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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Paï,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
shLoV(shLoV)Egg (F)
JVmhl(JVmhl)Adult (f)2,74658417
NUYAR(NUYAR)Adult (m)2,89260524
fau6v(fau6v)Adult (m)3,29257023
hMYOn(hMYOn)Adult (f)7,39370213
Dem6C(Dem6C)Adult (f)3,5307305
UXSm4(UXSm4)Adult (f)3,1257102
IQQW3(IQQW3)Adult (m)3,0936871
OFxoz(OFxoz)Adult (f)3,4158051
L1y3C(L1y3C)Adult (f)3,0636460
G3cVB(G3cVB)Adult (m)3,2016551
LTeRy(LTeRy)Adult (m)3,3226992
7lhSa(7lhSa)Adult (m)3,3757203
Vs8sh(Vs8sh)Adult (f)3,3906973
isLrn(isLrn)Adult (m)3,1696742
Mrhp9(Mrhp9)Adult (m)3,7987820
S47zN(S47zN)Adult (m)3,7347621
SAuz8(SAuz8)Adult (m)3,7817481
jCVRI(jCVRI)Adult (m)3,4406905
lZuaE(lZuaE)Adult (f)4,9099971
lhcsl(lhcsl)Adult (m)4,7911,0093
4vbjx(4vbjx)Adult (f)4,7601,0032
6xV6v(6xV6v)Adult (f)4,8831,0332
RGMuH(RGMuH)Adult (m)4,8881,0291
T0xi3(T0xi3)Adult (f)3,4477004
Kh3kH(Kh3kH)Adult (f)5,1049106
1iEeY(1iEeY)Adult (f)3,7808582
GLl4W(GLl4W)Adult (m)4,9539693
JLZv4(JLZv4)Adult (f)3,2064865
vBIeO(vBIeO)Adult (m)3,3435274
xVFxq(xVFxq)Adult (m)3,5575155
w8TPd(w8TPd)Adult (m)2,3977221
o9Lxv(o9Lxv)Adult (m)2,2467461
sB6WU(sB6WU)Adult (f)2,3287541
OmmhL(OmmhL)Adult (f)2,3557522
xsDF2(xsDF2)Adult (m)2,9875102
OpKK8(OpKK8)Adult (f)2,7367563
PpNJd(PpNJd)Adult (m)2,8028332
htRs4(htRs4)Adult (m)3,0178230
muB0e(muB0e)Adult (m)2,5568104
CNSn3(CNSn3)Adult (m)2,6558131
YnrrC(YnrrC)Adult (m)2,5397872
NrIVT(NrIVT)Adult (m)2,6748331
9AINt(9AINt)Adult (f)2,6718042
4OwJv(4OwJv)Adult (m)2,6107891
x1PgJ(x1PgJ)Adult (m)2,5287792
Gjrei(Gjrei)Adult (m)2,5907872
CB1L6(CB1L6)Adult (m)2,7328582
LZrrJ(LZrrJ)Adult (m)2,9987380
2Z6RP(2Z6RP)Adult (m)2,8917071
burnL(burnL)Adult (m)2,7856830
kDbuh(kDbuh)Adult (m)2,9616901
Zq2IV(Zq2IV)Adult (m)2,8857232
Lv8tJ(Lv8tJ)Adult (f)2,9837480
1shxF(1shxF)Adult (f)2,8496932
1EjWw(1EjWw)Adult (m)2,9617142
vqos4(vqos4)Adult (f)4,2417061
4Qr18(4Qr18)Adult (m)4,4799142
DQxiY(DQxiY)Adult (m)4,4029573
7rf7N(7rf7N)Adult (f)4,3929292
4NUzf(4NUzf)Adult (f)3,2776842
893hR(893hR)Adult (m)3,2817231
9q4lM(9q4lM)Adult (f)3,8877563
QcTsO(QcTsO)Adult (f)3,1486671
90w06(90w06)Adult (f)3,8257241
d4R6A(d4R6A)Adult (m)2,6536961
dRs9F(dRs9F)Adult (m)2,6156921
iM05i(iM05i)Adult (f)2,6956992
IivDj(IivDj)Adult (f)2,6847291
kXInC(kXInC)Adult (m)2,6646941
KLQws(KLQws)Adult (f)3,8469573
DU8qo(DU8qo)Adult (m)4,0601,0153
CP5KXo0O0o Group OK o0O0oHatchling (m, F)3,05331518
9GXPJWalburga CB de KalisteAdult (f)
rO5RfXenocrates CB de KalisteAdult (m)
hUVUIHuvui Tjen GEN2Adult (m)3,1125143
E2pHhFarrok GEN2Adult (m)2,6444524
0b0JkMerry CB de KalisteAdult (m)3,0754811
n47tSOlimpia Iridescence GEN3Adult (f)2,8014515
F7hP6(F7hP6)Adult (f)3,0334614
hm2eLIvory Gust GEN3Adult (f)2,9494844
DmGKVHypatos Rainfur GEN3Adult (m)2,7244642
EReh0Liliana GEN3Adult (f)3,3667562
77LnzNinian GEN3Adult (m)2,8836293
xkffCLunico Arcana GEN3Adult (m)2,9606162
qLykDSaoirse GEN3Adult (f)3,0105824
vXBhaPegasus GEN2Adult (m)3,6577753
Dlun8Cassarah Radiance GEN3Adult (f)3,6707603
d8XG3Alpine Warden GEN3Adult (f)4,8659853
WZWDKOverprotective Queen GEN2Adult (f)4,3929243
6zLoqTimotheos GEN4Adult (m)4,6798685
SX7mUHjalmarr GEN2Adult (m)3,0456053
UADqISterling Moon Purnima GEN3Adult (f)3,1596444
u5N4PAsh CB de KalisteAdult (f)4,3939253
DbhvMChinweike CB de KalisteAdult (f)4,4009122
6rG1YChlorine 'Aria GEN2Adult (f)3,2566765
8CyzmWatisl 'Aria GEN2Adult (m)3,6767034
Fb9brCelestial Starlight 'Aria GEN2Adult (m)3,4876793
iMZcZYagaan'Aria GEN2Adult (f)3,3576572
cJgHDSavina CB de KalisteAdult (f)7,4201,2619
GAxXoGaxxo GEN2Adult (f)2,88956210
tZbhfSakchai GEN2Adult (m)4,4695295
bCIyRAnsaldo GEN2Adult (m)5,0569396
juhHfVesta CB de KalisteAdult (f)3,5227612
0RwXRBetania CB de KalisteAdult (f)3,4747673
7xsa7Kotryna GEN2Adult (f)5,4679855
Zp3zq(Zp3zq)Adult (f)3,3397314
U86lNRustam GEN2 de KalisteAdult (f)3,4607711
I2xSs(I2xSs)Adult (f)3,7907772
BcQaHZafer CB de KalisteAdult (m)3,6497493
MdYr3(MdYr3)Adult (f)3,3546271
tUffoTuffo Dragoia GEN2Adult (m)3,2446173
0mpFx(0mpFx)Adult (f)3,6547983
wi08K(wi08K)Adult (f)3,5277763
Epylg(Epylg)Adult (f)3,0086971
5B33y(5B33y)Adult (f)3,3776204
Bexrn(Bexrn)Adult (f)3,7236362
XL29BSiIverWishes Arya GEN3Adult (f)3,20467111
M2voeTutankhamun GEN2Adult (f)3,8096504
FUfTvPhilotheos GEN2Adult (m)4,1756772
rvA2Y(rvA2Y)Adult (f)3,9996504
K9grHErnesta CB de KalisteAdult (f)3,7666273
iOQoePelayo Arcana GEN4Adult (m)3,1937252
BRUTs(BRUTs)Adult (f)5,9098475
nwHdk(nwHdk)Adult (f)7,2551,1047
VjP9o(VjP9o)Adult (f)8,6851,0836
aEkeWPetronius GEN3 de KalisteAdult (m)4,5396843
iS6LPStali GEN2 de KalisteAdult (m)4,8107272
eQkGz(eQkGz)Adult (m)3,7647304
eLsTWAlcibiades GEN4Adult (m)3,0976982
6UWCVYngvi CB de KalisteAdult (f)5,5509896
0stZKIreneus CB de KalisteAdult (m)3,3357443
RFwMSCorbinian CB de KalisteAdult (m)3,2987371
HmIlpFinnuala GEN2Adult (f)6,2758404
lAyPQS'Aioeni GEN2Adult (m)4,1638618
fCbBECosmas GEN2Adult (m)3,9278653
KsfrR(KsfrR)Adult (m)3,3707324
qP5v5(qP5v5)Adult (f)3,5537784
EdHoBSilverfrost Dustscale GENS4Adult (m)6,2121,1348
OdOxn(OdOxn)Adult (m)2,8307114
0jwDuxx----------------xxHatchling (F)2,3302484
LOOvQ(LOOvQ)Adult (f)2,8927296
o1DbN(o1DbN)Adult (f)3,6168462
mZnAA(mZnAA)Adult (m)2,8627132
pY3oy(pY3oy)Adult (m)2,9657161
jp0pD(jp0pD)Adult (f)4,2009041
QT5re(QT5re)Adult (f)3,9919184
8i9drLuckiest Roseo Stark GEN3Adult (m)2,8307004
GIBoc(GIBoc)Adult (m)3,4726384
AgMKzNicostratus GEN2Adult (m)2,9887043
JoyKUAristokles GEN2Adult (m)3,4606114
T6t6s(T6t6s)Adult (m)3,2145954
Y4V5w(Y4V5w)Adult (f)3,4707572
PpgrO(PpgrO)Adult (m)4,7527893
M56P1(M56P1)Adult (m)3,3407593
tebTO(tebTO)Adult (f)3,2217635
gGFOl(gGFOl)Adult (f)3,4057693
Zv4GgValerio GEN3Adult (m)3,6508199
bd4cPDouble Gezabele GEN3Adult (f)3,3707715
M4x5GBenita GEN2Adult (f)3,8979022
QrO1Q(QrO1Q)Adult (f)3,0127253
B2ydCImhotep CB de KalisteAdult (m)3,1017744
xKPwv(xKPwv)Adult (f)3,7316154
HWYtPRauha GEN2Adult (f)3,7806675
2r1UWAppius CB de KalisteAdult (m)4,8657321
6qFKKParthalan GEN3Adult (m)3,2897895
KTuK4(KTuK4)Adult (f)3,7508735
efpki(efpki)Adult (f)5,02381010
zyWxr(zyWxr)Adult (f)4,7377886
D2nDOJayanthi GEN2Adult (f)3,1879263
CrCgTEustache CB de KalisteAdult (m)2,4907332
5mcxuSunil CB de KalisteAdult (m)2,4676653
8bZGCJudocus CB de KalisteAdult (m)2,5186752
w3TEB(w3TEB)Adult (m)3,4508302
Im2Po(Im2Po)Adult (f)2,8626864
K8z3m(K8z3m)Adult (m)2,8336795
AkWYlAgrippa GEN3Adult (f)2,7896543
NSy08Felicia GEN3Adult (f)3,4548773
9OAfwxx-----------------xxHatchling (F)2,2333404
cnRw8Jaballa GEN2Adult (m)2,6707694
jGIGi(jGIGi)Adult (f)2,9556314
2Q5dFLady Melusine GENS3Adult (f)6,5691,1347
evGe9(evGe9)Adult (m)3,0616553
2ebTGoO------------------------OoHatchling (F)1,4953233
W7Ysn(W7Ysn)Adult (f)3,4497004
fv8P9oO-----------------------OoHatchling (F)1,3743352
nESeanESea gen2Adult (m)2,9626603
ZengUZengU GENXAdult (m)3,1646504
dZjHYWahc Xuhlojk Thuwed GEN3Adult (f)3,7369592
f1Ufx(f1Ufx)Adult (m)3,7388442
ZV1gQ(ZV1gQ)Adult (m)6,7851,0686
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