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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pheonixxfoxx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Id7LS(Id7LS)Hatchling (f)5,1867605
7SKnGot Wood FoxxEgg (F)
xiXbd(xiXbd)Adult (f)3,0478042
MEkNK(MEkNK)Adult (f)2,5326692
k5gy0(k5gy0)Adult (m)2,5697133
b44OC(b44OC)Adult (m)3,2076232
3V5N6(3V5N6)Adult (f)3,2096211
aCVKt(aCVKt)Adult (f)3,5986601
K7fjg(K7fjg)Adult (f)3,1746563
l5m6Lil' Creepy Cuddler FoxxHatchling (m, F)4,0351,01820
P4I6Rigor Mortis FoxxAdult (f)23,8051,58720
7oQDThriller at Night FoxxAdult (m)4,11699311
mbtQZombie Royal FoxxAdult (f)4,7311,07923
D2nnTTwo Faced Urban Decay FoxxAdult (m)5,7879932
gU5IIOne Zombified Jormungar FoxxAdult (f)4,2407583
GU4EsGuess I'm Undead Now FoxxAdult (m)5,2741,0201
jpK9Lil' McNuggets FoxxHatchling (f, F)6,1535393
sM3PRViolent Gestation FoxxAdult6,7571,15529
SbwLjPestilence Spreads FoxxAdult2,72928878
jkdizExtra Crispy FoxxAdult (f)4,8181,00514
oTEqLil' Immortal One FoxxHatchling (m, F)3,07756717
uPpPUndying Plague Bringer FoxxAdult (m)23,6701,57884
R0DHRod Von Der Schmidt FoxxAdult (m)4,30673512
0LLtOrpheus of Darkest Night FoxxAdult (m)1,8685985
UGE6Once Bitten Twice Shy FoxxAdult (m)1,5755534
Sm9VuCruorem Shedder of Blood FoxxAdult (m)4,7831,0884
ZzMyWZeal of My Wings FoxxAdult (m)3,6637332
j2wVo(j2wVo)Adult (m)3,5379171
YforUThyone the Inspired Frenzy FoxxAdult (f)3,7407612
XkYWSan'layn of the Scourge FoxxAdult (f)19,6051,30772
I6y4The Dark Lady FoxxAdult (f)22,9951,53356
ClRILady Ciri of the Underworld FoxxAdult (f)1,6445762
cZHQBlood-Queen Lana'thel FoxxAdult (f)5,0507586
HOEsuLady of the Evening FoxxAdult (f)2,48362423
MTSdT(MTSdT)Adult (f)3,1146203
fJ67Lil' Blood Thorn FoxxHatchling (f, F)3,1665299
gvLO7Kung Pao FoxxAdult (f)4,4598585
SbmuS(SbmuS)Adult (f)3,9148733
bhDG2(bhDG2)Adult (m)3,7588501
PMnUM(PMnUM)Adult (f)4,3809372
aZjO0(aZjO0)Adult (m)4,0089143
yCois(yCois)Adult (f)3,4997881
A9vlKentucky Fried Chicken FoxxAdult (f)17,6701,17893
M17lMerlot the Tipsy FoxxAdult (m)4,6371,19521
6iguA Kiss of Purple Passion FoxxAdult (f)5,0201,28525
BZZO8Buzz Roller FoxxAdult (m)5,2821,1036
ymtTPot Pie FoxxAdult (f)23,7001,58029
Ntn2dIn Too Deep FoxxAdult (m)3,8417992
PCBwkTwice Pardoned FoxxAdult (f)4,5366663
3HVcGeneral Tso's FoxxAdult (f)21,6001,44025
u8YFd(u8YFd)Adult (f)4,3048884
Liuzj(Liuzj)Adult (f)3,4718771
oYy8Eat Mor Chikin FoxxAdult (f)12,19691755
xExlgCurious Harmony FoxxAdult (f)3,4707543
GgxYWOn Unruffled Wings FoxxAdult (m)3,3887581
nBBjHKeeper of Ancient Secrets FoxxAdult (f)4,7617292
jigN2(jigN2)Adult (m)3,7308281
OpNcgObscured Silence FoxxAdult (f)1,45363716
Q7ObStir-Fry FoxxAdult (f)2,7345276
0JTs7Orchestra's Tuning Fork FoxxAdult (m)2,6054623
cGWmgSymphony Under My Wing FoxxAdult (f)3,4987402
vrSSlConductor's Score FoxxAdult (f)4,4298631
8oOKmOrnamental Harmony FoxxAdult (m)3,1666851
rioT5Piano's Riot FoxxAdult (f)3,4798271
ESC7Rosemary-Garlic FoxxAdult (f)8,3946042
4Khud(4Khud)Adult (m)2,8177241
d5bZc(d5bZc)Adult (f)3,3577411
9C3y9(9C3y9)Adult (m)3,9697840
NIVDR(NIVDR)Adult (f)3,3177390
Su8ot(Su8ot)Adult (m)2,8417411
GiKoM(GiKoM)Adult (f)3,8928931
LoWUr(LoWUr)Adult (m)2,8917791
0YbGPan-Roasted FoxxAdult (f)6,7176453
jXYfLil' Oak Leaf FoxxHatchling (f, F)12,255817103
urpwAshes of Burnt Leaves FoxxAdult (m)19,3051,28724
A8LjlLeaf Pile Ale FoxxAdult (f)1,06335816
QpJWBrisk Chill of Autumn FoxxAdult (m)30,9002,06025
HUUAAutumn's Tale FoxxAdult (f)18,3151,22120
Ed4VLRitual of the Fall Equinox FoxxAdult (m)6,7211,13617
ciBmFall Festival Queen FoxxAdult (f)31,0802,07221
RRgKStroganoff FoxxAdult (f)1,7963452
LDZITLady Zita FoxxAdult (f)4,1986945
BxpPn(BxpPn)Adult (m)4,5986521
8BNO3(8BNO3)Adult (f)4,8667171
Cj2qt(Cj2qt)Adult (m)5,0307361
wvHyP(wvHyP)Adult (f)2,02462412
IcHlp(IcHlp)Adult (m)2,1656710
rbmF4(rbmF4)Hatchling (f, F)8,5871,20916
SUIZb(SUIZb)Adult (m)5,8809661
4Ex8K(4Ex8K)Adult (f)4,3699052
KbOCa(KbOCa)Adult (m)3,8838352
hnyWR(hnyWR)Adult (f)3,7417692
HwJuf(HwJuf)Adult (m)5,7691,1655
biOck(biOck)Adult (f)5,4771,2185
rhqsm(rhqsm)Adult (m)7,9121,4252
J9bew(J9bew)Adult (f)4,8521,00813
gEdFCordon Bleu FoxxAdult (f)7,5755059
I57gpDark Descendant of Light FoxxAdult (m)3,11373912
h3DYHOrb of Illumination FoxxAdult (f)6,2751,0105
QTOSR(QTOSR)Adult (m)2,5066242
giRva(giRva)Adult (f)3,8878784
0cDr(0cDr)Adult (f)3,16596134
m3Nv(m3Nv)Adult (m)3,1051,17761
qO0v(qO0v)Adult (f)6,1501,27521
0547S(0547S)Adult (f)3,1048221
ejEF(ejEF)Hatchling (m, F)2,63350310
08U0(08U0)Adult (f)7,0496134
MUz3(MUz3)Adult (m)3,4433835
VB38(VB38)Adult (f)8,83087227
afpE(afpE)Adult (m)4,1981,24621
6kqz3Birthday Thuwed FoxxAdult (m)4,4668492
oAfAC(oAfAC)Hatchling (f, F)5,1707284
Pq5A(Pq5A)Adult (m)5,8321,18618
pWKN(pWKN)Adult (f)5,6181,15924
EjSa(EjSa)Adult (m)6,3831,1018
0lfq(0lfq)Adult (f)6,6101,32111
Qe2QR(Qe2QR)Adult (f)5,0989661
KRapF(KRapF)Adult (m)4,0798811
aHUmp(aHUmp)Adult (f)5,7431,15110
qIRIn(qIRIn)Adult (f)3,9018282
B0Gsg(B0Gsg)Adult (f)7,1711,1057
ZaE6B(ZaE6B)Adult (m)6,0321,1125
yb303(yb303)Adult (f)7,4121,1095
ddssp(ddssp)Adult (f)7,6861,0995
aDzeY(aDzeY)Adult (f)3,3407212
omeNh(omeNh)Adult (m)3,5119034
S7nYESahara FoxxAdult (f)6,2227152
NuLmH(NuLmH)Adult (m)4,8281,0213
Aa50(Aa50)Hatchling (m, F)3,8583103
0HXC(0HXC)Adult (f)8,4456041
p5sH(p5sH)Adult (m)7,5896171
INPl(INPl)Adult (f)7,2825572
ANHD(ANHD)Adult (m)10,4907451
KMXC(KMXC)Adult (f)5,0853404
Hjvd(Hjvd)Adult (m)5,6836243
6DNk(6DNk)Adult (f)2,5143783
FR7G(FR7G)Adult (m)7,7556543
6ogi(6ogi)Adult (m)8,8588285
XURM(XURM)Adult (m)5,7754953
cIyLK(cIyLK)Adult (m)8,9191,3186
J2Z1(J2Z1)Hatchling (F)6,7055631
SUaN(SUaN)Adult (m)16,5601,10482
kCSF(kCSF)Adult (f)17,4601,16486
pWmq(pWmq)Adult (m)16,1251,07567
Xk66(Xk66)Adult (m)19,2451,28396
LKav(LKav)Adult (m)4,51088227
JL3O(JL3O)Adult (f)6,8531,02720
paDf(paDf)Adult (m)7,71688013
129yUFull of Fluff FoxxAdult (f)4,5788920
f0uz2(f0uz2)Adult (m)3,1007722
2583W(2583W)Hatchling (m, F)3,9708752
GVWjs(GVWjs)Adult (f)5,7501,0087
7NoG7(7NoG7)Adult (m)4,2069514
cvPuNCopper Vein of Puns FoxxAdult (f)8,34891820
mtu6DMutated Metal FoxxAdult (m)4,8077806
BUlacFlame Painted FoxxAdult (f)3,3377651
aI9kt(aI9kt)Adult (m)3,02782111
LI8F9(LI8F9)Adult (m)3,1357207
oaaSNOasis of Copper FoxxAdult (f)3,6956705
EtxsB(EtxsB)Adult (m)7,2441,0365
ufzBDTarnished and Torn FoxxAdult (m)9,3991,3324
tn5X9Peacock Ore FoxxAdult (m)4,2035792
qjrTP(qjrTP)Adult (f)6,5521,19314
hnXIBOxide Rust FoxxAdult (m)5,1121,2399
IQQLLMenkes Syndrome FoxxAdult (f)2,39258121
0sFJG(0sFJG)Adult (m)2,8677901
HBYDm(HBYDm)Adult (f)2,2314583
KCkTe(KCkTe)Adult (m)5,4601,06110
O9bri(O9bri)Adult (f)4,5818713
Wuca3Wuca of the Fallen Third FoxxAdult (m)3,09269936
lvC3s(lvC3s)Adult (f)7,1279184
xfEnA(xfEnA)Adult (m)5,9829735
slRwaCoiled Ivy FoxxAdult (f)7,8741,0254
YlYGIBronze Element FoxxAdult (m)7,3631,04610
ZyN2fBorn From Royalty FoxxAdult (f)5,9821,0905
8gHQfOne Omen Short of a Lady FoxxAdult (m)6,6699654
iPfl7(iPfl7)Adult (f)6,8609323
3unfO(3unfO)Adult (m)6,98490410
QQNdz(QQNdz)Adult (f)7,2959186
D7ZLiJinx of Ruin FoxxAdult (m)8,56299910
x89VO(x89VO)Adult (f)8,4539399
euEFd(euEFd)Adult (m)11,2491,55715
5si0U(5si0U)Adult (f)6,1678387
AgNIhAgni the Fire Guardian FoxxAdult (m)4,3061,17411
ppV96(ppV96)Adult (f)6,9621,0816
QBYfK(QBYfK)Adult (m)8,08886723
PafEjEgo of the Sparkling Omen FoxxAdult (f)7,1361,0297
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