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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Panluck,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6MiE8R a h u l    2 0 1 8Adult7,9291,48415
qmB4S  k  y  f  a  l  lAdult2,13450310
x7Fm9D I p p E E eAdult5,0861,2632
ci8N5M i d n i g h t   M o o nAdult8,4501,6946
j6JTAB i t t uAdult3,6785079
iDZLYA u g u s t    M o o nAdult3,6117036
rYJCpC l i f f f o r dAdult5,6071,42213
ehZSxP r e e t h a mAdult3,1879277
OaRZRP a n l u c kAdult3,2506016
kGjJ9P a n t h e r 6 6 6 6Adult4,3978143
mj9pJG r e e n   A p p l e   H e a dAdult7,6491,42616
jENktD a a s h yAdult3,5676646
A8Q3oA k k i eAdult6,7157473
7Gl7T o b b l e rAdult2,1455186
lWCbjC h i c k e n  L i t t l eAdult (f)4,2211,24912
H7QijK o c o HAdult (f)4,9451,0965
gpYeB u d yAdult (f)1,2922905
eIPcIG o k u   K a c k a r o tAdult9,9021,62817
mnOPR a n b i rAdult7,3041,28715
jtZPC h i l l iAdult2,55548610
OGwfU(OGwfU)Adult (f)10,3771,3715
vGpmkVee Gee PMKAdult (m)11,4601,5408
jtSTy(jtSTy)Adult (m)6,3928959
y1O0P(y1O0P)Adult (m)7,5451,3631
PjrDrTejonAdult (m)12,2151,5524
ZsGdB(ZsGdB)Adult (m)9,8121,5562
g4gZS(g4gZS)Adult (m)10,4641,3634
7I6SB(7I6SB)Adult (f)10,9351,4367
bzJW7(bzJW7)Adult (f)11,8721,5854
u96Ii(u96Ii)Adult (f)11,8531,6517
ySNLL(ySNLL)Adult (f)8,8771,6315
pKqZo(pKqZo)Adult (f)6,1671,0532
94FlaLooks like CutiepieAdult (m)8,8281,38713
aA72W(aA72W)Adult (m)6,6951,2234
b8Fvz(b8Fvz)Adult (f)7,5441,16114
gywd0(gywd0)Adult (f)9,9171,4594
3axsv(3axsv)Adult (m)9,7951,4203
toqj9(toqj9)Adult (f)9,0211,3112
HCpOr(HCpOr)Adult (f)8,0201,4063
W6Osh(W6Osh)Adult (f)9,1471,3242
vw8Ug(vw8Ug)Adult (m)8,2961,3593
HE9cB(HE9cB)Adult (f)10,4801,6140
ZZ3Zf(ZZ3Zf)Adult (m)10,3141,4374
jbL4vCB JbL4uAdult (m)9,3761,4522
O3fPU(O3fPU)Adult (m)1,8045970
k59YqCB Bluelow 2Adult (m)3,9547851
01jDqCB BluelowAdult (m)4,2208391
86gPQ(86gPQ)Adult (m)5,1858521
MywhkCB Yellow-Crowned DragieAdult (m)4,5789421
fJJEw(fJJEw)Adult (f)3,3569673
vhIrR(vhIrR)Adult (m)2,9879491
6ywwK(6ywwK)Adult (f)2,9357842
NxVvR(NxVvR)Adult (f)3,2051,0792
d0q6v(d0q6v)Adult (m)3,5731,1493
Z5U5oCB Hopy 5Adult (m)3,6399631
VMaFhCB Hopy 4Adult (m)3,5219712
fwcePCB Hopy 3Adult (m)3,6039822
ZUP3YCB Hopy 2Adult (f)3,6579743
pHZpZCB Hopy 1Adult (f)3,6279633
XwH24CB Hopy 6Adult (m)4,5889443
qVawm(qVawm)Adult (m)7,0261,3853
cFV4m(cFV4m)Adult (f)10,6721,5912
Fjhf7Xenowyrm P P6 4G PNAdult (f)13,2381,4373
VbxuN(VbxuN)Adult (m)7,1801,2943
mcRsg(mcRsg)Adult (f)6,9731,2465
VFjJ5(VFjJ5)Adult (f)7,1151,2844
aF1CZ(aF1CZ)Adult (f)10,6341,5863
sXVsG(sXVsG)Adult (m)9,7621,5534
xuV83(xuV83)Adult (f)11,8741,6023
ttZlhHeart XTAdult (f)10,9201,71910
FwvTgFaeflos GlowaAdult (f)8,4351,5952
VV9Jf(VV9Jf)Adult (m)6,2161,1831
YW3FB(YW3FB)Adult (f)6,5971,2264
E1uOW(E1uOW)Adult (f)6,8201,2312
bvcVbBvcVbAdult (m)8,2921,3971
QWRoRQw RoRAdult (f)10,5971,6926
inMVG(inMVG)Adult (m)7,9381,2445
pTO9o(pTO9o)Adult (m)6,6091,2401
5rsYuAlokhaAdult (f)10,5951,3806
BbMSo(BbMSo)Adult (f)7,0661,3545
nAmUp(nAmUp)Adult (m)6,6531,2011
VuyDS(VuyDS)Adult (m)9,3121,2984
QOcaK(QOcaK)Adult (f)6,6361,3281
WNamv(WNamv)Adult (f)7,2731,2793
T2yFuT2 fo yuAdult (f)6,8181,2833
Ubmj7UddiiiAdult (f)12,8061,7285
p9p4W(p9p4W)Adult (m)5,6711,0362
cZfoH(cZfoH)Adult (m)8,0321,2764
mwfv8(mwfv8)Adult (m)8,5741,3184
4T7G3(4T7G3)Adult (f)9,0061,3534
Fna9CXenowyrm P P6 3G GreenAdult (f)13,6671,4702
BYDJkoCTU highAdult (m)7,7191,3555
YvEagChromo VromoAdult (m)9,6021,5012
viFeWXenowyrm Fem FemaeAdult (f)8,4551,2553
uzbr2Awesome ParadoxAdult (f)8,1281,5391
vtdb1(vtdb1)Adult (m)5,9311,1103
TMmMZ(TMmMZ)Adult (f)9,3111,3843
PVf7lPuvfsevenAdult (m)10,2191,5102
RldsF(RldsF)Adult (f)6,5059115
7O6ph(7O6ph)Adult (f)5,7731,3960
qlwDe(qlwDe)Adult (m)5,5701,4462
VRGX8Adanga GeetAdult (f)5,7501,4132
AZ8BxAdanga SejalAdult (m)5,7741,4130
UfUoRAdanga MeeraAdult (m)5,6831,4092
GuCkyAdangeetAdult (m)7,6191,6603
B7oaGAdangaAdult (m)7,3351,7241
sElclAdangaaAdult (m)6,9261,7721
dFz9JAdangaiAdult (f)6,7231,7461
Qm3lW(Qm3lW)Adult (f)3,5216912
NrdSX(NrdSX)Adult (f)11,8821,7033
hOoRV(hOoRV)Adult (m)4,2199995
uGp2r(uGp2r)Adult (m)9,9781,4684
A93dCIvaningAdult (m)4,4259402
KHsIlSily HealerAdult (f)4,1891,0965
jHdrAMakootaAdult (m)3,2771,4488
WC3jxMaryrnaAdult (f)3,7701,0182
SiA9HP l u s l yAdult (f)4,0258920
PquKiCB  W h i t eAdult (f)4,2411,21712
2R8VCCB A n l e nAdult (m)4,6889932
AbJ9qC e l l u l o s eAdult (f)3,9295210
SEWZsA n gAdult (m)4,4175371
3QIiTS u r a iAdult (m)5,8937562
OB6jR e s i nAdult (f)2,8115008
W7YWO x y g e nAdult (f)2,06257514
u226JergyAdult (m)2,56744713
9cqVP(9cqVP)Adult (m)9,1191,3382
i8NWQSuccarideAdult (m)3,0709531
7ie6CCB  A b h a iAdult (m)5,3661,3767
CbFgqCB  R a y o nAdult (m)5,1779059
heejsCB  HeejsAdult (m)5,4451,0976
cpc4CB   A d a oAdult (m)4,4573851
mJAqCB  A s a pAdult (m)2,9644553
QIpWcAP Stranger in NatureAdult (m)4,6171,3042
1hifl(1hifl)Adult (f)3,6819713
rkgKl(rkgKl)Adult (m)3,4379155
M0CuJ(M0CuJ)Adult (f)3,2089241
oxPD9(oxPD9)Adult (f)3,1998432
Qhn6A d e l a i d aAdult (f)9,7971,15212
PAXlBraganzaAdult (m)2,1543889
FmY6CB  O r h e oAdult (m)1,34258017
IVLKR(IVLKR)Adult (m)10,5761,6624
GSEjiGsejiAdult (m)8,2111,2757
F5VcCB  A k i i r aAdult (f)2,8144019
bqToV(bqToV)Adult (f)3,9656202
sQgH7(sQgH7)Adult (m)8,0491,3623
FHhwy(FHhwy)Adult (f)3,2505521
49biQCB Keke MaleAdult (f)10,4901,4545
41WyO(41WyO)Adult (f)2,70575711
fXDVo(fXDVo)Adult (f)3,6054163
d1hL(d1hL)Adult (f)2,27732810
LcmN(LcmN)Adult (m)2,0484004
cbn1(cbn1)Adult (f)2,56946517
N6CMR(N6CMR)Adult (f)3,2848760
uxtPu(uxtPu)Adult (m)5,2169891
KCIgi(KCIgi)Adult (m)6,4451,1353
93EkV(93EkV)Adult (m)5,8401,1871
anWcNA a s h i c a aHatchling (f, F)2,8728745
NXw5T(NXw5T)Adult (f)8,7041,3204
4cUKJ(4cUKJ)Adult (m)8,9381,3204
ntm4z(ntm4z)Adult (m)9,4461,4793
YsTZwRaiza C KanshishaAdult (f)11,5691,5198
08sZC e l i sAdult (f)5,74054911
LTkXC o n o r rAdult (m)3,3867138
tVuNCB  T o k l oAdult (m)2,6635067
WWG2CB  E y e r e n eAdult (f)2,5184199
kQWNH e x a d i m e t h y l e n eAdult (f)2,5181,07019
HCJ4xBe my Valentine 09eAdult (f)7,0871,3370
4vzP7Be my Valentine 09dAdult (f)7,2811,6122
kqi0wBe my Valentine 09cAdult (f)7,5791,5351
rvA7xBe my Valentine 09bAdult (f)6,8701,6683
4gvlHCB Be my Valentine 09aAdult (f)8,7641,8441
lur6p(lur6p)Adult (m)8,6481,2642
NSNVg(NSNVg)Adult (m)7,9361,3803
7ZOnxDhinckaAdult (f)9,8411,4293
67ixX(67ixX)Adult (f)8,0241,2754
tT0mi(tT0mi)Adult (m)2,4863741
1Z48y(1Z48y)Adult (m)8,3891,2381
NiLMf(NiLMf)Adult (m)9,2711,3462
EyIug(EyIug)Adult (m)11,5801,6332
g1V8i(g1V8i)Adult (m)9,1221,2503
oWNOQOwn OOOQAdult (m)9,8191,4162
gkQLsNee YaaruAdult (m)9,5791,3791
ISWpiShenron 2GAdult (m)5,6561,0313
c8DNNShenronn 2GAdult (f)3,9034904
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