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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Peralta,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MmFbAlpha OGAdult (m)5,8077698
Nn5U(Nn5U)Adult (m)5,9807879
LsAu(LsAu)Adult (f)5,3037026
NyLq(NyLq)Adult (f)5,4467384
T4uf(T4uf)Adult (m)5,2106937
6sl5(6sl5)Adult (m)4,5877468
myA6(myA6)Adult (f)4,02770310
DKjE(DKjE)Adult (m)3,4377034
So6N(So6N)Adult (m)3,4827135
DES2(DES2)Adult (m)3,4577133
70WO(70WO)Adult (m)3,2236556
S64c(S64c)Adult (m)6,8081,9017
xR6C(xR6C)Adult (m)2,9228595
GiyO(GiyO)Adult (m)6,8771,81813
Kjp9Albino OGAdult (m)6,8251,82819
vLMh(vLMh)Adult (m)6,1121,54711
q0lB(q0lB)Adult (m)5,2889767
C8N9(C8N9)Adult (f)4,0098577
kshe(kshe)Adult (f)3,9769987
KPXX(KPXX)Adult (f)3,6719887
Y3Je(Y3Je)Adult (m)4,7891,1437
rNVT(rNVT)Adult (f)4,0791,0887
oOan(oOan)Adult (m)2,5098106
k4cQ(k4cQ)Adult (m)3,0309423
Lbbr(Lbbr)Adult (m)2,65750124
Akkh(Akkh)Adult (m)3,1217412
l1iO(l1iO)Adult (f)3,1278284
qSsm(qSsm)Adult (m)3,6529331
Fipo(Fipo)Adult (m)2,6836733
gtTD(gtTD)Adult (f)2,9357064
DBiZ(DBiZ)Adult (f)3,0937715
1eqX(1eqX)Adult (f)2,2656725
5leX(5leX)Adult (m)2,8446878
fjip(fjip)Adult (m)2,6986234
LfU0(LfU0)Adult (m)2,6786186
NbUY(NbUY)Adult (f)3,6359748
8QSS(8QSS)Adult (m)2,1216553
nCPv(nCPv)Adult (m)2,4587524
4Bf7(4Bf7)Adult (m)3,0989966
HZlB(HZlB)Adult (f)2,9349224
thUL(thUL)Adult (f)2,4328904
odX8(odX8)Adult (f)4,8901,24012
VsR5(VsR5)Adult (m)4,5111,2798
GATT(GATT)Adult (m)4,4971,2739
dZGs(dZGs)Adult (f)4,2801,19511
O1SC(O1SC)Adult (f)4,3291,21210
SAd0(SAd0)Adult (f)2,7957324
9b9i(9b9i)Adult (f)2,8557493
Ro9M(Ro9M)Adult (f)2,8257373
vbGp(vbGp)Adult (f)2,4537547
sEAo(sEAo)Hatchling (F)5612975
JSul(JSul)Adult (f)1,4475063
Lmb8(Lmb8)Adult (f)1,4515084
bR8u(bR8u)Adult (f)1,7734333
3HQ2(3HQ2)Adult (m)1,3034356
49tI(49tI)Adult (m)2,9128529
OW8q(OW8q)Adult (f)1,1233924
3G1h(3G1h)Adult (f)1,3565262
lchL(lchL)Adult (f)1,4045442
mhGn(mhGn)Adult (f)1,3465252
hqk6(hqk6)Adult (m)1,86074010
57Hl(57Hl)Adult (m)1,87674911
3YOV(3YOV)Adult (f)1,7877206
BrTO(BrTO)Adult (m)1,8287316
RRlN(RRlN)Adult (m)1,7797396
vXrh(vXrh)Adult (m)1,0776027
SKbc(SKbc)Adult (f)1,0505915
hZU5(hZU5)Adult (f)1,0595965
2926(2926)Adult (f)1,2276782
Ai06(Ai06)Adult (m)1,3417212
IEFqK(IEFqK)Adult (f)8,8428652
pupiy(pupiy)Adult (m)8,8388452
on5B4(on5B4)Adult (m)8,8179022
zr8fO(zr8fO)Adult (f)8,9418802
gD9gF(gD9gF)Adult (m)2,6953872
BzGCj(BzGCj)Adult (m)2,8904011
Tn68m(Tn68m)Adult (f)2,9384052
KYupQ(KYupQ)Adult (f)2,8743991
cdRpI(cdRpI)Adult (f)2,8683981
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