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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PeaceLoveViola,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ssa7BRandy GilesAdult (m)2,7438741
Elfmc(Elfmc)Adult (f)3,9698816
1mZ2vPleurotus  ostreatusAdult (m)2,6368340
CR88rCyclocybe aegeritaAdult (m)2,7758620
lXG5QFistulina  hepaticaAdult (f)2,9259140
jH5rRCantharellus  cibariusAdult (m)2,0757431
kFG4xMorchella  esculentaAdult (m)2,1457422
xxyzPBadly  Named DragonAdult (m)2,2617570
uwJ07Mushrooms are CoolAdult (m)2,1027651
XnqUoThree Years Without a NameAdult (m)2,1207260
QwiP4What Is Your Childhood TraumaAdult (f)2,1087052
ElkLoAvoid Puns PleaseAdult (m)2,6977553
EgNfiDr JeanAdult (f)2,6997444
vi1S7Chanterelle MushromAdult (f)2,1468382
1OONRWow Fancy DragonAdult (m)2,3978924
T4jB9Wow Shiny DragonAdult (m)2,3898981
CpFoPChanterelle aka Lilly aka AnneAdult (f)2,4869181
HpsOxCrazy Going Slowly Am IAdult (m)2,6098481
bQ5nCFriends they don't have aAdult (f)2,5818350
cV7rBGrifola  frondosaAdult (m)2,5088503
mWRnMI Miss Dragon CaveAdult (f)2,6788663
LiLznClouds are Good to EatAdult (m)3,6049433
cM22wHow Can I Name so Many DragonsAdult (m)3,5899473
XMlFQPioppino MushroomAdult (m)1,8006531
YnPz2Pearl Oyster MushroomAdult (m)2,3678042
B5LpXWhy  am I doing thisAdult (m)1,9026802
nFqYf(nFqYf)Adult (f)3,1249762
vMgla(vMgla)Adult (f)3,2248280
Y5fU8(Y5fU8)Adult (f)3,1468161
1Wspe(1Wspe)Adult (f)3,2278121
8lopL(8lopL)Adult (f)3,2078031
QMQqR(QMQqR)Adult (m)3,2197900
A62HH(A62HH)Adult (m)4,3168302
f1Fpb(f1Fpb)Adult (m)4,5488492
LbOlY(LbOlY)Adult (f)5,2137350
rgUCW(rgUCW)Adult (f)3,6638131
m25bE(m25bE)Adult (f)3,7097900
VoQCg(VoQCg)Adult (f)3,7147850
kZYDY(kZYDY)Adult (f)3,7127860
Pg64X(Pg64X)Adult (f)3,7688350
QWG9Z(QWG9Z)Adult (m)3,7128101
MKhJYBanjo Oscar YoshiAdult (f)2,8835334
kx6PIRusty Cherry Ace RubyAdult (m)3,4727591
eoZvE(eoZvE)Egg (F)
godrYGuilty Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (f)9,8106562
KMQQnI Like Making Pwetty MusicAdult (f)7,6197241
EiEoQueen of ColdAdult (f)9,4479615
hS50XQueen of Electrical EnergyAdult (f)4,7881,0755
jeGgKing of MagmaAdult (m)6,0521,1426
tsU5qGuardian of the Cruel MountainsAdult (f)7,3321,01023
j9DXFroggy Deer DragonAdult (f)4,9981,1224
gmYOXI Like to FloatAdult (f)6,1141,0447
mm641I Am AmazingAdult (m)5,3491,0804
6SPQCI Am The Wrong GenderAdult (f)6,1461,1385
A4RNpLord Floaty of CommonsAdult (m)5,9861,0161
SeMEIPoking the WaterAdult (f)2,3746264
TEuWiPomegranate DragonAdult (f)3,6308862
ArlSbSir Daisy MajorAdult (f)1,8369211
MYcLXStitch Sticky VinnieAdult (f)1,8649352
8QGMgTsakhiagiin ElbegdorjAdult (m)2,7716911
uR7D0Bolormaa KhajidsurenAdult (f)4,6478128
vycsrBi oilgokhgui bainaAdult (m)4,7588546
iwN1OTuslaaraiAdult (m)3,1477714
P4FsMoldy Map MakerAdult7,4261,7625
sERWARandom CheeseAdult5,9319919
Mg2erI Am Not Yoshi's CousinAdult4,47884811
qpi1Hunger of The LegionAdult (m)4,2856406
9IfHRunt of the LegionAdult (m)6,5191,4368
fRZU5Meow I Bite EggsAdult (m)2,7218431
AvUpNinja of the LegionAdult (f)3,8569225
Q1JULiving Death to the FullestAdult (f)9,3221,8955
SAdNLittle Pink Rose AngelAdult (f)3,2307604
kjooSecond BloomAdult (f)3,0087345
UNLhCupid's Little BuddyAdult (m)1,9775564
s0XM9Abel AdaminaAdult (m)1,8248102
wsjl0Wow Some of These NamesAdult (m)3,1701,1332
bHfOhAre Really TerribleAdult (m)3,2401,1230
SCoMPetit RoseAdult (f)2,3978884
gOaLvDaisy  DuckAdult (f)1,9116973
VF0SRA Pink BirdAdult (f)4,5388918
4VPtjCurved and PinkAdult (f)2,8116103
gQWksBlack and  PinkAdult (f)6,5511,1805
Sq1MzAcathla the Big RockAdult (f)2,6758411
zV2m1Oh No I Am PinkAdult (f)3,1815415
HEvkrCupid's Pink BirdAdult (m)8,0211,3227
qfjvCCold Pink BirdAdult (m)6,0237662
MHZtRPink and CurvedAdult (m)5,5218230
SVfc3Pink  and   BlackAdult (m)1,8476861
uCZqePink and ElegantAdult (m)1,7626731
LOatcElegant and PinkAdult (m)5,1576426
R5FerPink and White EyedAdult (m)2,7008942
vmnOZPink and Hidden ToungedAdult (m)1,5286132
Su8AGProfessor NormalAdult (m)2,7061,0771
BvghMFake Thomas JeffersonAdult (m)2,6851,0143
mprnALady Evil Sun of CommonsAdult (f)3,3249778
ZKjMATwelve Hours BehindAdult (f)3,3881,0171
UW1c2Angel of the MoonAdult (m)4,6011,3314
jDL0Swimming DorkfaceAdult (m)2,3147162
qFi8ILady Fairy of CommonsAdult (f)4,4605379
q5YaoBaroness Annoying of CommonsAdult (f)8,0641,2303
Y5Ri2I Will Remember WinterAdult (f)1,5027623
Ek71A Good Blue DragonAdult (m)6,1277664
8OLHLord Snake of CommonsAdult (m)13,6401,53513
VeN0JYacq'ee SpirivasAdult (m)1,4996410
nIW5Lady Summer of CommonsAdult (f)6,1187932
Zkm23Queen Striped WingsAdult (f)4,2028272
p0DmbProbably But WhatAdult (f)1,8527216
L4prUBaron Three of CommonsAdult (m)4,7018904
CXVqFeather Tailed WinterAdult (f)6,6437954
Z2oHDull Spring DorkfaceAdult (f)2,4337883
jtYnnI Make The Weather Too HotAdult (m)5,2531,0077
j8242Likes to Fly With The LeavesAdult (m)7,1251,1864
8wjtDPeace and CalmAdult (m)2,2797962
1WvuDOh Christmas JoyAdult (f)5,6401,3022
goTqnAn Angel of the SnowAdult (f)5,5991,2501
CM1PsAztec CandyflossAdult (f)5,6311,2405
7eDnoDancing Ribbons of RedAdult (f)5,6131,2981
Ff9tBJolly KirieAdult (m)5,5651,2705
XMQNcSolstice ReindeerAdult (m)5,6261,2923
WXK7eWinter  MagicAdult (m)1,6757581
bA0CSHoliday  MagicAdult (m)1,6617472
dirpIMerry  MistletoeAdult (m)3,9114120
B7CakSweet Plum PuddingAdult (m)3,6984040
7rP1Sir StorybookAdult (m)9,9331,6821
jh8MFlaming CarrotAdult (f)8,4491,2102
OUJhDog TreatsAdult (f)8,6929721
pPPDRed HappynessAdult (m)4,4981,0673
Z5n3Little Red Riding Hooded DragonAdult (f)4,7711,0235
TnhFWI Do Not Feel Like Naming YouAdult (f)5,6331,0017
RBCDPI Breath FIREAdult (f)5,5139621
iSBv0Grizabella GrrrrAdult (f)3,8348352
GbQtgCinderella MeowAdult (f)5,8889916
18n3XScarlet RubyAdult (f)4,2621,0042
NSTvQWhat Would I Do Without IncuateAdult (f)3,7798554
lmWfuI Love IncubateAdult (m)3,8838526
CX07jRed Dragons Always NeededAdult (f)3,9438703
Rj3VJSir DumbnessAdult (m)2,76065611
lqATaI Am Not Feeling WellAdult (m)7,4841,1374
aFMFBThis Dragon is a DragonAdult (m)5,2571,20610
aCf9oHappy QuestionsAdult (m)3,0094263
KLkPRagglesAdult (m)2,3076832
MgnstLord Air of CommonsAdult (m)4,68653110
Jt9fvI Was Killed and RevivedAdult (m)3,2206223
TEbNA Tiny Drop of BloodAdult (f)6,0417621
pO6DtVery Very ConfusedAdult (f)6,8951,27010
FW0TFlying Tiny Drop of BloodAdult (m)5,0147583
kelGTiny Night With No StarsAdult (f)6,1797832
WTijOrange the TerribleAdult (f)2,4756833
qhpkkLittle PoppiesAdult (f)2,9495104
FKnuStupid Little PygmyAdult (f)8,6629551
ZbFVLittle Winged PearlAdult (f)5,6727593
mG9TSo Tiny I Always Miss ItAdult (f)6,1467811
p2KaZMisfit of the MisfitsAdult (m)2,6172233
PjBAUExiled LordAdult (m)5,7601,29913
VJSZoPuppy Spider DragonAdult (f)5,2609445
dOAgPink DumbnessAdult (f)2,45560511
GlguUseless PinkyAdult (f)8,1249107
03tZsDragons are Hard to NameAdult (f)3,3271,0272
RWrKWEspecially Cave BornsAdult (f)2,2918742
mfcAlUseful PinkyAdult (m)5,8701,3035
Yf7PmWarm SupportAdult (m)7,9991,2104
75dJoDim HopeAdult (m)2,5336395
Wtsq1Lord Pink of CommonsAdult (m)3,5548277
CK28sRoger  RabbitAdult (m)2,9388722
JnefGAladdin's GenieAdult (m)2,3579272
pdEPVSarafinaAdult (f)3,2109114
jEd2JuawimboAdult (m)7,0361,3547
4XrOqThe  Battle  of  EvermoreAdult (f)3,0264806
ra36Mountain Carrot CakeAdult (f)5,2327764
puCVSIt's a Big Rock IAdult (m)2,7578401
6Wfj4Doing a BackflipAdult (m)3,3323933
IUECSPurple is Better then MaroonAdult (m)5,9899964
Yb1MNPURPLE PURPLE PURPLEAdult (m)6,1781,0944
DNHULady Carrot of CommonsAdult (f)7,0011,0384
ATXASomehow a Furry ReptileAdult (m)3,2341,1431
eQrjMLord Fluff of CommonsAdult (m)5,09773317
akobRingo RingoAdult (f)10,5229410
VTkhOrchredrake of Valentines DayAdult (m)2,2087352
MUUtAI Was Almost FROZENAdult (f)6,0481,1602
kh9jaI Look Like SandAdult (f)4,2298834
Si2JaFlower the SkunkAdult (m)2,4268993
nR0X3One Thousand and One DaffodilsAdult (f)2,8077484
mdJpsMother  MercuryAdult (f)6,3058018
u55jqWow Sarcasm That's OriginalAdult (f)2,0228942
9hIdMGreat  King  RatAdult (m)1,8708331
KuFhfA Killer QueenAdult (f)4,1807762
11AqUSheldon  Cooper  PhDAdult (m)4,3438422
1UiIULeonard Hofstadter PhDAdult (m)2,0137041
Za1VmRajesh Koothrappali PhDAdult (f)2,3379203
c3jjDAmy Farrah Fowler PhDAdult (f)3,6764825
mVgmIBernadette Rosenkowski PhDAdult (f)2,3069162
ASFH6Howard Wolowitz- Not a DocterAdult (m)2,2708943
WJcJDBeverly Hofstadter PhDAdult (f)2,2809002
bAubQBarry Kripke PhDAdult (m)2,2477761
mlCEXPenny of No SurnameAdult (f)1,9566960
gCaWGhost of the NightAdult (f)3,6639807
vjCNAnother NightgloryAdult (f)3,6481,1405
Gf9sDGhost of Valentines DayAdult (f)8,0791,2065
ji1pLLady Sunset of CommonsAdult (f)5,1331,59920
jbHUHBaroness Sun of CommonsAdult (f)5,7959305
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