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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Penbee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
txuDhShimmering TuxedoAdult (m)4,3461,0135
5FgmQ(5FgmQ)Adult (m)3,1098623
M1WeD(M1WeD)Adult (f)3,1318503
mPjFn(mPjFn)Adult (m)3,0078853
FtB5s(FtB5s)Adult (m)2,9548903
IzLSt(IzLSt)Adult (f)2,8539133
dP1Cj(dP1Cj)Adult (m)3,2718304
v68cE(v68cE)Adult (m)4,3196711
py5zH(py5zH)Adult (f)4,2706423
ezyG4(ezyG4)Adult (f)4,0616671
gHyig(gHyig)Adult (f)4,0596503
5AGdI(5AGdI)Adult (f)4,0766342
yuqln(yuqln)Adult (f)4,1756243
sErZb(sErZb)Adult (f)4,1086412
McX3S(McX3S)Adult (m)4,1216463
K7Bdh(K7Bdh)Adult (m)4,0786563
epNt5(epNt5)Adult (m)4,1716522
5XX49(5XX49)Adult (m)4,1066542
v65O9Shadow of a Forgotten DreamAdult (m)6,0121,07512
LaPFD(LaPFD)Adult (m)4,1646303
yKaMwCB Pinkboy of PennAdult (m)2,9767961
Aw93Q(Aw93Q)Adult (f)2,9838031
kXPVo(kXPVo)Adult (m)3,0447972
mcKTZMystic Coquette of PennAdult (f)2,8788021
v3Fr6(v3Fr6)Adult (m)3,4277261
vdFgI(vdFgI)Adult (f)2,7158130
4I7K2Sterling PennAdult (m)2,9398124
KX82FNabi of PennAdult (f)4,0926661
sFjuAOolong of PennAdult (m)2,9137810
Qez2C(Qez2C)Adult (f)2,6177870
93ghU(93ghU)Adult (m)2,6577782
babAq(babAq)Adult (m)2,6917901
ljUOb(ljUOb)Adult (f)3,2529601
nrI5X(nrI5X)Adult (f)3,3261,3631
fUQvN(fUQvN)Adult (f)3,1851,5292
aPIp4(aPIp4)Adult (m)3,2821,5650
Ywp4o(Ywp4o)Adult (f)3,0631,1503
fC5eB(fC5eB)Adult (f)2,9361,2341
xYRiE(xYRiE)Adult (m)2,9761,1731
4ffo8Penn's PennyAdult (f)3,4111,4703
NSg9QCopper of PennAdult (m)3,3291,3311
PNTYvVivi of PennAdult (f)3,4091,3621
fWO1r(fWO1r)Adult (m)3,0901,1822
o7JhM(o7JhM)Adult (f)1,8761,0430
czavZ(czavZ)Adult (f)4,1989604
OsIbP(OsIbP)Adult (f)2,7951,2131
bFccI(bFccI)Adult (m)3,0031,1932
0CCQLBoba Tea of PennAdult (f)2,9351,2273
eTQvT(eTQvT)Adult (f)2,8711,2161
draNs(draNs)Adult (m)3,2427362
nORdyNordic of PennAdult (m)2,9801,1582
ioIxwIo of PennAdult (f)2,7101,1062
R0cbr(R0cbr)Adult (m)4,0121,3264
q0EqDCoquette of PennAdult (f)4,1171,3214
IrP8uEuripides of PennAdult (m)3,8321,2962
CtiVEClive of PennAdult (m)4,2121,4157
JrVWWMister 500Adult (m)3,4047672
CgWLXKel of PennAdult (f)6,5841,2275
J4OUYWarrior of SoulPeaceAdult (f)2,9337220
abvS9(abvS9)Adult (f)2,8337262
x5jS2Loving ShimmersAdult (f)2,27389610
0lvKABelle of PennAdult (f)1,5306550
eiczM(eiczM)Adult (m)1,9768031
NwsdQSark of PennAdult (m)1,5016481
nG8mJ(nG8mJ)Adult (f)2,9598444
PDNLk(PDNLk)Adult (m)1,6596191
HjmH1Maurice of PennAdult (m)2,1098212
eXBAJ(eXBAJ)Adult (f)4,0907160
QPhTe(QPhTe)Adult (m)2,5928900
n95qn(n95qn)Adult (f)2,5548712
350TI(350TI)Adult (m)2,0856262
cnHFR(cnHFR)Adult (f)1,9728341
teb0I(teb0I)Adult (m)3,1939461
5mIz9Cloudy Horizon of PennAdult (m)3,1639632
jDwYw(jDwYw)Adult (m)3,3508212
0ARFAPeaceful Skies of PennAdult (f)3,4899242
0JLZU(0JLZU)Adult (m)1,4196670
AcPiB(AcPiB)Adult (f)1,3176251
StEpNStephen of PennAdult (m)1,3926680
LSM5H(LSM5H)Adult (f)3,6668603
gx6ih(gx6ih)Adult (m)3,8668213
c7nD8Thuwed Bardos of PennAdult (m)1,6856311
t4A4K(t4A4K)Adult (m)3,1287101
Bxt7h(Bxt7h)Adult (m)3,1227101
Z3Czn(Z3Czn)Adult (f)3,7396982
8wT31(8wT31)Adult (m)2,7327613
C3PyoC3PyoAdult (m)2,7637323
zjgrg(zjgrg)Adult (f)2,8367461
Ykd2X(Ykd2X)Adult (f)2,5397142
0EN7mBlooming Flower of PennAdult (f)2,3808901
pgLWDDoubly RegalAdult (m)2,3588911
LB9yu(LB9yu)Adult (f)3,0966842
Ba6Ir(Ba6Ir)Adult (m)2,4689721
RehNBAmy of PennAdult (f)3,1749152
WsRA4Penn's Golem 1Adult (m)4,1367942
vyiVr(vyiVr)Adult (m)2,7628762
uGVwK(uGVwK)Adult (m)3,8238241
UPo7aJoys' Gift GoldAdult (m)3,6109213
ejHroPenn's Golem 2Adult (f)3,0167393
Pp728(Pp728)Adult (f)2,2838302
BBL5P(BBL5P)Adult (f)2,8157983
YtMEYBite Me of PennAdult (f)2,7997853
F0YtE(F0YtE)Adult (m)3,3619253
8wdjHBlack and Blue AlloverAdult (m)2,1067562
JBidNSharp Cruel FangsAdult (f)2,9207705
E44ooBlack Velvet of PennAdult (f)2,3936173
qKBa4Rumplestiltskin of PennAdult (m)1,4036671
o4EN4(o4EN4)Adult (f)1,3326392
ghJnd(ghJnd)Adult (m)1,4606092
EmjsD(EmjsD)Adult (f)1,3886622
rSt15(rSt15)Adult (f)1,3866581
wqWxN(wqWxN)Adult (m)1,3056531
5Kfo7Tangerine of PennAdult (m)2,0897851
C6I1Y(C6I1Y)Adult (f)2,3618293
5PmKm(5PmKm)Adult (m)2,7058842
68aqW(68aqW)Adult (m)2,7238810
OgvhJ(OgvhJ)Adult (f)2,6608631
xBsgCFutily Resisting the Dark SideAdult (f)2,5687561
VrcWY(VrcWY)Adult (f)2,7719232
ycGVj(ycGVj)Adult (m)4,7608062
DKMAmIvory Stairs of PennAdult (m)4,7668633
1Fs8y(1Fs8y)Adult (m)1,8117781
66N6VCara Cara of PennAdult (f)2,8298781
0mQZYMiel Tooth of PennAdult (m)1,8627861
yMRB1Tangelo of PennAdult (m)1,8587582
h2WkjNP Nova Princess of PennAdult (f)2,5339006
YsOuzWWWarrior of PennAdult (f)3,4318884
yi39aSparklight of PennAdult (f)2,9138923
K4PpEKappa of PennAdult (m)1,7317573
RYn97Ryn of PennAdult (m)3,1801,0635
TQCfbTorque of PennAdult (m)1,7847883
3YUGgVexing Elemental of PennAdult (m)1,7817721
pZTBa(pZTBa)Adult (f)1,7607771
lsHUlIshui of PennAdult (f)1,8077704
THB3XTake Your HeartAdult (f)1,3796732
GSVOJHold Onto Your HeartAdult (f)1,3736960
VJsajDiva of PennAdult (f)3,1456992
Ssgrv(Ssgrv)Adult (m)1,6566962
4V0LV(4V0LV)Adult (m)1,6426961
cCBrSBoots of PennAdult1,6697443
AKur5(AKur5)Adult (m)1,7758081
kZajKA Horrible Monsterous BeastAdult (m)2,5508823
PTjsuPT JutsuAdult (f)2,0877509
TjftcMister T-rifficAdult (m)7,4741,6472
5SGkKBeyond the DreamscapeAdult (m)2,7288210
5171bScreech of PennAdult (f)2,5037695
MqIud(MqIud)Adult (f)2,1487763
JEqi2(JEqi2)Adult (m)2,1347782
uOJNq(uOJNq)Adult (f)2,0657711
t5sQ1(t5sQ1)Adult (m)1,9957512
VBdNADeep Brew of PennAdult (m)1,5136900
Zj6pC(Zj6pC)Adult (m)1,4046521
gpVdUMaleficent of PennAdult (f)1,3016202
0BJAORegina of PennAdult (f)1,3966681
AIQvvZoso The Dark OneAdult (m)1,3836441
SQHkc(SQHkc)Adult (m)1,4166570
MIfGZ(MIfGZ)Adult (f)6,5234800
Qb9VM(Qb9VM)Adult (m)6,6024810
II9J0Desert Rose of PennAdult (f)4,4293871
gWL8a(gWL8a)Adult (m)4,7573821
rB9Cb(rB9Cb)Adult (m)3,7763751
a5v7h(a5v7h)Adult (f)4,3023231
Ar4K1(Ar4K1)Adult (f)5,2923820
htUZS(htUZS)Adult (f)3,9311,0041
s0brX(s0brX)Adult (f)6,6911,0583
JuJgRSnow of PennAdult (f)5,9101,0531
ipvSm(ipvSm)Adult (m)6,2091,0660
mWcFk(mWcFk)Adult (m)4,9009575
t0dEv(t0dEv)Adult (f)4,5399121
Tcv5s(Tcv5s)Adult (m)4,5669111
FZCHt(FZCHt)Adult (m)5,4609952
kord6(kord6)Adult (f)3,4734351
kQrfa(kQrfa)Adult (m)4,7094271
58DTJMolten-Hot Starscreams of PennAdult (f)4,8724281
3YJgr(3YJgr)Adult (f)4,5244280
DYYMU(DYYMU)Adult (f)3,2534361
sivtkSeilver Blackmist of PennAdult (f)5,1111,3392
44N8bA Golden ThreadAdult (f)4,8621,0902
MOUkO(MOUkO)Adult (m)2,0775301
vNkML(vNkML)Adult (f)3,4104882
7PWpT(7PWpT)Adult (m)4,0395011
dRBl1(dRBl1)Adult (m)3,9565081
SZUWY(SZUWY)Adult (f)4,7138621
sbuNr(sbuNr)Adult (f)6,1488613
vnTgi(vnTgi)Adult (m)5,3223660
PYScuPsychu of PennAdult (m)3,2404600
cPrkK(cPrkK)Adult (m)4,0384651
K1cr4You Don't Feel the PainAdult (m)2,3754552
5IV1p(5IV1p)Adult (f)3,6394562
4VEkW(4VEkW)Adult (f)4,3304741
2V7T5(2V7T5)Adult (f)4,4384562
jL7Ok(jL7Ok)Adult (f)3,6284401
4P7TW(4P7TW)Adult (m)6,6975081
ekQhrZak FernGullyAdult (m)6,6284622
5RZnIVan Bitem of PennAdult (m)3,2054422
irsn3Cascade of Medusa HerselfAdult (f)4,4924191
OHnkh(OHnkh)Adult (m)3,7174001
P3ets(P3ets)Adult (m)4,9283880
fJNXd(fJNXd)Adult (f)3,3284201
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