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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Peredoxie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j8Ay8Aaaa MY BACK HTMHatchling (F)4,2491,1673
loRVkFREEZE you're busted HTMHatchling (F)2,1063123
pUComOh nooo it ded HTMHatchling (F)1,4742953
5m5koIt ded 2 HTMHatchling (F)2,58090716
AKITY(AKITY)Hatchling (m, F)4,1769636
cMmDXA Tree Named Pip Pip HTMEgg (F)
MIBdRChicken Up Buttercup HTMAdult (f)6,3771,27632
qQkiTThis 1 crossed the road HTMAdult (f)8,3591,41911
kYWt8CompreHEN HTMAdult (f)8,2131,4128
QpkTIWhere do I be-gHENAdult (f)6,7111,2196
8EVTXHen on da highway HTMAdult (f)6,5211,1359
Sj1FNHen Henrietta HTMAdult (f)5,1059646
K981SHen is the new Hen HTMAdult (f)2,9546632
4Y2RBHen Hen go He He HTMAdult (f)7,3581,4647
tQbXfRun poultry child HTMHatchling (F)2,0064345
OuCwFThis chick crazy HTMHatchling (f, F)2,9971,07212
Nxk5fThis chick crazier HTMHatchling (F)3,2677348
dFFrdThis chick da craziest HTMHatchling (F)6422192
DfM4pThis chick is even crazierHTMHatchling (F)2,3564344
RMA7lThis chick insane HTMHatchling (F)1,4381771
3bn31This chick is more INSANE HTMHatchling (F)1,2692954
6VgUvShe does what she wants HTMHatchling (f, F)2,8477027
H8iuKFolded up essays HTMHatchling (F)4,2167045
ow9fOHidden math homework HTMHatchling (F)3,8726595
Uw6lTMY German essay MOVES HTMHatchling (F)2,0274113
Q7Ph9Paper boi dreams HTMHatchling (F)2,0467204
Dv9sQGrade A test results HTMHatchling (F)2,2805827
roLycTapeworm with wings HTMHatchling (F)3,3337755
vahhhUse the term WYRM HTMHatchling (m, F)3,6016037
cEjm5Where da pizza I ordered HTMHatchling (m, F)5,8101,1246
pTQGkI am a pink GEICO HTMHatchling (F)1,8825914
ZguaUI have ARISEN HTMHatchling (F)1,2532123
J2L7xAs copper as your penny HTMHatchling (m, F)4,2717473
NNbcuPlz give me a slice HTMHatchling (f, F)4,97294010
F6BoEYou had me at 5 Gum HTMHatchling (f, F)5,4111,0405
e6tijPEEKABOO HTMHatchling (f, F)3,6459295
p0FRNNasty code tho HTMHatchling (f, F)3,1765944
aLYyPEggplants and Cabbages HTMHatchling (f, F)6,4241,1625
dgf3CBakin the pizza dough HTMHatchling (m, F)6,1991,1255
vTI7aWants hot wings HTMHatchling (f, F)4,4317615
bCexjI SCREECH HTMHatchling (F)2,5427988
qcw3EFreaky flying fish HTMHatchling (m, F)3,8111,0907
WFgP0WHAT YEAR IS IT HTMAdult (f)12,3141,0772
1a9DMStop MImicing ME HTMAdult (m)2,9005245
PnbTgMust have Toothbrush HTMHatchling (f, F)3,67580010
T4a9AI STRICTLY SAID MAYO HTMAdult (f)12,1101,3846
trB3HHe who grabs air HTMAdult (m)5,5951,1343
yWp0aIf a Cheeto was a snake HTMAdult (f)5,4668208
Y4DavBlue Fire In Yo FACE HTMAdult (m)4,6809573
BXrLgShould we go left or right HTMAdult (f)3,3814453
OnJpUHEY why this cheese frozen HTMAdult (m)3,1324078
8TQMAI Float Georgie HTMAdult (f)8,8511,5238
fYm3EI STRETCH HTMHatchling (f, F)4,1858115
AcX73Some lost brussel sprout HTMHatchling (F)2,16137510
bnz2SLET'S FLAMINGO YO HTMHatchling (f, F)4,5599054
0DXwaI am a goddess DUH HTMAdult (f)4,8189954
lQNm7THE actual Pegasus HTMHatchling (m, F)5,7559115
Kh0nfTiny dragon pixel HTMHatchling (F)2,3903202
d7U6HRed dust errwhere HTMHatchling (f, F)5,0961,1006
frmpyI will ground u 4 a month HTMAdult (f)3,9849815
4XwyjThey said there was cake HTMHatchling (F)1,5474066
JpVWQSweeter than yall HTMHatchling (f, F)4,6551,0047
njWXHIm floral as can be HTMHatchling (m, F)6,3581,5218
5fqsFSassy Blues Clues HTMHatchling (m, F)6,7809436
tiJMcPlaay baaall HTMHatchling (F)1,1492433
oIoas(oIoas)Hatchling (F)4,7127359
sfesoNo Wings No Wings HTMHatchling (F)4,1497553
bvzAeYawns too much HTMAdult (m)3,6419264
o8JVNBlood and Bones HTMHatchling (f, F)3,7489594
mnVRJFree Chilly HTMHatchling (m, F)7,1839897
reKhlShe fly solo tho HTMHatchling (f, F)6,0391,4319
htmLs(htmLs)Hatchling (f, F)5,1321,0375
FKjfJBackwards Walker HTMHatchling (F)5,9858714
htvMUI got this orb HTMHatchling (f, F)4,1121,0826
Um8yMHe a tiny gemstone HTMHatchling (m, F)7,0821,2387
2kZVKToo pink for yall HTMHatchling (f, F)7,0309936
aBgoBDat Honey Dew HTMHatchling (F)4,1688092
foyPGHe talks to himself HTMAdult (m)7,0561,5268
HAp5pI seek burgers near HTMHatchling (m, F)4,4641,0325
LiSXkLeAve the broccoli HTMAdult (m)11,1511,49327
DTKvzStay Up Late Foeva HTMAdult (m)7,7051,6471
B3EeVWelcome 2 da HTM LAIRAdult (f)7,7311,09813
izjGECircus CANDY is good HTMAdult (f)6,2221,3694
dFSCTIm so cold omg HTMAdult (f)6,0251,12211
2QZJFGIMME THE ORB JOHN HTMAdult (f)5,5021,3233
WlOtXCrowns are not toys HTMAdult (m)6,9641,6048
JPYcKITS A CHEESE HTMAdult9,6331,68624
AFOWfPINK CHICKENS HTMAdult (m)6,8221,5677
qEzQKWHY AM I SO MAD HTMAdult (f)7,9131,7083
pvkkNThe bird thing with no name HTMAdult (m)4,1629533
SNMwvTwo heads duhhh HTMAdult (m)6,2711,2774
8nxz7Omg the sun is on me HTMAdult (f)7,3221,4753
393EkCant see thru da fluff HTMAdult (m)9,2771,7894
X2ObIThe North COLD HTMAdult (f)9,7461,3844
CthK9Positivity charma HTMAdult (f)9,0601,6554
yiicbShe talks to sports HTMAdult (f)6,4071,4499
4Y5IBA Non horse horse HTMAdult (m)6,9441,5263
wLmWyWell Well Well HTMAdult (m)4,4088925
3N8HiHe like a torpedo HTMAdult (m)5,8951,2455
f9WELHoney Honey HTMAdult (f)11,3741,09011
xZUedPlatinum gargoyle kid HTMHatchling (f, F)8,5681,4755
46sGoSweeter than gummis HTMAdult (f)7,1471,4685
zwkyWGet outta the shower HTMAdult (m)4,1521,0066
gEOGXI play with orbs HTMAdult (m)2,5092303
eSdepHas floating orb orb HTMAdult (f)7,2341,4764
WvusnSHARDS OF LYFE 'HTMAdult (f)4,87393516
4HHp3Team Aqua Flaka HTMAdult (m)10,9101,5384
m5hyPThe Blue That Is True HTMAdult (f)6,6171,0057
aNXoVI Blow Fire In Yo Face HTMAdult (f)3,82792110
ejsDNShe is sooo festive HTMAdult (f)5,0441,2254
iWuNEWell Say Pizza HTMAdult (f)6,9431,5325
pe4B9We Are Cuter Than You HTMAdult (m)4,5809425
MdJWOSlap the static HTMAdult (m)8,5851,51113
D8eUHHe's Too Pretty HTMAdult (m)7,1271,5426
4c9TcMiss Amazon HTMAdult (f)6,9121,5367
LF903She a sea sun HTMAdult (f)5,3571,1587
61XsmRed Fisher HTMAdult (f)8,5431,41711
GWVhVSomehow Flying Yet Falling HTMAdult (m)6,4871,0295
dumwrModest Goddess HTMAdult (f)5,2629743
KUalrThis Dino Is A RhinoAdult6,5051,15211
9y383This Dino is a GRAPE HTMAdult6,2081,62118
NseheBlue True Dude HTMAdult6,0911,27929
M4UwEGreen Jellybean HTMAdult6,4951,17010
6VcRmHe a dope Marine HTMAdult (m)5,4871,1053
2szlHThat Yellow fello HTMAdult8,8971,34211
rYCqyPaper On Paper Boiii HTMAdult4,52292814
RbnOjTaco fiesta dog HTMAdult (m)4,7926326
5AceJHe Fireball Scary HTMAdult (m)6,2411,56315
rRCkLRedbone HTMAdult (m)6,3139631
PhtvUI SEA you HTMAdult (f)6,6351,1215
AygXCSundance Romance HTMAdult (f)8,7781,0387
LIC8nFeelin' Peelish HTMAdult (f)9,4941,3552
3W1uFSassy tamole HTMAdult (f)9,3991,5205
kzEqZHis token of gratitude HTMAdult (m)10,2611,4635
Z4Pq1Pink Chicken Face HTMAdult (m)5,6951,2132
S7FoKMister Giggles HTMAdult (m)6,9031,1581
ZSjjLPumpkin Pie Spy HTMAdult (m)6,6001,7212
u4lHFRed FRUITS HTMAdult (f)5,5871,1236
prCgOTha Tha Lassa HTMAdult (f)2,9107346
6mhZLCynical Old Thang HTMAdult (m)7,5001,6845
mqegZDragon Horse Pony HTMAdult (m)4,3731,1874
pYfpgHe purple nerple HTMAdult (m)6,0061,2343
GhlD2Shine Tribute HTMAdult (m)9,2981,3349
UPHI8Picture Scripture HTMAdult (f)5,4666801
RWdVEHiding From Homework HTMAdult (f)5,1371,2713
Msql6Miss Sea Dino HTMAdult (f)8,0821,29612
KsuCUWhite Melon HTMAdult (m)5,6901,06417
j8OWCI am your green HTMAdult (f)5,7591,1854
KyNAFBlue Feather Bird HTMAdult (f)9,8131,5624
T9o7ASnow Scratch HTMAdult (f)6,1361,1199
rOxmTHE FESTIVE HTMAdult (m)6,6351,38510
xdtDcI Like To Bite Melons More HTMAdult (f)10,3441,4879
an2RFI'm A Green Machine HTMAdult (f)7,5581,3036
kq4irRed Vertigo HTMAdult (f)4,3229364
jHptNLittle Boy Blue HTMAdult (m)3,2101,3186
DQDrjI Ate All The Cookies HTMAdult (f)12,8811,6753
gyhziGold Armour HTMAdult (m)3,4087843
xPwkkSommerZeit HTMAdult (f)3,8268464
q0syXShe Gallops HTMAdult (f)7,2431,47110
PdUY4Cinnamon bon HTMAdult (m)6,5771,2654
1TEXgHigh Jumper HTMAdult (m)8,2961,5866
1ZFQnChili peppers COLD HTMAdult (m)8,7941,6615
UpQcdPurple blue Chew 5 Gum HTMAdult (m)6,1351,0535
fbvrCAshes To Stashes HTMAdult (f)5,9601,23315
kZuEwMinnesota 2 COLD HTMAdult (f)3,16443813
IGrlhLookin Pretty Tho HTMAdult (m)6,6311,3625
9SLuHShe who dances on one toe HTMAdult (f)3,17291510
5QJb2Thunder Wonder HTMAdult (m)4,9089828
y6oFmMy Tails Are On Fiya HTMAdult (f)5,7289511
UllfJWinnie the WHO HTMAdult (m)8,3891,2827
p2LH8DJ Kyll Em HTMAdult (m)4,82784014
9ha2gWhat Happened Rikki HTMAdult (m)4,9759705
3wldLI Am Da Sun HTMAdult (f)6,9161,0396
IMe7Z2nd Gen Wren HTMAdult (m)5,7839724
lgPBNWinter Cake HTMAdult (m)11,6821,5618
W3zZNSwim Foreva HTMAdult (f)5,5918284
5uxmsSalt Stridin HTMAdult (m)7,2028689
oW4y9Sunrise sunset HTMAdult (f)5,5131,0001
nmPYBSummer freezes over HTMAdult (m)4,8318806
3MCbMDat prehistoric HTMAdult (m)8,8611,3983
0qnoSHawaii On Pancakes  HTMAdult (f)5,28582311
KGRAvShe Tangar HTMAdult (f)5,6468234
KYaUrFabulous Leg Pencils HTMAdult (m)4,5079494
xfG0tPinkolini HTMAdult (m)4,7486522
mtG6RSizzle Pepperson HTMAdult (m)4,4816463
yrt12GronolaLa La HTMAdult (m)4,5156142
r2sE7936 HTMAdult (f)4,4916353
BQjlTWater is sweet HTMAdult (m)6,0371,1264
jLRv4Why U Scremin HTMAdult (f)4,1209555
dCoRMConfetti Betti HTMAdult (f)7,6621,4072
U6SC6Dancer Snake HTMAdult (m)4,2879923
eBJrVLooks Like Theys Gone Bite HTMAdult (f)11,7311,4408
SxpSi36 Red BALLOONS HTMAdult (f)9,0281,4267
hdPMXAngry Brew HTMAdult (f)6,5371,0965
XGUKEpink Lemonade HTMAdult (f)3,2597431
91yeKStronger Than 1000 Cans HTMAdult (f)8,0961,3535
8iEmh5 HTMAdult (m)9,7951,64610
iJdM6They Go Sad HTMAdult (f)8,6881,3184
FB7W4Scary smoke stacks HTMAdult (f)5,7971,2214
zbiCpMe Hard lettuce HTMAdult (m)5,5899119
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