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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Paladin_of_Tyr,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2mSxOPT's King Of DarknessAdult (m)5,3481,1173
zjWmaPT's Queen of Counted ShadowsAdult (f)4,1081,1252
uy4Qk(uy4Qk)Adult (f)3,6195065
d0ymN(d0ymN)Adult (m)4,7189961
TVKGo(TVKGo)Adult (m)5,0278401
1kRThPT's Kraven The HuntressAdult (f)3,3217982
Wnf09PT's Beautiful BrutalityAdult (f)3,3381,1242
J6AqmPT's Waters of Life ThuwedAdult (m)5,0871,0435
ay6aS(ay6aS)Adult (f)5,2557210
xrTZJ(xrTZJ)Adult (m)5,1767440
PNnmh(PNnmh)Adult (f)5,7587150
b3o7X(b3o7X)Adult (f)3,7907921
ClSFv(ClSFv)Adult (f)3,7857910
Rji6H(Rji6H)Adult (f)3,7427950
vrpoe(vrpoe)Adult (m)5,4478281
SRf0iPT's Fervent HuntressAdult (f)4,4801,2467
h5WOkPT's Hovering DoomAdult (m)4,4371,2187
3iM5k(3iM5k)Adult (f)3,5043653
P8jX9PT's Creekside DreamerAdult (f)4,1321,1222
hTri1PT's Icarnation of HatredAdult (m)4,5931,1021
wrC4EPT's Winged ForgeAdult (m)5,0751,1942
sdLbkPT's Regal BlacktoothAdult (f)3,4441,3162
3dhqu(3dhqu)Adult (f)3,2338601
qxjWE(qxjWE)Adult (m)3,0259160
S0794PT's Noxious ContagionAdult (f)3,2321,1403
n6xRcPt's Deadly PestilenceAdult (m)3,3571,1232
BCDON(BCDON)Adult (m)3,3188730
OWKqH(OWKqH)Adult (f)3,3198631
Z7T17(Z7T17)Adult (f)3,4879543
pRGS6(pRGS6)Adult (m)3,8359362
Go7PxPT's Thunder EggAdult (m)4,5311,1452
T58Fz(T58Fz)Adult (m)2,8548911
s7F8T(s7F8T)Adult (m)2,8638851
g4ylmPT's Northstar MonarchAdult (f)3,7891,2974
raMaIPT's EarthsplitterAdult (m)5,1269931
JsKUfPT's Thorrs Golden ChildAdult (m)3,8571,2185
5P1gxPT's Shining Golden RadianceAdult (m)3,6791,1651
fzonCPT's Craziness in GoldAdult (m)3,7961,0583
gjwY8(gjwY8)Adult (f)4,2069703
InP2r(InP2r)Adult (f)3,4429253
YdXNqPT's Nyx's FlamesAdult (f)4,2371,1651
4f3xW(4f3xW)Adult (m)3,8358112
AOPnJ(AOPnJ)Adult (f)3,8178141
Q7NP1(Q7NP1)Adult (f)3,9259072
qn08K(qn08K)Adult (m)5,0971,2002
quehz(quehz)Adult (f)6,0891,0522
6cTOAPT's Golden SaintAdult (f)5,0659303
F4RRa(F4RRa)Adult (m)5,2318951
4MVHqPT's Elminsters False DawnAdult (m)5,2371,0102
hTX99PT's Citrus MagicianAdult (f)3,8211,2574
ImOeiPT's Immolation MagicianAdult (f)4,1791,2354
kyUmmPT's Kyrose UmfordAdult (f)3,7801,1146
kV4OVPT's Delta RomeoAdult (f)4,0961,0091
DVxlO(DVxlO)Adult (m)5,2029180
voWmAPT's Wandering Soul of FireAdult (m)3,4141,2954
UyGtRPT's Silent NightAdult (f)4,3489461
8QADz(8QADz)Adult (f)6,2248602
a9P0p(a9P0p)Adult (f)3,8188641
CTolz(CTolz)Adult (m)4,0268272
ck6Wq(ck6Wq)Adult (m)5,0318410
qDpFdPT's Plastic SurgeonAdult (m)4,9651,0134
mg4L2PT's Aomi's Tiny RoseAdult (f)5,2369874
Kkd8YPT's Tiny ThorrAdult (m)3,8691,1982
d17YpPT's Masked ValentineAdult (m)4,2161,1415
Zhjg4PT's Holly DancerAdult (f)3,5281,1944
5wwbvPT's Hope for WomankindAdult (f)3,8091,1408
rKv9w(rKv9w)Adult (f)3,6441,0541
GXoqc(GXoqc)Adult (m)5,0337482
UoMcFPT's Last Chance To DanceAdult (m)4,5228391
X14pt(X14pt)Adult (f)4,0991,0013
5JJhh(5JJhh)Adult (f)4,4048542
hXGiX(hXGiX)Adult (m)3,7698851
MJUZ0(MJUZ0)Adult (m)4,8848980
oEXLu(oEXLu)Adult (f)4,8649030
xyZ4kPT's Shining SerpentAdult (m)5,0451,3485
Y8Dlx(Y8Dlx)Adult (m)6,1481,0834
viq0C(viq0C)Adult (m)4,9221,3457
W92X4(W92X4)Adult (f)6,9941,1003
c1XIDPT's Aphrodite's TouchAdult (f)5,5389911
fbgKdPT's Venusian GuardianAdult (f)4,4771,1422
btRAl(btRAl)Adult (f)5,9108942
5EzBVPT's Falconers BestAdult (m)5,2181,0502
BSnhy(BSnhy)Adult (f)5,8958480
c5GPq(c5GPq)Adult (m)3,2601,1840
5MNSj(5MNSj)Adult (f)3,3141,1810
UXg8aPt's Clutch KeeperAdult (f)5,2478672
RzCVjPT's Flame StokerAdult (f)4,9758501
xzg0q(xzg0q)Adult (m)4,5047851
9OKd6PT's Egg WhispererAdult (m)3,8941,0452
RnTgV(RnTgV)Adult (f)3,8769082
vUskl(vUskl)Adult (m)4,2409443
TLinA(TLinA)Adult (f)4,0731,0042
aNBpC(aNBpC)Adult (f)5,1946560
9js15(9js15)Adult (m)5,2488780
k2OGE(k2OGE)Adult (f)4,2889111
IPnjlPT's Honor GuardAdult (m)4,9971,0393
yVD1FPT's Spirited VanguardAdult (f)5,6261,1951
qL5nePT's Questing Knight of EverestAdult (m)4,2521,1492
ysCg2PT's Courageous JesterAdult (f)5,7249032
fSOBs(fSOBs)Adult (m)5,5379230
TqTuMPT's Frozen Wings of CrystalAdult (f)6,5251,0611
bUaG3(bUaG3)Adult (f)4,0161,0261
iUL98PT's Silent SentinelAdult (m)5,1581,25312
64JtSPT's Pinstriped GangsterAdult (m)4,2401,1315
UwiJA(UwiJA)Adult (f)3,6411,1141
eYeaa(eYeaa)Adult (f)4,5459871
cvXHM(cvXHM)Adult (m)4,6676613
s7UyM(s7UyM)Adult (m)4,3777042
r7a6T(r7a6T)Adult (m)4,2291,0262
Ohrhh(Ohrhh)Adult (f)3,7431,1001
F0vqVPT's Tribal Captain ThuwedAdult (m)4,6231,2301
zqiCo(zqiCo)Adult (f)4,0529063
fTiKt(fTiKt)Adult (f)4,9328061
wdRQYPT's Apollo ThuwedAdult (f)4,8451,1732
zfMDsPT's Blazing SunsetAdult (m)4,9691,0262
VwRkSPT's Aetherial MinstrelAdult (m)4,2041,1521
GbtkBPT's Shining Spellsinger ThuwedAdult (f)4,2581,2153
a8Gjv(a8Gjv)Adult (f)4,6287841
CuVhK(CuVhK)Adult (m)5,0497890
wnYdj(wnYdj)Adult (m)4,1627521
3cL4PPT's Sonic BoomAdult (f)3,9421,0996
sYQAEPT's Artists NightmareAdult (m)6,6471,4783
rCYYf(rCYYf)Adult (f)4,8068140
HdP95PT's Butterscotch TartAdult (m)3,4321,2613
F6RdVPT's Fevered Romantic DreamAdult (m)3,8101,3211
3y7X8PT's Angelic GraceAdult (m)3,4301,2403
MmMB6PT's Angelic HarmonyAdult (m)3,4921,2362
C3RQAPT's Ceran Queen of AsgardAdult (f)4,1759423
QGAqfPT's Quietus Guardian of AsgardAdult (m)4,4601,2441
YPgEV(YPgEV)Adult (m)3,8258773
uWMABPT's Surgeons Steady HandAdult (f)5,4139601
iQrTb(iQrTb)Adult (m)4,5437980
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