(lp8SC)Adult (f)3,3278271
ev5MGOrder and LightAdult (f)1,9345762
DhwDhFilling the DarknessAdult (f)1,8405852
ioYe8Mr Neville LongbottomAdult (m)2,1475014
g4KljElena EricaAdult (f)3,2273755
OSCoqPocket Of HeartAdult (f)2,6317442
lAc56It Was In  The Bleak DecemberAdult (f)3,1571,1984
keauu(keauu)Adult (f)4,5351,1022
Y3McY(Y3McY)Adult (m)2,3217031
HZ41IMathematics   AnymoreAdult (f)2,0327225
rOnkARawry StellarisAdult (m)4,5408698
BWPgJJoy of Disrupting the DarkAdult (m)4,7219203
ZQGOMr Walt DisneyAdult (m)1,5693182
g1N3SepulchralGwynAdult (m)4,3711,3669
AsQpSepulchral Dusk DorkfaceAdult (m)3,9677777
krk3Sir Andrew AguecheekAdult (m)2,5894808
7vCUSepulchralBlackandWhiteAdult (m)2,4559089
KgoY(KgoY)Adult (f)7,05870615
Il9ne(Il9ne)Adult (m)1,5856502
dOqjG(dOqjG)Adult (m)3,3689076
oU0X7(oU0X7)Adult (m)2,9876608
DCpyO(DCpyO)Adult (m)2,91264614
UqqVd(UqqVd)Adult (m)2,2708709
1udmeDon't Know If The Sky Is HeavenAdult (m)2,80069016
vAseE(vAseE)Adult (f)2,0896603
Oc0qYWoe Is Silent During The NightAdult (f)2,3216306
6ochbSilver-Plated GoldAdult (f)3,6754157
w1vCSThe Loss of a Life Cuts DeeperAdult (f)2,2636198
Ymsn7(Ymsn7)Adult (f)3,1055029
XNTRIDana K ScullyAdult (f)3,2794527
tCvliTocquevilleAdult (f)3,22258812
Xoe3R(Xoe3R)Adult (m)4,4859151
cFGiP(cFGiP)Adult (m)1,5265705
muKmSepulchralWeepingAngelAdult (m)1,5295237
sP7qD(sP7qD)Adult (f)1,3416294
AHpH5(AHpH5)Adult (f)2,0959683
96E0V(96E0V)Adult (f)4,6329682
NSyY8(NSyY8)Adult (f)1,8367741
7IaBX(7IaBX)Adult (f)2,8576996
EK4SlBlow Me One Last KissAdult (f)4,3099113
tPMFPhoenixThunderAdult (f)1,6865796
2aupm(2aupm)Adult (m)2,2096262
rPskrFire At The Heart Of The StormAdult (m)2,4807752
DVjAqKissed By An AngelAdult (m)6,6071,3774
a2cDMr Bruce WayneAdult (m)1,60342810
7ijEhLifeless Words Carry OnAdult (m)1,6896903
79rm6(79rm6)Adult (m)8,1481,4247
EjTzrUndone TremorAdult (m)6,7021,6845
MXD2pBut If That's LoveAdult (m)1,8706381
65Uv9Losing Love I Guess I've LostAdult (f)1,8286151
XYem5Too Long I've Been Afraid OfAdult (f)1,9276630
T1tm1(T1tm1)Adult (f)3,5579195
E7DiPerfect FaithAdult (m)2,33351410
Igph8A Jolly Holly ChristmasAdult (f)2,47447211
nib5NightRidgeAdult (f)2,5518176
VtOz8(VtOz8)Adult (m)1,6425315
tsNgG(tsNgG)Adult (m)1,6086651
WMTWR(WMTWR)Adult (m)1,6856548
JQvt3Prayer of the Dying DetectiveAdult (m)2,0067071
5QhbC(5QhbC)Adult (m)4,0246861
ukFkN(ukFkN)Adult (m)4,0386891
ZtbbwAntique SolutionAdult (f)1,9606012
A3dvJRaised SummerAdult (m)2,0596032
WQx8vNormal FeastAdult (m)1,8785853
lmpyzAttacking VelocityAdult (m)1,7863720
LDV6XSnapped VirtuosoAdult (f)2,8825537
WZleyHypnotic  CrimsonAdult (f)1,7044815
kXU7ZMiss Karen GillanAdult (f)2,4667961
A8fSVPossessed ChuckleAdult (m)2,1937361
L0DmMA Police Telephone Box From  '63Adult (f)1,9157132
d6RkmWrath in the FlamesAdult (f)2,6965482
M3ZDDon JohnAdult (m)1,7305126
NEXCNightWrathAdult (f)2,55445521
OypUb(OypUb)Adult (f)3,1072934
OgEJ4Miss Dana ScullyAdult (f)4,0676831
MWzTP(MWzTP)Adult (f)1,5836134
K9F8R(K9F8R)Adult (m)2,0436183
FPEqZ(FPEqZ)Adult (m)1,7066746
39sOL(39sOL)Adult (m)1,8066992
vTSKA(vTSKA)Adult (f)4,1792944
Bcv20(Bcv20)Adult (f)1,9185137
37gmQ(37gmQ)Adult (f)2,6005909
HuBwo(HuBwo)Adult (f)1,9485991
qI7hw(qI7hw)Adult (f)2,7448441
ShRpsSort Of Becomes ThemAdult (f)2,5007592
rSePWhen You Meet Them You ThinkAdult (f)1,8734301
FMyst(FMyst)Adult (m)7,6545223
Hz0ej(Hz0ej)Adult (m)5,7465162
Hlst7(Hlst7)Adult (m)5,9995113
TV2HOGod Complex 5MAdult (m)1,9886681
cQo6vGod Complex 2MAdult (m)4,0527541
7eZ0rGod Complex 1MAdult (m)2,0827531
XQ3bjGod Complex 3MAdult (m)2,2514691
AFQYTMr Howard WollowitzAdult (m)2,5777992
5EQW8(5EQW8)Adult (m)1,7266632
RI86P(RI86P)Adult (m)2,6456243
LPvrm(LPvrm)Adult (m)2,1456374
PjJCuDreaming in CharcoalAdult (m)2,3477362
unBYRSir Mycroft HolmesAdult (m)3,5216163
fPoPQEverything  Tastes  WrongAdult (m)3,0675992
ximLm(ximLm)Adult (f)2,5314434
hPXorHerpexiaAdult (f)2,5275328
76utIMiss Felicia DayAdult (f)3,0035577
Y4l35(Y4l35)Adult (m)5,9825054
SnoJO(SnoJO)Adult (f)2,1035375
G8oBW(G8oBW)Adult (f)3,7114574
ahijJ(ahijJ)Adult (f)2,7622724
XuX7A(XuX7A)Adult (f)6,1155211
qAuji(qAuji)Adult (f)3,7414693
J6pNP(J6pNP)Adult (m)5,3351,1685
koZKMr Willy WonkaAdult (m)1,9855504
MdyjSepulchralVisionAdult (m)1,54474445
CDKR4(CDKR4)Adult (f)2,8731,0252
sfVF9(sfVF9)Adult (f)2,3575664
sbaGX(sbaGX)Adult (f)1,93651637
s4JbtKeeping Watch In The NightAdult (f)2,2376433
X6GKg(X6GKg)Adult (f)3,4897144
M51XG(M51XG)Adult (f)2,0776192
5KDGMiss Rose Marion TylerAdult (f)1,7085217
vPWY4(vPWY4)Adult (m)3,2717452
Xb7ZCaius Martius CoriolanusAdult (m)1,65168427
mpDLQ(mpDLQ)Adult (f)3,6732532
hajX0The Sun Rises on a Life of SinAdult (f)2,9574796
QRDF(QRDF)Adult (f)2,4367338
P2sESepulchralDawnStormAdult (f)1,6194116
96OaSepulchralSundanceAdult (f)2,5917379
Z9zYl(Z9zYl)Adult (m)2,0346471
9T9WO(9T9WO)Adult (m)2,0146821
toc1qOnly Sleeping - AlasAdult (m)2,0175832
NZkOUAnd As For You - Sir DoctorAdult (m)2,0985854
d3xEt(d3xEt)Adult (m)2,8434513
Z6zCxWhy Would A Man HideAdult (m)3,0915666
VnNV2(VnNV2)Adult (m)2,6607083
GeeChBeen Running For Too Long NowAdult (m)3,9987693
sQREoHas Less ImpactAdult (m)3,45639010
Fv06D(Fv06D)Adult (m)1,7197043
rDCX7(rDCX7)Adult (m)1,5686861
7p8At(7p8At)Adult (m)1,6267124
j2AtGPurple Is A Manly ColourAdult (m)5,2311,2095
8E5ya(8E5ya)Adult (f)1,9585756
jjN67Dawn's Fleeting GloryAdult (f)1,5294966
C5kJ7(C5kJ7)Adult (f)1,9596371
X9YNA(X9YNA)Adult (f)2,2487023
d1NMCMiss Melody MaloneAdult (f)4,4813363
LMK9hRequiem MassAdult (f)5,2627513
iGl5q(iGl5q)Adult (f)1,8985090
54nD8(54nD8)Adult (f)1,8075371
0bEpe(0bEpe)Adult (f)2,3705592
yVmpU(yVmpU)Adult (f)1,7296683
h80dE(h80dE)Adult (f)2,6867896
bEI9t(bEI9t)Adult (f)3,4028692
g0DBm(g0DBm)Adult (f)3,6825507
d8c9oWhat going mad feels likeAdult (f)5,3608424
JOpkArwen Evenstar of RivendellAdult (f)2,2848327
NMqRSepulchralStallionAdult (m)3,0569926
173vMr Rolf ScamanderAdult (m)2,6748268
ff5IJ(ff5IJ)Adult (f)1,8306104
IuqI0(IuqI0)Adult (f)2,3357381
5T5S(5T5S)Adult (f)2,0194838
a0a8k(a0a8k)Adult (f)1,7886790
Ch5fqThe Ocean's A DesertAdult (f)2,7535762
r1GrSepulchralKelpieAdult (f)2,3408404
XmIMMiss Lisa ScamanderAdult (f)2,2585877
ITsn7(ITsn7)Adult (m)2,6362594
FMCiz(FMCiz)Adult (m)7,0391,4527
52eCn(52eCn)Adult (f)2,5168013
cN1BN(cN1BN)Adult (f)5,2737904
oWEf1(oWEf1)Adult (f)1,8835133
WS7jW(WS7jW)Adult (f)3,8648734
Ka9Tf(Ka9Tf)Adult (m)2,2046913
srTcX(srTcX)Adult (m)2,0316793
g4u6WLady Juliet CapuletAdult (f)2,0687252
9TfQq(9TfQq)Adult (f)1,7315657
7WSnG(7WSnG)Adult (f)2,5967933
SWSFr(SWSFr)Adult (f)2,7717732
qYOmWSepulchralLilyAdult (f)4,9445973
P9LfP(P9LfP)Adult (m)3,9207634
V8g80(V8g80)Adult (m)1,7597131
JkRio(JkRio)Adult (f)1,8857370
mKb5z(mKb5z)Adult (m)5,4478316
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