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  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pathos,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GwdS(GwdS)Adult (f)2,378590121
nl0D(nl0D)Adult (f)5,48366145
nUWi(nUWi)Adult (m)2,79125818
tHp7(tHp7)Adult (f)1,65944735
UMhj(UMhj)Adult (m)1,64343934
BLdj(BLdj)Adult (m)1,24155916
ImKv(ImKv)Adult (m)2,94930316
DXq1(DXq1)Adult (f)1,466511126
lflH(lflH)Adult (m)1,95147515
Kxn4(Kxn4)Adult (m)1,449485145
3NZo(3NZo)Adult (f)1,39927642
WhL9(WhL9)Adult (m)2,31822841
ScDh(ScDh)Adult (f)1,486404100
2aJe(2aJe)Adult (m)2,719795122
qgzL(qgzL)Adult (m)1,31039665
QTM1(QTM1)Adult (f)4,69880930
Xqfr(Xqfr)Adult (f)3,57565792
mCSa(mCSa)Adult (f)2,374591116
TE7R(TE7R)Adult (f)1,57820443
VoQB(VoQB)Adult (m)2,21122644
mFXl(mFXl)Adult (m)2,87228815
8Fn7(8Fn7)Adult (f)4,3361,23738
Gttn(Gttn)Adult (f)2,900632121
cpDJ(cpDJ)Adult (f)2,82926516
qo7h(qo7h)Adult (m)3,199790167
hzBN(hzBN)Adult (m)2,477591117
WHDQ(WHDQ)Adult (f)1,337492126
UHZL(UHZL)Adult (f)2,48436716
snn8(snn8)Adult (f)1,85632019
u7Iq(u7Iq)Adult (m)2,05970582
PPoS(PPoS)Adult (m)1,36631099
oKeq(oKeq)Adult (m)5,76569745
LwbT(LwbT)Adult (m)1,93349144
tBI7(tBI7)Adult (m)2,66451736
TK4m(TK4m)Adult (f)4,28071925
tASo(tASo)Adult (f)2,40144038
h79k(h79k)Adult (f)1,89543318
jKDH(jKDH)Adult (m)2,84127517
7LMQ(7LMQ)Adult (f)2,890634131
cP6U(cP6U)Adult (m)2,142499131
b8E3(b8E3)Adult (m)5,8171,15853
N5AU(N5AU)Adult (f)2,66937416
ZgsL(ZgsL)Adult (f)2,446597119
R7Oz(R7Oz)Adult (f)1,78544176
QBas(QBas)Adult (f)1,31633721
DJZ9(DJZ9)Adult (f)2,27539017
X3Ea(X3Ea)Adult (f)2,57146623
2i7n(2i7n)Adult (m)2,81830215
NOGK(NOGK)Adult (f)3,122746138
AkNW(AkNW)Adult (f)5,7221,22842
qSo2(qSo2)Adult (f)4,266853202
sb9F(sb9F)Adult (m)4,30351329
GqGh(GqGh)Adult (f)1,52022659
Ngas(Ngas)Adult (f)2,57454325
YkHm(YkHm)Adult (f)4,69751030
ZWPA(ZWPA)Adult (f)2,18554737
ZICF(ZICF)Adult (f)4,16981791
IKjh(IKjh)Adult (m)4,67379829
oPJA(oPJA)Adult (f)5,75869744
E9JK(E9JK)Adult (m)2,905637135
YaRN(YaRN)Adult (m)4,14481796
yCRW(yCRW)Adult (f)1,683496120
hrfN(hrfN)Adult (m)1,44946356
ioiZ(ioiZ)Adult (f)4,31493595
M8OB(M8OB)Adult (f)1,994432114
zrIx(zrIx)Adult (f)4,212928143
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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